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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: S. B. Douglass

Archive-title: Bride, The


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Sarah looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. She was proud of the way 

she looked in her wedding dress.  The glossy white satin clung to her 

slim figure, emphasizing the curves of her breasts and hips.  The floor-

length dress was sleeveless and backless, comfortable for the hot August 

weather, but still modest. It was a modern dress, with no lace or bows, 

and with straight lines and only a slightly flared skirt.

She'd made the backless satin dress herself, and although she liked the 

dress, she was nervous about what to wear under it. It was too hot out 

for pantyhose, although she knew that was what her mother would wear 

under the circumstances, and she'd just taken off a pair of panties when 

she discovered that their outlines had shown clearly through the clinging 

white satin. As she debated what to put on under the dress, there was a 

knock on the bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" her mother's voice asked.

"Sure," she said, wishing her mother had waited until she resolved her 


"You look beautiful," her mother said, "but your hair needs brushing."

Her mother picked up a brush set to work. Sarah was nervous; her mother 

was assuming she was dressed, but she knew that she wasn't.  She hoped 

that her mother wouldn't notice that she didn't have anything on under 

her dress, and she wished her mother would leave, even briefly, so she 

could slip on a pair of panties.

"You know," her mother said as she worked at a small tangle. "I didn't 

like your idea for a wedding dress when you first told me about it, but 

it's really nice. I guess my idea of a wedding dress was bows and lace, 

but you look really good in a simple dress!"

Sarah smiled at her mother's complement.  "Do you think David will like 


"I'm sure he will," she said, and then launched into a motherly lecture 

on marriage.  Sarah listened quietly while her mother worked the last 

small imperfections out of her hair.  She didn't pay much attention to 

her mother's words, but the tone was very relaxing, and as her mother 

brushed and talked, all of Sarah's anxiety slipped from her mind.

"Oh my!" her mother said, looking at her watch. "We've got to be going.  

Your hair looks good, step into your shoes and come on!"

Sarah slipped her bare feet into her white heels while her mother called 

to her father and brother. "Get the car going! Hurry up everyone or we 

won't get there on time!"

Only after Sarah was halfway down the stairs did she remember that she 

still didn't have anything on under her dress.  It was hot out, and her 

dress was comfortable against the bare skin of her legs and fanny so she 

decided to forget about underwear. As she walked through afternoon heat 

to the car, she had second thoughts.  What if she got sweaty and the 

dress stuck to her bottom; wouldn't that look indecent?

Her troublesome thoughts subsided as the car air-conditioner took hold, 

but they intensified as she walked through the August sun to the church.  

The shade inside the church was welcome, but it was still warm.  In her 

youth, Sarah remembered that the church had been air conditioned, but it 

was too expensive to cool, and sometime before her teens, they'd stopped 

air-conditioning the place.

Sarah's mind started to wander as her mother helped her put on her veil 

and long satin gloves.  She wondered about the upcoming evening, and as 

she thought, she realized that she might turn her lack of underwear into 

something fun for David.  Just thinking about the idea sent a tingle of 

pleasure through her, but as the organ began to play, all such thoughts 

were swept from her mind.

"Go!" her mother whispered at the right moment. "And don't slouch!"

The advice reminded Sarah of all the times that her mother had corrected 

her posture in the past, but this time, she didn't need reminding.  She 

knew that if she slouched, the top of her dress would fall.  It was easy 

for Sarah to stand tall as she walked into the church.  She was proud to 

be there, she was excited to see David standing by the altar, and at the 

moment, she didn't care who was looking at her.

David was beautiful in his blue three piece suit, but Sarah saw that he 

was sweating uncomfortably as she approached the altar.  To Sarah, the 

service seemed to go quickly, with the minister's words washing over her 

as she stood looking at David. She found herself saying her vows before 

she expected it, and after one wonderful kiss, her mind started drifting 

to the coming evening as the minister gave his homily.

The reception line was torture, an infinite series of limp handshakes by 

relatives she barely knew.  She wanted to look at David, to hold him, to 

kiss him, but instead she had to deal with aunts and uncles who's names 

she'd forgotten.  She was glad to be wearing satin gloves, if only to 

protect her from the long series of sweaty palms.  Sarah wished that 

someone would find something new to say, but everyone seemed to tell her 

that she was a beautiful bride in exactly the same way.

By the time they cut the cake, Sarah realized that her earlier fear that 

her dress would cling to her was coming true, but she noticed that most 

of the women there were having similar problems.  She also noticed that 

the men seemed to be having worse problems in their suits and ties; many 

had taken their coats off and loosened their ties.  As the groom, David 

didn't have that option, and he looked hot.

As she posed with David for one last picture, Sarah felt the wonderful 

warmth of his touch and longed to be away with him. She was starting to 

become acutely self-conscious about her lack of underwear; whenever she 

saw someone looking at her, she found herself wondering if they knew.  

Rationally, she knew her fears were childish, but she couldn't suppress 


When the time came to leave, Sarah was glad to run with David through a 

shower of rice. His car was just ahead, decorated with "just married"  

signs and garlands of crepe paper, but David surprised her by pulling at 

her hand to guide her past the car and across the street.

"Where are we going?" she panted as they jogged. "I can't run very far in 

this dress and these shoes!"

"Here," David said, opening the door of a battered looking small car.

"This isn't your car!"

David laughed as he got in and started the engine.  "I got it for a few 

hundred bucks two weeks ago so we could get away without a parade. Hope 

you don't mind disappointing my brother."

Sarah laughed as she took off her veil.  She knew that David's brother 

was the type who would organize a horn-honking chase as they drove away 

from the church through town.  She and David had talked about it, and 

they both agreed that they didn't want to lead such a parade.

She looked back when she heard other cars start, but they had a head 

start and David seemed to have his escape route planned.  They turned 

down an alley to get out of sight of anyone on the side street they'd 

been parked on, then onto another side street a block away.

As David stopped to wait for an opening in the busy traffic of the next 

street, she helped him off with his suit coat. They had time for a kiss 

before a break in traffic allowed them to head for the edge of town, and 

while David drove, she helped him undo his tie and get his vest off.

Sarah looked over her shoulder as they drove, but their young relatives 

never did find them. "where are we going?" Sarah asked as they reached 

the city limits.

Dav turned to smile at her briefly.  "How do you feel about a honeymoon 

in a secluded farm house?"

"Is it nice?" she asked, feeling a comfortable sensation wash over her in 

response to his glance. He looked comfortable with his shirt open at the 

neck, and his smile made it clear that he was as happy to be alone with 

her as she was.

"It's on Uncle Bob's place.  He got it from his neighbor's estate; the 

heirs were all far away and glad to unload the whole farm, farmhouse and 

all, in one deal.  The place is furnished, I've stocked the fridge, and 

Aunt Jenny and I cleaned it up last week."

"All my luggage was in the other car," she said, thinking of how little 

she had on. "I hope you've taken that into account in your planning."

He glanced at her again. "Your mom told me your sizes, and I picked up a 

few things. Do you mind?"

"No, it sounds fun," Sarah said. She wasn't really ready to trust David 

to buy her clothes, but she imagined that she might find out a bit about 

him from what he bought.  Sarah watched the midwestern farmland roll by 

outside the window and let her dreams overtake her as they drove onward.  

The car wasn't air-conditioned, but the breeze through the open windows 

was enough to keep her comfortable.  She reached over and held David's 

hand while he drove, and as she held him, she thought about the evening 


She also thought about the homework she'd done over the past month.  Her 

doctor had given her interesting advice when she told him she was feeling 

a bit nervous about sex.  She'd come away from that meeting with a 

reading list and a handfull of disposable syringe cases. The cases were 

plastic and vaguely phallic in shape, and her doctor had asked a nurse to 

tell her how to use them.

At first, Sarah hadn't been very comfortable with the nurse's suggestion 

that she lubricate the syringe cases and, working up from the smallest, 

use them to stretch her vaginal opening.  The nurse had even suggested 

that she try doing this while masturbating.  Over the last month, Sarah 

had spent many evenings in bed wearing ever-larger syringe cases in her 

crotch while she read the books the doctor had suggested; there were a 

few evenings where she'd even ended up mastrubating, usually after she'd 

read something she found particularly exciting.  Now, as she rode with 

David, she felt that she was reasonably well prepared.

"Here we are!" David said after thirty or so miles of driving; the last 

ten miles had been over secondary roads, and the final two miles were 

unpaved.  He pulled into a driveway that opened between two cornfields, 

then drove up a small hill.

At the top was a classic midwestern Victorian farmhouse with a big porch 

and a tower with a weather vane on top.  The house was shaded by a pine 

grove and surrounded by a lawn that looked like it hadn't been mowed in a 

year or more, but it was beautiful. The barns and outbuildings of the 

farmstead were at the base of the hill; as a result, they complemented 

the view of the the surrounding cornfields instead of blocking it.

"I love it!" Sarah said as she stood by the car and took in the view.

"Let me take you inside," David said, kissing Sarah as he lifted her.

She cuddled against him with her arms around his neck as he carried her.  

The feel of one strong arm under her knees and the other across her bare 

back was exciting, and she could smell the pleasant aroma of his sweat as 

he carried her up the steps and through the open front door.

He kissed her as he set her down, and she responded enthusiastically. A 

comfortable warm feeling swept over her as they kissed, and when he let 

go, she felt disappointed.  "I never got to tell you how beautiful you 

look in that dress," David said.

She smiled and posed briefly for him, then noticed that all the windows 

were open. "Do you always leave the house open like this?"

"I opened it up last night to air out. There's no air-conditioning, but 

with the pines and the windows open, it's pretty nice.  Want to have an 

early supper or look around the place first?"

"I need some exercise to work off that wedding cake," Sarah said.  "Show 

me the house!  You really left it open all night without anyone home to 

close the windows if it rained? What about burglars?"

He chuckled. "I admit I checked the weather report first.  As to locks, 

though, this house hasn't been locked since my uncle got it; I don't see 

why I should lock it now.  Follow me!"

He led her on a tour.  The place was furnished largely as it had been 

when it's previous owners died.  It reminded Sarah of some of her own 

elderly relatives' homes.  David took her up the spiral stairs to the 

tower to look at the view.  The spiral stairs opened in a corner of the 

octagonal room at the top, and there was a big windows on each wall.  It 

looked to Sarah as if there was more window than wall around the room; 

with the windows open, she felt like she was outside.

They stood hand in hand looking out over the pine trees to the distant 

rolling horizon.  Sarah had grown up in the suburbs, and the emptyness of 

the view was new.  As she looked out over the fields through the haze of 

an August afternoon, she realized that nobody was out there to see her; 

she was exposed to the world, but she had as much privacy as in her own 


With that thought, she realized that this was the perfect time for her to 

reveal how little she was wearing. She stepped back so she could see 

David, and she saw that he was looking intently at her.  She felt a warm 

tingle of excitement run through her as she unzipped the short zipper at 

the back of her dress. She shrugged her shoulders so the straps holding 

the front of the dress fell free, then stood straight as the dress slid 

slowly to her ankles.

David's eyes grew round as she stood there in her long white gloves and 

heels.  She stretched as the thin layer of sweat evaporated from her body 

in the dry August breeze, then slowly walked up to David and hugged him.

He backed away when she let go. "You wore that little to our wedding?"

She chuckled. "I'll tell you how it happened later.  Right now, I feel 

like consumating our marriage. Are you ready?"

He looked at her, and as he did she felt a comfortable tingle in her 

abdomen.  "OK," he said, sounding nervous.  "Let me show you the master 


She left her shoes by the dress, then followed him downstairs wearing 

only her long white gloves.

"Here's a surprise for you,"  David said as they walked into the bedroom.  

"The old man had a problem with bedsores in his later years, so they got 

him a waterbed.  The sheets are new, though, and I washed down the 


He pulled back the bedspread to reveal white satin sheets.  Sarah sat on 

the leather seat along the edge of the bed and looked at David. He was 

looking uncertainly at her, and after an awkward pause, Sarah broke the 

silence. "Is something wrong?"

David blushed. "I guess I'm nervous about all this."

He looked so serious that Sarah almost felt like laughing, but she knew 

that would be wrong.  "Don't be silly, we've both seen each other naked 


"But we always had limits," he said. "I'm not sure what the limits are 


"Don't be shy," she whispered. "I'm all yours, and you're welcome to do 

anything, touch anything, kiss anything. Come sit with me."

He sat beside her and she kissed him, then began to unbutton his shirt.  

Her hands shook as she worked, and she could see his hands shake as he 

undid his pants.  Sarah had seen David's erect penis before, so she was 

prepared for it when it was freed from his pants, but at the same time, 

she felt an echo of his nervousness.

David and Sarah kissed as they sat naked on the edge of the bed.  His 

hands moved gently from Sarah's buttocks to her shoulders while she felt 

the wonderful expanse of his back. When she touched his erect penis, it 

sent a shiver of anticipation through her. It wasn't the first time she 

felt it, but the tingle of her reaction was more intense than before.

Sarah rolled back onto the bed as David kissed her, and as they kissed, 

she felt his penis pressing between her thighs. She was a bit scared of 

it, but it also excited her.  She thrust her tongue into Davids mouth as 

they kissed, and he responded in kind.  As she grew more excited, she no 

longer wanted to kiss deeply, she wanted to kiss him everywhere.  She 

nibbled on his earlobe and kissed his neck, then worked her way down his 

chest to kiss his nipples.

David had once said that his nipples didn't seem as sensitive as hers, 

but she didn't believe him.  She could feel his broad chest tremble as 

she sucked on him, and when she kissed his stomach and groin, the tremor 


Sarah rolled over and let David kiss her.  The comfortable feeling she'd 

felt in her gut expanded as he kissed his way down her neck, and it grew 

into an ache of anticipation as he kissed her breasts.  She gently held 

his head as he kissed her, and as he kissed his way down her belly, she 

found herself pushing his head towards her groin.

He kissed her briefly above her pubic hair, then on the inside of the top 

of each thigh. The warm tingle in her abdomen was intense, and she found 

herself spreading her thighs and thrusting herself at his face.  He 

kissed his way back up along her body and hugged her again, his penis 

pressing tightly between her legs.

"I want you!" she moaned, frustrated that he'd stopped.

"I'm not sure what to do next," he whispered, sounding embarrassed.

"You haven't done your homework!" Sarah whispered.

"What homework?"

"Studying about sex, silly," Sarah said, kissing him.  She wasn't happy 

to discover that he hadn't taken the time to study the subject, but some 

of the books she'd read suggested that she shouldn't expect much more.  

Sarah thought briefly about what she'd read in the most helpful of the 

books she'd studied, Our Bodies -- Our Selves.

"Roll on your back," Sarah said. "I know something we can try."

She knelt over his hips and kissed him, feeling his erect penis lightly 

brushing her fanny as she kissed, then she sat up and held his penis in 

her hands while she pressed it between the lips of her vagina.  She was 

nervous, but it felt good.  His penis was getting wet, so she pushed it 

back and suddenly it slipped in, surprising her.

She gently and slowly sat down on Davids hips, feeling the oddly painful 

but pleasant sensation of his penis inside her.  He was lying on the bed 

with an intense look she didn't really understand, but his hands reached 

up and gently touched her breasts, and ever so slowly, she relaxed and 

began to experiment with rocking her hips.

Each time her pubic bone pressed against his, she felt a wave of comfort 

wash through her body, and her excitement heightened as she bent forward 

so David could carress her body more fully.  She hugged him between her 

knees as he started pumping his hips against her, and with each thrust of 

his hips, she felt a wave of pleasure wash through her body.  It felt 

even better as she leaned forward so his pubic bone met her clitoris.

She felt the explosion of his climax within her body as she pumped her 

hips up and down, and then her own climax washed over her. She lost all 

sense of time, not knowing if it lasted for a moment or forever.  When it 

ended, she relaxed over him, reveling in the comfortable afterglow of her 

climax, her body still engulfing his penis as she hugged him.

They rested that way for a long time, holding each other.  Sarah could 

feel Davids flacid penis slowly slipping out of her, but when she sat up 

again, it slid back in.  She smiled down at him as she nestled herself 

comfortably over his hips and rested her hands on his smooth belly.

"Virgin no more!" she whispered happily.



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