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Archive-name: SpecMome/drifter.txt

Archive-author: Tom Med

Archive-title: Drifter

   I was sitting on the bow of the boat watching the sun sink below

the horizon with its' beautiful display of colors. As I get older, I

find myself be amazed by nature more and more every day.  This sunset

was just one of the many that made me feel at peace with the world.

The waves were providing a gentle rocking motion that made my mind

start to wander.

   I still could not believe that I was sitting on my sailboat in the

middle of a secluded bay watching the sunset.  It all started almost a

year ago.....

   I had just finished working for three days straight away from home

when my life was suddenly devastated.  When I entered my home, I

realized something was terribly wrong.  It was just too quiet. I went

from room to room calling out but no one answered.  I know that my

wife and children were home when I left.  Then I found the note on the

mantle of the fire place.  My wife had left with the children and

never wanted to hear from me again. She cleaned out our bank accounts

and just left.  I slowly sank down into a chair and just stared at the

letter for the longest time.  I was shocked beyond emotions.  For 15

years, I worked to build our home and give her everything she needed.

   Somewhere, I failed. After some time, my mind began to work again.

   Suicide--that was an option that crossed my mind, but the logical

side of me set that idea aside. What happened for the next week, I am

not really sure.  Most of the details are clouded and hazy.  I

remember getting the case of Jack Daniels from my closet (at least she

didn't take that!) and sitting in the chair in front of the fire place

watching the fire sipping from the bottle. I do remember calling the

office and letting them know I was going to be gone for awhile. I told

them I was not sure when I would be back, but I was in charge and I

knew that they would get along without me. Other than that, I am not

sure what happened.

   I cannot remember eating. Actually, I cannot remember anything that

I did during this time. After a week, I awoke early in the morning of

the eighth day of my "vacation" to the sound of someone pounding on

the front door. I looked down and saw 12 empty bottles of Jack Daniels

on the floor and my only thoughts were to stop the inconsiderate

person from pounding on the door--each pound echoed through my skull.

I opened the door and there was my old friend Drifter staring at me as

if I was some horrible creature another planet. Then, suddenly her

face changed from one of astonishment to that of severe anger and she

started to scream at me.  I jumped back from the door and fell on my

ass and it was my turn to look astonished. She just started laughing

at me and came in and closed the door.

   I had known her for many years and we were very good friends.  We

were never more than friends although at times I had wished we were.

Her real name is not Drifter, but her free and easy life style, along

with her habit of traveling around the world in search for adventure,

earned her the nickname.  She came into my life that day and helped me

get my life back in order....

   A flash of lightening brought me back to the present. A storm was

starting to move in from the port side. I quickly looked over the

boat, a 41 foot ketch, to make sure that everything was closed and

secured for the storm.  After checking the boat, I stood on the bow

watching the storm and feeling the cool air the precedes the rain. I

turned and looked through the cabin windows and there she was wrapped

in a short towel after taking a swim in the tropical waters. As I

watched her making coffee, I realized that I was holding my breath.

   I started to breath again and sat on the bow to watch the storm.

Lightening and the accompanying thunder was getting closer. I just sat

watching and letting my mind wander. I was stunned by how this

wonderful woman had changed my life. She kicked me when I really

needed it and helped in more ways than one. She was a friend, a

psychologist, and yes even a lover. I was not sure if she would one

day drift away with the wind, but I did not care. She had given me

back my life and if she drifted on, I knew I could carry because she

would always be with me.

   I was startled when someone grabbed my shoulder. She was standing

above me with the wind blowing her hair with two cups of coffee. "Are

you alright?" I looked into her mystic eyes and told her that I

couldn't feel better.  The rain started to come down lightly and we

moved into the cabin.  Drifter stretched out on the couch and began

reading a book and I took a seat across from her, sipping the coffee

and just watching her. She looked so beautiful that I was content just

to watch her. The storm picked up in intensity and the boat began to

sway with the wind. Her breasts, which hung freely beneath the towel,

were moving with the boat. I watched as her nipples hardened from

rubbing against the towel. I was so involved in watching her, I did

not realize that she had put down the book and was watching me watch

her.  We just stared at each other--there was no need for words. I

walked over to her and slowly got down on my knees next to her.

   "Drifter, I don't know what life would be like without you."  She

took my face in her hands and looked into my eyes.  Her eyes were

moist.  She gently kissed me and smiled. Then we kissed again, more

urgently this time. Her tongue parted my lips and our tongues

intertwined.  While our tongues were locked together, I slipped my

hand down and untied the towel.  I leaned back and admired her body.

Her skin was tanned light brown all over. She spent many days

sunbathing on the deck of the boat while I watched and tried my best

to keep the boat on course.  Her breasts were just the right size--

they would fill a champagne glass. They were topped with light colored

nipples that were engorged with excitement. Her slim waist tapered

down to her buttocks.  At the junction of her thighs, one could just

make out the vermillion lips of her sex. This was covered by a light

covering of dark pubic hair that she kept trimmed.

   She reached out for me, but I stopped her. "Drifter, you have

brought so much pleasure into my life that it is time I did something

for you.  Just lie back and close your eyes. Listen to the storm and

relax." She did as I asked. I took some warm oil from the cabinet

below the couch and poured a thin line on her body starting at her

neck and running it between her breasts and down her body until it

just began to enter the nest of hair between her legs. I started to

massage her body making sure that I did not touch any areas that might

lead to her arousal. I could feel the tension leaving her body as each

muscle group relaxed.

   When she was almost on the verge of sleep, I gently began to

massage her breasts. I kept away from her nipples in the beginning

watching them swell. She began to moan softly and her pelvis began to

rotate up off the couch. At this point, I bent my head to her right

breast and gently began to suck on the tender hard point.  Her hands

came up and clasped my head to her breast. I gently nipped at her

breast with my teeth and then moved to the other one which received

the same treatment. I slowly kissed my way down to the juncture of her

thighs.  She parted her legs and I was looking straight into her inner


   Beads of moisture were clinging to her lips. I stretched out my

tongue and captured these drops of nectar of love.  At the touch of my

tongue, her movements began more insistent.  I spread her lips and

dove right in. My tongue touched every part of her sex. I licked

around her anus and then moved up in a slow and deliberate manner.

When I reached her clitoris, her hands grabbed the back of my head and

pulled me further to her. I let her take the lead and move my head and

tongue to where she wanted it. Suddenly, she stiffened and cried out

as orgasm overtook her body. I remained where I was gently kissing her

pubic area until she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Without

speaking, she pulled me up onto the couch and clutching me to her

bosom fell into a deep sleep while the storm pounded away.


   I awoke several hours and found myself along in the cabin.  Looking

out the windows, I found that the storm was no where to be seen. The

stars were bright and clear against the dark background. My pulse

began to race--I had a small anxiety attack--could she be gone

forever? I laughed at myself for being so stupid.  We are on a boat

anchored in the middle of a secluded bay.  She had no where to go.

But, then I remembered that this was Drifter and if anyone could find

a place to go it would be her. I ran the length of the boat and jumped

up on the deck disregarding the stairs. "DRIFTER", I cried out. There

was no answer. My heart began to race faster. My chest began to hurt--

where could she have gone.  Laughter? I was looking out over the

crystal clear water and I was hearing laughter. I know I am a little

different but maybe now I was getting a little crazy. Suddenly, a hand

appeared over the gunwale and after the hand came the rest of her. I

sat on the deck and we just laughed for awhile.  "I'll have breakfast

ready in a moment. The coffee is ready. I'll get you a cup."  "No, I

said. I'll come down and get my coffee."

   I got a cup of coffee and sat down watching Drifter move about the

cabin. As she was making the eggs, I found that I could no longer help

myself. I came up behind her and held her tight. I whispered, "I love

you" in her ear. She turned and looked at me "You don't love me. We

get along together and are good friends but you don't love me." What

can you say to someone like this? We had both loved many times and had

been hurt. I was sure that she just did not want to think about what I

had just said. I had told her I loved her many times during the past

years, but she always just let it go.  I reached past her and turned

the eggs off. Without saying a word, I took her by the hand and lead

her to the deck where I sat down and placed her in my lap. I looked

deep into those complex eyes of hers. "Drifter, I just want you to

listen to me. Don't say a word. I have known many people in my life.

   Some were friends and some were not. I have only loved a very

select few. I know that you distrust the word love, but I am going to

tell you what love really is. When I love someone, it is not just a

passing emotion to be taken lightly. It is not just a word that I use

anytime I feel like it. It is a commitment to you that will last a

lifetime.  Yes, I do enjoy the good times that we have when we are

together. But, there is more. When you are having bad times, I want to

be there to help. When you are depressed, I will be there to cheer you


   When you are frightened, I will be there to protect you.  When you

are sad and crying, I will be there to dry your tears. I will always

be there whenever you need me. I know that you might think that I am

just another man who is out to hurt you. But, I am not like other men.

I mean what I say and would not like to see you hurt at anytime.  So

now you know what I mean by saying I love you." Drifter was extremely

quiet (which was very unusual) and she kept looking down at the deck.

I took her head into my hands and forced her to look at me.

   "Drifter, I LOVE YOU." Her eyes started to tear.  One large tear

drop started to run down her cheek and soon more began the journey

down her face. I wiped away the tears and held her close. Finally, she

understood what she meant to me. I guess now it was her turn--"You

know that this is unfair. I can't say that I love you. Not yet. Maybe

if you give me time, I will be able to deal with it. But not now." I

continued to hold her and said "You have all the time in the world. I

will always be here for you. By the way, didn't anyone ever tell you

that life was not fair." She began to laugh and then she jumped up and

hit me in the chest. "Stop being so serious" was her comment. I am not

sure what came over me. I stood up and grabbed her and pulled her to


   "Serious, you want to see serious" I yelled. I grabbed the top of

her bathing suit and ripped it off. There in front of me were her

fabulous breasts. She suddenly looked afraid. I guess she had never

seen this side of me. I put my hands around her waist and lifted her

onto the roof of the cabin.  The height was just perfect. I pulled her

bottoms off and there she sat exposed to me. She was now going to see

how serious I really was. I dropped my pants and told her to put me

inside of her. She hesitated a minute and I slapped her on her


   Now, I said. She gently grasped by prick and placed it at the

entrance of her moist cavern. I grasped her hips and pulled her

quickly to me until I was completely buried inside her. She gasped out

in pleasure/pain.

   This time I was thinking of my pleasure not hers. I began a fast

rhythm pulling myself almost completely out of her than slamming

myself back in. After several minutes of this, I felt the cum start of

boil inside of me. I kept this pace up until I began to explode inside

of her. At the same time, I felt her juices running down my legs and

onto the deck. I looked at her for a few minutes longer and then

withdrew and pulled my pants back on. I reached past her legs and

grabbed both her wrists and pulled her into a sitting position. Once

again I looked into her eyes, "You want to see the serious side of me.

Well, I am tired of holding everything inside of me.

   I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you forever. I want to marry you

and make you mine. I am not a jealous person, but I can be selfish at

times and this is one of them." Then, I walked away. I picked up my

coffee and went to the bow of the boat. I sat down with my feet

dangling over the edge of the boat and just looked out over the blue

water and let my mind wander. I did notice that Drifter picked up her

bathing suit and went below. I hope I didn't hurt her but the time had

come for her to realize exactly what she meant to me. I thought I was

supposed to feel good about expressing my feelings but now I just felt

like a number one royal asshole.


   Drifter came out a short time later carrying her brushes and

paints.  She set up an easel and began to paint the shoreline.  She

never said a word to me. She just sat with her back to me as if I did

not exist.  Emotions welled up inside my mind began to cook and came

to a boiling point. I got up and walked slowly towards the stern being

careful not to make any noise. I did not want to disturb her

concentration. I sat down on the roof of the cabin and watched her

work. Her paintings always amaze me because I had tried to paint but

did not have the talent for it.

   She was a natural. Once again I began to think of what I had done.

She looked over her shoulder and pushed her hair off her face and

stared at me. I became extremely uneasy. It was as if she could send

messages to me without saying a word. I finally could not take it any

more and the tears that were in her eyes earlier were now in mine. I

think this surprised her. I always tried to hide my inner emotions

just as she did, but I could no longer hide within myself.  "Drifter,

I'm sorry.

   I know excuses won't help. I just wanted you to understand how I

felt and how serious I was. " Drifter slowly turned around and sat and

stared at me for several minutes. I could not stop the tears.  Then

she said "I know how you feel about me. I am not so ignorant as to not

notice the messages you keep sending. But, you also have to understand

that I am not yours to have.  I belong to no one but me." With that,

she returned to her painting and I, looking like a lost pup, sat on

the cabin roof watching her. I thought over the time we had spent

together and the words that she had spoken. I had made a terrible


   I looked inside myself and thought what now asshole.  You have just

killed the perfect friendship. Well, I decided that I was going to do

something about it.  I was not going to allow her to just drift off to

another adventure with bad feelings and never hear from her again. I

got down from the roof and sat down behind her. She turned and looked

at me. It was one of those times that if looks could kill I could have

died instantly.

   "Drifter I know that you are upset.  I would jump overboard never

to be seen again if it would make you feel better, but there is

nothing that I can do that can erase today." She turned back to her

painting and continued working on the image that was off the port side

of the boat. I went below and crawled into a bunk and stared at the

ceiling for a long time. I guess I fell asleep because I suddenly

realized that it was past midnight. I also found that I was alone. I

went up on deck and found her sleeping on the deck. She looked so

peaceful sleeping there, however, it was beginning to get cool. She

had sometime during the evening changed into jeans and a T-shirt. She

was curled up in a ball. I bent down and slid my arms under her and

lifted her up. She opened her eyes and asked me what I thought I was


   I told her that I was just going to put her in a bunk so that she

would be comfortable and warm. I was not trying to anything else and I

would sleep on the deck. This seemed to satisfy her and she allowed me

to place her in the bunk and cover her up. I went on deck and watched

the stars for awhile, but I needed time to think. I jumped over the

side and swam to the beach. The swim was long but the physical

exertion made me feel a little better. I wandered around the Island

for awhile and then sat in the sand and watched the boat rocking in

the waves.

   When the sun began to come up, I swam back to the boat and made a

fresh pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing I pulled out the

charts and prepared a course back to our home harbor.  I prepared the

boat and was all set to get underway in a short period of time. I

poured a cup of coffee and added a little cream and took it down into

the cabin.

   "Drifter its' time to get up." She sat up in bed and took the

coffee I offered her.

   She said, "The coffee is great.  Thank you." "No problem.  I have

prepared a course back home and we should be set to go as soon as you

are ready." I guess this took her by surprise.  "What do you mean. I

thought we were going to stay here for a little while longer." "Well,

I thought that it would be best to go now. I figured you would want to

get away from this fool that brings you coffee in bed." She thought

about that for some time before she spoke.  "I want to stay here on

the boat with you." This was just another surprise in life.  "Ok,

we'll stay as long as you would like." I took my coffee and went on

deck to watch the day progress. Drifter showered and came up with her

paints and began to finish the landscape. As I watched her work, I

became aware of the overwhelming need to be close to her. I took a

number 6 paint brush and began to lightly run it up and down the

bottom of her foot.

   She kept on working not even seeming to notice what I was doing.  I

worked the brush up her calves. Using light stokes, I moved the brush

in up and down movements. She still was not responding to me or the

brush. I worked the brush higher until I was stroking her inner

thighs. Ah, was that a smile I detected? I continued to stroke her

inner thighs for over 20 minutes. Finally, she leaned back. "That

feels marvelous darling.  Please do continue." Well, I never try to

disappoint a lady.

   I continued to stroke her thighs.

   "This calls for a different approach."

   I picked up a large flat brush and began making long strokes up and

down each one of her legs.  After a few minutes of this, I picked up

one of her small brushes.  "Its' time to work in a little detail on

this painting", I said as I knelt down between her thighs.  I took the

small brush and began to work on the outline of her mons.

   She spread her legs and this allowed me access to her genitals

through the leg opening in her shorts. Her labia were flushed with

excitement.  I took the small brush and lightly traced their outline.

I kept doing this until suddenly she pushed me out of the way.  I felt

a fight coming on, but was presently surprised when she removed her

clothes and lay back down. I dreamily went back to my work. Now, I

traced her inner lip with the brush being careful not to touch her


   Little beads of moisture began to seep from her. "I don't want any

parts to feel left out." I picked up the flat brush again and began to

circle her breasts. Her nipples began to harden. I moved the brush up

her neck where I knew she was extremely sensitive.  She smiled at me

and then closed her eyes. I tickled her earlobes and then began to

move back down her body. When I reached her breasts, I picked up the

small brush again and worked the brush over her nipples.  When they

became hard points, I got down between her legs and circled the small

brush around her clit. She began to moan and shout for more.  I worked

over her clit with the brush and brought her to the point of orgasm

and stopped. I replaced the brush with my tongue and quickly brought

her to a climax. After she calmed down, I slowly licked up all of her

musky juices.

   I looked up at her and asked, "Am I forgiven?"

   She said, "No you are not. I know what you are trying to do. You

want me to settle down and stop wandering around the world. You want

to keep me for yourself." I stood up and walked over to the edge of

the boat and looked out over the water. I had nothing to say. She was

right. I wanted her and I knew that she was not mine to have.  I could

not face her. She kept on, "Who do you think you are?  I have been

taking care of myself for years and I don't need anyone to care for

me. I am quite capable. "

   I knew she was right. She was more than capable of taking care of

herself.  What could I do? I continued to stare out over the ocean

trying to hide my feelings.  "Don't try to ignore me"; she shouted. I

turned and looked at her. I could not look into her eyes.  "Damn you.

You've done it to me." These words confused me.  What did she mean.

Finally, I looked deep into her eyes and she said, "Yes you.  No one

else could have done this." I asked her what she meant.  Her eyes

started to get wet, "I love you." I could not believe she said this.

I continued to look on, dumbfounded.  "There are you happy. I said it.

I love you. And at the same time, I am pissed off that you did this to

me. I didn't want to love you. I just wanted to have fun and be me. I

didn't want anything serious to happen. Now look what you've done." I

sat down beside her and took her into my arms.  Our lips met and our

tongues started to dance together.  For the rest of the day, we just

sat together not saying a word. Just looking into each others eyes--

but that was more than enough.


   The hours seemed to have flown by. First came the evening with a

radiant full moon that seemed to fill the sky. Drifter sat between my

legs with her head against my chest and my arms wrapped around her.

Every once in a while I would look down at her angelic face framed by

her wild hair and I thanked the powers of the universe for allowing me

this pleasure. We remained this way until the sun began to inch its'

way over the horizon. The sunrise was spectacular--the sun came up

with an infinite medley of colors and there were just enough scattered

clouds in the sky to make this sunrise one that would be remembered

for a lifetime. I looked down at the lovely creature that was nestled

in my arms. Perfection.  I moved my hand to her breast and gently

tweaked her right nipple to hardness between my fingers. She stirred

and began to wake. I stood up, slipped my arms around her, and lifted

her up. I smiled at her and then dropped her overboard. She plunged

into the tepid tropical waters. As she broke the surface, I yelled

"Good Morning" and jumped into the water.  She tried to swim away from

me, but I was able to catch her rather quickly. We wrapped our arms

around each other and floated together in the water. She said, "You

know we really need to talk about what has happened the last few


   I playfully splashed water in her face and swam towards the boat.

"Look who's being serious now", I called to her as I swam. We climbed

back on the boat, and I got some towels for us to dry off with. I told

Drifter to go take a shower and I would fix something for breakfast.

She headed for the shower and I went into the galley. Breakfast was

easy. I had the eggs benedict ready just as she was finishing. I

reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle of Asti Spumonte and

popped the cork just as she came out of the head. She sat down at the

table as I poured the wine and wanted to know what the occasion was.

"Drifter, every day with you is special. This is just a small token of

thanks." Ah, I finally said something right. Her smile gave her away.

We quickly finished eating and took the bottle of wine on deck. We

kicked back on the deck sipping the wine and watching the day

progress. I got up and turned on the tape deck. I put on her favorite

song by Grason Hughs--Let's Talk It Over. Smiling at myself, I sat

back down and watched the dreamy look come over her.  "Well, Drifter

go ahead and talk. You said we need to talk and that's fine with me.

But, this time you do the talking. I can write but I defiantly have a

problem talking." She sat back and looked out over the water. "I don't

know what you did to me last night but it was not fair. I listen to

other peoples' problems and try to help them." I looked over at her

and said, "Drifter look at me." She turned and looked into my eyes.

"You have helped me through many difficult times. I am sorry if my

feelings for you confuse you. It is time that you stopped hiding

behind the force field that you have built up over the years and trust

someone. I want that someone to be me, but if you can do this with

someone else that is fine.  Yes, I love you but I also respect and

trust you. I think it is time that you learned to trust some others as

well." "Fine", she yelled at me. "You want to know what my problem is-

-its' you. You do things to me that no one has done in a long time.

You make me feel good when I am down and make me feel even better when

I'm not." She paused for a minute, and then in a very quiet voice

said, "I'm scared. I am having feelings now that I would not let

myself have for a long time and I don't know how to handle them."

"You don't have to handle them Drifter.  Just relax and let the

feelings come." She thought about this for a long time. It was quiet

on the boat. You could hear the ropes creaking and the waves lapping

up against the hull.  Finally she said, "I'm sorry, but I'm really

confused over all of this. I do know that I do want to stay here with

you and relax for awhile and enjoy your company." We came together and

kissed. Once again we ended up without clothes on. If we kept this up,

we were going to end up sun burnt in all the wrong places. We sank to

the deck. I was about to lie down between her legs when she told me to

stop. "I want to please you too. Lie down here on the deck." I did

just like she asked and suddenly she turned around and knelt down just

above my head. What a beautiful sight. I was looking right up at my

favorite desert. Before I could finish taking in the view, she

engulfed me completely in her mouth.  It felt so good that a shiver

ran up my body, it was like lying in a blanket of snow. Of course,

being a gentleman, I reciprocated. We played each other like a pair of

fine tuned violas. The notes rose and fell slowly and we remained

entwined for a long time. Then it was time for the finale. I sucked

her clitoris deep into my mouth. She began to shake and move her head

up and down my shaft faster and faster. We could only take this pace

for a few moments before we both came together.  After a brief rest,

we got up and kissed. Our tongues fought a duel.  We broke apart and

at the same time said "You taste great." We both laughed at and with

each other. What a way to start the day.


   A friend of mine arrived that afternoon to bring us fresh food and

supplies. He arrived shortly after noon flying his seaplane at treetop

level and making a spectacular landing on the calm bay. We unloaded

the supplies and I went below deck to start putting everything up. I

heard the seaplane start up and begin to taxi for takeoff. I thought

it was strange that Dan did not stay awhile, but then Dan has always

been a little strange. I called out for Drifter to come and help me

but she did not answer. I went up on deck, but no one was there. I

didn't think anything about it, and went back to continue unpacking. I

figured that she swam ashore. I finished unpacking, opened a cold

beer, and went to sit on the stern of the boat to await her return.

Then, I noticed a note attached to the wheel. I took the note and sat

down to read it. Drifter had obviously left it; I'd know that hand

writing anywhere. It read: "I am sorry that it has to be this way. I

left with Dan. I know that you will be hurt but I hope you understand

that I need to be me. I am not ready to deal with the emotions that

emerge every time I am with you. You are a great person. You have

taught me things about life and myself and I can never repay that

debt. I hope you have a good life. Signed, Drifter.

   I just sat there staring at the letter. Emotions--there were none.

I was drained of life just as if a vampire had sucked all the blood

from my body.  Once again something precious had left my life just

when I thought everything was fine.  What was wrong with me? It must

be something. Was I too intense? Was I too demanding? I had thousands

of questions but no answers. I wanted a friend and companion and I

guess I wanted something more also. Should I have just settled for a

friend?  The more questions I asked of myself the less answers I

found. Then, logic took over. I realized that I wanted something that

Drifter was unable to give me. Hopefully, one day we would meet again.

I spent the next several days cleaning the boat and prepared to make

the voyage home alone.  I found the only thing that she had left was

the tape. I placed it in the player and turned the volume all the way

up.  "..I never meant to hurt you..." echoed throughout the bay.


    After I returned home, I remained secluded on the boat for several

months. My business was doing fine and some of my short stories were

published. I was doing fine financially, but a piece of my life was

missing. Every day I thought of Drifter even though the memories hurt.

I had not heard a word from her since she had left. I prayed that she

was doing well. I framed her good-bye letter and it now hung over the

stove in the galley. I kept myself busy working on the boat and

sailing around but it wasn't the same.

   One dark and stormy night, I went to a local pub that I had begun

to frequent a little too often. The rain was coming down in thick

sheets and lightning flashed through the skies.  I had several Jack

Daniels and was in a somber mood. I knew that drinking would not solve

my inner problems so I paid the bartender and went back to the boat.

Being on a boat during a storm can be very peaceful. I sat at the

table and began to write a short story for a local magazine. Then,

somehow my tape deck came on. "...let's just talk it over in bed.."

My heart jumped into my throat. In my heart, I knew that it couldn't

be her. I grabbed my gun from the dresser, chambered a round, and

pulled open the hatch. There was someone sitting on the deck. It was

dark and I could not see very well but this person did not look right.

The lightning flashed and I could tell that there was a woman huddled

up against the deck wall slumped over. She was soaking wet and the

rain continued to pour down. I put the gun in the waist band of my

pants behind my back and picked her up. I took her below and lay her

down on the bunk. Her clothes felt wet all the way through. I turned

on the lights and went forward to get towels and blankets for this

stranger. When I returned, she was still on the bunk. She was not

moving and appeared to be unconscious. Then, I looked closely at her

and I almost fainted. Drifter. What the hell had happened to her. I

gently undressed her, dried her off, and wrapped her in blankets.

While I was cleaning her up, I noticed that she had several large

bruises on her. Numb with anger, I sat in the chair across from her

and kept a careful eye on her throughout the night. When the dawn

came, she was still sleeping. I got up and pulled the boat out of the

slip and set sail south. When I was sure that everything was in order,

I set the automatic pilot and went below. I brewed a pot of coffee and

poured two cups. From the ice chest, I got the cream and fixed her

coffee. I had always taken my coffee black, but I also always kept

fresh cream in hopes that one day she would return. I sat down next to

her and shook her. She opened her eyes and when she saw me, she

wrapped her arms around me and started to cry. "I'm sorry I came here

but I had nowhere else to turn." "Drifter I told you that I would

always be here when you needed me. You don't have to be sorry." I gave

her the coffee and she sat back and relaxed. She must have felt the

boat moving because she asked where we were going. I told her that I

thought she needed to get away and think for awhile so we were headed

south with no set destination in mind. She looked in the mirror in

horror at her reflection. She threw me out of the cabin so she could

take a shower and get cleaned up. I took my coffee and went to check

the course of the boat.

   She opened the hatch and smiling stuck her head out and said; "Hi

Pal." I just shook my head and started to laugh. She ran up the stairs

and threw her arms around me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I

was not sure how to handle this situation, but I hugged her back and

told her that I had missed her. Our lips found each others and our

bodies fit together perfectly. She started to unbuckle my belt and I

stopped her. "Drifter, don't. I am not sure what is going on here and

I don't want this to happen yet." She took this rejection hard. I

pulled her to me and held her close. "Just let me hold you. My life

has not been the same since you left and now you are suddenly here and

you can't expect to take up where we left off. I love you very much,

but right now I just want to hold you. In my arms, you are safe from

everything." She lay her head on my shoulders and the gentle motion of

the boat slipping through the waves put her fast asleep.


   By the time Drifter woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

She stretched her lithe body upon the couch and smiled up at me. I

went below and brought up the lunch I had fixed for her. I sat at her

feet while we ate a light lunch of fresh fruits and salad with a light

tangy dressing. After eating, I took the plates into the galley and

began washing the dishes. I knew that Drifter was feeling pretty bad

since she did not argue about me doing these chores for her.  Drifter

has always been an independent soul and she really dislikes having

things done for her. After I finished cleaning up, I changed course

for a nearby cove to spend the night. Drifter was standing on the bow

just staring out over the water. A small group of porpoises began to

swim along the bow and she sat down and watched them play. I watched

her for a long time--worrying about her. She had not spoken very much

since her sudden arrival on the boat. She appeared deeply troubled,

but for now, I just let her be.

   We anchored the boat in a small cove off the Bimini Coast.  Drifter

continued to remain seated on the bow just staring off into space. I

felt it was time to do something. I went forward and knelt down behind

her. She never stirred or acknowledged my presence. I gently reached

up to her neck and began to slowly massage her back. She still

remained silent but I could feel the tension begin to leave her body.

I moved her so that she was lying on her stomach on the deck and

slowly worked each muscle group from her neck to her toes.  After

about an hour, I finally felt her entire body relax. At this point, I

raised her leg into the air and playfully sucked on her toes. She

rolled over onto her side and said; "Just what do you think you are

doing?" Perfect, I was waiting for the old Drifter to start to come

back. "Me, I'm just trying to help you relax. Nothing more." "Well, in

that case, continue." She rolled back over on her stomach. Once again,

I started sucking on her toes and slowly moved my way up her body. Her

perfectly shaped calves were begging for attention. I continued my

upward progress, nibbling on her thighs. When I got to her  inner

thighs, her hips began an up and down movement. I reached up and

lowered her bikini bottom and bit her on the left cheek. She rolled

over and playfully slapped at me. "What was that for?", she asked. I

was just testing your reflexes.  She laughed at me and rolled back

over. "Well, just kiss my ass", was her statement. I was never one to

deny a lady, especially one as desirable as Drifter. I bent over her

prone from and gently kissed her behind. Her legs began to drift apart

and her moist cavern was exposed to me. I lied down on the deck and

grasping her hips manipulated her so that her vagina was positioned

over my mouth. My tongue snaked its' way through the forest of pubic

hair and gently titillated her clitoris. I teased her by just touching

her with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly, she lowered herself down

further so that I could attack every inch of her sex. Moisture started

to flood down from her tunnel. I gulped her juices down savoring their

musky flavor.  Looking up her body, I could watch her heaving breasts

bouncing up and down. I reached up for them and massaged her breasts

while she rode my tongue. Her orgasm seemed to last for hours. She

finally rolled off of me and then came over and gave me a french kiss

that aroused my desires even more.  I realized that it was getting

late, and instead of continuing with our love play, I went below to

fix dinner.  Drifter followed me down below and tried to push me out

of the galley. "I'll make dinner." "Drifter, you will not make dinner.

Just go over there and sit your ass down and watch." "Fine--Just

Fine!" She huffed off and sat down at the table.  I found the package

of shark meat in the ice box and began to season it. Pepper, salt,

lemon, and everything else I could find was being dumped onto the

shark steaks. Suddenly, Drifter yelled out, "Hey, this is about me."

She had found the work I had been writing and was sitting there

reading it.  I ignored her and went back to preparing the meal. I

finished cooking and set the table. She was halfway through reading

the manuscript when dinner was served. I poured us each a glass to

chilled white wine and sat down next to her. She put the papers aside

and started to eat. Looking over at me she said, "This is good." I

asked her if she meant the book or the fish. She said both. We

finished eating in silence and while I cleared the table she took the

papers and her wine on deck to finish reading. I joined her a short

time later. I sat watching her read for a long time. When she was

finished, she took the papers below and called for me to join her. I

found her lying on the bunk in all of her naked splendor. I quickly

undressed and climbed in next to her. Our lips met and her body felt

so soft and sensuous that I was content to just lye next to her. She

started to speak and I just sat back and listened. "I know you want to

know what happened to me but I just want to forget everything that has

happened to me since I left. I have done a lot of thinking since then,

and I want you to know that not a day passed without my thinking of

you. You mean a lot to me and if you will have me, I am yours."  I

stared up at the ceiling for awhile letting her words sink in. "What

do you mean?" "Just what I said. I am ready to settle down a little. I

am tired of running around the world. I want to have some place to

call my own. And, if you are willing, I want you to be there." I was

too choked up for words. I lowered my lips to hers and gave her a kiss

that would reach her soul. I whispered in her ear. "Welcome home,

pal." We spent the rest of the night making passionate love to each

other until the sun began to come over the horizon.



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