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Archive-name: SpecMome/bikerace.txt

Archive-author: Ric Carlson

Archive-title: Bike Race

                            For Lois Daniele

      Each time she pushed with her legs, she felt the pressure decrease

      on her pussy.  The movements had been continuous for some time

      now.  The control was all hers.  The rhythm of the movements she

      was making were driving her crazy.  She pumped faster, drove her

      body higher.

      It was a perfect fit between her legs, allowing both her pussy and

      her clit to feel the effects of her movement.  She was so wet that

      she almost lost control as she slid across it.  She had known it

      would be good before she started.  Even though she knew she could

      lose control, she still did it.

      Her body welcomed it's hardness.  The narrow tip with the body

      that widened toward the base seemed to conform to her receptive

      pussy.  She could feel every inch of it as her legs seemed to

      cradle it and guide it toward her cunt.

      Her legs were pumping faster now, taking her toward the finish.

      She knew she was going to cum again, soon.  Bending forward, she

      felt the change on her pussy, felt the hardness as it rubbed her

      clit.  Her breathing was getting faster.  With each push of her

      legs she felt the movement of it away from her pussy and then the

      ecstasy as it's hardness crashed back into her, pushing between

      the lips of her cunt.  She sensed the finish coming near and

      worked harder to get there, to CUM.

      Her body exploded in another  orgasm just as she finished.  Her

      legs stopped pumping as she coasted to a stop.  She had won the

      bike race. Her body had won also.  The rubbing of the seat against

      her pussy had rewarded her throughout the race with orgasms.  Her

      body was so wet from sweat that no one would ever know why she

      liked bike racing so much.

      She looked over and saw him standing there.  she knew his cock

      would be hard, waiting for her.  He knew the effect these races

      had on her.  He was the reason her legs were so strong.  It would

      not be long now, before she was sitting on top of him, feeling his

      cock slide between the lips of her pussy.  It would feel so much

      better then the bike seat.



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