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Archive-name: SpecMome/blksuede.txt


Archive-title: Black Suede



     I had been excited about going to the party for at least a

week.  It was a big one, the last before I graduated, and all my

friends were going to be there.  As usual, I "dressed" for the

party, wearing things that I would never wear under normal cir-



     I wore the black suede mini-skirt, so soft that it practi-

cally *invites* people to touch it, with tempting zippers down

the sides.  The shirt was the red, silk almost-but-not-quite see

through one, another garment that begged to be touched.  Shiny

black pumps added a nice sway to my walk, unusual since I almost

never wear heels.  A read sash tied around my neck (with the knot

on the right, of course!) added the finishing touch.


     Well, I thought it was the finishing touch.  He didn't.  He

pulled out the ankle cuffs - simple ones, very esthetic...a strip

of black leather, with a slot in one end cut for the D-ring on

the other, and small brass locks to hold them shut.  The black

leather matched my skirt and shoes, and were set off nicely by

the white stockings.  They looked very good, but I was very

surprised.  I had worn them before, but never in public, in front

of everyone I knew!


     But the cuffs set the tone for the evening, making sure my

mind was firmly set on sex.  Should my mind waver to other

things, the unusual feel of the heels, the exposedness of the

(short!) miniskirt, and the tap of the locks against my ankles

would quickly remind me to keep alert!


     The party went very well.  Good friends, good music, good

drink, what more could I ask?  But in addition to that, I got

*stares*!  The cuffs attracted many of was embarrass-

ing, but that was minor compared to the excitement the stares

generated.  I felt so exposed, so sexual, so vulnerable.  Before

this, most of my friends didn't even realize "about" us...and

here I was wearing cuffs in public.  Now everyone *knew*, and

that thought was almost unbearably exciting.


     Of course, my outfit caused stares even once people got used

to the cuffs.  I was turning heads, and I loved it!  The zippers

on the skirt started the party all the way down (closed), but as

the evening wore on, he kept instructing me to open them up more

and more.  I was flirting quite heavily with a number of people,

and the reactions I was getting were great.


     As my sense of vulnerability and exposure increased, so did

my arousal.  By midway through the party, I could hardly concen-

trate on dancing, and my underwear was rather wet.  (I had the

nervous feeling that *everyone* could tell this, as I was wearing

bright red underwear, and the skirt hid little.)  It didn't help

much that the clothes actually *did* invite touches, many of

them, from many different people.  I was going crazy!


     He could tell how frustrated I was, but he wasn't ready to

leave yet.  Instead he whispered in my ear how sexy I was, ex-

plaining the things he wanted to do to me, and gave me private

touches that I was sure everyone saw.


     I was careful to keep my alcohol consumption low enough so

that I wouldn't be functionally useless for the rest of the

night, but I did have enough to get me tipsy.  The drink lowered

my inhibitions further, making me flaunt and flirt even more than

I already was.  By the time he was ready to leave, I was so horny

it ached.  And he knew it!


     He continued teasing me as we walked back to the car.  It

was a beautiful night (morning, actually, as it was about three

when we left.)  The recent rain left a refreshing smell and cool

breeze behind.  The breeze made my nipples stand out even more

than they had been all evening, which he noticed; and responded

to by grabbing them.  I groaned, as he teased and squeezed my

extremely sensitive nipples.


     By this time we were about back to the car.  Rather than

opening the door for me, though, as he usually does, he led me by

my nipples to the back of the car, and told me to lean against

it.  Nervous and excited, I complied (of course.)  He faced me,

and reached  under my shirt and bra, and continued teasing my

nipples, while licking and biting my neck.  I moaned loudly, and

felt myself melt beneath his touch.


     The parking lot we were in was basically deserted, being so

late at night.  However, we were in plain view of the windows in

the dorm, some of which were lighted.  Also, the occasional

party-goer passed, returning to his or her car.  My exhibitionist

streak was in high gear, as my arousal mounted breath-takingly.


     He instructed me to remove my shirt and bra, which I did,

leaving me exposed to the chill and to whoever might care to

glance out their window.  He started sucking and nibbling my

nipples, and his hands left my breast, and wandered beneath my

skirt, pushing the wet panties out of the way, and gently explor-

ing the wetness underneath.  Suddenly he removed his hands, and

slid the zipper on one side of my skirt all the way up, removing

the skirt entirely.  I gasped, and looked around, panicked,

seeing if anyone could see me.  Before I could finish my scan,

though, he commanded my attention by simultaneously squeezing my

nipple *hard*, and slipping a finger inside me.


     I forgot to worry about who would see me and simply gave in

to the pleasure.  By the time he reached down and, with one

graceful motion (and with some help from my feet) removed my

panties, I was on the verge of orgasm, and certainly in no posi-

tion to worry about something like embarrassment.  I was standing

in a parking lot in the middle of campus stark naked except for

shoes, the sash around my neck, and of course, the cuffs, and all

I could think about was getting him inside me!


     He obliged.  He told me to bend my knees a bit, and lean

back against the car, with my legs spread.  He opened his own

zipper, and thrust hard inside me.  I gasped and started coming

almost immediately.  I generally orgasm, uh, loudly, and this was

no exception.  I could hear my own cries echoing across the

parking lot, and I knew that everyone in the whole area could

hear me.


     This went on forever.  Actually only for about ten minutes,

but it felt like forever.  At one point, someone walked by on the

street.  I have no idea if he looked over, or heard me...while he

was there we stopped thrusting, and I stifled my noise, but

continued to come.  Even harder, in fact!


     When it was over, we both collapsed against the car for a

few minutes, recovering.  It didn't take me long, though, to come

to my senses and realize what we had done, and the fact that I

was still stark naked in the middle of the parking lot.  I quick-

ly put my clothes on, and hurriedly got in the car.  But the warm

glow stayed with me the whole way home, and to this day I smile

whenever I pass that spot...




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