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Archive-name: SpecMome/

Archive-author: anonymous

Archive-title: Bedtime

At last, we're alone.  Ever since your return, we've been

surrounded.  Your friends, my friends, our friends.  All

day long, I've been looking at you.  Relearning the way

you look, the way you move.  Wanting to have you to myself

as soon as possible.  Well, now it's possible.  We've seen

everyone off, and it's bedtime.  So now, behind three sets

of closed doors, we are alone.  

We stand by the bed on the cold hardwood floor.  I turn

off the light and look at you in the cool moonglow

streaming through the windows.  I've never told you how

wonderful you look in your nightclothes, even though

you're only wearing a t-shirt and sweats, the same as me.

I think you can tell from the look in my eyes how much I

love you, how much I've missed having you with me.

We move to each other, and my arms wrap around you as

yours encircle me.  We stand, unmoving, feeling each

other's warmth, glorying in having something substantial

to hold on to.  No more dream-hugs, waking to find my arms

clenched tightly across my chest.  Now my arms are around

you, and I know that you'll still be here in the morning.

We move apart, ever so slightly, and look into each

other's eyes.  Our faces move closer, and our lips meet

for the first time in what seems like years.  We kiss

tenderly, then firmly, our passion restrained, then

wanton.  Your lower lip quivers as i run my tongue along

it, then you follow suit, licking my lips as I taste you

again, for the first time.

I move my lips across your cheek, nibbling at your flesh,

approaching your ear.  I reach it, and whisper what I've

wanted to scream out loud this whole day long:

                    "I love you."

The words, and the rush of air accompanying them, cause a

wave to flow over you.  I hold you as your body trembles.

You hold me tighter and tighter still.  Still we stand,

together and in love.

Your hands loosen their grip on my body and I feel them

traveling up and down my back, your fingertips playing

across the back of my shirt.  I do the same for you,

rubbing your muscles through the cotton. Muscles sore from

travel and heavy baggage begin to loosen as we rub each

other, pressing our bodies together, kissing, then

hugging, then rubbing some more.

I run a fingertip along the collar of your shirt, lightly

touching your skin.  Your breath catches in your throat.

I lightly kiss your cheeks, your forehead, your lips, 

then pull back to look at your face.  Your eyes sparkle as

you smile at me.  I feel warmed inside, and smile back.

Your hands slide under my shirt and across my back.  I

feel your fingers dancing lightly on my skin, and I shiver

through the heat that builds within me.

My hands find their way under your shirt and around your

waist as you link your fingers and drop your hands to the

small of my back.  We hold each other tightly again,

pressing our bodies together at the hips as your mouth

seeks mine.

You kiss my lips, my cheek, my temple.  I move my face

past yours and press it into your hair.  I breathe deeply,

and you feel the air of the room moving across your scalp

as I inhale.  Your skin tingles.

My hands move up your back as I move my head, first

to kiss you, then out of the way as I lift your shirt

higher.  The night air is cool on your back, my hands

warm as they move across your skin.

You raise your arms above your head, and I pull your shirt

over your head, leaving it hanging between your arms as I

move my hands back down, caressing your torso with my

palms, rubbing your skin to keep it warm.  The warmth

spreads from your torso to the rest of you, and you

feel a heat begin to grow in that part of your body which

remains covered.

I pull your shirt from your arms and you lower them, then

remove my shirt, running your nails up my back as you do

so.  You wrap your arms around me and pull me with you

onto the bed.

You lie on your back, your arms over your head.  I nibble

at your lips, then down your chin, your neck, your chest.

I lick at your nipples, feeling them tighten and harden

beneath my tongue.  I continue nibbling down your body,

feeling your muscles tense as I near the border of your


I cross that border, staying outside the soft material.

I nibble at the dim outline of what lies inside, an

immeasurably small distance from my lips.  Your legs

spread as you draw your knees up on either side of me.

My breath warms you through your sweats.  You pull me

up to face you, and we kiss, deep and long.

Your hand slides down and up my back, and I lean into the

sensation, exposing my chest.  Your other hand strokes me

there, tracing a line from my neck downward.  I feel an

electric sensation run through my nerves as your hand

crosses my belly.

You flex your fingers to lift the waistband of my sweats,

then slide your hand inside.  I go rigid as your fingers

brush against against me, then relax as you rub and


You run your hand down the inside of my thigh, then

scratch upward, snickering at my shivering intake of

breath.  Your hand moves back up my chest and behind my

neck, pulling my face down to yours.  We kiss again,

knowing that we have plenty of time together.

You roll onto your side, facing me.  We hold each

other tightly, pressing our faces and bodies together.  

I reach up with one hand to rub the base of your neck,

then trail two fingers in a peace sign down your back,

bridging your spinal ridge. 

Your arms tighten around me.  You roll on top of me, then

snake down my body, stopping at the edge of my sweats.

You slowly pull the waistband down and lick across the

flesh you've revealed.  I arch my back, trying to get

closer to your tongue, and you take the opportunity to

pull my sweats past my hips.  You move downward with them,

alternately pulling them down between and outside my legs.

Starting at my feet, you kiss your way back up my legs.

First outside on one, then inside, then outside on the

other, moving slowly upward.  You come to rest with your

mouth between my legs, and pant for effect.  I feel the

pulses of air on my flesh, and answering pulses inside my


I look down my body at you.  You meet my gaze, then lick

your lips and smile.  I shiver and lean back, waiting for

contact, not knowing precisely when it will occur.

Your lips touch my inner thighs, left, then right, and I

feel your tongue licking upward each time.  I yearn to

feel your touch between them.  I do feel it.  Your tongue

moves in broad strokes, moistening my flesh.  Then you

firmly lick my most sensitive area, causing a quiet sigh

to escape my lips.

You reach up and drag your nails down my sides, feeling my

muscles tighten near your mouth.  You continue to lick and

nibble at my flesh, concentrating on areas that pleasure

me slowly.  I begin to lose my senses, lost in the

pleasure you're creating.  I notice sensations all over my

body, then realize that you are moving, covering my form 

with your own.

You rub your closed lips across mine, then open them,

your tongue delving into my mouth as mine enters yours.

My senses begin to return to me.  I slide out from under

you and sit up, leaving you lying on your front.

I straddle your shoulders, facing your feet.  My hands

massage your back firmly, moving toward your hips.  I

bend my body forward.  You press against the bed as I

bury my face between your legs, feeling the soft

material of your sweats caressing my face.  You feel my

warm breath spreading through the fabric, heating your

skin.  I push myself up and begin to remove your last

piece of clothing.  You're not co-operating.  I reach

under your body and tickle your abdomen, causing you to

arch up, off the bed.  I quickly push your sweats past

your hips, down your legs, and over your feet, lying

full on top of you until the aftershocks of the tickling

have subsided.

I hold your ankles in place on the bed while licking at

the backs of your knees, then your thighs.  You shiver

with anticipation, not knowing when or where my next

kiss will land.  I push myself back up along your body

and plant a kiss on each buttock, then lick quickly

along the cleft between.

You turn half over beneath me (as expected), causing me

to fall to my side, facing you.  I set my face between

your legs and breathe in deeply through my nose,

enjoying your rich scent.  You feel the quick cooling

there and reach out to grab my legs, holding them to

your torso.  I begin nibbling at your flesh, sliding my

lower hand around your waist and using the other to hold

your hips in place in front of me.

Your breathing quickens as I moisten my lips and slide

them along your flesh.  My tongue flicks in and out of

my mouth, wetting and warming you.  I begin to knead

your buttocks while continuing to drag my mouth across

your flesh.

As you become somewhat accustomed to the pleasurable

sensations you are receiving, you realize your

position.  You push my legs apart and tickle my inner

thigh.  Feeling this, I lap at you with renewed


You rest your face between my legs and moan

contentedly, lips pressed to my flesh.  The unexpected

vibration causes me to pull you closer to me and

swallow convulsively, creating a tight seal and drawing

your flesh into my mouth.  You bare your teeth and rake

them along my thigh.  I nip your skin gently, reminding

you what teeth can do, when properly applied.

We settle into a rhythm together, each giving and

receiving great pleasure.  I feel what I'm doing

reflected on myself, which prompts me to play even more

enthusiastically.  Your muscles stiffen as you near

release, and you lean your head back, moving your hands

on me as you concentrate on the sensations flowing

through you.

I caress your moist flesh with my tongue, my fingers,

the inside of my mouth, my nails, my lips, anything I

can bring into contact with you.  I drag my lips across

your skin, opening my mouth wide to cover as much of you

as possible, then closing it to nibble and nip.

Your breath, formerly held, escapes with your release.

You pant while your body shakes convulsively.  I slow my

ministrations, kissing and caressing you carefully,


As your hands continue to stroke me, I feel my own

tensions building to a climax and hug your body

tightly.  Recovering, you replace your hands with your

mouth, feverishly working your tongue and jaw, pressing

them to my flesh.  My right hand slides down your back

to hold your head to me.  My hips move against your face

as you continue pleasuring me with your lips and tongue.

After a time, we both lie quietly, warm breath caressing

each other where our mouths formerly played.  My hands

move lazily over your back and thighs, and I feel you

kissing me lightly from time to time.  I sit up and

manage to arrange the covers over us.  We look into each

other's eyes and smile, then kiss.  We drape our arms

over each other, hug tightly for a moment, then drift

slowly off to sleep.



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