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Archive-name: SpecMome/beachluv.txt


Archive-title: Beach Lovers

        We walk along the warm sandy beach.  It's early afternoon 

and there are only a few other people out.  The waves roll gently 

to the shore, the sound mixing with the voices of some gulls nearby.

We reach our place and spread out our blanket.  Our place is a 

little cove at the far end and is partially blocked from public view 

by the remnants of an old break-water.  It is very quiet and private.

        We embrace as we slowly remove each others clothes gently 

caressing each other as each item removed reveals our bodies.  

Leaving our clothes where they fall, we stroll down to the water 

together soaking up the warmth of the early afternoon sun.

        Having enjoyed a brief swim we return to our blanket.  

As our hands begin to explore each others body, we melt into 

the blanket now lightly covered with warm sand.  Our lips meet,

our tongues touch then back away.  Her breasts salty now from 

the ocean water, quiver tentatively as my tongue brushes over them.  

My member responds to her gently demanding fingers.

        We continue kissing and caressing each other, our hands 

dancing lightly across our shin warmed now as much by our desire 

for each other as from the sun.  As our passions rise, we embrace, 

and in that meeting join each to the other.  Her body, responds to 

mine, molding itself to mine as I probe her secret place.  Her body 

welcomes me, kissing m e as I slowly fill her and then back out 

only to fill her again.

        We spend the afternoon thus locked in loves embrace, savoring 

each thrust, each kiss, and the tender agony of each near withdrawal.

Obviously to all around us, we reach fulfillment and drift off

to sleep.  We lay thus undisturbed and together until the rising 

of the late afternoon tide and the gently brush of the wind remind 

us of other things and places.  Onece again our bodies aroused from 

slumber find response and satisfaction in each other.  Then we dress 

and pick up our things and leaving our place as we found it, take

with us new memories of our love..... the beach.



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