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Archive-name: SpecMome/coding.txt

Archive-author: Jason Packer

Archive-title: Coding Love

	It  seemed he was always standing over her, watching her do  

her programming.  A brilliant computer scientist she wasn't, but at  

least she seemed to like computers.  The biggest problem with hanging  

out with her was that she was always coming to him for help, even  

from the beginning, when she was studying Karel the Robot.  And that  

stuff was so easy.  At least they had a common frame of reference.   

And he got to spend time with her, which, in the long run, made it  

all worth it..  He loved to spend time with her.

	He'd never gone too far with her, for fear of damaging their  

friendship, but some of the most passionate kisses, and the most  

intense responses he'd ever received had come from this woman.   

Tonight was destined to be a wild time.  He could just feel it.  It  

was a very animal feeling, and he had been growling in anticipation  

all day.  That was one interesting thing about this fiery girl; she  

brought out the animal in him.

	All these thoughts, his reverie, was broken; he'd been  

stroking her firm shoulders, and she, her concentration broken, had  

leaned her head back against his stomach.  He transferred his  

stroking fingers from her shoulders onto her neck.  Her neck was so  

soft, the skin milky white, and, around her hairline, layered with  

short, soft, brown hair.  "Kissable," he thought, and then he knelt  

at her side, and did.

	As his lips touched her neck, just below her ear, a soft moan  

escaped her lips.  It was just what he wanted to hear.  He loved and  

listened for that sound, and tonight it was long and drawn out.   

Instead of her usual quiet pleasure, she turned her head quickly to  

face him.  Shock flashed across his face as her lips sought his for a  

hungry kiss.

	As lips touched, he put his arms around her, and pulled her  

close to him, almost pulling her off of her chair.  The kiss  

intensified and her moans intermingled with his.  She took a drastic  

step.  She climbed down, off of her seat, tightening her grip on his  

shoulders, and pulled him closer to herself.  His heart was pounding  

in his chest, but he didn't hear it.  All his concentration was being  

focused on her.  Her lips on his, the feel of her back against his  

hands, the smell of her, the taste of her mouth.

	A wave of purest passion washed over him, as, much to his  

wonderment, she pushed him to the floor, flat on his back.  Her lips  

found their way back to his, and smothered him again.  His hands  

wandered down her body, from the small of her back to her legs,  

covered by silky stockings and a modest skirt, now pulled up in a far  

less-than-modest way, baring her lacy panties.  His hands idled  

leisurely, caressing her waist, her thighs.  Her kisses ceased  

abruptly, but only to expose her neck and newly exposed chest to his  


	She had quickly unbuttoned her shirt, and now it hung open,  

exposing her breasts to his eager mouth.  His lips quickly surrounded  

one nipple, gently nibbling, kissing, holding it between his tongue  

and upper teeth,  suckling.  She moaned louder, and ground herself  

harder against his midsection. The motion aroused him further, even  

though he thought himself near his peak. 

	Eagerness filled him with great strength, and he rolled her  

over onto her back with a single fluid motion.  He peeled off his own  

shirt, and pressing down onto her, wedged himself between her  

now-spread legs.  Their partially clothed bodies writhed together in  

pleasure, and he, pressing down onto her, pushed his lips over hers.   

He was unable to use his hands, as they were holding him up, but she  

had no such encumbrance.  She allowed her hands to wander down his  

chest, to his stomach, and down to his pants, where she briefly  

struggled with the buttons on his jeans.  Soon his fly was open, and  

her hand snaked into the opening.

	When she touched him, the state of his arousal startled them  

both. She could fairly feel him twitching underneath her hand.  As he  

continued to smother her chest in kisses and occasional nibbles, she  

worked her hand underneath the thin layer of his underwear.  When her  

flesh met his, he started, and nearly cried out.  A fire had shot  

through his body the likes he'd never felt before.  He knew he had to  

do something, or risk losing control too soon.

	He extricated himself from her caress, and moved slowly down  

her body, to place himself, on his elbows, between her legs.  He took  

hold of her panties, and pulled them slowly down, as she lifted  

herself off the floor to assist him.  With them out of the way, he  

spread her legs wider apart, and pushed his face closer to her  

awaiting womanhood.  He inhaled, and savored the scent of her  

arousal.  It quickened his already booming pulse, and brought forth  

more of the animal in him.  He growled, and lowered his lips to her.   

After a preparatory kiss, his tongue slid out of his mouth, and into  

her, tasting her, and eliciting a loud moan from her.  She put her  

hands on his head and pushed him against her.  His tongue slid  

further into her, and she called out yet again.  

	Hearing her cries of ecstasy, he continued to work his tongue  

over her most sensitive parts.  Her soft moans and cries only made  

him happier and lustier.  He moved faster and ran his tongue over  

those places he knew would drive her crazy.  It was all he could do  

to keep his mouth upon her, with her bucking so wildly.  He knew what  

she wanted, and he wanted it too.  Nothing made him feel nearly so  

good as pleasing his partner, and for it to taste so good as well was  

a double treat.


	He knew her moment had arrived, for the first time that  

night, when he plunged his tongue into her again, and felt the first  

quiverings of orgasm.  He kept his tongue inside her when he felt her  

insides clutching at him, and rode the spasms out, savoring every  

drop of the sweet juice that was pouring from her.  She was just shy  

of screaming, as she pressed his face further into her, and he kept  

up a constant movement of his tongue on her clitoris.  She shuddered  

finally, and lay back, quivering slightly.  He leaned up on his  

elbows, and smiled a sated, some would say smug smile.  Nothing got  

him hotter than making a woman come.


	There were looks in both of their eyes that said no matter  

how good that was, there was a whole lot more to come.  Even panting,  

she looked like she was ready for more.  And he certainly was as  

well.  He reached down and pulled off his pants and underwear in one  

motion, finally releasing his restrained manhood.  He looked up at  

her face again, and smiling a similar smile, moved slowly up her  

body.  She smiled up at him as his face lowered to hers, and their  

lips met.  The kiss was long and passionate, and it did nothing but  

fan his lust.  He felt her hand slide down, between their bodies, and  

touch him.  He had to fight for control again, but the urgency  

subsided enough to keep him from spontaneously combusting.


	But not for long.  She wasn't touching him just to touch.   

She was guiding him towards her waiting cleft  Apparently she wanted  

him inside her as much as he wanted to be there.  He moved his hips  

to accommodate her, and felt her place the head of his cock at the  

very entrance to the nirvana he sought.  With a great deal of  

willpower, he slowly, very slowly, entered her.  She gasped, her arms  

and legs encircling him, trying to pull him into her faster.  But he  

had other ideas.  Once he was barely inside of her, about an inch or  

so, he stopped, and looked down at her blissful but hungry face.  


	"Do you want it?" he asked her in a husky voice, betraying  

some of his own desire.


	"Oh, God, yes," she panted.


	"Tell me," he commanded.


	"Oh, fuck me.  Fuck me hard!" she cried out.


	Just at that moment, he drove into her, pushing with all the  

force he could muster, sinking down into her, and eliciting a cry  

from her.  He knew he was going to have to take it slow, but that  

didn't bother him too much.  Slow and steady may not win races, but  

it made for some of the best lovemaking.  He began to move out of  

her, slowly lifting himself as he did so.  After a few gentle  

strokes, he remained inside of her, and just rocked, so that the  

motion moved him inside of her, but he never really left.  Just light  

rocks back and forth, and he could still feel the insides of her  

clutching to him.  "Still recovering," he thought, and levered  

himself up onto his palms, and pulled slowly out of her, stopping  

less than an inch from leaving her.  He then pushed into her again,  

this time eliciting less of a scream and more of a moan of lusty  

pleasure.  He then set up a rhythm of steady strokes, moving deeper  

into her, and leaning down again to kiss her.  She wrapped her legs  

around him again, and pulled him tighter into her.  His pace  

increased, and he pushed into her as fast and as deep as he could.   

She frantically kissed him, and alternately called out, heightening  

his arousal.  He could feel the impending eruption, and moved faster  

and faster.  He could tell there was no turning back now.  He pulled  

away from her face to get as much leverage as he could and he slammed  

into her again and again, each time drawing a moan or a cry from her.   

He could feel her starting to tighten around him again, and that was  

all he could take.


	As he slammed into her one last time, the orgasm took him and  

shook him.  He called out, the first time he had all night.  The come  

gushed out, nearly filling her.  It felt like he came and came.  It  

felt like gallons.  Of course he knew it wasn't but such a release  

was a powerful thing.  He collapsed against her.  She sought out his  

lips with her own and kissed him passionately.  He just lay  

there,kissing her, feeling himself slowly losing his rigidity, and  

reveling in the feeling of being inside of her.


	He opened his eyes to see her looking at him.  The hunger  

that had been in those eyes was still there, burning bright.  He  

smiled, rolled away from her, onto his back and beside her.  She  

rolled onto her side next to him, and, resting her head on his chest,  

stroked his chest and stomach.  He looked down at her, laying next to  

him, and sighed with great contentment.  But it seemed she was far  

from content.  Her hand had, in fact, begun to move down, past his  

waist, and now was touching his semi-hard cock.  She played with it  

as though it were her toy.  Even with the exertions of the last  

half-hour, he found himself beginning to rise to the occasion.  But  

it seemed she had her own ideas about what should happen next, for  

she rose from beside him, and moved to kneel next to his hip.


	He could hardly believe it when she leaned down and took his  

now hard dick into her mouth.  The sensation was wonderful.  He'd  

never experienced the like before, and it was certainly up on his  

list of truly pleasurable things.  She lolled her tongue over his  

manhood, and bathed his balls with long licks.  Then her mouth  

surrounded the end of his shaft, slowly sliding down.  She began to  

pump him in and out, her fingers digging into his thigh.  He moaned,  

his hands clutching at the open air, and his nails nearly gouging  

scratch marks in the floor.  She came up for a breath, and gasped "Oh  

God, you taste so good."  before dipping her head down again to take  

his entire length in her mouth, her tongue swirling around him as she  

pulled upward, the combined sucking and licking bringing out a loud,  

low groan.  The sensations were preparing to overtake him, and force  

an early end to the fun, so he motioned her to stop.  With some  

playful resistance, he pushed her onto her back, and positioned  

himself with his face mere inches from her, between her thighs.  He  

loved this view, and the he knew that after the intensity of their  

lovemaking, the orgasm he would give her would be immense.


	He leaned down, and kissed at the tender flesh, all red and  

exposed from the rough treatment he had dealt out earlier.  His lips  

were gentle yet insistent, and his tongue dextrous and untiring.   

Soon she was moaning again, and he could hardly wait for her to get  

off again.  He refrained from pushing his tongue into her, but paid  

close attention to her clit.  That was a little toy he loved.  He  

would take it between tongue and teeth, and suckle at it, as though  

he were a baby, at it's mother's breast.  He could just lay and  

suckle like that for hours, and often wished he really could.  It  

seemed to have the desired effect upon her, because her moans  

intensified, and she began to buck her hips into his face.  He held  

onto her, and forced his mouth over her clit, and lapped at it.  She  

cried out, and, spasming, stopped bucking.  He could see the effect  

the orgasm was having on her.  She was awash in pure pleasure, as  

wave after wave of sensation and release washed over her.  It was a  

blissful sight.


	He gave her a few minutes to ride out the effects of this  

most recent of orgasms.  She was just beginning to get back to  

breathing regularly when he patted her lovingly on the thigh.


	"Roll over, baby," he said, "Kneel in front of me."


	She moved in front of him, facing away, and raised her sweet  

ass up off the ground.  When she was kneeling, he moved in close  

behind her, and, pushing her gently forward, moved his hips right up  

to touch her.  He felt her hand move in to touch him from underneath  

her, as she leaned down.  He felt her stroking him, and moving him  

closer to her.  When she had placed him against her opening, she  

leaned full force onto her arms, and, looking over her shoulder at  

him, smiled.  


	He reached down, and took hold of her waist, and gently  

pushed himself into her.  The sensation, as usual, was wonderful.   

The position lent a different, exotic feel to her, and he reveled in  

it as he moved slowly in and out of her, pulling her onto him by her  

waist.  As she became accustomed to him again, he started to move  

quicker.  His strokes were deeper, and he felt himself slam into her  

again and again.  He could hear her breathing heavily, and feel her  

clamping down on him.  He knew it was going to be a while before he  

was ready, and kept up a quick stroking pattern.  She was still  

riding the effects of her most recent orgasm, and as such, was much  

closer than he.  


	He felt himself getting closer, aided by the action of her  

muscles, working around his cock.  He quickened his pace, feeling the  

flesh of her ass slamming against his pelvis, and took a better hold  

on her waist.  Between his pulling, and her rocking back against him,  

there was no way he could hold out.  He felt the pressure build,  

build to it's breaking point, and then the release.  He pushed deep  

into her, holding her against him, feeling himself being drained into  

her.  He wasn't the only one enjoying it, as she leaned back harder,  

and attempted to pull more and more come from him.  


	He knelt there for a long thirty seconds before he moved  

further.  Then it was to pull out from her, and collapse next to her.   

She rocked back on her haunches and looked at him, laying there,  

wasted and exhausted.  She lay down next to him, and, resting her  

head on his chest, listened to his heartbeat as his pulse returned to  

normal, and his breathing resumed it's normal pace.  They lay like  

that for a long time, just content to be in one another's company,  

and not have anywhere to be other than right there, in each others  



THE END.  (?)



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