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Archive-name: SpecMome/clitring.txt


Archive-title: Clit Ring, The

Her hand rested gently on my thigh, fingernails lightly

tracing a random line leading ever closer, ever upward.

My arm firmly encircled her waist offering encouragement

to her as she was treading cautiously on new ground. Out

over the river a full moon was rising and silver points

of light on the water flickered a dance of love. "It's

beautiful here," she murmured then buried her sweet face

in my neck. Her warm lips parted slightly and moist breath

on my skin began to have a noticeable effect elsewhere.

I moved my hand just below her breast and traced the underside

with my thumb. She tensed and then replied with a gentle

squeeze on my thigh, higher now than ever before. "You

know it makes me wonder how you can be so single-minded

and aggressive at work and then at times like this, I'm

having to make all the first moves," she thought. She 

gave another gentle squeeze followed by one higher and

more insistent.

Fireflies against the dark line of trees, the lapping water

at the riverbank, the call of the nightbird. Her lips brushed

my chin and she looked into my eyes. I bent my head slightly

downward and she pulled me to her. The wet spot on my neck where

her lips had been just moments ago came alive with goose bumps

as the evening breeze rustled by. I cupped her breast and she 

seemed to melt into my arms. It was the sweetest kiss I can

ever recall and I could feel her hesitancy begin to fade away.

The swaying reeds, the fluttering leaves, the loving moon

smiled down upon us. "What should we do now, I don't know

where to begin." What does he want? She had never been with

a man before but had heard enough from her friends to get the

general idea.

She pulled away and folded her hands in her lap. Looking downward

she spoke haltingly. "What do you like?" For a moment I didn't know

what to say. I knew what I wanted but didn't want to pressure her.

I reached out and touched her chin. She looked on the verge of tears.

"Whatever you do now is up to you. I love you and want you to only

have good memories of this summer. I'm happy to just be with you

for now. I'll wait until you're ready but to be honest I hope I 

don't have to wait very long."


She came back to me with an intensity that answered all my questions.

Her hand felt my tightness and began to rub lightly then found the

button on my jeans. The first one came loose and she reached for the

zipper. "What?...more buttons...why do you wear these damn things?

They're to hard to undo." I helped her and then pulled the halter top

from her trembling body. Her breasts were perfect, warm, soft, and

tipped with hardness. We lay down and pulled the sleeping bag loosely 

over us. Her hand encircled me as my lips toyed with those luscious

mounds. My hand traveled downward as she parted her legs. The smiling

moon, the call of the nightbird. We felt so right, so good, so lucky

to have found each other. 

"Let's get these things off," she said. "I'll do you and you do me,"

I said eagerly. I pulled at the drawstring of those little white 

shorts and they slid to the ground. She had no panties and I was 

pleased to see that she was perfect there too. She kicked off her sandals

and kneeled down to remove my jeans. They slid over my bare feet

and she folded them neatly beside her. She took me in her warm hand

and looked up at me. Then with a giggle she began to rub, up and down,

around and around. She stared transfixed at what she had only heard

of before. I stroked her hair and drew her closer. My knees were 

weak and my breath came in short gasps. I took her face gently with

both hands and tilted her face up to mine as I knelt down. Another

gorgeous kiss and her parted lips drew my tongue inward. I explored

her mouth while my hands roamed freely over her body. "I love you."

The thought came to us both at the same time and we laughed at the

pure joy we were feeling. The river flowed on to the sea, the moon 

watched as she took me into her mouth and slowly circled her tongue

over and over. I reached for her belly and her legs just fell open.

Closer now I could see that her wetness was beginning to show. I

spread her open and felt her heat, pleasured her there for a while

until she began to move her hips in a sensual motion that made me 

never want to leave. She shuddered ten minutes later and said, "Stop,

stop... I'm c-c-c-com-com-coming!!!" I kept on until she began to calm

down and then brought her there again and again. She pulled me back

to her and said "What's wrong?" Nothing could have been wrong with

anything we had done and I told her that I was just waiting for her

to lead the way. 

She said "Why haven't you come yet?" I kissed her and she tasted the

salty goodnes, her own, that still remained in my beard. "I want to be

inside you when I do that. I want to feel you around me, under me,

on top of me and want to make you come again but this time keep your

eyes open so that you can see how much I love you." "You love me?

You love me? Do you really?" she said as if I'd never said it before.

I reached over to my jeans and took out the little surprise I'd been

carrying around all day. As she opened the padded box she gasped at the

sudden glimmer of gold. "Oh, Bill" she said, "I never thought you'd..."

Well to make a long story short, I did. She made me happy, she made me

glad to be alive. The moon and I know that it was the only thing I

could have done and to this day I've never regretted a moment we 

spent together. Our kids reflect our love back to me daily and even

though she has gone and I've gone and we have seperate lives now I 

can't forget her and hope she remebers that one night. It was her

first and in a big way it was mine too.

I'll never forget the look in her eyes, the giggle in her smile as

she pulled me to her, those lips met mine and suddenly I was in her.

Our rhythm  matched that of those distant waves downriver. We melted

together there on the ground, she was me and I her. And just before

I came I looked over my shoulder to that same moon I'm looking at 

tonight. I swear I heard him say "You know it's time to get on with.

You can't hide from love when your heart comes alive." I looked back

into her eyes and lost control, pounding away into that sweet body

over and over again so many times that I felt my soul just pour into

hers never to be the same again.

Later, snuggling, she opened the little box again and a slight frown

appeared on her face. "Are you sure you bought this ring for me?" she

asked. Yes I replied. "But look how small it is, it barely fits my

little finger!!."she exclaimed. "Honey," I admitted while my hand 

drifted over her mound, "that ring doesn't go on your finger."



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