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Archive-name: SpecMome/crygull.txt

Archive-author: Pat O'Brien

Archive-title: Cry of the Gull, The

She carries the taste of him, the thought...white noise in her head.

The lost time staring through windows at waving trees.  The excitement

of electronic encounter.  Memories from a velvet box...reaching in ASCII

to keep them real.

Eight thousand miles is a not unimaginable distance, it is less than

that between failed lovers.  It is hours on a jet, funds from the 

bank...logistics.  It is less than her sick certainty that he favours 

distance, less than her awareness that she failed to be real but carries

him in her breath and touch.  That is real.

Real as three days in Queens Hotel, by the sea.  A deep sill and smug, small 

window.  A sill from which she viewed him sleep. She could taste 

him...breathe in syncrony.  A time when the touch and smell of him was

implanted.  It never left her, even after he moved on...and then moved 

on again.

His legacy; a blaze of blue eyes and a knowledge on her encircling lips,

her surround of him...then wet on his sharing mouth.  Her body 

knows...he is imprinted.  Her pulse remembers.  And the moist moving

of him, lowered to her thrilled hollows, her swollen folds.  Months

later, miles apart...she feels him hard in her.

Eight thousand miles, six months and still she feel the texture of

him in the quest of her fingers.  The sharp excitement of his entry

and her pulsing.

She falls in love...and he moves on...and then moves on again.

There is a love she makes when saying farewell.  Desperately hoping,

hopeless.  The warm sheen on close flesh...a desperately aching 

aliveness.  It is an expression of pain..and loss.  The last exquisite 


This love is surrogate.  A supplication and a surrender.

She tears her awful gaze from a screen and finds solace in brown eyes. 

The man draws her hunger to him.  They mount the stairs and she,

ecstatic with memory, shares with him the legacy.  It is painfully

sweet.  This trailing of warm lips along him, tongue seeking.  A 

slow-reeling choreography of moving self.  It is everything she gives,

tearing veils...pure suffering and absolute giving.  It is a

benediction and a grace.  It is taking, forgiving.  The man trembles

beneath her then fills her yearning with his bitter cum.  She rolls

it in her mouth for a long time.  It has to last forever.

And all she sees is blue eyes...hears the sound of a mute sea, swelling

to meet the aching cry of the gull.

This loving is a is grieving.  It is a death and 

not-acceptance.  It is a phantom which haunts each early dawn.  It probes,

twists, exhilerates then invades...a deep pure pain.  It does not leave. 

She knows it is going to be a long mourning.  She knows she has no guide 

through this dark tunnel.

She moves alone in pain, bearing his bequest.


Copyright 1993 Pat O'Brien

All permissions reserved except for the right to distribute in

electronic text form across computer networks.


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