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Archive-name: SpecMome/beactwst.txt


Archive-title: Beach Encounter with a Twist

He breathed in the fresh air and felt more alive than he had in

months.  "Man, I love summer," he said as he surveyed the scene.  There

were people everywhere on the beach, some just sunning, some playing

frisbee, some reading.  There were people of all shapes and sizes, like

always.  He loved seeing all the skin at Wreck Beach.


He walked down the bank and hunted for a good spot.  He wanted to be

a little away from people, but not so far as to not be able to look

at the pretty women!  A place found, he spread out his blanket and

took his book out of his satchel, and then started to strip.  "Nude

beaches are great for just being yourself," he thought.  A toss, and

the t-shirt and shorts were piled on top of his shoes, and he smiled

as he felt the wind caress his skin.

He sat down and got ready for a good read when he saw her.  She was

sitting ahead of him and to the left, on a slight rise in the beach,

and she was watching the frisbee players.  A pretty thing, she had

curly auburn hair and a body like he hadn't seen in years (well, okay,

maybe months - but it seemed like years).  She noticed him looking

at her, and she smiled.  Embarassingly, he felt his penis harden,

and he reflexively closed his legs.  She seemed more curious for a

moment, and then rolled over on her stomach, while never letting him

out of her sight.  He finally noticed with a start that her left leg

ended above the knee.

He wasn't sure what to think at first, and it must have read on his

face, as she kept peering at him quizzically over the crook of one

arm.  He took little glimpses at the bare, pink stump and felt like

a voyeur for doing so.  Meanwhile, his penis seemed to keep proving

who had control of such situations by continuing to grow.  Damnit to

hell, hardons just didn't happen to him down here!  Here he was,

staring at this poor one-legged beauty and sporting a huge erection,

probably making her feel like a freak in a freak show ...

... except that she was now smiling at him.  He suddenly saw how

comical he must look, sitting there trying to deny reality.  He felt

a sheepish grin spread over his face and he exhaled some of his

tension away.  He pointed down in the general direction of Mr. Happy

and shrugged, and she collapsed in the sand, laughing.  He felt the

erection fade, as he too, laughed.


Finally, when he was just a mortal again, he got up and went over

and sat down next to her.  She rolled over on her side, with that

magical little appendage that kept drawing his eye resting on top

of her full leg.  "I'm Mike," he said.  "I thought after an event

like that that we had to have done a little bonding".  She smiled

as she shook his hand and said, "I'm Laura.  I loved that little

show; do you often pick up women that way?"

"No, I usually use more conventional methods.  Tell me, did it work?"

"Well, I think you have a promising package, so you might say it got

your foot, or something else, in the door," she said.  "Of course,

I'll have to check you out a little more carefully first.  The main

skill I want in my men is the ability to apply suntan lotion with a

proper flourish.  Would you care to audition?"  She got up to a

kneeling position and reached for the brown bottle, and he stared

again at her short leg.  The stump was long and well-tanned, like

her other thigh except that it was a little narrower.  She caught his

eye and said in a matter-of-fact tone, "Car accident, when I was 13.

I was awake when they pulled me out of the car, and I remember that

I saw my foot staying there as I was going away."  "I'm sorry," he

said thickly, looking away.  "Hey, don't get weepy on me!" she said.

"They left me with a damned good stump.  Most people can't tell I

don't have two matching legs, and I can even bear weight on the end.

Actually, it'd be better in some ways if people knew without my

telling them, because it seems like so many of the guys find other

things to do really quickly once they know I'm an minus a stem.  Does

it bother you?"

"N-n-no-o," he stammered, "No, it doesn't.  I just don't see too many

women without limbs.  I think you're very attractive; I'm just so

curious."  She said, "Well, you can find out a little about it right

now.  Here's the lotion."  She sat and raised her stump slightly.

He took the lotion and poured a quantity into his hand, and then

turned his attention to her stump.  He brushed a bit of sand off the

end and without hesitation set to his task.  As he smoothed on the

milky fluid, he noticed that her nipples were hardening.  He looked

at the scar along the end of the stump, and rubbed that area a little

harder than he needed to when he noticed her shiver and close her eyes.

After a moment, she said quietly, "You'd better pay attention to some

of my other parts, or they'll be jealous."

He proceeded to apply lotion to her full, sexy leg, her back, her

arms and her neck, experimenting with an extra press here, a little

light brush or two there, all the while watching her reactions.  "It's

amazing how much you can tell about how someone is as a lover before

you make love to them," he thought.  "I hope I get to put that to the


He took her shoulder and turned her around to do her front, but she

took his hand and said, "That was wonderful, thanks.  We'll be in big

trouble if I don't finish this myself."  With that, she gave his hand

a squeeze and started spreading lotion on her breasts, but not in a

businesslike manner.  She was obviously enjoying this, and putting on

a show for him.  He wasn't stupid; he watched, enthralled.  Her leg

stump was like a distant memory as he watched her breast tissue move

under her hand.  Her eyes opened and gazed at him with a hunger.

At last she put the lotion aside and said, "So what do you think?

Could you stand going somewhere a little more private?"  He smiled

and said, "I was just thinking about that myself.  Is your place

far?"  "It's just up the hill a little ways.  Here, let me give you

the address."  She turned and grabbed her purse and took out a pen

and some paper, and drew a little map.  "It's not really very tidy;

I haven't had anyone over in awhile," she said.

With a broad smile, he said, "I think I'll be too preoccupied to mind

a little mess, myself."

Laura got up and wrapped her skirt around her and pulled her top over

her head.  He marvelled at her balance on her one leg.  She slipped her

foot into her sandal and collected her towel and crutches before he

realized that she was watching him with that teasing smile again.

"You're not going to make it over to my place if you have to get the

sand off of your tongue, now, are you?"  she joked.  "I'll see you

soon?" "Absolutely!" he replied, finally starting to move to where his

own belongings sat.  As he dressed, he watched her move up the slope to

the parking area.  What was it about the woman that was so damned

irresistable?  The asymmetry?  The rarity?  Right now, it was the

swaying of the hips as she made her way expertly on crutches.  He had

to make a visible effort not to run when he had finally gathered all of

his posessions.

At the car, he looked at the address and realized that it was in a

neighborhood he knew well.  "Boy, you is lust-addled, ain'tcha?" he

thought to himself with a smile.  As he drove towards her place, he

looked for the florists he thought he remembered.  He stopped and

selected a nice mixed bouquet that matched the spring atmosphere.

After what seemed like forever, he finally turned into her driveway.

She came to the door wearing something Mike had never seen before - a

peg leg.  Below a stump socket was a simple metal pipe with what looked

like a crutch tip at the end.  She was now wearing a sweater and

shorts, and her leg and foot were bare.  She squealed, "The flowers are

lovely!  How did you know I liked daisies and baby's breath?  You must

be psychic!"  "Only during certain phases of the moon," he said.  "And

only with women I like a lot."  He watched her walk over to the kitchen

to find a home for the flowers.  She walked pretty smoothly, he thought;

he'd expected her to be less graceful, especially without a knee joint.

She said, "I've just been cleaning up the place a bit.  This thing is

handy to slip into and out of quickly," she said, following his eye to

the peg leg.  He bowed a comic bow and said, "Milady, there remains

little doubt that thou wouldst look splendid even in a flour sack.

Is there anything about you that is not beautiful?"

Her smile at the antic faded at the end and she looked thoughtful as

she said, "Many have thought, good lord, that I would not be suitable,

given my construction in the lower regions.  What thinkest thou?"

He looked at her evenly, and said, "I've been trying to figure that

one out myself.  The preliminary reports look quite good; you surely

have your foot in the door."  The echoed line broke the tension, and

they laughed together.  She walked over to him and they kissed, first

lightly, and then more deeply.  She pulled away and said in a thick

voice, "I'm all sticky and covered with sand.  Do you want to join

me in the bath?"  His wide eyes betrayed his answer.


They went to the bathroom and kissed between removing articles of

clothing.  Her top landed on the vanity without the cuts he'd been

expecting from her erect nipples, and his shorts were scuffed along

the floor soon after.  She stepped back and held up the contraption

on her left leg and said, "Pull."  He grasped the pipe and tugged,

and soon her smooth stump was bare again.  They cuddled as the

water ran, and at last when the water was drawn she sat down and

swung her leg over the side and got into the hot, soapy water slowly.

He got in facing her.

"You know, it always amazes me how much fun a bath can be, yet it

takes a woman to remind me of that," he said.  "Men are too goal

oriented," she said.  "You think, 'water, clean - shower!' and you

just do that.  You lose track of the finer things."  She started

rubbing his feet, causing him to find her right foot and reciprocate.

"So I'm okay with one leg?" she asked.  "Honey, you're more like

splendid with one leg.  In fact, I'm not sure I'd swap you for a

two-legged twin right now," he said.  "I just can't seem to stop

staring.  I don't quite know why, but it just seems to make you

more attractive, which is tough to do.  Is that weird?"

"A little, I guess.  But then I've had people stare at me like I

was a space alien or something, and that sucks a lot more.  I know

you like everything else, so it feels pretty good being with you."

She reached for his hand, and he drew her towards him for a long,

deep kiss.  He groped in the water for her stump with one hand as

he felt her breasts with the other.  Meanwhile, she found her own

target, his penis, and with a few artful strokes brought it to

full attention.  She pulled herself closer and tried to aim for his

penis by Braille underneath the soapy water; after a few tries and

a giggling fit by both of them, she felt him inside of her at

last.  He pushed gently until her vagina had stretched enough to

accomodate him, and then wrapped his hands around her back and

started thrusting slowly.  Her nipples felt like they would make

marks in his chest, and his own set felt like fire whenever they

brushed past their larger cousins.  Her hands gripped him more

vigorously as her breathing came in shorter gasps, and their kisses

had to be interrupted by gasps for air.  She came explosively as

she felt a firm caress on the tip of her stump, and her orgasmic

grip coupled with a few more deep thrusts were enough for him, as

well.  She felt the pumping inside of her as he came.

Exhausted, he collapsed back against the back of the tub with her

on top of him.  They kissed and talked small talk as they stayed

"connected" for awhile, experimenting with the effects of small

movements on their genitalia.  It seemed like forever before the

water got cold.



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