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Archive-name: SpecMome/


Archive-title: Bliss

	You know what'd be nice?  To be asleep in bed with you... to feel

your warm body pressing against mine, snuggled against you as I slept.  No

doubt I'd be dreaming erotic dreams from the feel of your body, and I'd

wake, hungry for you.  But I wouldn't want to wake you abrubtly and demand

sex from you, no matter how willing you'd be to give it to me.  I'd want

you to wake as slowly and pleasantly as I did.  So at first I'd gently

stroke you back, careful not to do it too lightly in case I tickled you.

Then my hand would move lower, to your hips, and I'd place gentle kisses

on your shoulders.

	As you slowly awoke, my hand would become more assertive, and I'd

start stroking your penis and balls.  You'd snuggle closer to me with a

sigh of contentment as you finally became completely awake, realising what

was happening.  And then you'd start gently teasing me, stroking my body

with your hands, delicately kissing me with you lips, and softly nipping at

my flesh.  You'd move down low, so the only part of you my hands could

reach would be your head, and you'd nibble and tease at my thighs, until I

could almost bear it no longer.

	I would spread my legs wide and part my lips, silently begging you

to taste the juices that would be flowing freely by this stage.  You'd grin

evilly and bend down, lightly ficking your tongue over me, making me squirm

uncontrollably.  Your tongue would stroke me more firmly, feeling the hard

bud of my clitoris, and tasing my arousal.  You would slide a finger inside

me, and I'd gasp in pleasure, feeling the tension building up inside me.


	By this stage, I'd be wanting to share the feeling with you, so

I'd tug at you shoulders, trying to pull you closer.  You'd be reluctant,

but my insistance would win, and you'd move up over me.

	But now I'd take you by surprise and push you onto your back.

I'd straddle your body, and move down lower, taking you into my mouth.

I'd suck you gently, then flicker my tongue over the head, then suck more

firmly.  Finally I'd stroke you with my mouth, taking you deep inside me.

But not for long - I would be careful you didn't come yet, you'd have to

wait for me.

	I'd pull away to fit one of the condoms you left out onto you, then

I'd shift forward and slowly and carefully push you inside me.  Moving very

slowly at first,so as not to make you come prematurely, I'd rock my hips,

feeling you thrusting deep inside me.  I'd increase the pace, as my peak got

closer, moaning softly with pleasure.  I'd feel your body tense beneath me

just before you came, and this would trigger my own orgasm, and you'd feel

my body shudder.

	Afterwards I would snuggle up to you, half wrapped around your body,

stroking you and feeling completely relaxed in the after-glow.  Slowly our

breathing would return to normal, and the sweat would dry on our bodies.

I'd run my fingers lightly over your stomach, tickling you, and you'd grab

my hand and hold me closer.  I'd press my hips against yours, and rub them

gently, feeling you begin to be aroused again....



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