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Archive-name: SpecMome/dreamy1.txt


Archive-title: Dreamy...  1

     The rising sun bathes the room in brilliant, warm reds

     and golds.  The silence is punctuated only by the

     chirping of birds. I feel your presence so close to

     mine.  I listen to your rhythmic breathing as you wander

     in the world of dreams.  Peace wraps me securely.  I

     turn in your arms to gaze upon your sleeping face,

     my mind storing each feature for future memories of this

     time we have had together.  Fully cognizant that today

     we must part not knowing when, if ever, we shall be

     together again, I want to absorb as much of you as

     possible; to have the mental images available at a

     moment's recall; to have the memories there to buoy me

     when I need it.

        You stir.  The last images of your dream dissipate as

     you slowly awaken.  Our gazes lock --communicating more

     than spoken words could say.  Our bodies register the

     sensuousness of each other -so conscious of the

     pleasures we have shared.  You draw me closer to you.

     You slowly cover my mouth with yours, the gentle kiss

     imperceptibly becoming more tempestuous as our

     tongues explore and twine about each other.  With a

     playful passion, I suck your tongue into my mouth,

     tweaking it with my lips; my own tongue caressing yours.

     Probing.  Tasting.  Licking.  Our tongues ignite


        My hand slides under your arm.  My fingers lightly

     tracing your spine....running small circles around each

     ridge ...  inching downwards.  My fingers telegraphing

     to my mind tactile memories of your body, its shape, its

     feel.  I press closer to you.  My pliable breasts

     pressing against your chest.  The firmness of the

     erect nipples rub against you as the gentle motions of

     my large breasts massage you.

        Our breathing gives audible evidence of the desires

     we are feeling for each other --the patient urgency felt

     deep within. As I press closer, I feel your erect member

     slide between my thighs, rubbing gently against my own

     erect button.  My hips gyrate; my thighs closing to

     grasp you.  We move together ever so slowly, our kisses

     deepening, emulating the motions of our hips.

        I feel the stirring within myself, the nerves sending

     electric signals of awareness to my mind.  No longer do

     I particularly think of what we are doing.  Rather, my

     body just surrenders to the signals --it automatically

     responds.  Giving.  Taking.  Your hands arousing me,

     time has seemed suspended.  All that exists is the need

     to give you as much pleasure as I can while accepting

     the pleasures you offer to me.

        Warmth spreads through me.  I feel the moisture

     seeping from me as the inner cavern responds, preparing

     the pathway to total fulfillment.  You slowly roll on

     top of me.  My legs wrapping around your hips.

     I feel you sliding up and down in the groove -

     - each stroke sending warmth throughout my body.  You

     slowly begin to probe the damp inner causeway.  Entering

     shallowly at first; withdrawing.  Each penetration a bit

     deeper than the one before.  My inner muscles clamp on

     your member.  Drawing it in deeper --hips thrusting to

     meet you.  Wanting you fully within me.  Yet ....  you


        My legs have risen higher -- now resting behind your

     shoulders.  My hands sliding along your body -- urging

     you to give me pleasures I am eagerly willing to allow

     myself to feel. As you press more fully into my, my body

     quivers.  A small gasp of pleasure escapes my lips.  I

     kiss your neck, licking the drops of sweat that have

     begun to form.  Tasting you, my body responds as I never

     knew possible.  I thrust myself upwards, taking you into

     me as deeply as possible.  My knees holding you there,

     my muscles stroke --clenching --releasing --creating a

     suction upon your member --drawing on you.  My hands

     slide further downward --reaching between us to pet your

     quivering orbs.

        Time is suspended.  How long we lie like that

     unknown.  No outward movement reveals the deep-seated

     explosions within us. Escalating sensations bear us

     along on waves of elation.  My legs relax their hold

     upon you and you begin to thrust into me ...  my hips

     rising and falling in cadence.  All that exists are

     consummation of the desires to experience the beauty of

     physical love.  Torrents of warm moisture drench your

     pounding member as my body arches in a climax.  My moans

     of delight fill the room as tremors ripple through my

     body.  My muscles spasmically gripping you --I urge you

     to release yourself -- to fill me with your own fluids

     ... wanting to feel it spreading upwards, merging

     with mine.

        You thrust deeply and release.  I drawn on your

     member, wanting every last drop as our mouths again seek

     each other ...  a final kiss of fervor as our bodies

     mutually absorb each other.

        Drained, we lie together.  A closeness that can never

     be erased.  We have voyaged pathways to Euphoria that

     few have felt. We have merged and our bodies acted and

     reacted as though permanently joined.  You hold me

     close.  We stroke each other.  Words are not needed.

     There are no promises to be made; no memories to be

     forgotten.  Our minds register each moment - each

     sensation - each other.



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