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Archive-name: SpecMome/crystper.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Crystal's Persuasion

This story Copyright (C), 1993 by the Flying Pen.  Redistribution via

electronic means as well as a single hard copy is permitted, as long as

1) this message is included; 2) the text is not altered in any way, and 3) no

   financial gain is incurred from its redistribution.

			   Crystal's Persuasion

   My girlfriend Crystal is from the suburbs; malls, nice homes with lots 

of grass, and three cars in every garage (the Beamer for the kids, 

don'cha know).  Me, I'm from the city; discount stores, row homes on 

pavement with aluminum siding and car alarms going off in the street.  

She's 25, and white.  I'm 30 and black.  I work with computers, and play 

music part-time on the weekends.  She's an auditor for a brokerage house, 

and used to spend money on the weekends.  We met while I was playing, but 

it took an unusual catalyst to get us together: my ex-girlfriend, Pam.

   Pam is drop-dead gorgeous, a walking wet dream.  She's about five-

four, with blonde hair (sometimes it's curly, sometimes not).  She has 

bright blue eyes, and a slender, firm body that inspires thoughts of 

rabid, mindless marathon sex.  She's a city girl, and works as a cocktail 

waitress at one of the clubs we play regularly at.  Pam's aggressive if 

she sees something she likes.  She's not afraid of anybody.  Pam's been 

around the block a few times, and is wiser than her 23 years.  She's 

almost the exact opposite of Crystal.  Crystal played the coy little girl 

"notice me" game with me, while Pam...  Let me tell that story first.

   I had been playing every other weekend at the club where she works for 

about three months.  Being an average, under-sexed male, I noticed her 

like all the other men who walked in the club.  I drooled, too.  

Unfortunately, I couldn't even try, since she was clearly off-limits.  

It's bad news for a band to piss off the staff at a club, and unwanted 

advances are the easiest way to do that.  That will get you fired faster 

than almost anything else.  One Saturday night after closing, I was 

waiting for the owner.  Pam sat next to me, counting her money.  I heard 

her say, "Excuse me, Don."

   "Yeah, Pam?"  I tried to be nonchalant, but my heart started racing.

   "Why don't you just ask me out instead of looking at me with puppy dog 

eyes all of the time.  I _am_ an equal opportunity dater," she said 

sweetly.  My jaw bounced off the floor twice.  "Let's do something after 

I ring out," she suggested.  After all business had been taken care of, 

she and I walked out to our cars.  That is where I found out what her 

definition of "something" was.  Pam produced a rubber from her purse.  

("Just in case I meet somebody -- interesting.")  She looked deeply into 

my eyes, and I got lost in hers'.  "My place or yours?  This is what 

you've been wanting, right?"

   We never even made it out of the parking lot.  After kissing 

frantically for about five minutes, she and I climbed into my van.  Pam 

pulled my pants down, put the rubber on me, and removed her panties.  I 

felt her settle onto my erection.  "You look shocked," she panted.  

"Isn't it what you expected?"  She began to pump her hips, sliding 

ferociously along my dick.  I had no brain; Pam's scent, her facial 

expression, and her enthusiasm were more than enough to make thought 

impossible.  It didn't hurt that I was living out a most recent, 

extremely recurrent fantasy.  I didn't care that Pam was essentially 

masturbating herself on me.  It didn't last long, either.  "Now that 

you've had the fantasy, will you call me next week?  I think you're 

cute."  She sat next to me, still dressed in her tuxedo top, miniskirt 

and fishnet stockings.

   "You're kidding, right?" was my response.  "Why in the hell wouldn't I 


   "Because you already got what you wanted," Pam replied.  That wasn't 

quite true.  She had masturbated herself on me while I watched.  That was 

considerably less than what I wanted.  "So."  Pam let the sentence drop 

with that one word.

   "Pam," I started, then stopped.  "I'm sorry you're so cynical, but I'm 

not like other guys."  I ran that back through my head.  "I guess you've 

heard that before," I said sheepishly.

   "Uh-huh.  But -- you are the first guy since high school to look at me 

with puppy dog eyes.  Maybe you're not lying."  Pam kissed me on the 

cheek.  "Bye."  She got out of the car, smiled and walked leisurely to 

her car.  I called her the next day, and that began a six month romance.  

Much to Pam's pleasure, I was a much more active lover than I had been in 

the van.  Our after-work van encounters continued; at first, they were 

the subject of gossip at the club, but then became accepted fact, hardly 

worth comment.  For about five months, it was great.

   The last month felt wrong.  The sex was still incredible, but 

conversation had dwindled to virtually nothing.  Finally, we had the 

inevitable discussion.  I brought it up over dinner one night.  "It's not 

working, is it?"  She looked up at me through surprised blue eyes.

   Lowering them before speaking, she sighed, "No..."  She cleared her 

throat before resuming, stronger this time.  "No, Don, it isn't.  It's 

been fun, but you're right."

   "Anything I can do?"

   "No, I'm sorry, but I don't think so," Pam ruefully replied.  "Please 

don't take this personally, but, I'm afraid I've gotten bored with you."  

She quickly added, "Except in bed.  You're pretty creative, y'know?"  She 

smiled sadly.  "What you need is a nasty streak." Regarding me fully, she 

continued before I could say anything.  "I mean, I'm about to go into 

diabetic shock, you've been so sweet.  I guess I'm looking for the spice 

of danger."

   "A nasty streak?  I just wasn't brought up that way.  And I doubt that 

I can change, even for you," I stated.

   "See?  There you go again."  Pam patted my cheek and leaned closer.  

"You can't hurt me.  I really do like you a lot, and I want to be 

friends."  She paused.  "Really, I don't think I could have this 

conversation with another guy.  I think about all the times you made me 

laugh, and I value your advice.  Can we -- be friends?"

   I looked at her with all the seriousness I could muster.  There was 

hope written all over her face, and the entire apartment was silent.  My 

voice was quiet, deep; grave.  "Wouldn't this be a hell of a time for me 

to get that mean streak you just talked about?"  Pam was stunned for an 

instant, then she read the laughter in my eyes and laughed herself.

   "That's why it's been fun," she chuckled.  "I knew there was a reason 

I wanted to go out with you in the first place."  Pam leaned over and 

kissed me on the cheek.  Then she nibbled on my ear and whispered, "Wanna 

do it once more?  For old times' sake?"  It turned out to be more than 

once, lasting into Sunday afternoon.  Pam is still a walking wet dream.

   Our discussion continued over coffee in bed.  Pam explained, with 

loving care, exactly what she felt had gone wrong.  If anything, I hadn't 

been possessive enough, and too acquiescent to her wishes.  I asked her 

how she had become so wise in her 23 years.  "Bimboism isn't terminal.  I 

know, 'cause I used to be one.  I'm smarter now -- I hope."

   I really care for Pam a lot.  She's a good friend, and I learned a lot 

from her, especially after we broke up, which brings me to Crystal.


   I met Crystal at the same club, three months later.  She and a couple 

of friends walked in and sat at the front table.  Since it just happened 

to be audience participation time, I decided to have some fun with the 

newcomers.  I hadn't really noticed Crystal at that point, I was just 

doing my job.  "Hi, how y'all doin' tonight?" I asked over the 

microphone.  Two of the people at the table immediately got embarrassed, 

which made them prime targets.  I sauntered over to their table.  "This 

is front row night.  Y'all got any requests?"

   Crystal was not intimidated by the mike.  "Yeah!  Play something 

nasty!  I wanna hear some dirty blues!"  I've got a live one here, I 

thought.  Her companions tried to become invisible.

   "So you want to hear something dirty?  Look out guys, there's a 

naaasty girl in the house, and she's right here at the front table!  

Better watch out for this one..."  Crystal blushed, caught off-guard.  

Her friends tried to shrink into nothingness.  The band played two 

Clarence Carter songs, finishing the set with "Strokin".  I waved at Pam 

as I came off the stage.  "I'll buy for the front table of three.  They 

were really good sports."  Pam nodded and sped off to deliver her drinks.

   I was checking my tuning near the end of my break when I heard a 

female voice say, "Thanks for the drinks."  I turned and looked at 

Crystal.  She wore her black hair straight, and her eyes are also black.  

She wore a floral print dress that came just below her knees.

   "No problem," I said, "you and your friends were really good sports.  

I hope I didn't embarrass you too much.  My name is Don."

   "I'm Crystal, and those are my friends Beth and Scott.  We've never 

been here before."

   "Please come back.  We like new fans, and this band is here every 

other weekend," I supplied.  "Oops, time to go back to work," I said as 

the guitarists and harmonica player stepped on the stage.  At the end of 

the night, I packed up and went home without a second thought to the 

raven-haired woman.

   Two weeks later, at the same club, I heard my name called right after 

we broke.  I turned to see Crystal waving energetically at me.  Scott and 

Beth were also at the table.  I went over to do some more public 

relations.  "Hi!  I'm glad to see that you came back."

   Crystal asked how the band was doing, and Beth pushed a chair over for 

me.  Scott said hello, and then flagged Pam down.  He ordered drinks, and 

said he'd pay for me.  "Shouldn't you be playing instead of acting like a 

paying customer?" Pam asked sweetly.  I smiled and blew her a kiss after 

a few seconds.  She returned both gestures.  I gave her a little squeeze 

around the hips as she turned to leave.  Pam relaxed into my grip, and 

waited until I let go before leaving the table.  Scott's eyes, which had 

been fixed on Pam, nearly left their sockets.

   He said, "Whoa," in a much louder voice than he had intended, because 

Beth looked _very_ annoyed at him.  I was amused, but the "Time To Leave 

Tactfully" alarm went off in my head.

   However, before I could get up to leave, Beth, a pretty, buxom, and 

slightly blitzed blonde, grabbed my arm.  Looking at me with unfocused 

eyes, she asked, "Is that your girlfriend?"  It was obvious that she was 

trying to get Pam out of Scott's head.  Unfortunately, I couldn't give 

her the answer she wanted to hear.

   "We've gone out a couple of times, but we're just really good 

friends," I replied.  Silence descended on the table, and it gave me a 

chance to make a graceful exit.  "She's right about getting back to work, 

though.  See you folks again, OK?  Thanks for the drink, Scott."  The 

three of them stayed until closing, and I wished them all good night as 

they left.

   Pam handed me a glass of water as the last customer departed.  She 

nodded toward the door.  "The girl with black hair?  She likes you.  She 

tried to get your attention all night."  Pam ran a finger around my 

shoulder and down my chest.  "I think she's curious, being a county girl 

and all."

   "You're kidding.  She hardly said a word when I was at that table."

   "No, you're just dense.  I watched her.  I saw all of the signs," Pam 

lectured.  "The only thing she didn't do was talk to you.  I guess she's 

a little scared of you.  That county thing, I guess."  Pam leaned closer, 

making me forget Crystal.  "If I were you, I'd ask her for her phone 

number next time."

   The next time I saw Crystal, she was with William.  I was much more 

conscious of her presence, thanks to Pam's constant reminders.  William 

seemed perplexed by Crystal's taste in music, but he was patient enough 

to endure the break she spent talking with me.  They left shortly 

thereafter.  Pam gave me Crystal's phone number after the gig.  "I 

figured you wouldn't ask while she was with another guy, so I did while 

she was waiting for the bathroom.  She's really excited that you're 

interested."  Pam waved a finger in my face.  "Don't be too nice to her."

   Crystal and I went on a date that week.  Nothing happened, and it 

ended with a hug.  Crystal was alone at our next gig.  She was waiting 

for me outside when I started to haul my gear out.  "Are you waiting for 

_me_?" I asked playfully.

   She looked around nervously.  "Umm... yeah," she said shyly.  "I was 

thinking we -- umm -- we could -- like -- umm... talkorsomething."  The 

poor girl _was_ nervous.  I felt sort of sorry for her, but I knew all 

too well that exact nervousness.

   "Listen, I have one more trip to make to the van.  Why don't we meet 

at The Grill?  You don't have to leave now, do you?"

   "Umm... no.  I can -- go to the Grill..."  Crystal hesitated.  "Where 

is it?"  I snickered, because this reminded me of an old comedy skit.  

She looked hurt, and started, "Well, I usually go to the Wharf with my 

friends after we leave here."

   "You're so cute," I said, the playfulness in my voice hiding the 

sincerity of my statement.  "I can see where the Wharf would hold its 

attractions for you.  But I'd like to show you something -- different."  

Quickly, I felt compelled to add, "If you want."

   Crystal nodded eagerly, and she followed me to the Grill.  We caught 

the tail end of another blues band.  Crystal stayed very close to me, and 

she wasn't very talkative.  I thought she might have been a little 

intimidated by the type of crowd.  Although a few yuppie types were 

there, most of the people were city folks, in various stages of 

inebriation.  I wondered if I had made a mistake until I asked her to 

dance with me to a slow song.  I started out dancing politely, and then 

my hands slid to her lower back.  Crystal collapsed limply onto me, 

burying her head in my neck as we moved very slowly.

   "I like the way you slow dance.  It's so -- romantic.  The guys I know 

spin you around the floor like they're ducks on drugs," Crystal said as 

we left the floor.  She squeezed my hand.  "Guys from the county don't 

dance like that at all."

   "There are _lots_ of things I do that county guys don't," I stated.  

It was a fact, and I didn't realize the implication until...

   "Are you asking me to come to your place?"

   I dragged her away from the music so we could talk in quieter 

surroundings.  "I'd really like that sometime.  But all I want now is a 

good night's sleep.  I'm really beat," I confessed.

   "Well, it's kinda late, and it's a long trip home for me.  I better go 

now," Crystal said.  "Unless I can crash at your place," she finished.  

End of discussion.  She waited outside my door while I unloaded the van, 

and she carried a bass in for me.  I gave her the quick tour, and grabbed 

a pillow for the sofa.  She followed me, and looked at me quizzically.

   "No, Crystal, you can sleep in the bed," I explained.  "I'll be fine 

on the couch."

   "I was gonna give you a back rub for being so nice," she yawned.  

"Come on," she cajoled, "it's something you can probably use.  Am I 

right?"  Score one for the lady.  We went to bed together.  I was 

unconscious before she finished the back rub.  Sometime during the night 

Crystal had wrapped her arms around me.  I gingerly removed myself from 

her embrace, went to the john, and returned to a not-quite-asleep young 


   "Mmmmmmm," she purred as I started to give her a gentle back rub.  

Crystal turned over, regarding me sleepily with her jet-black eyes.  It 

made her look very sexy.  Rolling back over, she said, "That feels really 

good.  Ohhh, you're wonderful."  My hands travelled down her back, and 

briefly roamed over her rear end.  Crystal stiffened, but said nothing.  

I began to massage her buttocks firmly, and she moaned.  I slid my hands 

back up to her shoulders, and leaned across her back.  She could feel my 

growing erection press against her.  "It's Sunday -- mmmmm -- morrr-

ninnng," she whimpered.

   I kissed her earlobe, and then her neck, and felt her tremble a little 

in response.  "So what?" I whispered, nuzzling her neck again.  She 

kissed me on the cheek.  I rolled off of her, and she rolled on top of 

me, driving her tongue into my mouth.  She pulled away after a few 

minutes of necking, a little puzzled by my lack of urgency.  "Don't stop 

now, I was having fun," I said.

   Crystal looked at me, then sat up.  "Ummm...  Are we going to... "

   "All good things in time, Crystal.  Be patient," I gently reprimanded 

her.  Crystal's schedule was a little faster than mine.  She removed her 

dress, revealing matching pink bra and panties.  I reached out and 

stroked her tummy lazily.  Crystal sighed, and started to fondle my erect 

cock.  "Not so fast," I complained, and moved her toy out of reach.  

"Let's just play with each other's bodies and senses for a bit longer."

   Crystal was definitely baffled now.  I ran my hands along her inner 

thighs, and played with her breasts, avoiding the nipples in the bra.  I 

stroked her face and neck, played with her long black hair, and kissed 

her slowly, sweetly, but teasing, never letting it last too long, or go 

too deep.  I made her moan and gasp quietly a few times, but she never 

caught on to the game.  Crystal would touch me from time to time, but it 

was clear that she wasn't ready to pay attention to anything other than 

my cock.

   I stopped, then kissed Crystal sweetly on the lips.  Then I got out of 

bed.  She looked at me, face full of confusion and desire.  "Aren't we... 

I mean, I-I-I want to..." Crystal spluttered.  Poor thing, she hadn't a 


   "Crystal, the answer is no, we aren't.  Not now, anyway.  You're in a 

hurry, and I doubt that it's mad, spur-of-the-moment lust.  I really 

think you're just curious.  If you aren't just being curious, I'd love to 

spend some more time with you and your body.  But it works both ways.  

You'd have to spend some time getting to know me and mine."

   Crystal blinked rapidly.  The way she looked at me said that she had 

been curious, and I'd caught her.  Suddenly, she was embarrassed by her 

exposed skin, and began to put her dress on.  She didn't say anything 

until she got to the door.  "Aren't you the least bit -- interested?"

   "Interested in what?  I'm interested in Crystal; not her creamy white 

skin, or her soft, pink pussy.  I'm not curious about white women; can 

you honestly say the same thing about black men?"  She tried to look 

away, but I gently held her chin and pulled her gaze back to me.  "Be 

honest with _yourself_, Crystal.  It doesn't matter to me if you are just 

curious, although I would have some -- regrets.  You'd be surprised at 

some of the things that get said and done to me at clubs.  I'm afraid 

this isn't new to me."

   She turned to leave.  She abruptly turned back to me, and said, 

"I'll... ummmm... callyou?"  She hesitated before pivoting and leaving.  

Yeah, OK, I thought as I waved goodbye.  I called Pam and invited her 

over to dinner, hoping for a little friendly fuck.  Of course, Pam asked 

me about Crystal, and I told her the circumstances of Crystal's 


   "You did _what_?" Pam exclaimed.  She started laughing, "If that 

doesn't drive the little rich bitch wild, I don't know _what_ will."  I 

looked at Pam, totally confused.  "Oh my God, you did it by mistake!  You 

are so dense..."  She gave me a hug before settling down.  "Don, you just 

turned her down.  No county boy turns _any_ pussy down.  She was curious 

before, now she's going to want to know what makes you tick."  I looked 

at her incredulously.  "If you keep letting her know that this is on your 

terms, she'll be your pretty, rich bitch girlfriend, 'cause she's found a 

guy her pussy can't tame."  Pam sat down, eyes aglow.  "She _was_ 

curious.  _Now_ she's," Pam leaned back and waved her arms dramatically, 

"in loooove," she exaggerated.  No, I didn't get the friendly fuck I was 

looking for.

			       The Seduction

   Of course, Crystal didn't call.  I gave Pam a "toldya so" when Crystal 

arrived at the club with a date two weeks later.  I chatted with them 

amiably during break, giving no sign that something had almost happened 

between Crystal and me.  Pam gave me a drink after I left their table.  

"She bought this for you."

   "So?  He's got his hand on her leg, and she doesn't seem to object," I 

observed.  I was getting tired of Pam always seeing something that wasn't 


   "She doesn't care.  She did the whole 'notice me' thing while you were 

playing.  She likes you.  If you really want her, then all you have to do 

is ignore her," Pam counseled.  That wasn't hard, because Crystal and her 

date vanished sometime early during the next set.  At the end of the 

night, Pam just noted the parallels between the expensive drinks county 

guys would buy for her, and the expensive drink Crystal had bought for 


   Crystal showed up with some other guy the next night, but they left 

before I could say hi.  Crystal reappeared by herself during the last 

set.  At the end of the show, she weaved her way up to the stage.  "Can 

you give me a ride home?  I had a fight with Adam, and I don't have 

enough money for a cab home, and I didn't drive.  This was the only place 

I could think of."  That was interesting, although she wasn't in any 

shape to drive.  Crystal leaned heavily against me, pressing her boob 

into my side.  I told her sure, I could give her a ride home, and sat her 

down at a table to wait while I loaded.

   A county guy (they can be real obvious, believe me) sat down at 

Crystal's table almost immediately after I left.  Pam whispered, "She's 

drunk; it attracts 'em like blood and sharks."  She stopped me as I came 

back in to fetch the remaining bass.  "The asshole thought his Gold card 

would impress me.  While I do appreciate the twenty-dollar tip, I'm worth 

more than that," she whispered in indignation.  I watched from a discreet 

distance as the guy tried to pick Crystal up.  After a couple of seconds, 

Pam said, "Save her from that asshole.  She deserves better."  I walked 

over to the stage, grabbed the instrument, and headed to Crystal's table.  

She put her arm around my waist, and leaned her head sleepily on my hip.  

As we left, Pam smiled at me, and mouthed, "I told you so."

   Crystal leaned against the side of the van while I opened her door.  

She reached and lazily stroked my neck.  "You're tense," she slurred.  

Memories of two weeks ago flashed through my mind. I turned and kissed 

her viciously.  She responded eagerly, and we began to hump each other 

against the side of the van.  I shut the passenger door, opened the side 

door, pulled her in, and attacked her.  Crystal protested briefly, "We're 

in public!"

   "We want each other," I panted, undoing her sun dress.  "By the time I 

get the gear unloaded, we'll both be too tired."  Crystal helped me, and 

her dress came off almost instantly.  I put a condom on; Pam had left a 

few in the glove box.

   "How?"  Crystal was breathing heavily.

   "Sit on my lap," I instructed.  She moaned, a most sensuous, 

gratifying, endearing sound, as she slid onto my erection.  "Feel good?" 

I gasped.  Crystal moaned yes.  "Now rock with me."  Her hips rolled back 

and forth a few times; then she discovered the position of her clit in 

relation to our bodies.  Crystal pushed her hips down and forward with a 

little snort.  She panted, each breath coming in a higher pitch than the 

last.  She drove her clit against me; the pleasure made her buck, and 

stopped the stimulation.

   Her first climax arrived quickly, and she gurgled in my ear.  

Crystal's hips vibrated, and she squeezed me tightly.  I felt the tension 

go out of her body.  She sighed happily.  I wished that I could have seen 

her face when she came.  I knew I'd have to get a better look sometime.  

I wiggled inside her, still erect.  The van's windows had fogged up.  

"Notdoneyet," I gasped in her ear.  Crystal lazily rolled her hips in a 

circle while purring and nibbling on my neck and ear.

   "Ohhh... if suuummm -- wu-wu-wunnn seeeees uhhhhhsss," Crystal moaned.

   "Let them watch," I panted, on ecstasy's edge.

   Her hips pumped a little harder.  "Ooooohhhh," she replied.  I felt 

the heat of her skin and her heartbeat.  I smelled her perfume when I 

leaned my head to her neck, but it was soon covered by another, stronger, 

musky fragrance.  "Suuummm-wunnn..." she groaned a few times.  "Wa-wat... 

waaattttccshhhh..."  Crystal's urgent kiss signaled the start of more 

frenzied pumping.  She began sliding up and down, and I started coming 

completely out of her.  The repeated sensation of penetration was too 

much for me to take.  I thrust my hips upward and collided with her 

downstroke, filling the rubber with my seed.

   A little later, Crystal was still lazily circling her hips as we 

kissed.  I had slipped out of her, but she kept rubbing against me.  I 

sighed contentedly, and we hugged for a little while more.  The thought 

of being watched had really turned her on.  I filed that away for later 

reference.  We finally got dressed enough for me to drive home.  I got 

out first; Crystal waited for me to open her door.  That's when I saw the 

black ribbon tied to the back door.  The black ribbon that Pam had been 

wearing in her hair that night.  Crystal and I didn't bother to unload, 

going directly to bed.  We slept soundly.

   It was a bright Sunday afternoon when I sat up and stretched lazily; a 

movement next to me reminded me I wasn't alone.  "Mmmmmm," Crystal purred 

as I started a gentle back rub.  She hadn't put anything back on under 

her dress in the van, so I unzipped it and slid it off her shoulders.  

She stiffened in surprise, then wiggled to let me pull it down further.  

She was on her stomach, naked in my bed.  My lips teased her back while 

my hands travelled down her body.  "Ohhh, that feels good, Don."  I 

shifted position and kissed her lower back, then her ass cheeks.  The 

temptation was too great, so I burrowed between her legs.  "Don!!!"

   "Oh god you are _so_ kinky!" she giggled.  Kinky?  My tongue went back 

to work between her thighs, and Crystal parted her legs a little more.  

She was still lying face down, but her hips had started to slide against 

the sheet.  "Ohhh, ye-ahhh..."  I had enough room now to give her a 

proper tongue-lashing from behind.  Crystal humped the bed moaning, "D-D-

D-Donnn... Stoo-o-o-o-oppp..."  Her voice was husky, and the way she 

undulated indicated that stopping was the last thing she wanted me to do.  

She rolled over, legs open, knees raised, expecting me to climb on top of 

her.  I surprised her.

   My lips pulled at her pouting labia.  Crystal's breathing went up in 

pitch.  My tongue danced inside her pussy, and I tasted my lover's tangy 

essence.  She tossed her head from side to side as I drew circles just 

inside her opening with the tip of my tongue.  I followed my tongue's 

path with a finger, collecting a little bit of her juices and my saliva.  

When it was decently wet, I pushed my finger into her.  Crystal arched 

her back and moaned approvingly.  I pushed at the roof of her vagina, and 

the ripe berry in front of my nose begged to be sucked.  "Nnngh!  Gnff!!!  

Hrgh!!!"  Crystal's orgasm forced nonsense sounds from her throat, and 

she grabbed my hair.  Her hips rotated, and I watched her come.  Her eyes 

were closed, mouth open and her face frozen in an infinitely complex 

expression.  Crystal squeaked her joy.  Watching her was the turn-on I 

thought it would be; my erection pressed more forcefully against the bed.  

The frenzied clutching at my finger subsided.

   "You are soooo sexy when you come," I whispered to the sweating, post-

orgasmic woman.  My hand continued to tease her still-wet sex.  Crystal 

smiled dreamily, and tried to make my hand do more than just tease her.  

"My turn now," I cheerily said.

   Crystal blinked sleepily.  "W-w-wh... ummm -- what?"  She was damn 

near irresistible the way she looked now.  I rolled over on my back.

   "Turnabout is fair play.  I want you to give me head now."

   Crystal ran one hand lightly across my chest, the other rubbed the arm 

that I was teasing her with.  "Mmmmmm....  It's -- Sunnnn-dayyyyy," she 

started in a soft purr.  My finger interrupted her sentence as she had to 

still a little gasp of pleasure; my manipulations were getting to her.  

Crystal's hips began moving again.  "Afff-terrr-nooonnnn..."  Pam had 

always said I was at my most creative the afternoon after a gig -- and 

_very_ insistent.  It was time for Crystal to find that out.

   "I can stop now," I said pleasantly, and pulled my hand away.

   "Nooooo," she whimpered in protest.

   "Then give me a blow job," I stated.  Crystal had been very compliant 

to this point, but I had to take a stand at some time.  My demeanor was 

more businesslike and demanding.

   "Dooo iiittt tooo meeee," she countered, exposing her wonderful 

treasure wide for me.  If I had given in, I would have been guilty of 

what Pam had warned me about.  Figuring I could jack off later if 

necessary, I deliberately turned away from Crystal.  She moaned 

unhappily, protesting in a little girl's whine.  After a few seconds of 

silence, she rolled over closer to me and repositioned herself so that 

she was eye-to-eye with my nearly erect cock.  She looked up at me.  

"You're _so_ kinky."

   I lay back, propped up on pillows, and Crystal began to lick around 

the tip of my dick with broad, lollipop strokes.  My cock jumped as 

Crystal dutifully, but mechanically, bobbed her head.  I watched her for 

a while, and then she stopped.  "Would you like -- ummm -- close your 

eyes?  I feel funny when you watch."

   "It's _erotic_," I urged.  "Don't feel funny about giving me pleasure.  

I like to watch--"  My turn to swallow hard as Crystal stroked the rim of 

my dick.  She sighed in resignation, and resumed bobbing her head, 

sliding her mouth and tongue over my rod.  It was nice, but it wasn't a 

real good blowjob.  "Suck on it like you suck on those skinny 

cigarettes," I complained.  Crystal rolled her eyes at me, but followed 

my instructions.

   My ejaculation approached quickly thereafter.  Crystal felt the 

vibrations a pulse too late, for in between her slurps, I came.  My body 

vibrated and thrust in the thrill of orgasm.  When I could see again, it 

was clear that Crystal had had no idea of what to do with my ejaculating 

organ.  Come was on her cheek, hair, nose, chin and shoulder.  "You could 

have _warned_ me," she complained, not at all amused, and began to wipe 

her face off.  Without warning, I kissed her deeply, wet and urgent.  

Crystal responded timidly for a few seconds, then kissed back with 

passion.  We had smeared my cum all over our faces.  She spoke quietly, 

"God, I'm a mess."

   "You look sexy," I supplied, as quietly as she had.

   "You always _say_ that," Crystal argued.  The emphasis on "say" gave 

away her pleasure at the compliment, though.

   After we cleaned up and went to a _very_ late lunch, I drove her home.  

We kissed for a long time before she got out of the van.  "Call me?" she 

pleaded.  I nodded.  She smiled and turned, lazily walking to her 

townhouse.  I was pretty pleased with myself.  I had managed to catch the 

young lady's fancy.  I didn't know that I'd captured her imagination as 

well.  Unbeknownst to me, the seduction of Crystal had begun.

	 Curiosity Killed The Cat...  But It Didn't Break Crystal

   I invited her to dinner that Friday; the band had the weekend off.  I 

said we could figure out what else to do that night after the meal.  She 

requested that I pick her up at a bar downtown.  ("Happy hour after work 

with my department.")  She wasn't shy about being with me, despite the 

differences in our skin colors.  In fact, I got the distinct feeling that 

she was showing me off.  This was a good sign.  I got some real dirty 

looks from one of her male coworkers, but we left before he got the nerve 

to say anything to either of us.  We made small talk while I cooked, and 

Crys babbled enthusiastically about her job.  As we sat at the table 

after dinner, Crys lit a cigarette, and studied me carefully for a 

moment.  "Yes?" I asked, not being able to read her face.

   "I was just... ummm... wondering..."  She paused.  "I mean, you're 

like _sooo_ different from anybody I've been out with before."  Crys 

glanced around nervously and lowered her voice.  "I mean, like... the 

watching thing, and, and... all that."  I started to explain the 

difference between sex and fucking, and told her that the brain was the 

most important sex organ.  She listened attentively as I explained how 

watching the woman I was with enhanced the experience for me.

   As the discussion continued, Crystal got a little bolder and began to 

talk more, seeming more at ease with the subject of sexuality.  She 

finally got brave enough to tell me how she had felt on Sunday.  Crystal 

said she still thought she looked stupid when she "suckedyour... you 

know."  She also admitted that she was "kinda grossed out" when I came on 

her face.  "But then you kissed me like I was still attractive n' sexy 

and I didn't know what to think," she confessed.  "But it made me feel... 

I dunno.  I didn't feel so -- weird -- after that."  The result of our 

discussion was that she didn't quite understand what watching did, but 

she was willing to admit that it did something for me.

   "So what do you want to do tonight, Crys?  I'm brain-dead after that 

discussion, so you pick," I kidded her.

   She ran her hand through her straight black hair, which I noticed 

hadn't been cut that week.  "After that marvelous dinner, I'm feeling 

real lazy.  Do we have to go out, or can we rent a couple of movies, 

maybe?"  Off to the video store we went.  I headed for the comedy 

section, Crystal by my side.  She tugged at my arm as I looked for 

something light.  "What's back there?" she asked, pointing to a 

curtained-off room.

   I didn't even raise my head to see what she was talking about.  

Without interrupting my search for something funny, I replied, "Oh.  

That's the X-rated movie section."

   "Really?  They have X-rated movies here?" she asked quietly.  Then she 

abruptly let go of my arm.  "I wanna see," she said, sounding like a 

little kid.  Before I could do or say anything, she walked behind the 

curtain.  A middle-aged man and two pimply-faced college boys quickly 

walked out.  I sighed and went in after her.  Crystal was studying a box, 

and giggled.

   "Had your fun yet?  You embarrassed those guys to death," I said in 

mock annoyance.

   "I'm sorry."  Crystal blushed.  "Ummmm... ummmm..."  I waited while 

she stuttered for a few more seconds.  "Can we -- ummm -- rent one?"  

Quickly she added, "I've -- ummm... never seen one.  They don't have them 

at Blockbuster.  I'm -- well -- curious."  I shrugged to indicate that it 

was OK, but she pushed the box at me.  "You have to pick one.  I don't 

know what's good."  With that, she breezed out of the room.  I sighed.

   As I handed the box to the clerk, she smiled and said, "You're a two-

for-one club member.  You can get another video free."  I turned to 

Crystal, who apparently misunderstood.  Before I could say anything, she 

went back into the X-rated room and came out a few seconds later with 

another box.  The clerk gave me a, "Boy, are you going to fuck tonight!" 

look as she took the second box.  Good thing I can't blush.  Crystal 

moaned when I later explained that my free video didn't have to be X-


   "Are you sure about this?" I asked as I went to start the tape.  She 

nodded nervously.  The first scene was a prolonged sloppy blowjob, which 

got no reaction from Crystal.  On the other hand, I shifted position to 

accommodate the growing bulge.  Next was another blowjob.  Little Oral 

Annie was the giver, and Crystal gasped aloud as the guy's _large_ dick 

disappeared down her throat. 

   "How -- ?!!" she exclaimed.  I didn't say anything.  Hell, I don't 

know.  Before Crystal could ask me again, she put her hand over her mouth 

as the guy on the screen began to cum, and Annie sucked greedily on it.  

"Ohhh myyyy gawwwwd," Crystal whispered in shock, "she's -- she's..."  

Crys couldn't even finish the sentence.  My erection throbbed, painfully 


   The video couple rearranged themselves and got ready to fuck.  "I can 

stop it n-" 

   "No," Crystal whispered.  Her eyes were glued to the screen, and she 

was barely breathing.  I had no idea what was going on in her mind.  The 

guy came again, and the scene ended.  Crys absent-mindedly reached for a 

smoke.  I was already on fire.  We watched for a little while longer, and 

two women started kissing.   Crys smoked faster.  The women undressed and 

moved into a sixty-nine.  "Euwwww, _gross_," Crystal said, getting up and 

walking out of the room, her disgust evident.  It was _not_ the time for 

me to point out that she loved it when I did it.  I turned the tape off.  

"No," Crys sighed, "you can just fast forward past that part."  We 

watched as a couple got watched; some (lucky) guy got one woman on his 

face and another on his dick; and a lone woman masturbated.  The movie 

ended with a couple making love.  "I need a break," Crystal announced, 

and headed to the john. 

   I wasn't sure at that point whether or not to put the next tape in.  

One thing was definite.  I needed relief.  Crystal came out, smiling 

shyly.  I kissed her as we passed in the hall.  She responded briefly, 

teasingly, then broke away.  When I came out, flaccid and frustrated, 

Crystal was starting the next tape.  "You haven't missed anything yet," 

she said.  Her hand landed gently on my thigh as I sat. 

   We watched people go through their sexual paces again; Crys was silent 

through the first part of the movie.  She was -- somewhat clinically, I 

thought -- just watching the movie.  She didn't say anything during the 

lesbian scene, but it involved three women and strap-ons.  No pussy was 

sucked.  Crys moved a little closer to me as a really attractive woman 

began seducing a man.  Before long, the on-screen seduction had 

succeeded.  Crystal idly stroked my chest through my shirt.  The scene 

involved extended foreplay; before the video couple got past theirs, we 

were involved in our own on the couch.  I sighed as Crys removed my shirt 

and started kissing my chest.  She licked and sucked gently on my 

nipples.  Crystal pinned my arms down, kissed me gently, then shut off 

the tape and TV. 

   Her hands were in my lap, undoing my pants while she leaned against 

me, kissing me aggressively.  One arm was trapped by her body, and almost 

all of her weight kept me from moving.  Then I had a revelation; Crystal 

was emulating the seduction we had just watched.  Crystal's mouth, lips, 

and tongue were playing down my chest.  I stroked her back absently, 

because she was still dressed.  She tugged at my boxers; I moved to let 

her remove them.  I started to unzip her dress, but lost any ability to 

concentrate when Crys slurped my half-erection into her mouth.  She 

sucked fiercely on it, running her tongue around it, teasing the crown 

and rim (and me).  Finally, she took half of it in her mouth, her head 

swirling above my lap.  She pulled up, and rubbed my erect cock gently.  

Crystal looked up at me and smiled.  I smiled back.   Her hand slid 

easily along the expanded organ, setting the nerve endings to flurry of 

intense activity.  I had never felt this erect in my life. 

   "Watch me," she whispered, before resuming her slow, sloppy, sensual 

blowjob.   I caressed her silky black hair as she thrilled me with her 

mouth.  Her eyes sparkled devilishly as she alternately licked and sucked 

my cock.  Her head descended slowly, and the tip of my cock hit the back 

of her mouth.  Crys hesitated, started to go further, then abruptly 

stopped and pulled her head back quickly, gasping, "Notyet."  Crystal ran 

her teeth around the tip, then engulfed as much of it as she could in a 

swirl of black hair.  I sucked in a _lot_ of air, and fought the urge to 


   I really wanted to warn her that I was _way_ over the edge, and I was 

going to come in gallons all over her.  The only sound I could manage was 

an incoherent gurgle; Crystal was bobbing her head quickly, sucking 

gently on the top half of my cock, while she jacked furiously at the 

base.  I came.  I had no idea who I was, where I was, nor did I care.  I 

whimpered at each powerful contraction as wave after wave of pleasure 

surged through my body, and I lost my sight.  When it returned, Crystal 

was looking at me strangely.  I saw some come around her lips, but none 

anywhere else, and soon realized that she had swallowed as much as she 

could.  I also realized that she had tried to act out what she had 

watched earlier, and come pretty damned close.  A voice from far away 

queried hopefully, "Would you kiss me?"  Our mouths met, tongues fighting 

for a long time.  I was stoned and out of breath after we separated. 

   "I've -- ummmm... never done anything like that before," Crys said 

after catching her breath.  "It tasted kind of funny, but it's not 

disgusting like I thought it would be."  She lay her head on my shoulder.  

"Can I spend the night?" 

   "Ohhhhh... shiiit..." I sighed.  "Crystal, you can spend fucking 

eternity here.  That was fantastic." 

   "Really?  I -- ummm -- saw it in the movie, and I was... kinda 

curious, y'know?"   Crystal snuggled against me, still dressed, and 

started the video again.  Thoroughly sated, I started to go to sleep 

leaning against her.  She kissed my forehead and cuddled quietly, 

apparently content to let me sleep.  I was completely happy, Crys was 

holding me, I felt really warm and... 

   Crys nudged me, waking me up.  She kissed me forcefully to speed up 

the process, running her hands around my bare chest.  "You've been asleep 

for an hour.  Enjoy your nap?" she asked me after a while.  I had started 

to get hard again from her kiss, but there was no need for me to be 

greedy.  I slid onto the floor. 

   "You're still dressed," I said, looking casually over my shoulder.  

The next sound I heard was a zipper.  I felt the sofa cushions move, and 

Crystal's dress hit the floor next to me.  The snapping sound indicated 

the removal of a bra, and she hit me in the back of the head with it.  I 

turned around quickly and grabbed her panties; giggling, she wiggled to 

help me pull them off. 

   "C'mere," she purred.  I pushed her legs apart and dove in, nose 

first.  "Ohhh you're soooo kinnn-keeee," was her reaction.  After a pause 

while I kissed her thighs, she said, "And sooo am I..."  She hiccuped in 

the middle of "I"; I brushed her clit with my tongue.  I used long, 

broad, flat strokes around her inner thighs, teasing her most sensitive 

regions.  "Ohhhh, l-i-i-i-ick it!" Crystal protested. 

   I stopped to look at her with a grin.  "Lick what?  Be specific, 

Cryssie," I teased. 

   She opened her eyes, shooting flame at me.  "Lick -- my -- _pussy_," 

she elaborated.  Crystal pushed my head toward her fragrant sex, then let 

go.  I took the hint and ran my tongue along the outside of her labia.  

She sighed loudly, lazily running her hand along my head.  I pulled on 

her lower lips gently with my mouth, tickling her soft black pubic hair 

with my tongue. 

   I worked at pleasing her, exploring her extensively with my tongue, 

noting every little sigh and squeak she made.  I stopped to look at her, 

letting her come down for a few seconds.  When Crystal's eyes focused 

again, I resumed my loving oral attentions.  I took a long time in 

getting her to the threshold before I put two fingers in her well-

lubricated tunnel.  Crystal shuddered, and my fingers were massaged.  I 

tapped on the roof of her vagina and watched my girlfriend have a massive 

orgasm.  Her face turned beet red as she tried to breathe, and her hips 

jerked sharply.  No sound came from her open mouth as I lightly thumbed 

her clit.  (Bass players have finger independence -- with a little 

creativity, it's very useful in sex.)  Crystal grunted, then she squirted 

_at_ me, orgasmic fluid hitting me in the face with surprising force.  I 

continued my finger action until I was completely turned on, then I let 

Crystal come down, slowly reducing the stimulation. 

   Cryssie's eyes fluttered for several minutes afterwards.  She lay 

sprawled across the sofa, arms and legs splayed, completely limp, 

breathing heavily.  She finally stirred after about fifteen minutes.  

"Ohhh -- I'm sorry.  Look at yooouuu..." she whimpered when she came to.  

She ran her hand across my sticky face. "I didn't mean to -- I'm really -


   I cut her off.  "Welcome to the world of G-spot orgasms, love.  It's 

not piss, so don't worry about it, OK?"  Crystal moved languidly, still 

drenched in afterglow, so I just hugged her close.  She gave me a peck on 

the cheek, and we both went to sleep. 

   I took Crystal home late the next morning, only to pick her up that 

evening.  We went out to dinner, and she said that she had a surprise for 

me afterwards.  Crys asked me to take her home after dinner; she had to 

spend Sunday afternoon with her parents, and neither of us thought it 

would be a good time for them to meet me.  Some surprise, I thought.  We 

kissed goodnight when I stopped the van in front of her door.  I waited 

for her to get out, but she just sat there looking silly.  After a few 

seconds of this awkward silence, I had to say something.  "Is something -

- wrong?" 

   "N-no. I-I-I just thought..." Crys hesitated, obviously unsure of 


   "Go ahead," I urged, "you can _always_ talk to me." 

   "Would you -- like -- tocomein?"  So that was the surprise.  Crystal 

must have expected me to ask.  I parked the van in a hurry.  She was 

smiling when she got out.  "Beth is gone with Scott until some time 

Monday.  We have the whole place to ourselves."  I followed her in.  One 

of the walls in the living room had a full-length mirror, but Crys pulled 

me to the sofa before I could say anything.  "Ummm... I wanna know if 

we're, like, an item.  I've done things with you that I wouldn't do with 

anybody else.  I'm a little -- embarrassed -- by it, and I'm scared that 

you're just... taking advantage of me." 

   "Don't be embarrassed about our sex.  You're just discovering your 

sexuality, and I've been really happy to help.  Geez, the picture of 

county boys you paint is one of boring and insensitive assholes," I said.  

Looking at her, I said, "As far as us being an 'item', I have a question.  

Do you consider yourself my girlfriend?  If you do, then yes, we're an 

item."  That set off a passionate, slow necking session between us that 

escalated into... foreplay.  When I started to remove her dress, she 

pulled away. 

   "Let's go upstairs," she suggested, standing up. 

   I leaned back on the couch and put my hands behind my head.  "Why?  We 

could just stay here.  After all, you've done it in _my_ living room."  I 

got an idea.  "Besides, there's a mirror here.  You could find how sexy 

you look when you come.  You county folk just don't let loose very often, 

do you?" 

   "If I were a _real_ county girl, I wouldn't have eaten your cum, _and_ 

you would have had to spend five grand on an engagement ring just to get 

a blowjob," Crys playfully countered.  She flopped back onto the couch.  

We picked up where we had left off, and I took off her clothes.  "I wanna 

doooo it with yoouuu," Crys whimpered. 

   "Do what?" I whispered, tonguing her ear.  She moaned and unfastened 

my pants; I had a very good idea of what she wanted to do, but I couldn't 

resist teasing her. 

   Crys rammed her tongue into my mouth and ripped off my shirt.  Much to 

my surprise, little, demure Crystal very clearly replied, "I want you to 

fuck me 'til my nose bleeds.  NOW."  She reclined, spreading her legs.  I 

thought back to my original idea. 

   "Let's go over to the mirror.  Ah!  No arguments.  I want you to see 

why you're so sexy when you come," I cajoled. 

   "I won't be able to see past you," Crystal complained.  Her hand 

caressed my stiffening cock. 

   "Trust me.  Get on your hands and knees, facing the mirror.  And no, I 

won't put it in 'back there.'"  Crystal complied eagerly while I put on a 


   "I feel so kinky, Don," she giggled.  I sighed.  To Crystal, if you 

weren't fucking missionary in a bed in the dark, it was kinky. 

   "Now, you just watch the people in the mirror," I counseled as I 

entered her doggy style.  Crys was extremely wet, surprising me.  She was 

as hot for me as I was for her.  She moaned softly as my cock slid all 

the way in, and the feeling was indescribable, even through latex.  

Cryssie's eyes fluttered and drooped; the feeling was good enough for her 

to forget the mirror.  I pulled out.  "Do county girls fuck on their 

hands and knees?" I whispered. 

   Crystal rocked invitingly.  "Shut - up - and - _fuck_ - me," she 

hissed.  I did as I was told, re-entering her slowly, but completely.  I 

grabbed her hips, and slowed her rocking, pumping at her, coming almost 

completely out of her with each stroke before pushing slowly back in.  

"Ohhh... you're teeeasing meee," she whined.  I watched her face contort; 

she licked her lips, closed her eyes, and bit her lower lip as she thrust 

back at me.  She looked like she was about to explode, and I hadn't even 

touched her detonator yet.  I started stroking around her honeypot, 

making Crys bounce urgently against me a few times.  I pushed all of my 

cock into her, grabbing her and holding her in place.  Then I ran a 

finger from her belly button straight to our intersection, a path that 

went right down her clit.  "NNGHH!!!"  Crys snorted and froze, except for 

tuning fork vibrations that I could see and feel.  I looked at her 

reflection; open mouth, closed eyes, intense sensation written all over 

her face.  My dick got harder inside her and I fought to hold my 

ejaculation off.

   Crystal sighed after a bit, rotating her hips as the tension left her 

body.  Surprise flashed across her face when she realized I was still 

erect inside of her.  "You're definitely no county boyyyyy," she moaned.

   "You look sooo good when you come," I whispered, slowly moving my hips 

back and forth, pulling out before re-entering with each stroke.  She 

started to move in unison to me, making me stay inside her pussy.  

Crystal's eyes popped wide open all of a sudden.  I saw her focus on the 

pair fucking doggy style in front of her.  She watched the mirror, and 

became involved in her own seduction as she watched me watch her watching 

us fuck.  It was a feedback loop; I got excited by her glazed, attentive, 

hungry concentration and moved with more urgency.  This stimulated 

Cryssie more and she responded by gasping, moving faster, and paying 

deeper attention to us in the mirror.  It made her look even sexier and I 

pumped harder...

   "Make -- meee -- come!  I wanna -- seee!" Crystal panted, bringing me 

back to Earth long enough to pinch a nipple and finger her clit.  "OH!  

YES!!!  FUCK!!!" she yelped.  She bucked, I bucked, we grunted and panted 

ferociously, driving at each other, lust-crazed.  I forgot all about the 

mirror and watching as burst after burst flamed through my cock, soaking 

it in its casing.  Crystal's internal convulsions frantically milked me, 

making me shiver.  When it was over, I collapsed on the floor, panting.  

Crystal removed the spent rubber and tossed it uncaringly into a corner.  

She lay next to me and kissed me.  "I-I've never watched myself before.  

You were right.  It was really great.  Thank you," she said quietly.  

"_You_ looked kinda funny though," she giggled.  I was too stoned to 

care, and just lay, silent, enjoying the feel of her body against mine.  

"_Now_ can we go upstairs?  It's getting kinda cold down here."  I 

struggled to my feet and followed my girlfriend to her bed, where we 

slept quite heavily.

			   Nasty Girl; Bad Girl

   I went home late that morning, since she was going to "do the parent 

thing."  We spoke to each other by phone each day that week.  Cryssie 

said she'd be at the gig on Friday, and would see me then.  The band was 

cooking halfway through the first set when Crystal walked in.  Heads 

turned.  She was wearing a short, tight black dress, and had tied her 

hair, which she was apparently letting grow, into a long, silky, black 

ponytail.  I was surprised enough to lose my place for a measure on 

"Cross Cut Saw".  Even Pam was looking at Crystal.  I watched guys hit on 

Crys for the rest of the set.  I had never seen her so -- _sexy_.  Before 

she had been the demure little deb who tried to get you to notice her.  

Now she was dressed to thrill, daring any man to ignore her.

   When I finally made my way over to her at break, there was one guy 

next to her, and she was laughing quietly with him.  "Hi there, sexy," I 

said quietly as I got to the bar.  I stood next to her on the other side.  

The guy shot me a look that said I was in his territory.

   "I'm glad you noticed," she replied.  Crystal turned to the guy.  She 

said, "Steven, this Don, my boyfriend."  I watched Steven's hopes 

collapse in milliseconds, and the light of interest that had been in his 

eyes suddenly went dim.  He left the club immediately, mumbling.  Crystal 

smiled at me, obviously aware of what she had done.  She stood up and 

leaned against the bar, giving me a peck on the cheek.  She 

surreptitiously nibbled on my ear.  "Am I sexy tonight?" she whispered.  

She casually dropped her hand, and fondled my cock through my pants.  I 

turned to face the bar a little more directly.  Nobody could see what she 

was doing, but if she continued, it would be obvious on stage.  "I got 

all sexy for you..."

   "Not now!  I've got to go back to work in a few minutes!" I whispered 

urgently at her.  Her eyes laughed at my discomfort and shyness; Crystal 

had managed to reverse our usual roles.  "Just _wait_ until we get 

finished here," I said.  "You look _hot_ tonight."  We shared a short, 

wet kiss before I went back to work.  Scott and Beth arrived during the 

next set, and Scott looked at Crystal much longer than he had to.  I 

could see him appraising her new look.  Cryssie didn't wait for me to 

leave the stage, arriving just after we finished the last song of the 


   "They want me to go to Bangers.  At the Wharf.  There's a party with a 

bunch of people from work.  They came to get me.  It seems that I've been 

missed by my supervisor," she sighed.

   "Career advancement?" I asked.  Crys nodded.  "Then _go_.  We'll have 

fun tomorrow," I said.  "But damn, you look _great_ tonight."  She gave 

me a kiss, then mumbled something about goddamn office politics well out 

of Scott and Beth's earshot before leaving.  Crystal returned at closing 

time.  I was surprised, but very happy to see her.  She was a little 

grumpy.  She explained that some of her coworkers had gotten the wrong 

idea about the way she was dressed, and one of them refused to accept 

that she hadn't done it for him.  End of the party for her.  He had a 

black eye.  I gave her a brief neck massage in the van, and kissed her 

gently.  Then I tickled her, and Crystal stopped being grumpy.

   "Sleepy?" she queried as I brought the last piece of equipment in.  I 

shook my head.  She grinned, "Good.  I wouldn't want you to fall asleep 

after I dressed up for you."  I chuckled, then pulled her close for a 

long, wet kiss.  As usual, this started some foreplay, and the clothes 

wound up on the floor after a few minutes.  She caressed my chest, and I 

rubbed her ass.  Stroking my face lightly, Cryssie said, "Would you do 

something for me?"  She paused, looking into my eyes.  "I'd like to try 

something tonight."  So this was why she had dressed so sexily.  Curious, 

I said yes.  She pushed me down to the sofa, and started a blowjob.  She 

lewdly slobbered all over my rapidly enlarging organ, licking and sucking 

it to full rigidity.  She stopped to get her purse, and produced both a 

rubber and a tube of K-Y.  I looked at her with -- I don't know what I 

felt right then, to be honest, but disgust wasn't among the candidates.  

"I want you to fuck me in the ass."  Before I could say anything, she 

finished, "You said I'm discovering my sensuality, so I want to try this 

and see if I like it."  Her tone sounded as if she was trying to convince 

herself.  I needed no such encouragement.

   I smeared a big glob of the jelly between her ass cheeks, and massaged 

it around her little pucker for a while.  I could feel her puzzlement 

grow as her tension diminished, but she didn't say anything.  Another 

squeeze of the tube, and my index finger was covered in K-Y.  I slowly 

pushed it into that little puckered opening, forcing a grunt of surprise 

from Crystal.  "Let me know if you want me to stop," I counseled her in 

the most soothing voice I had.  She said nothing, but moaned quickly when 

I started to work my finger around inside her rear door.  She grunted 

again when I pushed it in past the second knuckle.  "Crys?"

   "N-N-No.  DontstopIwanttodothis," she stated through clenched teeth, 

the words a hiss more than speech.  Cryssie has a habit of running her 

words together, especially when she's excited or nervous.  I continued 

wiggling my finger inside her, and slowly, it completely disappeared.  

Crys started to move her hips a little, making "n-n-n-n-n" sounds.  I 

didn't think she was ready.  I pulled my finger out of her.  "Are you 

going to put it in now?" she asked timidly.

   "No.  I'd like to try my middle finger," I replied.  "You're awfully 

tense and tight, and I don't want to hurt you too badly.  Then you might 

decide you don't like it, and in reality, it was my fault for not being 

patient enough."  Most of it was true, but I didn't tell her that I meant 

the middle finger along with my index finger.

   "Mmm... feels warm," she commented, arching her back as I repeated the 

external massage of her asshole.  Crystal made no noise when my middle 

finger went in.  In fact, I was surprised at how easily her sphincter had 

let me in.  A half-inch later, though, when I stretched the opening 

quickly and stuck in my index finger, Crystal bucked and yelped in pain.  

Her ass clamped down on both fingers, and I waited for her to cry "Stop!"  

She didn't, breathing loudly and heavily.  Again, I cautiously began to 

move my two fingers around, slowly making progress against the tight 

clamp around them, and going in deeper.

   "Ohhh... ohhh..." Crystal began to moan, her pants turning into 

vocalizations.  I paused long enough to discern that she wasn't asking me 

to stop.  Her body started vibrating when my fingers were buried as far 

as they would go, and I had to use my wrist to move them.  My girlfriend 

gasped for breath, but didn't ask for mercy.  She was as ready as she was 

ever going to be.  I pulled my fingers out as she wiggled her ass in my 

face.  "I guess you can put it in now," she gasped, trying to catch her 


   I lay down, my cock still erect.  "No, Cryssie.  Just come here and 

sit on my lap, facing away from me," I gently instructed.  Wedging the 

encased head of my cock between her slick cheeks, I encouraged her to sit 

with a steady stream of whispered obscenities.  She squatted slowly, 

driving herself against me, back and back... the head was in.  Crystal 

began to shimmy, slowly forcing my dick deeper into her tight, tight 

tunnel.  She grunted, panting loudly with each millimeter of progress.  

It looked like work.  Her persistence paid off as she finally landed on 

my lap.  Of course, the death grip that crushed my penis felt great to 

me.  I held her hips.  "Relax.  Don't move just yet.  How does it feel?"

   Crystal gasped.  "Diff -- different."  She swallowed audibly, and hit 

me in the face with her ponytail when she moved her head.  "It -- it 

doesn't reallyhurt."  A pause for a few seconds.  'I feel so -- so 

_full_," she moaned.

   "_You're_ in control here, Crystal.  You move whenever, however you 

want.  You can climb off if it's too much.  I'm just going to sit here 

for you, babe," I whispered, stroking her torso.  Crystal wiggled 


   "Oooooohhh," she immediately reacted.  "Sooo... _fulllll_...  

Donnnnn...  I wanna _mirror_," she groaned, slowly humping me.  She 

gasped, and I was well on my way to orgasm.  Crys rolled her hips in a 

circle.  "Ohhhh... goddd... soooo... fulllll...  It's... ohhhh... shi-i-

i-i-i-it," Crys became incoherent, moving faster.  Incredibly stimulated, 

I lost any ability to control my reaction, filling the rubber as 

Crystal's voice went up two octaves.  "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!!  Oh!!  Oh!!!" she 

squeaked, frantically trying to hump my dying cock.  I couldn't have held 

out any longer than I had.  It looked like Crystal's experiment had been 

a success.

   "Is it over already?" she whined.  It was _definitely_ a success.  

Nothing else was said for a while.  "I felt really -- ummm -- different.  

It's different from like, well, when we... fuck.  Not better or anything, 

just... different."  Crystal kissed me, adding, "But it was fun.  Did you 

enjoy it?"

   She had to ask?  "It was in-fucking-credible, Cryssie.  You're really 

turning into a naaasssty little girl," I said.  "And I love every bit of 


   "Ummmm -- I never imagined I'd do anything like that 'til I met you.  

Compared to you, my last boyfriend was sooo dull," Crys said, swelling my 

ego.  "I just didn't know any better," she giggled, and we rolled around 

on the floor kissing and laughing.  Then she stopped and turned serious.  

"Would you love me if I wasn't this nasty?"

   I answered yes, without any hesitation.  "You can stop being nasty if 

you want, Crys.  It's a matter of you discovering the extent of your 

sexuality; not being nasty for me," I said.  "And that's the last thing 

I'm going to say on the subject, ever."

   She spent the night the following Wednesday, saying that Scott and 

Beth had been fighting, and she didn't want to be bothered.  I had to 

play, and she didn't want to go out on a work night, so I left her alone 

at my place.  When I got home, the living room smelled like her, and 

there were two adult videos sitting on the VCR.  Cryssie was asleep in my 

bed, and since I had to go to work, too, we left each other alone.

   Crystal and I planned on going out that Saturday, a rare weekend night 

off for me.  She called me up that afternoon to tell me that Beth had 

broken up with Scott.  Her longtime roommate (since college) was pretty 

torn up over it.  Crystal asked if it would be OK to break the date, so 

she could take care of Beth.  Beth protested, wanting Crys to go out and 

have fun anyway, but Crystal refused.  I suggested that Beth go out with 

us as a compromise, and both women agreed.  That was a mistake.  Beth 

drank way too much, way too fast.  We took her to my place around eleven, 

and put Beth's passed-out body in the bed.

   I cleaned up the places in and on the van that Beth had decorated.  

Crys apologized profusely for her friend's actions.  "S'OK.  It was my 

idea, and it's over and done with, anyway," I replied laconically.  We 

went inside, where I washed my hands.  "We could watch a movie," I 

suggested.  Wickedly, I added, "But not one of the ones you rented 

Wednesday night."

   Crystal didn't blush, surprising me with, "Why not?  Beth's passed 

out.  She'll never know.  Besides, I really want to make it up to you.  

And I know just how," she purred, reaching into the bathroom cabinet for 

the K-Y.  We went out into the living room, and Crys pulled my pants off.  

She slobbered all over my cock, giving me a big smile as she watched me 

watch her.  She took her time, tonguing the head, while holding the base 

firmly.  Crys repeatedly sucked me into her mouth, twisting her head 

slowly around my dick.  I grew rock-hard after only a few minutes.

   "I want to be naaasssty, baby," Crys growled, handing me the tube.  I 

put lots of K-Y between her cheeks, and Crystal pumped at my hand.  I 

stuck a finger in her ass.  Her head went back into my lap, where she 

drooled and licked some more.  I lay down as I had the first time we had 

anal sex.

   "Oh shit, I forgot the rubber," I complained.  Crys pushed me back 

down with one hand, then filled my mouth aggressively with her tongue.

   "No, baby...  You're gonna fuck me just like the movies...  Up my 

ass...  C'mon...  I want your cock in my naaaassssty ass," Crystal 

breathed in an almost-hypnotic voice.  She rocked slowly, beckoningly on 

her hands and knees.  Crystal's metamorphosis from shy county girl to 

wanton slut had aroused me incredibly, and I mounted her..  gently.  I 

eased my dick into her rear door, making her moan, low and sweet.

   Crystal, although partially impaled, wiggled impatiently at me, 

forcing me deeper.  "Haaarrrder...  Soooo fulllll...  Fassss-terrr???" 

Crys whimpered, her voice thick and slurred.  She commanded me now.  I 

began to push at her with as much force as I dared, her sphincter 

grabbing me, slowing me down in the beginning.  Soon enough, Crystal was 

rocking counter to my thrusts, and we were going at it like dogs in heat.  

She panted soft obscenities, "Fuck-FUCK myass...  Yeah (grunt) - baby!  

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!"  My orgasm approached, then I stopped thrusting (to 

Crystal's discontent), temporarily distracted by something -- no? -- on 

the periphery of my vision.  Crys stopped moaning and thrust back hard, 

impaling herself completely, which made me come.

   I forgot about the distracting event, as Crystal wiggled around my 

now-erupting dick.  Ugly squishing noises filled the room as cum oozed 

around my cock, flowing back out of her ass.  It was all incidental 

background as I pounded her with short, ferocious strokes, greedily 

urging every last bit of feeling through my body...

   "You _came_," Crys said.  It was a complaint.  I was thoroughly 

winded, lying next to her on my side.  Tired as I was, I found the energy 

to masturbate her, and I stuck my thumb in her ass.  She grunted, 

snorted, and bucked feverishly, the sight making my dick twitch again, 

albeit feebly.  Crys' manually induced orgasm was short-lived, but 

intense, leaving her panting heavily on the floor, in a state of 

collapse.  After a few minutes, she got up, shut the tube off, and 

grabbed a comforter to pull over our naked, sweating bodies.  She cuddled 

against me, and we both went to sleep.

   Beth woke us up the next morning, blushing when we both sat up, still 

covered by the comforter.  I took both women home, in a near-wordless 

ride.  I went out with Crystal the following Wednesday.  "How's Beth?"

   "She'll live," Crystal replied.  "She went out with Scott for seven 

years -- since freshman year in college.  She thought all about marriage, 

so it's hitting her pretty hard.  She's just not used to being single."  

Crystal seemed very comfortable in the black pants and sort-of-dressy 

low-cut top she wore.  She had been dressing sexily a lot recently, and 

didn't make any remarks about how sexy she was, accepting it as a fact.  

My little county girl had changed a great deal in the last six months.

   Crystal didn't wait until we got home, announcing that she was horny 

in the van after dinner, and _telling_ me to do something about it.  I 

buried my face between her legs in the back of the van, in the parking 

garage.  She shook with glee as my tongue circled her labia.  I stroked 

her inner thighs gently, because she and I had discovered how sensitive 

they were, and how hot that could make her.  Soon my hands moved closer 

to our private place, and I toyed with Crystal's senses, teasing her with 

light brush strokes around her pussy, barely and briefly touching her 

clit, never making contact for more than a second or two, or using more 

than a feather's touch.  Crys arched her back, spreading her legs wider 

for me, and I slid two fingers in.  Slowly, using the circular motion 

that Crystal favored, I touched Crystal's honeyed depths, stimulating 

them gently without probing.  Our mouths locked in a suffocating slow 

kiss, my hand continuing to please her, as slowly, and as gently as I 

could.  She and I had revealed almost all the secrets of her body; we 

knew what made her feel good.  It was almost time.

   Crystal's tongue froze in my mouth for an instant.  My thumb brushed 

her clit, and she rocked against my hand, sliding her hips gently, 

running her most sensitive region under my thumb, which I held just high 

enough to graze the ridge and its terminating bud as she moved.  

Cryssie's body relaxed with a shudder, a small sigh escaping her lips 

before she grabbed and held me tightly.  Crys patted my half-erection 

through my pants, looking at me questioningly.  I said, "I'm not sure."  

She kissed me on the cheek, and ran her hand lightly around my neck.  She 

had learned that fucking wasn't everything with me, and that I had the 

right to say "no," which I did exercise every once in a while.  So Crys 

just cuddled against me, and we left the garage after a few minutes.

   I drove her straight home.  We sat outside her townhouse in silence 

for a while.  I knew what was coming, I just didn't want to face it.  

"You have to meet them _sometime_," Cryssie said quietly.  This had been 

the center of our dinner conversation; the after-meal interlude had only 

delayed the resolution.  She leaned across to the driver's side, her face 

a tantalizing few inches from mine.  "Or doesn't my pussy make you that 

happy?" she said in a syrupy voice.  It was an effective tactic.  I 

laughed at the ridiculous voice, then Crys leaned forward and gave me a 

very wet, slow kiss.  "Come on, Don.  I want them to meet you.  Not that 

we're getting married or anything, but, you've done a lot for me, no 

matter what happens."  She pulled away.

   I had thought about it; meeting her parents was the _last_ thing on 

Earth I wanted to do with Crys.  I didn't think that I'd be very well 

received in the role of Crystal's boyfriend, and would feel very awkward 

around them.  I was also -- hesitant about making that kind of statement.  

"Not that we're getting married or anything..."  Maybe not, but to me, 

this was equivalent to saying that it could get more serious from here, 

with a snowball's chance in early spring of winding up with "I do."

   I looked at Crystal.  I'd watched her change over the last six months 

from a pretty debutante to a more mature, self-assured woman, who would 

be a challenge for any man.  What the hell, I figured, I might as well 

keep watching.  I still hadn't explored her mind as much as I wanted.  

There were still more sexual frontiers to be crossed with Crystal.  "OK," 

I replied at last.  "The club's closed this weekend, maybe we should take 

them out to _dinner_."  Crys raised an eyebrow.  She knew what I was 

admitting; sexual antics aside, I'm pretty old-fashioned.

   "I'll make it worth your while," she said throatily.  "Tonight, if you 


   "Naaaah," I declined.  "Now scoot before I change my mind and we keep 

Beth awake all night!"  I kissed Crystal again, slowly, tenderly.  There 

was no urgency to this one; it echoed my parting thought to her.  "I'll 

miss you until the next time I see you."  It wasn't so bad, being in love 

with that woman; we were sexually compatible, and our interests had 

slowly converged.  Then the words "Crystal's parents" flashed across the 

screen in my mind, and I didn't sleep well for the rest of the week.  I 

was scared to death.

   I make no claims for being psychic; unfortunately, I may as well have 

been.  Crys drove her folks to the restaurant, figuring that she could 

prepare/convert them before and after dinner.  Her parents turned pale as 

soon as they saw me, and an early February chill settled over the table 

as soon as we all sat.  The expensive restaurant Crys and I had selected 

(after all, I was her _boyfriend_) may as well have been the Ptomaine 

Palace as the ambiance froze to near absolute zero.  Her parents were 

able to be civil.  I just felt the hostility in every glance, every 

statement.  Her father decided that I was actually a bum with no 

ambition; my day job was going to go nowhere, because "nobody wants one 

of them long hair rock stars running anything in any respectable 

company," and I was adamant about my music.

   Her mother just kept casting those maternal, "After all we've done, 

how _could_ you?" glances at her daughter, not touching more than a few 

bites of anything she ordered, saying, "I'm not very hungry tonight."  

After-dinner cordials?  Try after-dinner disappearing acts.

   "I'll be by after I drop them off at home," Crystal said.  She went to 

kiss me, then suddenly pecked me on the cheek.  I saw her father's glare, 

and noted that it had altered her plans.  I had a sense of impending 

doom.  Crystal did not show up that night, or the next.  I called her 

house two days later, but Beth said that Crystal had gone on vacation 

with her folks.  Yes, it had been a fun ride, but it was all over.

			  Exit Crystal, Enter Pam

   The formality took place ten days later.  I saw Crystal for the first 

time since the end of dinner, when she stopped at my place Thursday 

night.  She had cut her hair, wearing it in a sensible, conservative, 

straight, business-style which stopped just above her shoulders.  She was 

wearing the same floral print dress she had worn when I first met her.  

"Ummm... hi.  I'm sorry, butmyfolkstookmetoBarbadoswiththemand..."  I 

motioned for her to come in, which interrupted her diarrhetic speech.  

"Ummm... I'm kind of in a hurry," she said.

   She hesitated, and I broke in.  "Look, we both know what you're going 

to say, so why don't you just come in and say it.  Then you can leave."  

Somewhat testily, I added, "Or don't you trust me anymore?"

   Crystal lowered her head, trying not to look at me.  The county girl 

that had vanished a while ago had returned, and stood before me.  

Everything was as it had been, including the ridiculous amount of makeup 

she used to wear.  "I... ummm... guess I like you, Don, but, ummm... 

like, it's not good to have a relationship based on... ummm... ummm... 

sex.  Itjustwouldn'twork."  Crystal spit the last sentence out in a 

bigger hurry than usual, as if it was a distasteful thing she had to do.  

Suddenly, surprisingly, she raised her head, and looked me dead in the 

eye.  "Please... don't hate me.  I won't ever forget you.  I'm sorry, 

but..."  The words just hung there.  Finally, Crystal said, "I gotta go, 

I have a date."

   "Goodbye, Cryssie," I said quietly, sadly, closing the door slowly on 

her.  So, I was single again.  No big deal.  Why did I feel abandoned?  

Fortunately, the band's schedule went into overdrive, leaving no time to 

brood.  We started playing four nights a week, which meant that three 

nights were reserved for getting rest.

   "I heard you broke up with her," Pam said, patting me sympathetically.  

It had been two weeks, and I hadn't really dealt with it, except to 

ignore it.

   I shrugged stoically.  "It just wasn't meant to be, Pam, but I hear 

that things are going well for you."  She had been going out with 

somebody now for a couple of months, and had seemed real happy about it.  

It wasn't anything I didn't already know, but it did let me change the 

subject, and I tuned out Pam's enthusiastic response, nodding blankly as 

the words flew on by.

   The next time we played at that club, Pam was drinking heavily after 

work.  "Men SUCK!" she loudly announced to those of us who were left in 

the club.  "I hate them!  They lie to you, then they go fuck some OTHER 

cunt!!!"  The owner told her to take Saturday off, and Pam ordered 

another double shot.  The bartender cut her off and tried to calm her 

down.  Pam grabbed her purse, and loudly proclaimed that she was going to 

go somewhere else where they'd serve her and fuck all of you and...  Of 

course, she promptly fell, but I was there to catch her.

   "You're not going anywhere but home.  You're too drunk to drive, so 

I'm going to take you home and let you..."

   Pam slapped me -- _hard_.  "Why?  So you can fuck me and leave too?"  

She pulled out of my grasp and staggered into the side of the bar, 

bouncing and almost falling again.  I put her back on her unsteady feet 

once more, and grabbed her arms.

   "I'm taking you home, so you don't hurt yourself any more than you 

already have, understand?"  I growled, aware that her alcohol-induced 

hysteria would go away sometime within the next four hours.  "I will not 

take no for an answer, this is not open for discussion, got it?"  Yeah, I 

was pissed, but only Pam could have gotten away with hitting me the way 

she had.  My cheek still stung, and I dug my hands into her arms a little 

harder than I had to.  The remaining people in the club were aware of the 

somewhat unique relationship Pam and I currently shared, so they all just 

watched the drama unfold.  "And, yes, I accept your apology, bitch, but 

this is the last time you'll ever do something like that to me."

   The last sentence seemed to take the fight out of her.  Somewhere 

through the fog, she realized exactly what she had done, and whom she had 

done it to.  Pam got all mushy, slurring apologies, hanging on me the way 

drunk people do because they have no muscle tone, and I eased her out the 

door, much to everybody's relief.

   When we got to her apartment, she invited me in.  "No.  I'm not much 

for drunken grudge fucks, Pam.  You know that," was my response.  

Frankly, she was just a little bit repulsive at that moment.  Pam got out 

of the car and begged.  Loudly.  I sighed, and gave in to keep her from 

waking the whole neighborhood.  "But, we are _not_ going to have sex," I 

warned her sternly.

   Pam gave me a hot, wet kiss and fondled my crotch as soon as her front 

door had closed.  She stroked the erogenous zones on my neck and head, 

knowing from experience how to turn me on.  I gave up my futile 

resistance.  She had gone from drunken and repulsive to drunken, but 

incredibly hot and willing in a span of three minutes or so.  And me 

without my Crystal safety net.  I just _knew_ I'd hate myself in the 

morning.  Pam staggered back to her bedroom (good thing it was a 

straight, relatively uncluttered line from the living room), pulling me 

along behind her.  We flopped onto the bed, kissing as we had many times 

several months earlier, when I suddenly got an idea.  I began to massage 

her back, firmly, but caringly, under the guise of removing her clothes.  

I managed to get out of her reach, and started kneading her delicious 


   Pam caught on.  I knew from experience that a moderately firm back 

massage could put Pam on the edge of sleep.  "Ohhh... nooo... _fuck_... 

meee," she protested, voice thick and slurred, but it was too late.  My 

massage had its usual effect on her.  Aided by the alcohol, Pam was 

asleep (passed out?) about a minute later.  I went to sleep next to her 

fully dressed, contemplating the irony of it all; I had just given a sexy 

blonde a back rub to get her out of the mood, and stay _out_ of her 

pants.  "Damn," I thought, "can't I get _anything_ right?"

   Pam was extremely hung over the next day.  She asked me to stay, so I 

comforted her as best I could while she told me what had caused last 

night's incident.  Pam had walked in on Bill, her (now ex-) boyfriend 

Thursday night after work, and caught him fucking somebody else.  "I 

wasn't supposed to come over after I left the club, but I thought I'd 

surprise him," she sniffled.

   "You deserve better anyway, Pam," I said, hugging her and kissing her 

lightly on the forehead.  "Now go back to bed, turn off the lights, and 

sleep it off.  Dave gave you the night off," I said quietly.  Pam didn't 

remember, but she was relieved to hear it.  She went back in the bedroom, 

so I left and got ready for Saturday night's show.  About ten minutes 

before close, Pam walked into the club.

   "I had to come get my car," she explained as I started to load the 

equipment.  Stopping me, she said quietly, "Come over when you get done."  

I hadn't heard her use that voice in a long time.  An hour later, Pam was 

kissing her way down my naked body.  She spent a lot of time at my 

nipples, alternately using her tongue, and nipping at them.  She would 

stop and suck on them for a little while before resuming her aggressive 

foreplay.  She remembered how to send me into orbit.  "Lie still," she 

instructed in a whisper.  "Let me do _everything_ tonight, Don."  Pam 

rubbed my swollen penis gently, then ran her tongue around it.

   She played with my erection for a while, interrupting her wet blowjob 

with long enough pauses to keep me in suspense.  After Pam decided she 

was done with that, she ran her tongue slowly from the bottom of my 

balls, along the underside of my cock, right to the tip.  Then she 

flicked her tongue in and around the opening.  My cock bobbed 

impatiently.  Pam sat up and removed her oversized band tee-shirt, and 

let me gaze at her naked perfect body, with its smooth curves, firm, 

perfectly formed and proportioned breasts, and the downy blonde hair that 

glistened with reflected moisture.  Her taut, well-muscled thighs were 

also slightly damp.  My eyes feasted upon her, sexual hunger replacing 

every thought.  Pam spread her legs, and masturbated herself on my 

erection, gliding her wet triangle over my aching cock.

   "Pa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ammmm," I groaned.  She smiled, stopped her aided 

masturbation, and lifted my cock at the base, pointing it straight up, 

then positioned herself over it.  My cock touched the entrance to 

ecstasy, but Pam pushed at my chest with her other hand, so I lay still, 

touching, but not passing through that entrance.  Pam smiled at me, 

silent, no mischief in her eyes, for an eternity; then she eased my cock 

into her, sitting down with excruciating deliberation, until she landed 

on my hips with a contented purr.  Yes, it was worth the wait, and 

getting there had been half the fun.  She moved her hips leisurely and 

closed her eyes, a smile playing on her lips, kneading my chest gently 

with her fingers, while her tropical walls kneaded my long-ignored (since 

Crystal) cock.  I was really close to the point of no return.  I gasped 

her name.  She opened her eyes, regarding me dreamily.  I wasn't wearing 

a rubber, I realized in shock.  Pam just smiled, kneaded my cock a little 

more vigorously with her inner walls, and I no longer cared as my 

friend/lover firmly pushed a finger just below my asshole.

   The loud noise I made was cut off by Pam's kiss, as she explored my 

mouth lovingly while my toes curled; I hadn't told Crystal about my "cum 

switch," as Pam had named it.  Pam sat down as hard as she could, 

grinding against me, keeping me from bucking, kissing me constantly.  She 

continued her gentle hidden massage of my softening cock, prolonging my 

orgasm well past the end of ejaculation, sending me to nirvana.

   Pam leaned forward again and wrapped her arms around me.  "Sleep with 

me," she commanded in a gentle whisper, my erection returning as she 

massaged my cock inside her.  She rubbed her body, warm and slick with 

sweat, against mine, adorning my body with gentle brushes of her lips, 

purring, and making quiet, soothing noises.  I had again become erect; 

she still held me inside her, but I was very sleepy.  Pam's gentleness, 

and soothing aura overwhelmed my desire, and I slept, deep and dreamless.

   Pam and I became lovers again, for a week.  Sometimes she'd give as 

she had that first night, other times the apartment would echo with her 

joyful cries as I ministered to her needs and desires.  We buried our 

pain and our frustration under sheer physical pleasure.  Our knowledge of 

each other's bodies, and skill at manipulating each other's senses made 

it easy.  Our crazed hedonistic games ended the following Sunday, after 

we spent the whole afternoon thrusting animalistically at one another.  

Her anger and hurt over Bill, and my frustrations about Crystal had 

vanished in the addictive haze of great sex.  "I love you, Don," Pam said 

as I got ready to leave her home that night.  "I think you understand 

what I mean," she finished.

   "Yeah, baby doll, I do.  If you ever need anything, let me know.  I 

promise that I will do whatever I can to make it better for ya," I 

answered, knowing that she would do the same for me.  We hugged for a 

long time before I walked out the door.  I have not had sex with Pam 

since that afternoon; we don't talk about that week at all.  Pam and I 

are -- intimately linked, without being lovers, much to the awe of people 

who only know one of us.  They don't understand why we don't get married.  

We know it wouldn't work, and some things are too good to risk on 


		      Exit Pam, Enter... Beth???

   My doorbell rang.  "Who is it?" I asked the intercom.

   "It's Beth.  Remember me?  Crystal's roommate?  I need to talk to

you," came the electronically distorted voice.  I let her in, wondering

what was wrong.  She looked around the foyer nervously.  "I umm..." Beth

began, then hesitated, leaving me cynically wondering if this was a

generic county girl trait.  "Is Crys here?  I haven't seen her in a

couple of days, not even at work," Beth asked.  I said no, that I hadn't

seen her since we'd broken up.  I thought it odd that Beth would come

over and ask me about her roommate; but maybe she no longer had my phone

number.  "Oh," Beth replied, sounding disappointed.  She backed up a

little, and stood in the doorway, as if she were afraid to come in.  "I

was -- in the neighborhood -- and just thought I'd ask."

   Now that was strange.  It's true that there's a lot to do in my

neighborhood, but even my friends don't just drop in if they're doing

something in the neighborhood.  Usually because they know if they're

around long enough, they'll probably see me anyway.  I looked at Beth,

whose eyes are sparkling blue, bluer than Pam's.  She was much more buxom

and round than Pam, more zaftig than overweight.  Her facial features

were fairly sharp, distinctive in an attractive way.  A forgotten feeling

flashed through me.  She fidgeted, still in the doorway.  "So -- ummm...

how are you doing?"  Quickly blushing, she started to add, "I mean --"

   "I know what you mean.  I'm doing -- OK.  The band is fine, and it's

been a long time since we've seen your face in the place," I kidded.

"How's Cryssie?"  The words escaped before I realized it.

   The question seemed to catch Beth off-guard, badly.  She looked

startled, although it could have just been the way her eyes reflected the

light.  After a pause, Beth replied, "OK, I guess."  Another, longer

pause.  Beth seemed to be getting progressively uncomfortable.  "But you

don't wanna hear about that, I guess."  Suspicion flared, and the

forgotten feeling grew a little more persistent.  I walked toward her.

Beth hurriedly said, "I think I'd better go."  Her feet didn't move.

   "OK."  I got to the door, and turned the knob to the open position,

but the door stayed shut.  Beth's eyes locked with mine, and she fidgeted

some more.  Yes, she does have pretty eyes...  My dick began to feel a

little fuller.

   "I-I-I really -- havetogo," Beth exhaled.  Common speech defect, I

noted.  Neither of us had moved.  "I-i-it really wasn't such a good idea

for me to come here again-"  Again?  My suspicion was on its way to being

confirmed.  I held my ground.  "Please -- let me out," she pleaded; it

was almost a whisper.  When I moved to open the door, Beth's eyes

widened, like a frightened doe's, and her nostrils flared.

   "Is that what you _really_ want, Beth?" I whispered as I slowly opened

the door.  She nodded frantically.  I looked at her eyes again, and she

glanced down quickly, looking at my crotch much longer than she had to.

Beth's breathing was hoarse, labored, and her cheeks were a faint pink.

"I don't think it is," I said quietly.  "I don't think you came over here

for Crystal.  By the way, I'm holding the door open for you.  You _can_

walk out.  All you have to do is go."

   The bulge in my pants was noticeable; Beth's vulnerable appearance had

stirred something primal in me.  Her cheeks were turning pink, and the

color was rising on her forehead.  Beth opened her mouth, but no words

came out.  I shut the door, and placed my hands on either side of her,

sealing off her exit.  Almost inaudibly, she begged, "P-please."

   "Please yes, or please no?"  I fixed her with a hungry stare.  "I

really think you're just curious.  I know you watched us that night,

Beth."  Her horrified expression confirmed it.  "You want me to do you

like I did Cryssie?  I bet that's what you want.  You watched me play

with her, and now you want me to play with you, isn't that right?  Did

you like what you saw when I fucked your friend up the ass?  I bet you

were wishing it was you."

   "N-n-n," Beth stuttered as she leaned forward just a little, ruby red

lips parted slightly.  I grabbed her and rammed my tongue into her mouth;

it wasn't a kiss of passion; it was a kiss of possession.  Beth's legs

turned to jello, and she wrapped her arms tightly around my back, forcing

her tongue into my mouth with maniacal enthusiasm.  I pushed her against

the wall, and we dry-humped each other ferociously, pelvises grinding,

mouths and tongues fighting for ground.  One of Beth's hands caressed my

ass, and I broke the kiss; the redness in her face and around her neck

was pronounced.  She was panting as I pulled her away from the door and

locked it.

   Beth slammed her mouth onto mine, her tongue thrashing madly.  She

pulled at my shirt, popping buttons in the process.  The little round

blonde was hot, in a scary sort of way.  I felt that I had to take charge

right then however, because that had worked with Crystal.  "Lie down," I

commanded between gulps of air.  Beth obeyed in a hurry, undressing

carelessly.  I started to kiss her wonderfully soft and round body

wherever my head happened to be pointed.  She shuddered, and then I was

on top of her, pushing my way into -- butter.  Butter that had fingers,

warm and slick.  Beth's whole body had turned pink, and her nipples stood

stiffly atop her full breasts.  I pulled out slowly, to a long moan from

Beth, and thrust violently back in with a grunt of my own.  Beth matched

me with a higher-pitched grunt as I slammed into her.  This was pure,

lust-driven sex.  I would pull out slowly, and pound my way back in.

Beth would answer each thrust with a soft grunt.

   I moved forward, sliding my cock along her ridge as slowly as I could

under the circumstances.  This started my orgasmic climb, but Beth wailed

and shook crazily, the nerves in her body firing simultaneously.  I slid

back into her and she bucked with a yelp of joy, coming violently,

thrusting her hips at me in her ecstasy.  It had almost been too good for

her, and her body tried actively to shake my orgasm loose.

   I pulled out, and shoved my cock in Beth's surprised mouth.  "Suck it!

Just like you saw Crystal do," I urgently hissed.  I was not quite

myself, the voice hard and with a nasty edge.  Beth responded

aggressively, her cheeks imploding, drawing my dick to the back of her

mouth.  I grabbed her head, and came forcefully.  She tried to get away,

but I held her head in place, and Beth could only swallow.  "Swallow it,

you horny county slut!  Ohhh!  Eat it like Crystal!"  I growled and

grunted in selfish release.  Beth continued to suck and swallow until I

was drained.  That's when I let go of her head.

   Beth was in shock, staring blankly at me.  A tear formed in her eye,

and she sniffled.  I kissed her, again for possession, not out of

passion.  Her body went limp, and her tongue gently probed my mouth.

"Crys said -- you kiss after blow jobs," she said in an awestruck voice.

She wiped at her eye and had stopped sniffling.  Strange girl.

   "What else did she say?" I asked, sitting down.  Actually, I was

demanding that she tell me, still feeling very aggressive, and very much

the predator to Beth's helpless prey.

   Beth swallowed aloud, seeming to forget completely her somewhat

unwilling introduction to my cum.  "She said that... that..."  I looked

at her disdainfully.  "That you eat... pussy."  Beth stumbled over the

last sentence, as if the last word were unfamiliar to her.

   "And so?" I inquired haughtily.  "We're not all alike," I defiantly

said.  "I'll do that to you, too.  What else?"

   "I -- dunno.  She used all kinds of dirty words to describe what you

did to her.  I-I can't remember," Beth stuttered.  Selective amnesia, no


   I drew closer to her, violating her personal space, forcing her to

feel my physical presence.  "So you watched us that night."  Beth's eyes

widened again, filling with fear.  It was one hell of an aphrodisiac.

"Were you curious?  You want me to fuck you as good as I fucked your

roommate?"  I put my hand on her thigh.  Beth flinched, but didn't move

away.  I could feel the waves of fear emanating from her body; her

submissive (to this point) acceptance of my control over her had started

to make me hard again.  "Yes or no, Beth.  Do you want to feel like she

felt, like you imagined her feeling?  Do you want me to make you feel

what you fantasized?"

   "N-n-n-no.  I-I..."  Beth's curiosity, combined with the forbidden

fruit aspect of our coupling, made me a man she couldn't resist.  I knew

it, and I'm sure she did.  "Aren't you going to get dressed?" she asked

in a small voice.

   "Why?  I hope you don't think I'm done with you.  That's a mistake.

All you damn county girls are alike.  Sex is something you do in the dark

in exchange for money spent on a date," I snarled at her.  I drew closer

to her face, and she was clearly intimidated.  My hostility toward

Crystal had been abruptly transferred to Beth.  "That makes you a whore,

Beth."  I looked down, and could see a faint rose begin to bloom on her

chest.  I touched her breast, raising goose flesh as my hand moved

lightly across it, and her nipple popped out.  The responsiveness of her

body to my touch was nothing short of amazing.  "Spread your legs."  Beth

looked confused.  "I said, _spread your legs_," I commanded, and Beth

meekly obeyed.  "I'm gonna make you feel real good, little girl," I


   Beth watched in fascination as I spread her legs apart and traced my

finger around her cunt.  As soon as her eyes closed, I stopped.  She was

even more confused now, but her body was mine to play with, and I

caressed her, avoiding all the obvious places.  I stroked her body

lightly, gently, constantly, listening to her breathe, and later, sigh.

I returned to her upper inner thighs, and Beth wiggled, spreading her

legs wider, but I pulled a very erect nipple into my mouth.

   "Ohhh!  Nooo... not -- a-gaiiinnnnn," Beth moaned softly, her body

giving up all remaining resistance.  I used my tongue and teeth on her

upper torso.  Beth sat, legs spread, her back against the front door.

She tried to slide down to her back, but I pinned her to the door.

"Put... put... it _iiinnnn_," she complained.

   "Yes, again, Beth.  I'm going to play with your pussy," I whispered.

"Say 'pussy -- play with my pussy'," I quietly urged, giving her a

teasing wet kiss before she could respond.  I repeated the request,

softer, without stopping my stimulation of her body.  "Tell me, Beth.

How much you want me to play with your..."

   "Pussy,"  she sighed sleepily as she finished my sentence.  I

whispered to her some more, urging her on.  "Play... with my... my...

_pussy_."  Beth gasped as I complied with her request, a small tremor

fleeing through her body.  She was very wet now, and having trouble

keeping her eyes open and focused.  I carefully toyed with her, kissing

her chest occasionally, watching her arch her back to speed contact each

time I would lower my head.  Beth's hips writhed slowly.

   "I'm going to finger fuck you now, Beth," I whispered, flicking my

tongue across her earlobe.  She only moaned, lost to the tension I had

built within her.  I pushed two fingers in, pumping slowly, and not going

too deep.  Beth was very tightly wound, and she was wrapped around

(literally) my fingers.  Beth gasped and moaned louder.  I added a third

finger to the two and Beth threw her head back against the door with a

soft cry.  I probed deeper, still slowly pumping at her.  Her hips began

to move counter to my fingers, and her breathing was very labored.

   "Fu-u-u-u-uck -- me-e-e-e-e..." Beth groaned, her body's tension

echoed in her voice.  I whispered some more obscenities to her.  "Play

with m-m-m-myyy pus-pusssseeee..." she replied.  I began to massage her

G-spot, simultaneously closing my thumb over the ridge and angry, red

cherry that separated it from my palm.

   Beth snorted once and her hips jerked sharply towards the ceiling.

She inhaled, a little cry coming from her open mouth, then grunted,

bucking again.  My fingers kept going, massaging the area that was

overloading her senses.  Her eyes were open, although far away.  Beth's

face was gloriously red, twisted into an expression of intense feeling,

and I got hard watching her orgasm.  This one was still going, because

the "V' of my hand wobbled her clit each time she moved her hips.  I just

kept my massage going, making juices flow out of her, covering my hand,

and filling the living room with Beth's intimate musk.  I pulled my

fingers out slowly, releasing my sex thrall.  There was an audible

slurping noise.  Beth slumped against the door, eyes completely

unfocused, dazed and sweating.  Her chest was barely moving.

   I wasn't finished with her yet.  I ran my sticky hand under her nose.

"Smell that wonderful, powerful scent...  Ye-e-e-es, Beth...  You...

It's allll you...  _Taste_ your own sweetness, Beth," I purred

seductively, holding my hand above her mouth.  She stuck her tongue out,

tentatively brushing my hand.  I moved it a little higher.  "Come on,

Beth.  You want it, you know you like it," and she strained forward,

running her tongue lightly around my hand, then cleaning it, avidly

sucking on my fingers.  God, was I hard!  I stroked her hair as her eyes

began to come back into focus.  "See what real sex is like?  No money, no

obligations, just intense, intimate pleasure," I continued to purr at

her.  She answered me with a kiss, her tongue making weak circles in my

mouth.  Time to drop the bomb.  "Now that your curiosity has been taken

care of, you can leave anytime you like.  The door's unlocked," I said.

   Beth stood up at last, and began to dress, slowly, as if she were

still dazed.  "Wh-wh-what did you d-d-do to me?"

   Nonplussed, I corrected her.  "The question is, what did I do _with_


   "What about you?"

   What about me?  Sex isn't an exchange of favors.  I did what I did

because I wanted to, and you let me," I replied.  "Now you can go home,

since I've satisfied your county curiosity."  My cock ached, but I wasn't

really in the mood to play any more with Beth.  I figured that I could

fantasize about Pam or Crystal and get off better by myself than with

some stupid, "I've-never-done-it-with-a-black-guy-before" bimbo.  I

ignored Beth, but I could sense her confusion as she dressed in silence.

Beth quietly closed the door without a word when she left.

		       The Education of Beth, Part 1

   The following Saturday night was a great night at the club.  It must 

have been "Single Ladies Night," and I had amused the crowd greatly at 

the expense of several sweet young things.  Nobody seemed interested in 

meeting me (that happens more often than not, despite what you think 

about musicians).  I got no phone numbers, so I decided to go to The 

Grill after the gig.  I hung out there and ran into a few fellow 

musicians who had the same idea.  My answering machine was blinking at me 

when I got home at about four a.m.  "No matter when you get in, call me.  

It's important," the tape said urgently in Beth's voice.  I immediately 

wondered if something had happened to their place, because the number was 

different from Beth and Crys' home number.  So I called.  A young-

sounding female voice answered, asking me to "Hold on a sec."

   "Are you alone?" Beth's voice said with near-panic.  "I-I-I... need to 

talk to you."  Pause.  "About Crystal.  Please.  I'm coming -- over.  

Please don't go to bed," she said.  I was really worried now.  A half-

hour later, Beth arrived.  I asked her had anything happened to their 

place as soon as she walked in.  When Beth said no, I asked if Crystal 

was OK.  Beth stuttered, "N-n-n-yes," her voice slurred, and wobbled on 

unsteady feet.  That's when I got mad.

   First, I bitched her out for the hour.  Then I bitched her out for 

driving drunk.  I put her in my bed, then stomped out to sleep on the 

sofa.  I knew why Beth had shown up.  I also knew why Beth was drunk, and 

told her flatly, "No.  We'll talk about this later, after I've had some 

sleep.  I'm not very happy with you right now.  If you weren't so drunk, 

I'd kick you out now, and if I didn't have to wait for it, I'd call a cab 

to take you back to where you came from.  Just leave me the fuck alone."

   I woke first Sunday morning, then waited a bit before waking Beth up.  

My bedroom smelled like her; she must have masturbated before she went to 

sleep.  She blinked sleepily, then lit a cigarette, staring blankly at 

me.  She mumbled, "I've got to go to the bathroom."  She slid off the 

bed, pulling the sheet along to cover herself (she was naked underneath) 

as she walked down the hall.  I briefly considered stepping on it to 

teach her a lesson.  While she was in the john, I undressed to get ready 

for the shower.  When the bathroom door opened, I was waiting outside, 

clad only in an untied robe with the morning erection in full bloom.  

Beth looked shocked.

   "What's the matter?  Never seen a guy erect in the daylight before?" I 

rudely asked.  She only blushed, and mumbled an apology.  I stood in her 

way for a few seconds, then Beth figured out that _she_ was supposed to 

walk around _me_.  When I came out of the john, Beth had one leg in her 

panty hose, and her bra was fastened.  She was just sitting on the bed, 

not moving.  Talk about mixed signals.  Most women I've known will put on 

something that covers their genitals first, or nothing at all.  I was 

naked and still partially wet from the shower.  I touched her and she 

jumped.  "Afraid I'll make you suck it or something?" I asked, wondering 

what the hell was going on.

   "I-I-I don't know why I came over.  I mean I-I..."  Beth's flushing 

body gave her away again.  She was semi-naked, and vulnerable in my lair.  

It _was_ the morning after a gig.  Her body announced that she was 

aroused, but the only trouble was, since her liquid courage had worn off, 

she needed to be -- persuaded.  I grabbed her and kissed her forcefully, 

removing her bra.  "N-n-noooo," Beth feebly protested when I started to 

tease her breasts.  So I stopped.  Beth whimpered.

   "You said no, so I stopped," I explained.  "No means no."  Beth put 

her hand on my chest, and looked at my dick.  What a role reversal.  It's 

usually the guy looking at the girl's breasts before speaking to her.  

Now I know how they feel.  Hey, I'm right _here_, I wanted to say.  Beth 

looked at me, very confused, and reached for my dick.  I moved away.  "No 

means no, Beth."

   "Ohhhh," she whined.  "I'm soooo confused.  You -- you make me feel so 

strange," she complained.

   "Well, maybe we ought to talk about Crystal, then.  After all, that is 

the only reason I waited up for you.  I thought either you or she needed 

my help in some emergency.  Instead, I get a drunken county girl who..."

   "JUST-SHUT-UP!" Beth yelped defensively.  "I _hate_ it when you call 

me a county girl!"  Tears began to run down her cheeks.  "Crystal's out 

getting laid whenever _she_ wants, and I can't find anybody!" she wailed.  

"You don't want me, nobody likes me..."

   I interrupted her.  "Wait.  I never said you weren't physically 

attractive."  Beth stopped sniffling to listen.  "I just don't believe in 

the little county girl games you play.  I wouldn't have gone out with 

Crys if she hadn't stopped playing those games with me.  She played that 

game with me once; I more or less threw her out.  You're going to have to 

stop relying on being drunk to signal your availability; I prefer my 

women sober.  And good sex is not just fucking at night."

   This was obviously a little too heavy for Beth to take.  She looked at 

me, dumbfounded.  I'm sure that she was wondering if I was going to fuck 

her or not.  I sighed, reached across her body, and ran my finger very 

slowly around her right breast.  "Now, if you want to play with me, you 

gotta play by my simple rules.  One: Either of us can say no, at any 

time, without explanation or causing later problems.  Two: My dick is not 

the only place I can be turned on.  Pay some attention to the rest of my 

body.  _Learn_ it, 'cuz I promise you I'm gonna learn yours," I said, 

flicking my finger around the underside of Beth's tit.  I could see her 

stomach ripple at the contact, and that went into the mental folder that 

said "Beth".  "Three: I am _not_ a county boy, so I will _not_ put up 

with any of your county shit.  I don't need you, and your pussy does not 

run my life.  Understand?"  Beth nodded, wide-eyed, but she was paying 

attention to my face, so I must have been getting through to her.  I 

resumed my speech.  "Last: I am not in the sex education business; I am 

doing this for my own selfish reasons.  I will not be a school for 

wayward county girls."  I looked sternly at her.  She nodded attentively 

in reply.  "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure that you aren't just 

curious about my being black, otherwise I would have thrown you out by 


   Beth gasped.  "Wh-wh-what makes you say that?"

   "The brain is the world's best sex organ, and I know it turned you on 

to watch me and your roommate.  You weren't so embarrassed that you made 

any noise.  Since you've already gotten what you wanted if you were just 

curious, there's got to be a reason that you came back.  I figure that it 

has to do with the change in Crystal.  You're probably wondering if I can 

change you."

   Beth nodded, clearly fascinated by my seeming psychic ability.  I 

switched my hand to her other breast, and pushed her back to the bed.  

"You mean you want to do it _now_?" she said, shock in her voice.  I 

stroked the underside of Beth's left breast, and she moaned 


   "I assume that you reached for my dick earlier because you had that in 

mind.  Am I right?"  Beth gaped as I waited for an answer.  "Yes-or-no, 

Beth.  And I already told you what no means."

   Beth hesitated, looking at me in fascination.  She lowered her head.  

"Y-y-yes," she stammered, clearly unaccustomed to asking for sex.  I 

lifted her head, making her look at me, and asked her what she had said.  

She swallowed hard and repeated, "Y-y-yes," in the same shaky voice.

   I sighed quietly, slightly exasperated.  It was going to be _much_ 

more difficult to get Beth to break loose.  "The first lesson, Beth, is 

communication," I said, leaning to her face.  "Now lie back, relax, and 

forget that it's Sunday morning."  Beth giggled, and the education of 

Beth was off and running.  I spent the morning teasing Beth's body, 

leaving her high and wet.  Then I called for a lunch break.  She 

protested, and was flabbergasted when I told her that I didn't care.  She 

threatened to leave and go home.  "Fine.  Don't let the door hit you on 

the way out, baby," I fired back.

   Man, did I frustrate her!  I took her out to lunch and bought the 

Sunday paper, making her read the comics and do the crossword puzzle with 

me.  She tried to use this as an excuse to start petting with me, but I 

moved away and stopped our shared activities.  After I had made it clear 

that I wasn't going to let her make any decisions today about the when, 

she got mad and left.  I was surprised she had lasted as long as she did, 

but it really didn't bother me that she left.  I knew she'd be back.

   Monday, I called her and she was still mad.  Wednesday, she called me.  

I asked why she had been in such a hurry on Sunday.  She told me point-

blank that she didn't like being teased.  Beth had learned lesson one 

pretty well.  I pointed out that I didn't either, and it was something 

she also needed to learn and be aware of.  I told Beth to meet me at the 

Grill after the gig the following Saturday.  She was waiting for me 

there, slightly overdressed, wearing too much makeup, and trying to be 

invisible in a corner.  Beth was nervously scanning the room when I got 

there, and her face showed relief, not pleasure at my arrival.  I could 

tell that  tonight was going to be an uphill battle.  I guided her to a 

booth where we could be alone.  Beth still seemed extremely nervous even 

though I was there.  The crowd definitely frightened her, but when a 

_big_ friend of mine asked her to dance, she absolutely cowered against 

me.  "Don't be afraid.  Steve won't hurt you.  He just wants to dance."  

I pushed Beth out onto the floor with him and they danced to a slow song, 

Beth frantically trying to avoid any contact.  She thanked him in a small 

voice, not looking at him.

   "He thinks you're attractive," I said, making her blush after he had 

walked away.  "But you don't have to worry; he's my friend, and he knows 

that you're with me.  You have to relax and trust me, Beth."  Another 

slow song came on (lots of couples were in the house), and I asked Beth 

to dance with me.  She stiffened when I wrapped my hands around her waist 

and cupped her back.  "Put your arms on my shoulders," I instructed her.  

"No, not your hands," I corrected.  "Let me lead."  Beth had been dancing 

with Scott for so long, she must have forgotten how to romance in the 

slow dance.  A little later on, I was talking at the bar with Phil, 

another of my friends, and his wife, Heather.  We discussed the 

frightened Beth, and her inability to handle the atmosphere.  Beth stayed 

in the booth, trying to be invisible.

   Phil is a lean and muscular six-foot two, and he's got long, thick 

black hair that he ties into a shaggy ponytail.  His eyes are coal black, 

and he just has that... attitude about him.  All of my female friends 

tell me that he is _extremely_ good looking and _extremely_ sexy.  Crys 

positively drooled when she first met him.  Heather is much shorter, 

about five-foot seven.  She wears her brownish blonde hair straight, but 

it goes all the way to her butt.  Heather's eyes are sea-green, and she 

has an incredible sense of humor.  Heather is not gorgeous, although 

she's attractive enough; I've heard more than one woman say, "He's 

married to _her_??!!!"  She's a real sweetheart, and we go way back, to 

college days.  We've shared many a late-night exam week attack of 

munchies, and have partied together many times.  In the eleven years I 

had known her, we'd never "done it."  Somehow, it would've felt almost 

like... incest.  Phil was a fan of my band, and he volunteered his rather 

nice home for many post-gig parties.  I introduced them, and I'm glad 

Heather and Phil hit it off.  One more thing; Heather is bisexual.

   Phil said, "You _know_ she's looking at me."  Heather nodded at me, 

since she had the best view of Beth from the bar.

   A gleam came to Heather's eye.  She said, "We can use this."  Heather 

turned to me and said, "Let's get Phil to teach her how to dance right."  

Next slow song, we exchanged partners and danced next to each other.  

Beth was a little surprised, but her breathing sped up when I introduced 

her to Phil.  Phil encouraged Beth to watch Heather and me dance as he 

tried to keep her from waddling (now I know what Crystal meant by "ducks 

on drugs.")

   Heather and I just rocked slowly, and she looked at Beth.  "This is 

not romantic dancing, Beth, this is just a slow dance.  If you want to be 

romantic in a slow dance..."  Heather wrapped her arms around my neck, 

and buried her face in the side of my neck, simultaneously removing any 

space between us on the floor, and we slowed our movements further.  

After a few seconds, and a couple of good "dips", Heather said to Beth, 

"Now, why don't you try it?  First, dance slow with Phil."  Beth repeated 

the motions that Heather and I went through earlier, but with some 

reluctance.  Heather was a tough teacher, constantly correcting Beth's 

movements.  "No, that's not right, closer... don't rock so far to the 

side, and stop trying to get away from him like he's Pepe le Pew."

   Beth's dancing improved as Heather offered steady encouragement while 

using what she and I were doing as a constant example.  Soon Beth was 

rocking gently, easily, smoothly in Phil's arms, following his lead, and 

seemed to be much more comfortable with the physical contact.  Heather 

maneuvered us closer to her husband, and she leaned and said to him, "Now 

get _romantic_."  Phil immediately pulled Beth closer; her steps faltered 

as her eyes snapped open.  She regarded me pleadingly, then with shock 

when I didn't do anything.  Heather stopped dancing with me long enough 

to position Beth's arms correctly, then rejoined me.  The song ended as 

Phil tried to reestablish their movement.  Beth began to pull away from 

Phil, relief very evident in her face.

   The floor was full of couples who hadn't let go of each other, so the 

band started another slow song almost immediately.  Heather and I resumed 

our dance.  Phil recaptured Beth, who resisted.  He winked at Heather and 

me, and then Phil kissed his unwilling partner, grinding his pelvis 

against her.  Heather had bragged to me often about her husband's tongue, 

but how would Beth react?  Phil broke the kiss, and looked at Beth, who 

had essentially frozen.  He put one hand on her chin, and tilted her head 

back.  Heather and I watched Beth melt into his embrace, opening her 

mouth tentatively for another passionate kiss, which Phil was happy to 

grant.  He winked again when he broke the kiss.  Beth's eyes were closed, 

her mouth still expectantly open.  Phil supported Beth's chin as their 

mouths locked together.  He had one hand firmly above her hip and was 

kissing Beth as if _she_ were his wife.  Beth's eyes stayed closed, and 

Phil started to grind against her some more.  Beth's back arched a 

little, and she twisted her head responsively to Phil's tongue, meeting 

it with her own. 

   Phil dipped, bringing his pelvis in direct contact with Beth's.  Her 

legs spread a little, and she arched her back a little more, returning 

the grinding pressure.  The pair's tempo had slowed to almost nothing.  

Beth's mouth continued to work on Phil's buried tongue as they 

infrequently came up for air, alone in a sea of bodies.

   "Get you hot, chief?"  Heather asked as her leg brushed my erection.  

I had forgotten about my own dance.  Heather started to lead, and we 

rocked slowly.  Both of us had a good view of the limp, lost Beth, and 

the strong, handsome young man who had possessed her.

   "Yeah, pretty," I answered.  Beth's back arched a little more, and her 

hips were beginning to move in little circles.  Phil's back had arched a 

little, too.

   "She's nice," Heather whispered, although Beth was probably oblivious 

to our presence, aware of only Phil.

   I nodded absently, still feeling quite the voyeur.  Eventually, I 

remembered that Heather's _was_ bisexual; then the significance of her 

statement hit me.  I cautioned, "We'll see.  I can't make any promises 

for Beth."  The dance ended, but Beth's hold on Phil lingered as they 

were the last couple to leave the floor.  I could see the starry look on 

Beth's face as Phil gave her one final, deep kiss, then let go of her.  

She reluctantly released him, and they returned to the booth where 

Heather and I waited.  It was too dark to see the flush that I knew was 

on Beth's face.  Phil thanked Beth for the dance, and then left with 

Heather, leaving us alone.  Beth was a little out of breath, and 

carefully watched Phil leave.  She turned away from her departing dance 

partner, and the faraway, dreamy smile vanished instantly, replaced by 

panic as she saw me sitting across from her.  "Did you have fun?" I 


   Beth stuttered, searching for something to say.  I reached and touched 

her hand; she flinched at the contact.  "I'm glad you were able to just 

enjoy the moment," I said softly.  "That's an improvement.  Now let's go 

home."  Confusion filled her face, but I just smiled knowingly at her.  

She seemed to want to say something because her mouth was open.  No sound 

came out.  I stood and held out my hand to her.  Beth tentatively took 

it, and stood up.  I closed my hand gently on hers', and she _finally_ 

understood.  Slowly, desire replaced the confusion on her face.  She 

smiled, dangerously enticing.  I didn't think I'd have any trouble being 

in the mood for her tonight.  It was a very quiet ride back to my 

apartment.  "Have a seat in the living room, Beth.  I'll be ready for you 

in a minute," I said as I went into the bathroom.  She was waiting 

expectantly when I returned, and she had undressed.  I wondered if I 

should make her put her clothes back on so that _I_ could take them off, 

but decided that lesson could wait for another day.

   "Come on to bed," I softly urged.  She followed eagerly, a little bit 

too fast for my pleasure, but I was in a forgiving mood.  In all honesty, 

I was more horny than forgiving.  The feel of Heather's soft, long, long, 

long hair on my hands still tingled.  I kissed Beth on the cheek as we 

sat on the bed, then kissed her ear and softly told her exactly what I 

was going to do with her.  The flush began to reappear.  This was a 

_major_ difference between Crystal and her roommate: Beth's arousal was 

very easy to see.  I stroked her neck tenderly, then slid into dining 

position.  Beth moaned loudly when I stuck my tongue in her, lapped madly 

for a few seconds, then pulled away to kiss her belly button and torso.

   "Dooo that a-gainnn," she moaned.  She had to wait, though.  I got 

distracted when I discovered how much more sensitive Beth's breasts were 

compared to Crystal's.  Beth's whole body quivered and she whimpered when 

I licked and nibbled on her erect pink nipples.  My fingers ran around 

the fleshy globes, raising goose bumps.  When I teased the halo around 

her nipples, Beth grabbed me tightly and let loose a sharp cry.  Her head 

was thrown back and I felt her stomach tighten.  "Ohhh, gawwdd," she 

gasped, "Crystal was right."

   How in the world had she put up with somebody who hadn't figured out 

how sensitive her not-entirely -small breasts were over seven years?  I 

guess he didn't care.  Beth's chest heaved and she sighed loudly, 

encouraging me to continue playing with her upper torso while she stroked 

my head.  When I finally moved my head down toward her pouting pussy, she 

pushed at my head, raising her hips in anticipation. 

   Her moans turned into grunts as I fucked her with my tongue, bobbing 

my head, brushing her clit playfully with my moustache.  The tickling 

sensation drove Beth crazy.  She bounced on the bed panting, yelping and 

thrust her ripe clit at me.  I had never seen one so red and angry-

looking; I gently sucked on it.  Beth's body stiffened, convulsed, then 

her back arched and she howled.  Her pelvis oscillated wildly, forcing me 

to hold her hips with my hands so I could keep lapping in the proper 

places.  The bottom half of my face was getting soaked; Beth tasted even 

better than Crystal.  Beth collapsed back onto the bed, and I lapped more 

leisurely, savoring her tangy essence.  She sighed loudly with each 

breath.  I covered my fingers with her juices, and stuck them in her 

mouth.  Beth sucked avidly, obscenely, tasting her own inner nectar.  I 

had had to convince Crystal that it was okay to be lewd; Beth just needed 

an excuse.  This round blonde was a tightly wrapped bundle of sexual 

energy; it was going to be my pleasure to unwrap her, and find out what 

secrets were coiled within.  Beth wrapped her arms around me, purred, 

and... went to sleep.

   I lay next to her, aroused beyond belief, and she was -- asleep!  I 

waited for a little while, deciding to watch her and stroke her body.  

She soon stirred, and looked at me sleepily with a sexy smile.  "I don't 

know why Crystal would even _think_ about breaking up with you.  Is it 

always like that?"  Beth whispered that last sentence, and kissed me with 

parted lips around my face and neck.

   "No, not always.  Sometimes I'm not creative, and well... I'm human," 

I replied quietly.  "Beth, you've got to stop thinking of sex as 'it', 

OK?  That's not why Crys and I went out for so long, because good sex 

only goes so far.  On the other hand, if I know what you like, I'll make 

every effort to make sure you don't leave... disappointed."

   Beth gave me an open-mouthed sucking kiss, and began to rub her body 

against mine.  I got hard quickly just from her warmth, aroma, and 

presence.  "I'm sorry," she whispered, fondling my erection.  "It's just 

that... well... ummm...  I didn't mean to fall asleep."  She was 

apologizing; how cute!

   "Have you ever watched a guy come?" I asked.  Beth's eyes had that 

glazed, dreamy look some women get when they're in the mood.

   "No," she said, a note of disappointment (!) in her voice.  "But I've 

never tasted myself before, either."  Beth's eyes focused on me, sparks 

flying.  "Guess there's a first time for everything, huh?"  She began to 

kiss her way down my chest, but I stopped her with a gentle hand.

   "Beth, I want you to give me a hand job, but you should pay close 

attention to how I breathe, the sounds that I make, and the way my body 

moves at your touch," I whispered seductively.  "That's how you learn 

what makes me feel good."  Beth looked at me strangely, then smiled and 

ran her hand quickly over my erect cock.  Gripping it, she started to 

jack feverishly.

   "Not so _fast_," I instructed.  "Slower, and don't grip so tight."  

She complied, her fist moving slowly, and her efforts became a little 

more relaxed and leisurely.  A pearl of pre-cum appeared at the opening 

and Beth smeared it around the head with a finger.  She smiled as I 

shivered at the intense sensation, my breath catching in my throat.  Her 

body was slowly turning pink again.  My hips began to respond 

involuntarily, little whimpering sounds escaping my throat, but Beth 

pushed me gently back down to the bed, stroking my chest, using her nails 

lightly.  My eyes rolled wildly in their sockets, and my body trembled at 

the unusual stimulation.  Her eyes, half-lidded, were glued on my cock.  

She seemed hypnotized, a beatific smile on her lips, and her eyes were 

smoky; sexy.  More pre-cum oozed out.  Beth licked it off, swabbing the 

glans with her tongue.  I shuddered massively and gasped, "I'll come if 

you do that again," to warn her.  I was close.

   Beth engulfed the head with her mouth, and gave it a little, tiny, 

sucking kiss.  She looked at me mischievously.  I felt her tongue cross 

the rim and...  "Grxpfll!"  Nonsense shot out of my mouth as the rest of 

my body exploded.  Beth sucked gently for a couple of spurts, then aimed 

my cock at her chest, continuing her gentle pumping.  She squeezed the 

base, making me moan in pain, then let go.  A huge spurt hit her chin and 

dripped onto her breasts.  I finally ran out of cum, but not out of 

thrills as Beth continued to stroke the diminishing length of my cock 

during the super-sensitive phase.  She had learned very quickly about 

hand jobs.  I shivered uncontrollably, and Beth leaned over and kissed 

me.  I sucked on her tongue; she hadn't swallowed.

   When it truly was over, Beth whispered, "That was neat.  I liked it.  

Especially the part where you kissed me."  Her voice was throaty, and her 

arousal might as well have been displayed in big, flashing neon letters.  

My fingers began to tease her lower body now, returning the earlier 

stimulation in kind, masturbating her as we kissed.  Beth's hips pumped 

slowly, grinding against my hand, my fingers rocking up and down inside.  

She wasn't worried about fucking right now, and that was another good 

sign.  Her orgasm's approach was signalled by the increased ferocity of 

her kiss while I continued to stimulate her, flicking her swollen clit 

and its angry red bud gently, rhythmically.  She trembled silently, her 

warm, moist walls squeezing randomly at my fingers.  Beth relaxed with a 

throaty purr as her vibrations ceased.  The sheets were damp, we hugged 

each other without words among the sounds of sunrise, and went to sleep.

		       The Education of Beth, Part 2

   Beth visited me every weekend after that.  Our relationship was different

from the one I'd had with Crystal, though.  Where Crystal would meet me at

gigs, or come over before the show and ride with me, Beth would come over to

my home before the gig, then wait patiently for my return.  Our relationship

was purely sexual; I had _no_ illusions about that.  One night, Beth brought

over an X-rated video.  "Crys bought some of these after you broke up.

I've... watched a couple.  She said that you and her used to watch together,

to get in the mood," Beth hesitantly said.

   "We did every so often.  It was one of the ways we got hot for each other,

but it wasn't the only way.  Are you curious?"

   "No...  I-I-I mean that..."  Beth stammered, struggling to explain

herself.  I cut her off.

   "Are you curious about what it does to me?  Since you've seen a few

videos, I guess you know pretty much the point of what's on the screen," I

said.  Beth blushed and got real quiet.  I looked at the box; it was a Little

Oral Annie film.  "Beth," I sighed, "put the tape in, and come sit next to

me."  She obeyed quickly and returned, eagerly settling at my shoulder.  The

rose had already made it to her neck.

   "I like to watch my lovers," I explained as the tape started, "it enhances

the moment.  I like to watch you, Beth.  The way that the color rises on your

body; the way that your nostrils flare when you're aroused; all of these are

erotic to me."  Beth had lowered her eyelids, and the flush now covered her

cheeks.  "I like to hear you sigh when I touch you in a special place," I

continued.  To prove my point, I ran my hand very lightly across the nape of

her neck, drawing a tremble from the aroused girl.  Beth shakily let the

breath she was holding out.  "See?  I can make you respond to my touch; and

soon you'll be responding to my voice, because you know it will be followed

by my touch.  I don't have to fuck you; I only have to touch you.  Now you

need to learn how to do the same for me.  I like head, sweet thing, and you

are going to watch and learn how to give head."

   The tape was rolling, and Annie demonstrated her amazing feats of oralia

in the first scene.  Beth gasped as Crystal had, slack-jawed at the sight of

a thick male organ completely embedded in someone's throat.  "Before we are

finished, Beth, you will be able to do that to me.  Crystal can," I

coercively whispered, putting Beth's hand on the lump in my pants.  "No,

don't do anything yet.  Just _feel_ it pulse."  I watched the blowjob with

increasing arousal, but I didn't let Beth's hand do anything but sit on my


   A lesbian scene came on, and I waited for Beth to react.  She didn't,

except to shift uncomfortably on the sofa, her eyes looking at me

questioningly, then returning to the screen.  I ran my hand up her arm.  She

shivered in response and her breath caught in her throat.  One of the women,

a blonde, was obviously playing the femme role, and her dominant partner was

absorbed in the exquisite torture of pleasuring her.  The taller, red-headed

woman's face was buried in the blonde's muff.  The blonde was making feeble

attempts at resistance, weak protests interspersed with stage gasps and

moans.  The redhead picked up a dildo and slobbered on it while pumping at

her female toy with her other hand.  Beth was watching the scene intently

now, breathing a little faster, rocking unconsciously at my gentle touch on

her fully clothed back.

   The dominant partner burrowed between her friend's ass cheeks, licking at

the smaller orifice.  All of this was explicitly shot, leaving nothing to the

imagination.  "You've already seen a _live_ ass fuck, Beth," I whispered to

her.  Beth swallowed audibly, her focus still on the tape. I nuzzled her

neck, and she moaned softly, leaning to me, surrendering control of her

body.  I stopped and Beth sighed dreamily, leaving her body against mine.

The redhead fastened the dildo to a harness, then began to fuck the blonde in

the ass with it.

   The blonde was doing the "No!  Yes!!  No!!  Yes!!!  YESS!!!" thing while

the redhead called her all kinds of nasty names.  Beth's ears were red.

After the massive on-screen orgasm both women had, the redhead and the blonde

kissed passionately, tongues dueling inside and outside mouths, and the

redhead stroked the blonde tenderly, saying, "That's such a good little

slave.  You like being my little slut, don't you?"  The blonde replied

dreamily, "Oh, yes, mistress..." with exaggerated effort.  Beth hadn't moved

since I last touched her actively, her eyes were fixed on the screen, and her

breathing was hoarse.  Beth's nostrils flared. This is promising, I thought.

Drawing out Beth's biggest fantasies may be easier than I thought it would


   "Do you want to be _my_ little slut?" I asked Beth quietly.  Her back 

arched and she moaned.  "Play with your pussy for me.  I know my baby's pussy

is all wet."  Her hands flew beneath the dress she wore as she ripped off the

panties that had been underneath.  "Get on the floor and masturbate for me,

you little county girl whore."  She obeyed in a flash, undressing completely,

and sat in front of me, legs spread wide, rubbing herself frantically.

"You're a nasty little blonde bitch, ain'cha?"  A groan from the ecstatic

Beth.  "And you like to be told what to do." Another moan of ecstasy.  No,

this was too easy.  "Stop," I commanded, but Beth was rapidly climbing

towards orgasm, unwilling (unable?) to stop.  "_I said stop_!"

   I might as well have tried to stand in front of a loaded dump truck with

no brakes.  Beth was going to make herself come.  She'd forgotten me, the

movie, everything but her flying fingers and the pleasure they drove through

her body.  I was really hard and hot now.  This had aroused me a lot and I

pulled my pants down, then mounted Beth with a violent grunt.  She came

immediately, her tunnel collapsing around me and rippling along my length.

She whimpered in my ear, and her body jerked underneath me, arms splayed to

the side, her legs wide open.  I grabbed her head after it bounced off the

carpet following a particularly potent spasm.  I was pounding at her now, and

Beth's orgasm continued.  I kissed her forcefully, she kissed back in a

frenzy, then grabbed my hips with her hands and bit me (OW!) on the shoulder.

She was very vocal with each movement our coupled bodies made.  Beth buried

her head in my shoulder, muffling her orgasmic cries.  Her insides churned

like butter, massaging me well past the point of no return.

   I held my breath, swallowed hard, and contracted the sphincter responsible

for my cock.  My nuts felt like they'd been shot.  My pumping became fast and

short; uncoordinated and irregular.  So much for control. I pulled out of

Beth.  The first volley landed just below her neck, and Beth began to smear

it all over her upper body; her hips rolled wildly, seeking stimulation that

I was too greedy to provide, as I spurted over her body again.  Beth moved

forward, reached out and stroked my cock, making my hips buck.  _Another_

large gush of cum shot out, this time onto her face.  Beth was close enough

that she only had to move a little to engulf my still-hard shaft with her

mouth.  I grabbed her head, but it was unnecessary, because the blonde county

girl was sucking on me eagerly.  My next spurt was followed by pitiful

dribbling, and the _immediate_ collapse of my dick.  Beth's mouth and tongue

cleaned me thoroughly before she pulled away.  I wiped the cum off her face

with my fingers; she grabbed my hand and sucked it clean, too.

   "Are we a little oral tonight?" I said amusedly after Beth had calmed

down.  She looked at me, then quickly turned her head away in embarrassment.

I started to rub her breast gently and felt her stiffen, but she said

nothing.  She had really given her body to me.  This changed _everything_.

"Beth, sit back on the sofa and have a smoke.  I'll return shortly."  I went

to the bathroom to try to organize all the information that I had gained

during our just-concluded roll on the floor.  I knew that it would be next to

impossible to get any help from Beth in this matter.  Crystal almost never

hesitated to tell me when something felt good, or talk afterwards; Beth was

always embarrassed by our sex, and _never_ talked about it.

   Crystal.  I wanted Crystal, and Beth was a poor, although entertaining,

substitute.  Crystal had picked up the wonderful habit of being sexually

assertive and downright aggressive at times.  I smiled to myself, then sighed

as the dinner date from hell and our last encounter replayed themselves in my

head.  Suddenly, I was inspired by the comparison I had unintentionally made.

If Crystal was aggressive, and Beth did everything almost the opposite of

Crys, then what did that make Beth?  Submissive.  I was too tired to find out

if I had just discovered the key to Beth's sexuality right then, but at least

I had something new to try.

   Beth was lighting another cigarette when I rejoined her.  She gaped at me,

as she always did when I was naked around her, and her eyes widened slightly,

as they did whenever she was afraid I was going to do something with her.  I

sat next to her and kissed her sweetly, much to her surprise.  "That was very

good, but we have to rewind the tape now.  In fact --"  I paused, and handed

her the remote.  "Why don't you rewind the tape, and join me in bed whenever

you get done out here."  I disappeared into the bedroom, and heard the rewind

motor engage on the tape.  I'd find out what happened after the lesbian ass

fuck tomorrow.

   Beth virtually radiated disappointment when I told her that we were just

going to sleep, that our sexual encounter for the evening was over. She did

not threaten me with leaving, as she had in the past, nor did she attempt to

change my mind.  I had managed to train her that much.  Beth went home the

next morning.  When she returned that evening, I had nothing to say to her,

but as I left, I kissed her viciously, grabbing her soft, round ass through

her jeans.  She worked her tongue a little harder in my mouth until I broke

away and left her.

   The club had been pretty full, but my mind was on the attractive,

submissive blonde in my apartment.  Pam noticed my distraction.  "Someone on

your mind?" she purred teasingly, giving me a neck massage as the club

emptied.  "You've been in an awful hurry these days.  I'm beginning to think

you don't --"  Pam hugged me around the neck and playfully kissed me on the

ear.  "-- Like me anymore."  She ran her hand around my chest, still playing.

Nonetheless, it had a definite, and altogether predictable effect on me.

"Don't worry," she cooed, "I'll only get you hot for her -- whoever she is."

   I kissed her hand and arm, forcing myself to stop at her elbow.  It wasn't

easy.  "It's another county girl," I said.  "She doesn't really like to be a

band groupie," I explained as much as I was going to.

   Pam slid around in front of me.  "Careful, baby.  I don't want to patch

another broken heart," she replied quietly, turning serious.  Her blue eyes

made me shiver, and we hugged when I stood up to leave.  When I got to the

door, Pam called, "Don...  I _will_ if I have to."  Damn, if only Pam wanted

to get married.

   When I got home, Beth was watching the terrible late night movie.  She 

looked at me kind of funny, so I pulled her to me and kissed her.  The

muscles in her body relaxed, and her eyes sparkled as we separated.  "Beth,"

I began, "I think I've figured out what to do with you."  The expectation

grew on her face, as if I was about to reveal the one, true secret of life.

"You're very submissive, and like to be told what to do.  Especially around

me.  You like to feel -- powerless.  I'm not sure that I'm entirely

comfortable with that."  Beth's face fell a little; she appeared --

disappointed.  I maneuvered her over to a wall and kissed her.  "At the same

time, it makes for some -- _explosive_ -- sex.  I love how responsive your

body is to my touch and voice.  It makes me hard, and I just want to fuck you

and fuck you and fuck you..."

   Beth's neck turned pink during the last sentence and we started to grind

at each other, her hips thrusting aggressively at mine.  "Dirty talk gets you

hot, too, doesn't it, baby?" I panted.  Beth's blue eyes were locked on my

brown ones.  Her face was turning red.  "C'mon, you can tell me....  Let it

_go_, county girl...  C'mon...  How do I make you feel?"  We kissed

viciously.  "You wanna fuck, don'cha?  You want me to fuck you, but y'just

can't say it..."  We were both gasping for air now. "How bad y'wannit....

Hunh?  How... bad..."

   "Ohhh...  Gawwdd," Beth gasped, her eyes closing, "You make wanna do..."

Another frenzied gasp.  I unfastened her jeans.  "You... makeme...


   "Fuck me _now_, Beth."  Those words broke whatever reserve Beth had.  

There was nothing caring or loving about this sex.  Our pants went down and

we fucked standing up, real quick, and _real_ hard.

   "Ohhh!!!  You -- makemefuck!!!  Fuckyou!!!" she gasped, driving her hips

at me each time I would thrust against her.  Beth didn't refuse to do

_anything_ after that encounter.  The next weekend the band was not working,

so I rented some anal sex videos.  I put a mirror on the floor when I had

undressed Beth, and we watched the tube for a while, then I told her she was

going to "be just like Crystal."

   "Ohhh!!!  N-n-n-nooo!!  Ohhh-sh-sh-sh-i-i-i-i-i-iiiitttt!  MMMnnnhhhh!!!"

she grunted and moaned as I slid my entire length up and down her rear exit.

I watched her face contort, noting that she liked to watch herself, too.

Beth started masturbating furiously, sticking her fingers deep inside, which

triggered a _massive_ orgasm.  We lay on the floor, panting and sweaty.  This

was explosive sex at its' best.  I stroked her naked body caringly.  Beth

rolled over and fixed me with an incendiary look.  "What other _nasty_,

_perverted_ things are you going to make me do?  You _know_ I have to do

them," she said throatily.  She'd never be mistaken for a meek county girl in

bed again.  I could see her scaring the living hell out of a county boy, who

expected the average county get-off-in-the-dark-and-leave deal.

   "Come to bed when you get done," I said.  Beth had fished out a cigarette

and was smoking unhurriedly, leisurely.  "I have some... ideas," I tossed at

her over my shoulder as I left her to her odd state of simultaneous afterglow

and beginning arousal.  I've never seen any other woman who could so

obviously display both states at the same time. We had to change the sheets

that afternoon.  Worn out, I could only play with Beth's body with my hands,

and told her _not_ to come over the next weekend.

   The next time I got together with her, I tied her hands to the bedpost 

with silk scarves, curious about the effect on her.  I started to undress her

after she was loosely bound, and she was panting loudly before I got to her

panties.  Beth was telling me all of the dirty, disgusting things I was going

to do to poor, helpless her.  "Now I'm all tied up and you're probably gonna

make me swallow your cock and eat your cum.  I just can't resist any of your

nasty ideas...  You'll probably fuck me in the ass 'cause I hate it an' I

can't stop you..."  This turned out to be the key to Beth's time with me.

She needed to feel that she wasn't in control, and phrased her suggestions in

such a way that she avoided taking responsibility for our actions.  It seemed

to liberate her completely, charging her sexual performances with intense

enthusiasm, and allowed her to communicate her desires freely.

   I learned to pay close attention to her little monologues, especially 

those when I would just tease her body with my hands and mouth.  This 

extended foreplay let me tap into Beth's fantasies, allowing me to accelerate

her sexual growth.  One time she made the mistake of mentioning "nasty things

with another woman and you" after we had watched a video she had selected.  I

mentioned Heather.  Beth paled immediately, losing the sexual flush she had

acquired during our play in front of the video.  She clearly wasn't ready to

try an actual lesbian encounter, but she _was_ bi-curious.  I said nothing

for a while, then reminded her of Phil.  "God, he's _gorgeous_," Beth had

replied.  I kept reminding her of the dance lesson and the kissing, and she

got all flushed and called me "Phil" as we rolled on the carpet.

   One Saturday, when the band was scheduled to play out of town, I tied Beth

to the sofa, and teased her body mercilessly while a pair of all-girl videos

played on the tube.  She knew what I was trying to do, but acted powerless to

stop it.  Beth was very high and very wet by the afternoon.  I took her to

Phil's house, her wrists bound by silk scarves, and another scarf tied

symbolically around her neck.  Heather answered the door and exclaimed, "For

me???" as I presented the bound Beth to her.  Beth's eyes widened with fear

(it _still_ has a powerful aphrodisiac effect on me.)  Phil appeared to see

what his wife's exclamation was about, and as soon as Beth saw him, her

nostrils flared.  He took her bound wrists, kissed her, and Beth was flushed

in a big hurry.

   "Take good care of her.  I'm playing out-of-town, and I didn't want to 

leave the poor baby alone.  I'll be back for her sometime tomorrow," I said

as I left.  Beth was smiling dreamily when Heather presented her back to me,

wrists bound as before.  I didn't ask any questions.  I explained to Beth

that it was between the three of them, and I had no need to know anything.

More importantly, I had no desire to know anything.  It wasn't any of my

business.  Beth nodded and just said, "Now you're gonna take me back and make

me suck your cock 'cause I'm still tied up and can't stop you."

   Twenty minutes later, I was leaning against the front door, my pants 

around my ankles, and Beth's hands were _still_ tied.  Her eyes were full of

lust as she knelt in front of me, licking my cock sloppily, sucking fiercely

on the tip, then pulling away briefly before starting again. Beth would look

at me each time her mouth freed my cock, watching the pleasure in my body

roar across my face.  Her hair flew haphazardly about her head as she would

take a little more of me into her mouth each time, stimulating me with a

combination of suction, tongue, cheeks and teeth. More and more of my rigid

length would vanish into her mouth, until she burrowed her nose into my

crotch, and her lascivious blue-eyed stare burned a hole in me.  It was the

first time Beth had ever throated me.  Beth began to pull back, releasing the

crown of my dick from her throat, but I was already gone, orgasm taking

possession of my body.  Beth sucked greedily, madly on my twitching cock,

twisting her head all around the center of my sensory universe, swallowing

everything.  She thoroughly cleaned my cock inside her mouth, leaving it, and

the rest of my body, limp.  I sagged to the floor in thrilled, dreamy

exhaustion.  Beth kissed my chest, then snuggled against me, her hands still

bound by a flimsy piece of silk.  I started to stroke her smooth, soft skin

as if she were a cat.  And like a cat, she purred.


   A few weeks later, Beth and I were playing with red silk scarves.  They

didn't impose a true physical restraint, but Beth loved them.  Since the

symbolism was far more important than the actual physical binding, I had

purchased a few in various colors.  I hadn't gotten tired of Beth; although

we had almost a purely physical relationship, she and I were still

experimenting with various positions and combinations of mental and physical

stimulation.  I had just finished tying Beth to the bedpost when the doorbell

rang.  I ignored it and slowly continued to undress Beth. The bell continued

to ring.  I finally stopped after I unfastened her garter belt, and dressed

hurriedly.  I kissed her, loud and sucking, at her already-wet, very sweet

portal.  I playfully stroked her clit and said, "Don't go 'way now."  I shut

the bedroom door.  "Who is it?" I asked the intercom, with a _strong_ current

of annoyance in my voice.

   "Crystal.  I _have_ to talk to you."

   What?  No matter what it was about, I wouldn't be able to deal with it

until later.  "Now is _not_ a good time."  I paused.  "Have you been

drinking?"  Given my experience with Crystal and Beth, I figured that a

county girl's courage came from the bottom of several bottles of Bud Light.

   "No, I have not," came the peeved answer.  I could even hear the insulted

overtone through the distortion of the intercom.  "It's very important that I

talk with you _now_."  I told her to call me Saturday morning, and that I'd

be glad to discuss whatever it was.  The doorbell (beep, actually -- it's

much more annoying than a bell) began to sound insistently.  I sighed,

erection gone, and let her in with smoke coming out of my ears.

   The first thing she did was look tentatively around the living room for

the other female.  The smoke started coming from a different location when I

saw her.  Cryssie had again let her hair grow and tied it into the long

ponytail that I found attractive.  She was dressed to thrill in tight black

pants and a low, _low_ cut top that exposed a lot of her modest cleavage.  I

briefly wondered how Beth would look in the same outfit.  With her chest,

Beth would probably be illegal in at least forty states were she ever to

dress like that.  "What's so fucking important?"  It took me a few seconds of

staring at her to remember that I really should be pissed off.

   "Iknowyou'remadatmeandyoushouldbebut..."  Crystal gasped to catch her

breath.  Some things never change.  She looked at me evenly, her black eyes

full of pride.  Whatever she was going to say, she was going to say as my

equal, not as some scared county girl.  "I miss you," was all she said, in a

factual tone of voice.  Great.  Just what I fucking needed.  Not that I

wasn't extremely pleased by the statement or the reappearance of my

girlfriend Crystal, as opposed to the county girl who had broken up with me.

However, I _did_ have Beth, Crystal's roommate, tied up about twenty-five

feet away.  My silence caused her to glance around the living room nervously.

"Am I too late?"

   "Actually, I'm sort of -- occupied -- tonight," I started, trying to be

tactful.  "I'd like to discuss this tomorrow, if you don't mind."

   Crystal sat down and pulled out a cigarette.  Lighting it, she said, "Yes,

I _do_ mind."  Her assertiveness almost knocked me down.  "I've been going

out with parent-approved fucking boring morons for the last six months.  The

guys whose idea of a good time is dinner, drinking and fucking."  She paused.

"In that order, in the dark, on top of you pounding away, saying, 'Oh baby,

is it good?'  Then they get up and _leave_ in the damn morning," Crys

complained.  "I enjoyed what we had, and I want it back.  Sex is incredibly

more complicated than fucking, and these morons don't care beyond which hole

they get to use."

   I gaped at her, amazed that she had learned those lessons that well from

me.  She put her cigarette in the ashtray, and studied it for a moment.  "I

see she smokes the same kind I do."  Logically, there was no way Crys could

tie the butts in the ashtray to her roommate, but my composure slipped a

notch nonetheless.  Crystal stood up, sensuously wiggled her way to me and

put her arms loosely around my neck.  "What is it with you and women who

smoke skinny cigarettes?  Do we suck cock better or something?" she kidded.

Her eyes turned serious again a second later, and we kissed slowly.  I

started to get an erection.  "So you _do_ miss me," Crys cooed.

   I stepped back reluctantly and cleared my throat.  "Ummm... Crys...  This

really isn't for you."  I whispered, "I've got someone in the bedroom now,

and she's been listening to everything we've said."  My eyes pleaded with her

to respect the fragility of the situation.

   "Is she your girlfriend?" Crys whispered hesitantly.

   I shook my head.  "No, not really.  It's pretty much physical, animal

sexual attraction," I whispered in reply.

   "Then she can leave and find another animal to be physical with," Cryssie

shot back, still being quiet.  "I'll wait.  Or she can watch.  Y'know, we're

very erotic and fun to watch when we fuck.  I like being watched."  I

couldn't believe this was my little county girl talking.  "She can't be very

good if you stopped to answer the door on her.  Does she swallow like me?

Does she take it up the ass like me?"  Her aggression secretly pleased me.

On the other hand, Beth had probably pissed the sheets.

   "Crystal, _please_.  Leave.  You should at least respect my trying to

defuse the situation," I begged.

   "I want to meet her," Crystal complained.  I pointed at the door.  She

looked at me as she backed out of the apartment.  "Please tell me it's not

Pam, 'cause I didn't see her at the club tonight, and I know how close you

two are," she said.  There was fear in her voice.  "I wanna know who my

boyfriend's been makin' it with since I stupidly walked away from him," she

said softly, her voice full of regret.

   "I'll see you for lunch tomorrow," I said.  "Call me when you want me to

come pick you up, and dress for a day in the country."  Crystal smiled

weakly, then kissed me on the cheek.

   She turned to leave, then pivoted and brushed the front of my pants with a

mischievous smile before leaving.  I exhaled in relief as I watched her

leave.  I returned to my bedroom and untied a _very_ panicked Beth, who was

too upset and nervous to be able to dress.  She had forgotten that she could

have freed herself.  I spent about an hour calming her down, then helped her

put her clothes on.  Beth ran out the door without so much as a kiss or

goodbye.  I shook my head, all alone in my apartment, wondering what had

happened, and how it had happened so fast.

   The doorbell rang, interrupting my musings.  "Who is it?" I sighed,

fatigued by all the shuffling and rushing and hiding.

   "Crystal.  Can I come in again?"  I buzzed her in, wondering what else was

about to go wrong.  She gave me a warm kiss.  "You didn't tell me that you

were boppin' my roommate," she said.  It was not an accusation.  I heard

amazement, and some amusement in her voice.  "I saw her leave, I was

watchin'.  I hadn't even noticed her car.  I shoulda known that something

strange was going on these past few months.  I just thought that she was

still having trouble dealing with the Scott thing," she continued.  Crys sat

on the sofa and waved me over.  "C'mere silly, I won't bite.  After all, you

weren't my boyfriend anymore.  After my parents, I'm surprised that you want

me back.  Besides, it's kinda my fault she came after you."

   "How is it your fault?" I asked.  "Did you know that Beth watched us that

night she had passed out earlier?"  Crys' startled reaction told me she

hadn't.  "Yeah, she did.  She had -- hopes that I could turn her into the

sexually dynamic, irresistible woman you are."  That drew a warm smile from


   "Well, it's kinda my fault because we got drunk on wine at home one night

right after you n'me broke up, see?  Beth asked me all kindsa questions, a

lot of 'em rude and none of her business, but I was drunk and she was drunk

and we were girlfriends..."  Her voice trailed off.  I agitatedly waved my

hands for her to go on.  "I talked about some of the things we did," Crys

finished, hanging her head.

   "S'OK.  I asked Beth about it right from jump, so I knew she had talked to

you about _some_ stuff."  Very quickly I added, "I don't need to know

details, please."  A guy should never be privy to his girlfriend's

discussions of the two of them among her female friends; it can be a

little -- disconcerting.  "Anyway, like I said, it wound up being purely


   "She pretty good?" Crystal asked, curious.  I shook my head, waving my

finger to indicate that I wasn't going to answer that question.  Shrugging in

her best "it was worth a shot" gesture, she resumed, "She _did_ fantasize

about you.  Beth's even got a nice black dildo.  I heard her masturbate a

coupla times with it."  My eyes bugged out.  "Don't be too shocked.  After

all, _you_ knew that she watched us," Crys pouted.  "And you didn't tell me.

You _know_ how much I like to be watched."  She paused, and the room was

silent.  "Don... did she..."  Crystal hesitated, clearly unsure of how to

bring the subject up.

   "I'm _not_ going to tell you what went on between us, Crys.  You should

_know_ better than that," I warned.

   "Oh, I wasn't going to ask you about that.  It's just that... well...

ummm..."  I waited, bobbing my head rhythmically to urge Crystal on.  "Did

she, like, _say_ anything about me?  Like, I mean, ummm... _being_ with me?"

I blinked, and wondered aloud why she had asked.  "Well, y'see, I bought some

adult movies after we broke up, 'cause it was a while before I thought I had

found somebody worth going to bed with, and I used to find -- don't laugh at

this -- the tapes partially watched sometimes, but it was like, always

stopped right after the lesbian scenes.  For the longest time, I was afraid

Beth was turning gay on me.  I never heard her talk about any interesting

guys except when I heard her beat off with the dildo and call your name.  Now

I know why she was so damn secretive about her weekends, but I -- ummm...

really thought that Beth had a _girl friend_."

   I saw no need to reveal the Phil and Heather story.  Beth and Crystal's

long relationship was about to come to a crashing halt.  Maybe they'd be able

to patch it up later, once I was out of the picture.  I put a tentative arm

around Crys and she leaned against me quickly, with a happy sigh.  It might

be a long time before I'm out of this picture, I thought happily.  "No sex

tonight, Don, OK?  I just wanna _be_ with you," she purred.  I kissed her on

the cheek.

   "Let's go to bed," I softly replied, not letting go of her as we walked.

I had to stop at the bathroom first, so I reluctantly let go of Crystal as

she continued to the bedroom.

   "Don!!!  Red silk scarves????"

   Oh shit, I thought as I tried to piss faster, you forgot to put the damn

scarves away.  I hurried into the bedroom, positive that I was in for it now.

   Crystal was sitting on the bed, arms and legs folded, and she was rubbing

one of the scarves between her fingers.  "I'm curious," she said with a

smartassed grin.  "Exactly what did you and Beth do with silk scarves?"  Crys

pouted mockingly.  "And _why_ didn't you ever do it with me?"  She giggled

and hit me in the face with the scarf she was holding.

   "Because I didn't think you'd be into being tied up," I replied honestly.

No sense in trying to hide anything now.  It would only waste time.

   "You're into -- bondage?" Crys asked, incredulous.

   "Noooo, _I'm_ not.  Neither is Beth, really.  She just likes to think

she's not in control, and not responsible for her actions.  She wasn't ever

tied up so tight that she couldn't get away, but the symbolic gesture really

let her let go."  I paused briefly, then said, "_You_ let go quite nicely on

your own.  Beth needed the illusion of being powerless to stop it."  The

bedroom became quiet.

   "So, did it get _you_ off harder?"  Crystal's question shattered the

silence and my inner calm.  I paused, thinking for a moment.

   "I -- enjoyed it," I admitted.  Crystal would have to accept that things

had happened since we'd been apart.  As would I, since neither one of us was

inclined to celibacy.

   She hummed noncommittally.  "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that

tying up thing is just a little out of my range.  Is that going to be a

problem?"  A year ago, right after we had met, Crystal would have been

incapable of having this discussion.  I had helped create a monster.  She

waited patiently for my reply.

   "Noo-o-o-o," I drawled, drawing out the word.  "I don't think so.  I mean,

you're much more confident and self-assured than Beth.  I can't see any

reason to indulge in that particular fantasy of mine if it's going to be a

sore point.  I can live without it 'cause my curiosity has been satisfied."

I tugged gently on her ponytail, and Crys smiled.

   "Remember what you told me?  _'Everything_ is negotiable between two

mutually involved parties,' right?"  I nodded.  Damn, she had been an

excellent student.  "And, I like my hair like this too, Don.  My parents

can't stand it, but there's a lot they've had to get used to recently," she

stated with a gleam in her eye.  "But -- no sex tonight," she cautioned,

turning out the light, then rolling over against me.  Crystal nestled herself

comfortably into the contours of my body.  "Don?" she said, pausing for a

second.  "I'm glad to be back," she finished.

   We went to Crys' place the next morning.  Beth was not there, but there

were signs that she had spent the night in her own bed.  Crystal changed

clothes, and we went to the country for the rest of the day.  We talked about

our last date during the ride.  I told her how I had felt, and what emotion

her eventual reaction had evoked in me.  "I apologize for my folks' behavior.

It's a very late apology, but it's something I never did, and I should have."

Crystal became silent for a few seconds, then quietly said, "I'm also sorry

that I let them intimidate me, and that I -- disappointed -- you."  The hurt

of rejection had subsided a long time ago, but I had never gotten over the

disappointment of seeing Crystal revert to her former self.  Her apology cast

off that piece of mental baggage I had been carrying around for the past few


   We went horseback riding, stopping for lunch on a tree-filled ridge

overlooking smaller, bright green rolling hills.  The air was saturated with

the intoxicating (especially for a city kid) scent of late spring, and the

horses grazed quietly a few yards away.  Crystal hadn't mentioned her

roommate, and I was more than happy not to broach the subject.  There was one

question that I _had_ to have an answer for, though.  If I didn't get an

answer I liked, then our relationship was really finished.  After lunch, Crys

rolled over on her back, placed her head in my lap and peacefully closed her

eyes.  All the apologies had been made and there was no tension between us.

"Crys?"  She purred in acknowledgment.  "Why did you come back?  I _have_ to

know.  It's extremely important to me."

   Cryssie didn't move a bit.  "Worried that I'm just back for the sex?"  She

had figured it out, so I didn't say anything.  "I'd be lying if I said that

it wasn't _one_ of the reasons," she replied, still comfortable using my lap

as a pillow.  "And it was one of the things that made me realize I missed

you, but it wasn't _the_ reason I missed you."  Eyes still closed, Crystal

looked perfectly at peace with the universe.  "It wasn't that sex was always

unsatisfying after we broke up -- I just didn't always feel --

_comfortable_ -- expressing myself.  I never met anybody I was completely at

ease with."

   "Six months is hardly an eternity for an attractive, intelligent 25-year

old woman," I interrupted.

   Crys opened her eyes, drawing me into her twin black pools.  "No, but it

was long enough for _this_ 25-year old to decide she didn't want to play the

games any more.  I don't wanna guy who thinks I'm a slut just 'cause I'm

horny.  I don't wanna guy who gets upset when I wanna be sexy for no apparent

reason."  She paused, then sat up lazily.  "If you intimidate a guy in bed,

then he's gonna take it out on you _out_ of bed, 'cause he's afraid of you."

I nodded slowly in comprehension.  "County guys can't handle getting dragged

to the dance; they don't know what to do except it means they're gonna get

laid as long as they don't fuck up.  I'm tired of going out with guys who

walk on egg shells around me just to get laid.

   "But the biggest thing is that everybody -- and I include my folks here --

wants me to be what _they_ want me to be, _when_ they want me to be it," she

continued, frustration evident in her voice.  Crys paused a moment to catch

her breath, then resumed speaking, calmer and quieter.  "Except you.  You

always wanted me to be Crystal, nothing more, and you wouldn't accept less.

I -- appreciate that much more now, after going back to who I used to be and

trying to fit that in with who I am now.

   "You do things for me and with me because you want to do them; I've

learned to do that.  I don't do things because I wanna get a guy or keep him.

County guys only do things to get you and keep you until _they_ decide

whether or not you're a permanent 'keeper'."  She looked away, distressed.

"Is any of this making sense?"  I replied by running my finger very lightly

down the entire length of her spine, making her tremble.  "I guess I missed

the freedom I felt with you.  It was kinda like -- soooo different at first,"

Crys said, "bein' with a guy who like, didn't feel obligated, or didn't feel

like you owed him somethin'.  I really didn't mean to get so -- involved, and

I don't think you did.  It just sorta -- happened.  We were boyfriend and

girlfriend by our own decisions about ourselves.  I finally understand what

you meant that night about me considering myself your girlfriend."  Crys took

a deep breath and exhaled.  We were surrounded by the sounds of the open

country for an infinite period of time.  "Izzat good enough?" she finally

asked.  We necked under that tree for at least an hour before we decided that

we had better return the horses.

   Beth's white Fiero was in the driveway when I pulled up in front of

Crystal's place.  Our mood vanished instantly.  "See ya soon," Cryssie said,

easily, confidently as she slid out of the van with a kiss.

			    Precious Jewels

   Crystal called a few nights later.  "Hi there, baby."  The way she said

it made my pants feel a little tighter in front.  "I can't come over this

week.  I'm having -- parental problems."  My heart sank a little.  "But if

you can come over here after work on Saturday, I _promise_ I'll make it up

to you."  The phone was smoking by the time I hung up.  I was also having

some trouble breathing.  Needless to say, I was _extremely_ distracted

during the gig on Saturday, and made dozens of careless mistakes.  It was

also the fastest load out in history.

   All my efforts at speed were negated by the police officer who stopped

me about a mile from Cryssie's place.  He wanted to make sure I wasn't

drunk, and then he saw all the stuff piled sloppily in the back of the van.

Here comes another cop, and here go the questions.  They said there had

been a robbery in the neighborhood and they wanted to look in my van.  I

was very hesitant because the equipment wasn't neatly packed, and opening

the back door without care could be expensive -- and painful to whoever

happened to be standing there when the sixty-pound speaker tumbled out.

   I was patted down, and the cop called in probable cause.  I very

politely, very _carefully_ warned the officer who was opening the back

door, but he ignored me, and the speaker hit him in the chest.  I

suppressed the smirk, swallowing viciously to keep from pissing him off any

further.  His buddy could snicker, but it would've been all over for me.  I

sat handcuffed in the patrol car while the two officers went over my van

with a fine-toothed comb, removing all the equipment, patting down the

seats, looking for hidden compartments, checking the ashtrays.  I wondered

cynically where the drug-sniffing dog was.  They weren't very happy about

my inability to prove that I owned the equipment, but they had to let me

go.  I had to reload _everything_ (by myself, of course) before I could

finish my trip, and I got followed (not very discreetly, either) to


   I waved at the cop in mock cheerfulness when Crys opened the door.  She

pulled me inside as the cop shined his flashlight on us.  I was two hours

later than I had intended to be, sore from having moved the equipment, and

_very_ evil.  I tersely explained what had happened.  Crys just gave me a

slow, special, wet kiss, and said, "Come to bed."  She kneaded my back and

neck, cooing at me between kisses.  I went to sleep much more relaxed, and

_much_ happier.

   I woke up all alone in Crystal's bed.  The aroma of breakfast filled the

town house, so I got up, stretched, and went to the shower.  Crys greeted

me at the bathroom door when I was finished.  "You weren't supposed to be

up yet," she groused good-naturedly.  A long, wet kiss later she said, "Go

back to bed and wait.  I'm gonna bring you breakfast."  I hugged her, then

kissed her with obvious intentions.  Crys pulled away, giggling, "No,

that's not on the menu... yet."  I wondered where Beth was.  Crystal had

not mentioned her since our reconciliation, so I made a mental note to ask

her about her roommate -- eventually.  Crystal was trying to set a mood,

and I was positive that mentioning Beth would kill it.  After we had

finished breakfast, she left me alone and did the dishes, insisting that I

stay in bed.  She reappeared after a half-hour, and plopped onto the side

of the bed.  I remained prone while she sat with her back against my side.

"Don," Cryssie exhaled, "can we talk about Beth?  I mean, frankly, and


   "That's a pretty serious subject," I replied.  "Are you sure?"  She

nodded.  "Well," I inhaled loudly, "it really _was_ purely physical.  Every

weekend we spent together would be at least ninety percent sexually

oriented.  I spent a lot of time, energy, and effort -- drawing her out."

I paused, looking for a reaction that wasn't there, so I continued.  "Beth

never seemed interested in more than that, and she was very --

entertaining.  She wasn't you by any stretch of the imagination, but her

penchant for submission was..."  I groped for the proper expression.

"Arousing.  But that wasn't quite it.  What made everything so --

inflammatory -- was her reaction to our sex."

   "I confronted her," Crys broke in.  Noting the expression on my face,

she added, "It wasn't violent or anything like that.  I told her I knew an'

I wasn't mad at her or you."  She grinned.  "Then I told her about

everything I knew.  You shoulda seen her face!"  Crystal laughed.  I had

trouble keeping a straight face too, given what I knew about discussing sex

with Beth.  After we had calmed down a little, Crys resumed her story.

"Y'know, you _really_ turn her on, Don.  Like -- she never thought she

could say no, or you'd drop her.  She freaked when I told her I'd done it

lotsa times when we were together.

   "Anyways, I talked with her about the videos, the night she watched us,

the dildo, and that I understood why she was so attracted.  She was

_reeeaaalll_ embarrassed, an' we wound up getting a lil' drunk, and then we

got horny talkin' bout'cha and Phil."  My imagination ran wild at this

point, despite my shock at Beth having talked about her experience with

Phil and Heather.  "Not yet," Crystal said as she noticed the effects of my

extrapolated musings.  "The question I have for you is: would you fuck Beth

again if you had the chance?  She wants to know, and I'm more than a little


   The right answer immediately came to my mind, and was erased by

recollections of Beth.  Her enthusiastic response to my touch; the

sensation of her plush body in contact with mine; the way she felt inside;

and the near-complete surrender of her body to me.  All of these memories

shot through me in a heartbeat.  My mouth worked furiously, but no sound

came out.  Crys put her hands on my chest and fixed me with her jet-black

eyes.  "Be honest with _yourself_, Don."

   "N-n-_yes_," I admitted, stung by my greed and lack of willpower, but I

couldn't lie.  Not now.  "If you want to call it quits, I understand," I

finished somberly.  Crys looked surprised; she must have expected me to say


   "Quits?" she queried.  "Oh, no-no-no.  Not after what I've been through

this week," she exclaimed, shaking her head forcefully.  "Ohhhh, I seee..."

Crys leaned over and pecked me on the lips.  "You -- " she sputtered,

poking me in the chest, somewhat exasperated, "I already told you that I

understood what went on between you two.  I wanted an _honest_ answer,

not --"  She made quotation marks in the air.  "-- the _right_ answer.  I can

deal with your desire, just as you deal with my desire to fuck Phil.  I

don't act on mine, and you don't act on yours'."  She stroked my chest.

God, it had been too long!  Speaking softly, Crystal continued, "_You_ have

been extremely generous in granting fantasies for two county girls who

happen to be best friends.  What would I be if I got upset over you

_having_ a fantasy?"  She bounced to her feet.  "Be right back!"

   I began to rub my cock, eager to reacquaint myself with Crystal's body.

As the blood began to flow, I thought about what we'd do first.  "Hello,

Don."  My heart stopped at Beth's voice.  She had her wrists bound by light

blue pieces of silk.  The silk was the only fabric on her entire body,

which I noticed, was beginning to flush.  I started to make shooing noises

and gestures, but Crystal reappeared in the doorway.

   "Don," Crys began, "in the past year you've urged us to discover the

extent of our sexuality, indulged many of our fantasies, and put up with

some extremely stupid behavior.  We know that you had your own selfish

reasons, after all, comin' is a lotta fun, but we wanna say..."

   "Thank you," Beth concluded sweetly.  "We also know that you have a

favorite fantasy of two women at the same time.  Which we are willing to


   "For _our_ own selfish reasons," Crystal finished.  My awe at what had

just gone on dissipated as Beth sank to her knees and started to fellate

the black dildo attached to a harness around Cryssie's waist.  "I'm only

going to do this _once_, Don," she warned.  "Show Don how you think of him

when he's not around," Crys urged her roommate.  Beth was giving Crystal's

ersatz cock a great-looking blowjob.  "Beth says this reminds her of you,"

Crys purred.  "_I_ think her memory has done some -- embellishing," she

added wickedly.

   I had stopped stroking myself, but my erection was almost complete,

spurred on by the fantasy unfolding in front of me.  I watched, so

spellbound that I barely heard Crystal say, "Present yourself to him, Beth.

You _have_ to suck his cock."  Beth stood up and walked over to me, arms

outstretched, seemingly led by her bound wrists.  I gently accepted her

wrists and Beth smiled.

   My cock got a little harder still.  "I'm going to fuck you 'til your

nose bleeds, Beth," I whispered.  Beth's nostrils flared; she was flushed

and breathing quickly.  Her ruby-red painted lips parted slightly and her

tongue made a brief appearance.  "Suck me.  _Now_," I commanded, pulling

Beth's wrists in the general direction of my erect dick.  She virtually

dove on it, fastening her mouth around it and sucking hard.  Crystal had

temporarily been forgotten.  "I want you," I gasped loudly as Beth sloppily

ran her tongue around the head.  "_Real_ bad mylittleblonde --

countybitch," I finished around the waves of pleasure Beth sent surging

through my body.  I didn't want to come in her mouth, I wanted to be inside

her marvelous velvet sheath.  "Sit on my cock and make yourself come,

Beth."  Crys pulled at Beth's wrists, and the flushed blonde girl released

my cock from her mouth with a loud smack.  Beth frantically rearranged

herself as commanded; the sexual chemistry between us was unaffected by

Crystal's presence.  I'd have Beth as often as Crystal would let me.

   Beth moaned as she knelt and mounted me, driving herself all the way to

my hips, welcoming me to the hilt.  I pulled at her wrists, Crystal

becoming immaterial again, and Beth and I kissed, greedy, frenzied, torrid.

Her hips began to rotate back and forth energetically as soon as our

tongues touched, vigorously stirring her wet, warm cauldron.  "Grab her

hips," was the next thing I heard; it was Crys' voice.  I did, pulling Beth

closer to me, forcibly reducing her mad thrusting to little bucking


   "MMMMMMFFFFF!!!!"  Beth tried to scream in my mouth as we kissed

passionately.  Her eyes had shot wide open.  My view of Crystal was

obscured by Beth and I didn't realize what was going on until I felt Beth's

body get pushed forward a split-second before her orgasm arrived.  It hit

Beth with devastating force.  "AWWWW-AWWWW-OOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Beth

howled, sent into an intense orgasm by the additional stimulation of the

dildo Crys was thrusting up her ass.  Beth flopped her hips, banging her

clit violently against my pubic ring; a tremor tore through her body each

time.  Her cunt oscillated madly around my cock, the contractions of her

ecstasy rippling like waves.  "OHHH-OHHHHH!"  The near-orbital blonde woman

continued wailing like a banshee.  Her face said that ecstasy was her only

perception of self; her awareness of the outside world had narrowed to me,

Crystal, and the pleasure we caused to possess her entire being.  Beth's

juices slurped loudly, absolutely drenching my pubic hair.

   I inhaled very loudly and deeply.  My butt pressed forcefully against

the bed and the middle third of my body knotted up.  I drove my hips up

with a porcine grunt, then my whole body locked, going stiff as a board

when the first powerful contraction ripped through me.  "UH!" was Beth's

not-very-eloquent comment.  I gasped again, feeling the next contraction

begin deep in my nuts, almost painful in its intensity, focusing right at

my "cum switch".  Another whole-body convulsion, lead by the hips.  "UHHH!"

snorted Beth, who was far beyond coherent _anything_.  The intensity of my

ejaculation obliterated my short-term memory, eyesight, and voluntary

muscle control.  All I remember is that Beth was lying on top of me,

completely limp, almost deathly still; Crystal was beside me, panting

heavily; and I was aware that all three of us were soaking wet, and that

some unspecified interval of time had passed.

   Beth's dead weight didn't bother me a bit.  I couldn't move anyway, and

I really didn't have any desire to.  Crystal was the first to move.

"Idon't see-howyouguys," she panted, "can _do_ that.  Fucking Beth in the

ass was hard work," she complained, getting weak, soft laughter from me.  I

think Beth was unconscious due to sensory overload.  Beth was breathing,

but she hadn't moved yet.  "No, you can hold her, Don," Crystal quietly

said, placing my arms around her roommate.  "That was an in-fucking-

credible show, baby."

   "You helped," I gently reminded her.  I had absent-mindedly started

stroking the still-unconscious Beth.

   "She's really gorgeous when she comes," Crys said.  "I can see how that

would drive you crazy."  Beth had never had such a spectacular orgasm

before with me, but I didn't mention that to Crys.  Beth finally stirred,

rolling over onto Crystal.  She must have still been dazed, because she

kissed Crystal with passion.  I felt a little twinge of jealousy,

especially when Crys returned her roommate's affection.  My cock twitched.

"Beth," Crys gently said.  Beth's eyes popped wide open in shock, and she

blushed.  "I think that was meant for Don.  But since I fucked you too, I

accept the compliment."  Crys removed the dildo and harness.  Turning to

me, she said, "One of these days, I'm gonna do _you_."  I was half-erect

now.  "Outta the way, Beth," she commanded, moving to straddle my face.

   My tongue eagerly extended to her pussy, and Crystal happily lowered

herself onto my mouth.  She began to rock rhythmically, but I put my hands

on her hips, holding her gently to indicate that she shouldn't be moving.

I dug my tongue into our very warm, very wet, special place, twisting my

head slowly as I withdrew, trying to touch as much of her as I could.

Crystal's next breath took a two-octave jump.  She pulled her ponytail over

one shoulder, and began to tease my forehead with it, sending the blood

rushing to my dick.

   We looked at each other.  Crys smiled dreamily, and I took another long,

slow scoop at her with my tongue.  She sighed in a way that aroused me even

more.  I used the tip of my tongue to trace light circles just around the

inner edges of her musky pink portal, raising another squeak of pleasure

from her.  A shadow fell across my face, and Beth's distinct scent mingled

weakly with Crys'.  Beth opened her mouth, leaned to Crystal's chest, and

ever-so-slowly drew one of my girlfriend's nipples in.  My circles were

increasing in pressure, distracting Crys from the lesbian contact.  Beth's

head swirled around Cryssie's breast.  I could see her tongue occasionally

flick at an erect nipple.

   I interrupted my tongue's movements to deal with the increasingly

copious flow of Crystal's honey.  Crys bounced over my face a few times,

and she had managed to get one hand tangled in Beth's hair.  I started

making smaller circles, concentrating my efforts closer to Crys' tunnel,

using enough pressure to distort the shape of the engorged entrance as I

moved.  Beth had wrapped her arms around her roommate, who was now panting

for breath.  I stuck my scoop into Crystal as far as I could, and was

rewarded by her body's increased release of nectar.  I slurped avidly,

slowly running my tongue around inside of Crys.  She squeaked once, then

Beth kissed her again.  I shook my head crazily, tongue extended for a

brief time, then stopped; only to resume my buffeting of Crystal's inner

treasure scant seconds later.  Her butt vibrated while Beth stroked her

body gently.  More of Crystal ran onto my chin.

   I covered my fingers with Crys' musky excitement; Beth's ministrations

were causing Crystal to forget that there was a woman helping me carry her

to the summit.  My hand touched Cryssie's clenched butt cheeks.  She

moaned, and her butt relaxed at the contact.  I resumed Crys' beloved

circles with my tongue and pushed two fingers into her rear entrance.  Her

body froze, a gurgle caught in her throat, and... nothing happened.  I

moved my head a little, and my moustache brushed Crystal's clit with the

softest of touches.  She grunted and bucked once, completely embedding my

fingers in her ass, and grinding her cleft against my lower face.  She

moaned as her hips slowly rotated, the heat and moisture that came from her

felt like a humid summer day on my face.

   The aroma of the two aroused women had sent me into serious heat, but I

was trapped and could only continue to pleasure Crystal, stimulating her

ass with my fingers while she continued to thrust her pussy at my face.

Crys squeaked as her body jerked back and forth a few times, then let loose

a long, contented sigh.  She rotated her hips some more, finally deciding

to climb off after I removed my fingers from her rear end.  Crys washed my

face with her tongue, lapping at it with long, broad cleansing strokes for

a while.  Her lips eventually entered the play; her licks became kisses,

and our kisses became wet and deep.  Beth vanished.

   "I need to clean up a little," I finally said.  The women decided to

take a cigarette break, and they were both smoking leisurely when I came

back into the bedroom.  My erection had gone, but my cock was still full,

just waiting for the call.  Nobody said anything; the sexual tension in the

room elevated despite the silence.  All fuck (not hell) was going to break

loose.  We weren't finished yet.

   Crys made the first move.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and our

mouths melted together, tongues intertwining and circling slowly.  She

broke the kiss, keeping her arms loosely locked about my shoulders.  Our

communication was silent, our eyes full of desire, understanding and

happiness.  She leaned back, arching her neck gracefully, raising her

breasts and exposing her throat.  I buried my head in the middle of her

chest, supporting her with my hands in the small of her back.  Avoiding her

breasts, I slowly ran my tongue straight up to her mouth, sliding it over

her throat.  "Ssss-ooooooohhhhh..."  Crystal inhaled and moaned softly, her

body trembling at the sensation.  We kissed again, slowly, deeply.  As our

faces separated, Crys turned to Beth and seductively commanded, "Watch us."

   Crystal reclined lazily.  I climbed on top of her, grinding my full, but

not erect, penis against her leg.  My mouth danced along her neck and

shoulders; there was no hurry.  I found my head at her ignored chest, and

drew an erect nipple into my mouth, pulling at it gently with my lips

before licking the underside of her breast.  Cryssie arched her back, again

moaning sweetly.  Our movements were slow and patient.  We exulted in the

sensation of the other's skin as we slid against each other.  She opened

her eyes, deep, black, and faraway, wrapping her arms around my neck and

pulling my face to hers'.  Our lips and tongues met again, and I entered

her smoothly, easily, and fully.  I felt Crystal arch to meet me, raising

her hips reactively.  We settled into each other, not moving at first.

   I raised my hips, pulling almost all the way out, and sank back in as I

relaxed my hips with gentle deliberation.  Crys' hand slid off my back and

her limp arm landed on Beth's leg.  We looked at the rapt blonde, who was

watching us closely.  My hips rolled in a grinding circle; Crystal drove

hers' against me.  She grabbed Beth's hand with one of hers', and raked my

back lightly with the other.  Our fucking began in earnest.  I thrust at

her with short, but gentle strokes, the grind at the end taking more time

than the simple piston-like movement.  Crystal's eyes locked on her

roommate's, and she squeezed Beth's hand as her inner walls collapsed,

inner fibrillations matched by external vibrations.  Crystal closed her

eyes and her face twisted into that awesomely beautiful expression of

ecstasy I was so fond of.  I knew that Beth's presence drove Crystal's

release as much as my stimulation of her secondary pleasure center.

Crystal came quietly, the noise never making it to her mouth, trapped

somewhere in her vocal cords.  Her body relaxed.  She opened her eyes

slowly and let go of Beth's hand.  Cryssie smiled sleepily at Beth, making

me larger inside of her, then turned her attentions to me.

   Her eyes sent a message, primal and important.  My strokes shortened

further, our hips swayed in time, and Crystal and I made Beth disappear.

We kissed eagerly, sharing each other as fully as possible, time and space

rapidly distorting until we were alone at the center of a shared universe.

Suddenly, Crystal was everywhere to my senses; her teeth pulling at my

chest; her nails scratching my back, her tongue dancing along my neck,

earlobes and jaw, her high-pitched breathing in my ear.  Everything I

touched was Crystal and I shattered into a million pieces, my hips pumping

straight up-and-down arrhythmically, wet flame coursing through a conduit.

My sense of touch returned only ecstasy.  A sharp pain told me that it was

over, that I was totally drained and had nothing more to give.  Crystal's

gentle grasp told me otherwise, that we weren't finished.  I lay on top of

her; she bore my weight without complaint, tightening her arms around me,

sliding her body underneath mine for a little while longer.  We kissed

tenderly, still entwined.  "Kiss _her_ now, Don," Crystal purred.  Still

holding Crys, I leaned over.  Beth and I kissed, slowly, sweetly, and my

cock stirred again.  Crys fondled it very gently.  The three of us _still_

weren't finished.


   That was four months ago.  Crystal and I went out last night to party

with her ex-roommate.  We met her at one of the mixed bars in town.  Beth

saw us a we entered and eagerly waved us over to her table, where she

introduced us to her new roommate and companion.  Claire stood up, dwarfing

the three of us with her six-foot-plus stature.  Her brown hair came to her

shoulders and it framed an attractive face with rich, bright brown eyes.

She wore a pretty print shirt, and form-fitting gray pants.  We sat down,

and Claire lit Beth's cigarette.  She studied me for a moment, regarding me


   "So you're Don," Claire said appraisingly.  She ran her tongue lewdly

around her lips.  "I'm gonna eat-you-up," she growled seductively.  Crystal

glared at her, but Claire quickly turned to Crystal while I tried to catch

my breath.  "_You_ don't know what you've been missing, and I'm gonna show

you how good it can be," Claire said, her voice a throaty, suggestive purr.

Crystal's eyes widened in shock.  I waited for Cryssie's angry response.  I

saw her black eyes flash, then unexpectedly narrow in defiant challenge.

Beth's nostrils flared, and I knew I was in _way_ over my head.



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