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Archive-name: SpecMome/brendsec.txt

Archive-author: D.J. Warner

Archive-title: Brenda's Secret

Joey and Brenda stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall

together to his off-campus apartment.  Finally, after dating the small but

well-formed lady the entire semester, she agreed to a nightcap, and he was

happy that he didn't have to keep playing a game by her rules.  He remained

faithful in his pursuit, however, if only because he saw something in her he

had never seen in any other woman he dated.  Perhaps his interest was piqued

by the thrill of the chase, since most of the women he ever knew showed no

interest at all or were too easy for him.

"Who recommended that movie, anyway?" asked Joey, contemplating on the

big screen disaster that made him the clown prince of the theater the entire


"I have no idea," laughed Brenda.  "I still can't believe you said

those things in the theater."

"Hey, if I'm gonna shell out ten dollars for a lady, she WILL be


"Well, thank you, I was very entertained."

Brenda kissed Joey lightly on the cheek as he slid the key into the

lock and opened the door for his date.  "Ladies first," he said, bowing in a

familiar, chivalric manner.

"Why, thank you," answered Brenda, elegantly stepping into the living

room in mock fashion.  Joey's apartment was rather barren of decor, but it was

affordable and, as he so often put it, "a better box to live in than that

cardboard one in the alley."

"What's your poison," he whispered in her ear as she looked somewhat

approvingly at her surroundings.

"Mariah Carey and a Long Island Iced Tea."

Joey took his date's coat, hung in up the closet, then stepped lightly

to the CD player and turned it on.  He disappeared in the corner kitchenette

as Brenda slipped out of her shoes and laid back on the love seat in the

opposite corner of the room.

"So what kind of name do you hope to make for yourself in the future?"

asked Brenda.

"I kinda liked the one had right now," he quipped.

"No, no," she responded, trying to hide a brief snicker, "I mean, what

do you want to be when you get out of here?"

Joey emerged from the kitchenette with two glasses and walked over to

the love seat.  "Just somebody who can do a good job at whatever he does," he

answered, "and somebody who can enjoy it at the same time, I guess.  What about


"Oh, I don't know," she sighed with an enticing look in her eyes.

"You're keeping something from me," responded Joey.

"What?" she exclaimed, "What could I possibly keep from the great Joe


"I don't know," he answered, "but I'd like to find out.  There's

something you haven't been telling me for a while now, and one way or the

other, I'm going to draw it out of you."

Brenda smiled slyly and looked away.  "Well, maybe I don't want you to

know about it."

Joey finally got his cue.  Rising from the love seat, he put down his

glass, closed the blinds, and reached for something from behind his stereo.

"Put this on," said Joey, handing his date a blindfold.


"Just trust me."

"Well...okay, but be gentle."

Brenda slid the blindfold over her eyes and waited.  Joey turned all

the lights off in the apartment and felt his way toward the center of the room.

He then began to talk in a lower, smoother voice.

"Now I want you to know," began Joey, "that all the lights have been

turned off, so I can't see anything in the room.  Now tell me what you see."

"Lots of blackness," answered Brenda.  "why do I even need this blind-

fold if you turned the lights out?"

"Just in case," he responded, "play along with me and you'll find out.

I have a feeling you're going to like this."

As he lurked softly around the room looking for a place to sit, Joey

turned the music down until it was barely audible.  He then put his hands

forward toward the other side of the room to feel for a chair, making sure

not to make a single distracting sound -- he wanted to make sure nothing

distracted the bond he was trying to form between himself and his date.

"I want you to concentrate solely on my voice," Joey continued in his

smooth tone, with which he had never really spoken to Brenda before, "don't let

anything else distract you.  I'd like for you to tell me about the greatest

romantic or sexual fantasy you've ever had."

"Well," she began, "I'm with this guy on a beach, and we do a lot of

things together, and...well, you get the idea."

"Elaborate on it," Joey responded, trying to get a deeper glimpse into

her soul through the darkness.  "Tell me everything about this fantasy that you

can think of."

Brenda paused for a moment in thought, sighed, and began: "A gentleman

and I are sharing a private condo by the beach.  Most of the day we walk along

the beach, holding hands -- we don't say much, but we don't need to -- and

sometimes we go skinny dipping in the sunset.  Nobody can see us, but nobody

is really around anywhere.  At night, we cruise around inland, maybe enjoy a

nice, candlelight dinner, drink a little wine, return to the condo, look out

at the stars, look at each other, and...and..."

"Go on," urged Joey subtlely.

"Flail away graciously, I suppose," finished Brenda.

Joey smiled, remembered his purpose and continued in his low, mellow

tone.  "Now I'd like for you to just imagine yourself right there in the

situation you've just described -- the long walks by the beach, the glow of the

sunset on the water and on yourself, the candlelight dinner, the view of the

stars, everything.  Just think for a moment that you're right there in that

entire scenario."

There was a short silence in the room when Brenda took a deep breath

and said, "Okay."

"Now I'd like for you to picture the perfect man with whom you would

share this adventure.  Don't tell me who he is or anything about him, but

picture him in your mind sharing all of these moments with you." Again, another

short silence, and another approval to continue.

"Okay, the two of you have just returned from the candlelight dinner.

You're both sharing the view of the stars on a cloudless evening.  You decide,

however, that since everything has been perfect to this point, there is no

need to wait any longer.  He watches you as you walk over to a nearby couch and

sit down slowly.  He's not quite sure what you're doing, so you want to make

him realize that you're ready for love right here, right now.  You figure out

that the best way to do this is to begin undressing in front of him.  Now, what

piece of clothing would you take off first?"

"I'd take off my sweater," she answered.

"Then take it off."

Joey watched intently through the blue mask of the darkness as Brenda

lifted the sweater above her head, revealing only a brassiere underneath.

"Okay," continued Joey, "what piece of clothing would you take off

next to attract his attention?"

"I'd take my pants off," she replied.

"Then take them off."

Brenda slowly unbuttoned her fly and slid the jeans off her legs while

she was sitting, setting them next to the sweater on the arm of the love seat.

At this point, Joey figured he was starting to gain some control over her.

"Good," answered Joey, "you're starting to get his attention.  He's

watching you much more intently now, but he isn't coming any closer.  You'd

like for him to approach you.  What would you take off next to attract him?"

"I'd take off my underwear," she responded.

"Then take them off."

She reached behind her back to unstrap her bra and removed it, then

her panties.  She sat completely naked in the darkness with no protest emerging

from her.  Joey sat back in his chair, straining for a glimpse of her well-

endowed figure.

"You're now sitting completely naked on the couch," continued Joey,

"and you have your man's undivided attention.  He begins to walk toward you,

admiring your body, wishing to hold it, caress it."  As he spoke, he approached

Brenda physically until he stood directly in front of her.

"Your man is now standing in front of you, but he isn't making a move.

He's simply admiring you.  One look in his eyes, however, and you can tell he

wants you to undress him the same way you undressed yourself.  With what piece

of clothing would you begin?"

"His glasses," answered Brenda, which surprised Joey at first, since

he, too, wore glasses.  At Joey's request, she stood up and removed the glasses

from his face, setting them on an end table.

"What would you remove next?" asked Joey.

"His shirt," she returned.

"Then take it off."

Reaching for the top button, Brenda unfastened each button in a slow,

sultry fashion and removed his shirt with a soft rub across his arms at the

same time.  Joey slowly lifted his hands to touch her, but backed off, trying

to stay in control of the situation.

"Your lover is now trying to keep himself from jumping on you right

now," continued Joey.  "He wants to touch you, but he won't let himself.  He

wants you to continue to undress him.  What would you remove next?"

"His pants," she answered.

"Then take them off."

Brenda removed Joey's belt, unfastened his fly and slid her thumbs down

the sides of his waist, lowering her body as he lowered his pants.  Joey lifted

his feet to help her and noticed she removed his socks at the same time.

"You have your lover right where you want him," Joey continued, knowing

the reverse was true in this situation.  "What is there left to remove?"

"His underwear," Brenda answered breathlessly.

"Then take them off."

Brenda grabbed the band of his shorts between her fingers and removed

them slowly, allowing Joey's full erection to free itself from what ever

imprisonments it may have had before.  Brenda moved closer to him, allowing her

chest to touch his only slightly.

"Now both of you are completely naked and unashamed," said Joey, trying

to keep his smooth, steady voice in the heat of the moment.  "Are you ready to

make love?"

"Ohhh, yes," Brenda moaned.

"Then take off your blindfold."

Brenda swept the blinder off of her face and let it fall to the floor.

Joey had used this trick before on several women, some of whom realized what

they were doing early on, some of whom didn't notice until they had undressed

both themselves and Joey.  He had a feeling the trick might work, but he was

completely unprepared for what came next.

Brenda saw the blue outline in the darkness, wrapped her arms around it

and kissed it perfectly on the lips.  Unfamiliar with this reaction, Joey

slowly returned the favor, smoothing his hands over her back, her hips and her

thighs.  Then he smoothed his lips around her ear to her neck, lowering his

entire body until his mouth reached her breasts.  His tongue circled her

nipples as she ran his fingered through his hair and moaned over the light

piano and vocals in the background.

Finally, they both collapsed onto the floor in a heap of passion.  Joey

continued to taste her soft, supple skin and hardening nipples.  Then he

continued to journey down her body until he planted his head between her legs.

As he slowly caressed her inner thighs with his tongue, she threw her arms

behind her and began moving her hips in a circular motion.  He then proceeded

to lick her other lips and enter her with his tongue, searching for her

clitoris.  Her moans grew louder, letting him know he hit paydirt as he glided

along the clit in numerous ways.

Then, with a sudden burst of inspiration, Joey attempted to reach

further between her legs and place his lips completely around her clit.  Her

body jerked as if an electrical current were running through it, her cries

reached near soprano level.  At last, when she could barely tolerate the

slickness of his tongue without going crazy, she came, letting Joey drink her

sweet fluid as his reward.

Brenda tried her best to calm her aching body after her orgasm, but

she immediately gave up the attempt and cried, "I can't wait!  Do me now!  Do

me now!"  Joey slithered up her body as she pained for him to give of himself

completely.  As he kissed her, giving her a taste of his work, he slowly

entered her with his penis, gyrating his hips in a clockwork manner.  She

helped him feed the rhythm of his motion, moving her pelvis oppositely from

his.  He fell upon her completely, increasing her sensitivity to his motion and

her movement underneath him.  As a result, the rhythm grew faster, their cries


Suddenly, he jerked his legs up toward her and squeezed her thighs

closer together.  He raised his torso from hers and began to thrust himself

furiously on top of her.  She grunted in ecstacy with each push against her

hips as they became more frequent and more violent.  Finally, with the power

of a stampeding bull, Joey threw himself into her, shoving her back several

inches across the carpet.  Both screamed in passion and came together,

collapsing on the floor, completely drained from their brief physical workout.

Joey slid his arms underneath her back and drew as close as two people could

possibly get to each other, kissing her several times on the nape of her neck.

Her body went limp underneath his, lingering in the love they had just made.

Her screams had turned into soft, breathless moans.

"I love you, Joe Bilotti," she whispered, "and I'll never forget this

night for the rest of my life."

At last, Joey had uncovered Brenda's secret, and at that moment, 

nothing could have made him happier.



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