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Archive-title: Bitter-Sweet

The floorboards of the old building creaked and groaned alarmingly as I 

returned to the room, having spoken to the restaurant manager and 

ensured a quiet table.  His eyes had told me that he saw through my 

pretense, but that he was content for us both to maintain the polite 

fiction, to account for two people of such diverse ages together. 

Frankly, I didn't care what he thought, and suspected that he was 

jealous, so I was smiling a little smugly to myself as I opened the 

door to our room.

The self-satisfaction was replaced with a leap and gasp of suprise as I 

saw Jenny waiting for me.  The black of the clinging evening dress set 

her tan off to perfection, and made her blond  hair gleam in contrast.  

For a few moments, I was content to simply stand and admire the spectacle, 

then she dodged nimbly away as I reached my arms out for her.

"No, I just fixed my make-up!", she laughed, knowing it would tease me.

I got lucky, trapped her in the corner of the wall, and very thoroughly 

removed all her lipstick, by the simple and blissfully enjoyable method 

of kissing it all away.

She pouted, and pretended to sulk when we broke apart. "Now I have to 

fix it all over again - just to give you time to change", and, with a 

grin over her shoulder, she flounced theatrically into the bathroom.

We'd showered before my visit to book the table, and I smiled at the 

warmth of the recent memories as I changed. As usual I struggled with my

cufflinks, and was still getting my tie straight when Jenny reappeared, 

makeup immaculate.  "You ready yet ?  Honestly, you men ! You complain 

about us girls taking a long time, even though we only do it for 

you...."  She stuck her tongue out at my expression, and grinned.

"Well, I've got to send a postcard to the guys in the office, so I'm 

going down to the desk and drop it in the box.  You can join me when 

you're _finally_ ready...", she tossed over her shoulder as she opened 

the door, and I heard the floorboards tracing her progress down the 

corridor.  The view from the back of her evening dress was every bit as 

breathtaking as that from the front.

Checking my tie in the mirror ( I _hate_ bow-ties!!!), I opened the 

suit-hanger in the closet and lifted out my jacket.  I was reasonably 

sure that Jenny hadn't noticed that the dark trousers I wore were 

actually the bottom part of a tuxedo, nor had she seen the suit, so I 

was counting on a small element of suprise, and checked the fit and 

cuffs of the white jacket carefully. Who says only women make an effort ?

I paused to slip a small package out of my case and into my pocket, then 

closed the door behind me, creaking my way down the passage to the head 

of the wide wooden staircase.  Definitely a "grand entrance" down a 

staircase like this, and I had to supress a grin at Jenny's expression, 

as I squared up my shoulders and locked eyes with her all the way down 

to the lobby.  Neither of us spoke as I tucked her arm in mine and led 

her toward the restaurant.


I rushed to get ready, he had mumbled something about going on an

errand before we were to go out, I assumed he wanted to call his

office and needed privacy, thus I questioned him not when I heard

the clank of his keys just before he shut the door to our room.

My make up I had to apply twice, I hated the stuff, but I never

could go without a little bit to help hide some of my imperfections,

or rather the lot of them.  I chose a black cotton dress that was plain

yet simple and elegant.  He had given me no clue to where we were 

going or what we were doing, even at my protests that had led to 

a persuasion of pleasure, but he said nothing, so I could only guess.

Either way black would work for classy or not, whatever his plans.

I smiled thinking of the pleasure he made me feel, and how comfortable

I was with him.  He knew exactly where to touch me to make me squirm,

he knew how to probe me to make me beg, he knew just how to make

me scream and cry, and he knew just when to take the final plunge 

to unite with me so we could moan together.  He knew me so well, and

it sent shivers up and down my spine of fear and excitement.  We were

old friends, yet new aquaintences....old lovers, being born!  Such


He came back shortly after I finished getting ready and he cornered

me and kissed me, ruining my lipstick, not that it would have stayed

on anyway.  I liked the way his eyes lit up when he saw me, with pleasure 

combined with pride in his eyes.  He approved of the way I looked tonite

and that made me release my breath, realizing I had been holding 

it in for the slightest acceptance from him.  Returning to the bathroom,

I reapplied my lipstick, wondering why the hell I was going to bother

for it would either be kissed off again, or eaten off during dinner 

and all over my wine glass, but I did just the same.  I laughed at

him struggling over his tie, then I tossed over my shoulder, grabbing

my purse as I headed for the door, " Honestly you men!  You complain

about us girls taking a long time, even though we only do it for

you....well I've got to send a postcard to the guys at the office, 

so I'm going down to the desk and drop it in the box.  You can join

me when you're finally ready."  And with that I shut the door.  Damn

the floor boards..honestly, they made so much noise!

Descending the ornate staircase I felt like a princess, yet I 

felt out of place, I didn't do justice to the staircase, I 

had no right walking down it, in a simple dress such as the

one I had on, I should be in a long evening gown, and the 

setting should be the 16th century.  Letting my mind wander

and fantasize and transport me to another era, I bumped into

another guest on the way down.  He was drunk and upset me,

but I ignored him and floated down the staircase looking

at people trying to imagine them in full regalia.  Snapping

to attention as the manager of the resturant came forward

to me, and straight at me.  "You enjoying your stay with

us Ms. ....?"  He stammered, the nosy bastard!  

"Yes, thank-you, everything has been wonderful.  Good 

evening."  I didn't give him a chance to see how I was shaking,

nor the smug smile of satisfaction I let creep across my face as

I was further away from him, let him stew on that.  Anything

he could imagine about us was either true or

partly true.  And manager's were leeches anyhow; they sucked

up to paying customer's until one with more `blood' came

into target!

Dropping the postcards to the guys and several others to 

my varied friends, I wandered around looking at the art-deco

of the hotel and subconsciously I watched the people, wondering

what was taking him so long.  Someone was staring at me, I could

feel it; shivering I scanned the room behind me, few people

moving aboout a man in a tux was coming down the stairs,

and several people were coming into the hotel; the big leech

was lining up for the big drain....  The tux!  That was him! Turning

my gaze to him, his eyes locked with mine; I could see the mischief

in his eyes from where I stood, 30 feet from the banister, and 

I approached him and waited.  Nervously I smiled and his smile

made me feel calmer, but I was still nervous; where were we

going and what was in store, would I embarrass him, by anything

I would do or heart was pulsating inside my head so

loud I didn't see or hear anything...thousands of thoughts ran

through my head as he linked his arm with mine and began 

walking, and I followed his lead.


The hotel was mostly full of professional types, salesmen and 

travellers, with a few family parties and couples like us, so there was 

quite a mix of people in the cocktail bar as we entered.  I pushed open 

the glass-panelled wooden doors and handed Jenny into the room, noting 

the appreciative looks from the men already in there, and glances of 

cooler appraisal from the women.  I revelled in their momentary jealousy, 

and felt Jenny tense just a little, but the conversations resumed their 

tempo quickly, and I placed a hand on the tanned skin of Jenny back to 

steer her toward the bar.  The feelings transmitted from that contact 

went straight from the palm of my hand to my groin, and I cleared my 

throat as a displacement.  Jenny glanced at me, saw the look in my eyes 

and smiled. She knew.

Seating ourselves on barstools, we ordered drinks. I remembered the girl 

behind the bar from years before, when I had come here on business, like 

many of the tired, harassed-looking people in the bar tonight.   One or 

two of them looked relaxed and affable - the successful, secure ones.  

The rest looked worried, pressed for time.  I had to look down into my 

drink to hide a grin as I compared my own memories of days on the road, 

feeling just like them, with the way I felt tonight. Not for me the 

fatigue at the end of another day's driving and hassling. 

Here I was, with my petite suntanned lover beside me, near the end of two 

completely insane weeks of stolen affection.  In just a couple of days, 

each of us would have to return to our different lives, and the dream 

would end - but the memories !  Neither of us would ever be the same again, 

both would go forward enriched and renewed, with an extra dimension to 

our lives.

I realized, with a start, that somebody was speaking to me.  Jenny

looked at me quizzically as I recalled my thoughts to the here-and-now 

to answer the maitresse d'hotel, taking our dinner order.  The important 

business attended to, I turned back to face Jenny, who put her glass 

down and leaned toward me to murmur "Where were you, just then ?"

I laughed, "Oh, a few years ago and a few years in the future.  Just 

daydreaming".   "The future ?  Mmm, we have to face it soon, don't we ? 

Bitter-sweet memories, eh, lover ?" Her smile had a wry twist, and her 

dimples showed as she laughed it off.  "Well, it's not over yet, and the 

night is young. What do you have in mind for this evening......." The 

question trailed off on a quizzical note of innuendo that sent a tingle 

through my belly and caused an agricultural-machinery salesman on the 

next stool to choke on his drink.

The maitresse returned and caught my eye from the door, so I stood and 

helped Jenny down from her stool. As I took her arm and we moved away, 

the salesman stared hard at me, and brushed gin-and-tonic from his tie.

I knew what he wanted to ask, but I didn't have an answer for him, so I 

avoided his eye.  How could I tell _him_ what I'd done to deserve this, 

when I didn't know myself ?

The dining-room was all oak panels and silver, and I felt, rather than 

saw, Jenny pause beside me and take it all in, breathing in the age of 

the place, letting the quiet sense of age and dignity work its magic.

A waiter held the chair for her, robbing me of the chance to fuss over 

her a little, but she wouldn't have noticed anyway, she was still 

devouring the room with her eyes. 

"What a lovely place!" she breathed, and her eyes glowed in the 

light reflecting from the tableware.  We didn't speak much as the meal 

was served, with quiet efficiency, then the conversation was mostly 

about the food and the adventures of the day, for a while, so we were 

finishing the last of the wine with our coffee before Jenny raised her 

eyes to my face and said, quietly and calmly "Well, only another two 

days - more to the point, two nights!" and smiled very directly into my 

eyes.  Candlelight glanced from a drop of wine on her wet lips, her 

cheeks were slightly flushed, and her eyes very wide, in the subdued 


The table was in a quiet corner, and the experienced staff were acting 

on the instinct that told them to stay away until we needed them, so 

nobody was listening as I said "Fifteen nights gone, and I think we've 

achieved most of what we set out to do, haven't we ? We seem to 

have explored most of the torments that wouldn't leave a scar, and 

you've screamed several of those nights away, haven't you ?"

Jenny nodded, looking down to the tablecloth and blushing at a memory.

"Well, lover", she laughed, "I've certainly suffered at your hands so 

far, what comes next ?"   "There's one thing I haven't used to bind you 

with, which I'm going to put you in tonight.  It's stronger and less 

easily escaped than anything I've put on you so far."  Jenny's eyes 

widened as she tried to imagine what could be worse than the straps and 

chains with which I'd tormented her to ectsacy.  I had to supress a 

smile at the thought of what I had in mind, and the visible thrill that 

Jenny's imagination was sending through her. Through the thin fabric of 

her dress, I could make out her nipples stirring, and she shifted in her 

chair. If I could run my hand between her legs now, she would be hot and 

wet, but she was too far away on the other side of the table.

Jenny laughed nervously, then coughed to cover up her disquiet. "So, how 

much longer do I have ? Do we need to go up now ?"

"Oh, no, I don't think we need to hurry away.  We can put your chains on 

here, if you like.   More wine ?"

Jenny's hand flew to her open mouth, and she blushed beautifully, all the 

way down to the top of her breasts.  "Here ?  You wouldn't dare! Ummm.."

Relishing the moment, and knowing with absolute certainty that she was 

now thoroughly wet and trembling, I sat back and sipped the last of my 


"Oh, yes I would, as you should know by now.  Now, give me your hands."

Visibly shaking, she extended both hands toward me along the tablecloth, 

palms down flat on the table.  I watched her face as I reached into the 

inside of my jacket and produced a small bag.  "Close your eyes"

" You can't do this to me here ! I just can't, in front of all these 

......"  "I _said_ close your eyes."  Biting her lower lip, she obeyed.

Opening the bag, withdrew a short length of gold chain, with a tiny gold 

padlock on the end, and trailed the end of the cahin across both her 

wrists.  "Keep your eyes closed!" I warned, in response to the squirming 

of uncertainty.

I snapped the little padlock around her left wrist, and sat back. "Now, 

Jenny, you wear your slave's chains.  They bind you, not to me, but to 

the experiences we have shared, and which you will take home with you.

When you meet your next lover, perhaps your future husband, you'll have 

this slave-chain on your wrist, still tying you to the certain knowledge 

of your own sexuality, which you've learned here with me.  I've been your 

master, you've been my slave, now I'm getting ready to send you out to 

find your own way again, and, one day, you'll meet the real master of 

your heart, and surrender to him, and he may wish to remove my chains 

and replace them with his own, of love and needing.   When you find him, 

he will have the key to this chain.  Until then, I bind you to yourself.

Now open your eys and kiss me."


Nervously I licked my lips, what was he going to do to me, I obeyed

him, I'd learned protesting did no good, and he would never hurt

me or embarrass me, so I held out my wrists and closed my eyes.  I 

felt something cold touch my wrist, I couldn't imagine what he

was doing, until he told me to open my eyes, and I slowly did, 

half out of curiosity and half not wanting to at all.  

Fastened to my left wrist was the prettiest, dantiest bracelet

with a small padlock on it for a charm...I was touched, and 

I listened to my lover telling me that it represented the experiences

we'd shared and my sexuality and I was so touched my heart 

welled into my throat and tears brimmed my eyes.  "...and kiss

me."  He said.  I got right up and walked around the table to him

and kissed him, squarely on the mouth, tears still in my eyes,

and I hugged him.  "You are more wonderful than words lover, let's

go upstairs, please.  I only have 2 nights left and I'm about to 

make a spectacle of myself."

"Jenny dear, you could never do that."  He stood and placed his

arm about my waist holding me, and kissed my hair.  Tears

threatning to spill, I moved my left hand to his face up and 

slightly behind me and kissed his cheek twisting my head slightly

but not my body, "..i love you ..."  I said softly.  He squeezed

my waist in response.  He was about to get emotional as well.

One of the things I admired the most about this man, was that he wasn't

into any of that macho crap about men crying, if he got emotional

he showed it, like now.  I could hear the tremor in his voice.

Bleary eyed he guided me from the room and I saw some people

staring at us; obviously moved by what they had just witnessed,

and in some of their eyes I could see they readjusted their early

synopsis of the two of us, ours was not the common older-man,

younger-woman affair; these two people genuinely cared for one

another, and that's all they cared about.  All I cared about 

was showing him just how much love he'd welled up inside of me

at his simple gesture.  We walked through the lounge, two 

lover's holding onto each other, both with tears in our eyes

and smiling at each other, no spoken words.  We walked slowly up 

the stairs and into our room, I turned to _my_ man and began kissing

him, with all the welled up passion in me, yet gently, and he

returned them, we had all night for loving; this was going to 

be the sweetest night of loving and I would treasure this

memory along with the rest for the rest of my life: I had this

night and another to pack a lifetime of loving into, for it

would most likely be the last, tears streaming down my face 

at maudlin thoughts and love it was my last thought that 

ran through my head as I eased him out of his jacket.  We were crazy, 

then, hardly speaking; our minds and bodies 

communicated wildly..the night lasted forever...we took 

a long time loving and caring and when we finally came together

we cried in unison, passion being torn from us, while our

tears of love  and having to part meshed and there we slept in the 

aftermath, two lovers who cared deeply for each other, I

cuddled into the crook of his arm, my head on his chest, silent

tears still running from my eyes as I slept in peace, he breathing

as evenly as I, still holding me, one last tear escaping his eye

as well.  The morning would come soon enough.


Eyes moist, Jenny looked at her wrist, at the gold encircling it and the

little lock.  Without a word, she rose and circled the table, bending to

press trembling lips to mine.  I rose, and, hand in hand, we left the

restaurant.   Crossing the lobby, we met Mr Agricultural Equipment,

slightly the worse for several more gin-and-tonics.  Swaying a little,

he stood aside to let us pass, and, as Jenny rested her curls on my

chest, I gave him a look that just said "Don't ask me, pal.  I'm just


I locked the door and turned into the darkened room as Jenny came toward

me, eyes brimming with unshed tears, and her outline blurred as I wanted

to cry with her, tears of joy mingled with rage and sorrow

that, soon, it would all be over, the happiness of our time shrivelling in the

dead, choking air of an aiport, as she got onto the plane taking her out of

my life, possibly for ever.

But that was a day and a half way yet, this was now, this was tonight,

this was still _our_ time, as Jenny threw herself at me and crushed her

face to my shirt.  Through the sadness, I felt the need for her rising

again in me.  As we kissed - hard, hot, deep kisses this time, her hands

slid my jacket off, and began searching for the buttons on my shirt.

I slid my hands down her tanned, bare back to hold her buttocks and pull

her hips into mine, leaning back as she thumped at my chest in anger.

"Shit, love, I can't get these undone !", she laughed, then her

expression changed to one of wicked glee. "So, I'm not going to

bother..."  I felt her hands clutch my shirt into two bunches across my

chest, then buttons flew and fabric tore as Jenny literally tore the

shirt from me.

Anticipating the next stage, I kicked my shoes off and unbuttoned my

pants, so that they pulled away without tearing. Jenny was laughing

and kissing my chest at the same time, and I laughed with her, sharing

the abandon, revelling in the madness, and laughing at the image of

myself wearing nothing but blue nylon socks and an erection.  There is

something faintly ludicrous about the naked male form anyway, but give

it a pair of socks, and you guarantee to raise a smile.  I bent, slipped

them off and straightened, catching Jenny around the waist.  "Now,

little lady, your turn........"

"No, you bastard, don't you...." she gasped, breathless, as I seized her

hair and held her head back for a very long kiss, which turned into a

series of bites around her neck and shoulders, and, suddenly, I found my

hands on her dress over her breasts, and I didn't want the fabric in the

way, so I pulled, sharply.  One side of the dress ripped away, exposing

her full firm left breast, and she gave a low cry as I tore the rest

of her dress, top to bottom, throwing it away across the room.

For a moment, we froze, in tableau, shocked by the violence of our own

emotions, then Jenny laughed out loud and flung her arms around my neck,

bearing me back onto our bed.  Standing, for a brief moment, she tore

her own briefs away and laughed, "I know how to take the steam out of

your boiler, buster..."

Throwing herself across my legs, Jenny began rubbing her exposed groin 

up and down my thighs, "accidentally" brushing her downy pubic hair 

against my erection.  Her breasts swung with the motion, and I grabbed 

one in each hand, kneading and rolling the tan flesh, hearing her gasp 

and sigh as I teased her nipples to erect attention.   Jenny ran her 

hands, palms flat, across her belly and down to her groin, then to mine, 

and I felt her fingers on me, lifting and guiding me into her.  She was 

hot and wet already, and her tight muscles closed around me fiercely.

Straightening her legs, she then drove down onto me, hard and fast, 

sending me deep into her, and she began thrusting quickly, giving a 

little grunt with each stroke, her eyes closed, her mouth open for air.

A little of this was more than enough for me, and I felt the gathering 

pressure in my balls, then all too soon, the familiar liquid explosion 

as I came deep within her.

Breathing deeply to regain my composure, I watched Jenny as she eased 

herself off and knelt beside me on the bed.  She bent and kissed my 

mouth, all the savage fervour gone, and _that_ grin back in evidence....

"Well, love, does that take the edge of your appetite, for a while ?   Well, 

now it's myyyyy turn!"  Jenny straddled my chest, and treated me to an 

extremely intimate view of her inner self, spread before my eyes, only a 

few inches away.

I reached up and pinched her lightly on her ass, and she squealed and 

jumped up a few inches, lifting herself from my chest.  Before she came 

down again, I slid my body down the bed, and when she relaxed her thigh 

muscles, Jenny's pussy came down squarely onto my mouth.   "Ooh, you 

sneaky baaaaaa....uhhh!", she managed, as I licked all the way from the 

rear of her lips to the front, just over her clitoris, which was trying 

to hide.  

I reached my hands in from around her thighs, and lightly spread Jenny's 

lips, exposing the swelling bud of her clit.  Placing my mouth over it, 

I sucked the lips gently up and out, and flicked my tongue lightly, then 

harder, over and around that special spot, and was rewarded by hearing 

Jenny gasp, then moan almost continuously.   Her thigh muscles each side 

of my face begin to spasm, and, after about ten minutes of this tender 

attention, I saw, from my privileged viewpoint, her belly mucles 

begin to quiver, and, at the same time, I felt her vagina contracting 

and pulling at my tongue as, head thrown back, she sobbed and gasped for 

air, trying to talk, scream and breathe at the same time.

"I don't...  please... no... I ca...  Ohhhhhh!  Uh.. Uh....Uuuuhh!", she 

sobbed, like a heartbroken child, her muscles bunching and clutching 

beyond her control, tears pouring down her face, sweat covering her body 

and mine, her fluids covering my face as she drew in a huge breath and 

held it for longer than I would have imagined, before throwing her head 

back and crying her fulfillment at the ceiling.  The people in the next 

room certainly weren't sleeping tonight.

After Jenny had rested, it was my turn again, but that, as they say, is 

another story...................



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