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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: S. B. Douglass

Archive-title: Bodysurfing


This work may be redistributed freely

over USENET and connected networks.

Jim stood waist deep in the water and looked at Eva as she took off the 

light coverup she'd worn over her swimsuit.  She rolled it up and set it 

on the sand, then stood and looked out over water.  A wave broke around 

Jim, almost knocking him over, and when he looked back at her, she was 

standing at the edge of the water grinning at him.  As he watched his 

wife, Jim wondered why he'd never taken her to the beach before.  They'd 

dated for two years before they got married, and they'd been married a 

year and a half now, but this was the first time.

She was beautiful, standing there wearing only three small triangles of 

cloth.  It was late August, and the water was as warm as it ever gets in 

the Great Lakes.  Jim relaxed in the cool water, enjoying the pleasant 

relief it offered from the 90 degree air inland.  The surf broke around 

him, occasionally lifting him off his feet as he watched his wife slowly 

wade out to him.

Eva yelled briefly as she lost her balance in the surge, then came up 

grinning.  "I've never been where there's surf before," she said.  "This 

is fun."

"That's why I brought you here," Jim said, grinning as she shook her wet 

hair out of her face.  "Want to try body surfing?"

"I don't know, is it safe?"

"Watch.  Get used to the feel of the water while I show you."

The surf on the Great Lakes isn't usually high enough for serious body 

surfing, but you can ride an occasional wave.  There was a brisk breeze 

blowing towards the shore, so the surf was high enough that Jim had fun 

showing Eva how to do it.  Fifteen minutes later, Eva had found her wave 

and let it wash her onto the fine sand of the beach.  She laughed as she 

sat up and let the next wave wash the sand off her front.

"You OK?" Jim called, not sure she could hear him over the sound of the 


"Sure," she called as she got up and waded out towards him.  "That was 

fun," she said when she was close enough to talk without yelling. "I've 

got sand in my bikini, though, ugh."

"Take off your suit and clean it out," Jim suggested.

"What?" she said.

"Who's to see," Jim asked, scanning the empty beach.  "We're a quarter 

mile from the nearest people, and you're under water; there's nothing to 

be modest about…" Jim lost his balance to a wave, and when he came up Eva 

was laughing at him.

He grinned as he saw her bend down to take off her swimsuit's bottom and 

then wade out into deeper water before taking off the top.  As she undid 

the bow that held it on, she lost her balance to another wave.  She came 

up sputtering and yelling something.

Jim couldn't make out what she was yelling until he got closer.  "I let 

go of my swimsuit when that damn wave hit," she said, looking angry.

Jim ducked under the water and looked.  He couldn't see very well under 

the water, but he knew that the white suit ought to be easy to see.  He 

saw his wife standing and occasionally being lifted by a wave, he saw a 

small fish swimming nearby, staying in one place with its head pointed 

towards the beach, but he didn't see a swimsuit.

As he came up, he realized what the fish told him.  "There's a bit of an 

undertow here," he said, "nothing dangerous, but enough to take away a 


"So what do I do?"

"Relax and enjoy it?" Jim suggested, grinning.  She didn't return his 

grin, so he thought about what they had.  "You wore a coverup over your 

bikini on the way here, you can wear it when we walk back to the car."

"But it's almost transparent!"

Jim grinned again.  "We'll walk back through the dunes to the parking 

lot; that way, we won't run into any crowds."

She looked seriously at him and then at the long line of dunes.  The lot 

was behind the lighthouse that rose over the dunes half a mile away, and 

most of the people who used the beach were there as well.  "OK, I guess 

that's as good a plan as any.  Want to go get my shirt and shake out the 

sand before I get out of the water?"

"Why hurry," he said.  "We've hardly been here for 20 minutes, and I like 

seeing you swimming nude."

She looked at him with a pained look, but before she could respond, they 

both lost their balance to a wave.  When Jim came up, Eva was laughing.  

"OK, we'll stay," she said.  "These waves are sort of fun."

Jim caught the next wave and rode it to the sand, then rolled over and 

looked back at Eva.  She floated neck-deep in the water, and as the next 

wave approached her, she looked over her shoulder and then dove forward 

to ride it shoreward.  As she dove, her breasts were briefly out of the 

water, and as she rode the wave, Jim watched her pretty bottom.

As the wave washed back off the sand, Jim looked at Eva's naked body as 

it was briefly exposed on the sand.  She grinned at Jim when she noticed 

his eyes on her, but as the next wave broke over her, she slid back into 

the water with it.  Jim felt his penis slowly relax as she dissapeared 

under the water.

Jim got up and waded back into the surf, following his wife.  She was 

swimming low in the water while he waded, and he almost caught up with 

her when he was tumbled by a wave.  When he came up, she giggled at him.  

"You liked looking at me, didn't you?"

"Yes," he said. "You've got a nice body."

She stood up as the next wave passed and smiled at him as the water fell 

to expose first her breasts, and then very briefly her pubic hair.  Jim 

noticed that her nipples were erect, but he wasn't sure if it was the 

water temperature or sexual excitement.  Before he had a chance to find 

out, they were both tumbled by the next wave.

Eva laughed as they came up.  "Let's ride a wave together and then head 

for the car, OK?"

"OK," Jim said. They stood hand in hand waiting for the right wave, and 

then dove forward as it approached. The wave lifted them, and they slid 

down it's face as it drove them onto the beach.

"Do you mind checking to see if anyone's near?" Eva said, propping her-

self up on her elbows as the next wave washed around her.

Jim got up and looked around, seeing nobody.  "OK," he said, and then 

watched while his wife rolled over on her back to let the next wave wash 

over her naked breasts.  He felt his penis harden as he watched her get 


"That suit's not really made for a hard-on," she said, smiling at him as 

she walked up onto the beach.

"No, … you are pretty, though."

She gave him a gentle kiss, and he felt his penis expanding more as she 

briefly pressed her cool wet breasts against his chest.  Her lips were 

cool at first, but as she kissed him, they grew warm.  He was a bit 

dissapointed when she broke the kiss to bend down and pick up her shirt.

"Come on," she said, walking towards the line of dunes.

"Aren't you going to put the shirt on?"

"I was, but then I realized it would just stick to me and make me look 

like one of those wet T-shirt contest winners.  Anyway, now that I'm out 

here with nothing on, I kind of like it.  I've never been skinny-dipping 

before, but I'd be tempted to do it again."

"You acted like it really bothered you at first."

"I guess it did, but I guess that's just habit. I remember when I was a 

kid, the minister at our church once told a story about skinny-dipping."

"Your minister?"

She laughed. "Yup, he was talking about how we sometimes confuse habits 

with morality."

He fell behind to look at her pretty bottom as she walked across the hot 

sand, and as he watched her, he thought about making love.  By the time 

they reached the dunes, his swimsuit was still wet, but the hot dry air 

of late August had dried his skin.

The face of the dune was steep and Eva paused to put on her coverup 

before trying to climb it.  Jim had thought that he would be disappointed 

when she covered herself, but he'd forgotten the nature of her coverup.

She turned to him after she put it on and asked "how's this look?"  The 

coverup was made as much to show off what was worn under it as to hide 

anything.  It covered her loosely from shoulders to mid-thigh, but when 

she faced him, her breasts showed clearly against the sheer fabric.

"I like it," he said, kissing her and feeling the texture of the fabric 

sliding over her fanny under his hands.  She returned his kiss and gave 

him a quick hug before starting to climb the shifting sands of the dune.  

He liked watching her fanny through her thin cloth as she climbed, but 

she waited for him when she realized he was behind her.

"You know," she said as they reached the top of the dune.  "If the water 

were a bit warmer, it might have been fun to make love in the surf."

Jim felt his penis tighten again.  "I'd like to make love to you now."

She squeezed his hand as they wound their way along the dune top towards 

the distant lighthouse. "Out here, in public?"

"What public?" he asked.

She hugged him as they walked on.  "If we had a blanket or even a beach 

towel, I'd go along with you, but I don't like the idea of digging sand 

out of myself."

"Sorry, I hadn't thought of that," Jim said.  They came to a break in the 

line of dunes and had to scramble down and back up to the ridge, and as 

they reached the top, Jim had an idea.  "Want to try it with you on top?"

She stopped walking and looked at him.  "Are you serious?"


She walked away from him along the dune top; the way she walked made it 

obvious that she wanted to think by herself, so Jim let her walk ahead.  

While she walked ahead, he admired her, enjoying the play of the sun on 

and through her coverup as it rippled in the wind.  She walked on the 

sand between low hummocks of grass and scrub cherry that grew on the top 

of the dune, then climbed one of the taller hummocks.

After a pause to look around, she walked down towards him, smiling as her 

breasts bouncied pleasantly under her coverup.  "Let's do it!" she said 

as they came together.  "Come on!"

His penis hardened as he followed her to a nearby hollow in the top of 

the dune.  As they entered the hollow, she slipped off the coverup and 

hung it on one of the scrub cherry trees growing to one side of the 

hollow.  He looked at her as she stood surveying the hollow, and then 

slid out of his swimsuit and set it on the scrub next to her coverup.

Eva held out her hands to him as she looked at his erect penis, and then 

came into his arms and kissed him.  Her erect nipples gently brushed his 

chest as they kissed, and then she pressed herself tightly against him as 

they hugged.

"This is fun," she whispered, pausing briefly.  "Come on!" She led him to 

a grassy tussock, and continued to stand as he sat on it.  The grass was 

hot and it tickled his bottom as he sat on it, but he hardly noticed it.  

She stood in front of him at arm's length looking down at his erect 

penis, then knelt in front of him with her hands behind his head.

His ran his hands slowly up and down her the soft skin of her waist, and 

then pulled her towards him to kiss her breast.  He kissed the soft skin 

around her erect nipples, and then began gently sucking.  She pulled his 

head to her breast and stroked his hair as he sucked harder, and as he 

ran his hands over her fanny, she pressed her hips against his stomach.

He could feel the moisture between her legs, and as she rocked her hips, 

her thigh brushed his erect penis.  He held her hips and pushed gently 

down while he let go of her nipple and began kissing his way up towards 

her neck.  His lips tingled with every kiss, and his penis stiffened in 

anticipation as she straddled him.

She gently brushed the mouth of her vagina against the tip of his penis, 

then slowly engulfed him.  He hugged her to him as he felt her sliding 

down over him, then kissed her under the chin as they began to rock.  She 

pressed herself tightly against him, and with each gentle rock of her 

hips, he felt a rising tension in himself.

She kissed him gently on the lips, and as she gently rocked in his lap, 

her tongue met his.  Her hands pulled at him as he touched her back, and 

then she broke the kiss with a moan and began grinding her hips.  The 

distant sound of the surf blended with the pounding of his heart as she 

shuddered and sighed in his lap, and as she climaxed, she pulled him to 

her and kissed him fiercely on the mouth.

She she leaned back with her arms around him and smiled a gentle smile, 

but he was too excited to notice.  As she began pumping herself up and 

down on his penis, he reached for her breasts, fondling them briefly 

until the sensation of her engulfing vagina overwhelmed him.  His climax 

was convulsive; he thrusting his penis into her as she sat down hard in 

his lap, and then he held her tightly for a long time as he relaxed in 

the afterglow of his orgasm.

"That was fun," she said quietly, still holding onto his his limp penis 

with her vagina.

He smiled back at her, feeling a bit dissapointed as she got up off him 

and smiled down at his penis as it glistened in the sun. He didn't want 

to talk yet, but when she handed him his swimsuit, he brushed the sand 

off his fanny and put it on before he followed her up out of the hollow 

in the dunes towards the parking lot.

They had to scramble down two more breaks in the line of dunes and climb 

to the next dune top before they finally walked down the irregular back 

of the dune to the parking lot.  They could hear the voices of children 

playing near the lighthouse as they walked into the half-full lot, but 

nobody was in sight as Jim and Eva walked over the hot sand to the car.

He finally spoke as he sat in the driver's seat. "I hope you don't mind 

what we did."

She smiled at him, then reached over and kissed him.  "Nope.  That was an 

expensive bikini, but it was worth it."



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