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Archive-name: SpecMome/antsipat.txt


Archive-title: An Ideal Evening

    The day starts as any other, except for the fact that I can't

concentrate.  It's been a long haul for this software I'm developing

and the stress of overtime has taken it's toll on me.  The time passes

very slowly as I mold this design into shape.  I can't wait until 2:30

rolls around.

    As I pass the day, I continually open this one drawer in my desk,

and stare at your picture on the desk hutch.  The picture is one of

your devilish smiles and reveals a part of you which is undeniably

fantastic.  In the drawer is a plane ticket to Boston.  The flight

leaves at 4:30, with a connection in Detroit at 5:15.  I can't wait.

    Time finally passes and my boss tells me to have a good time as

put on my jean jacket and head for the door.  I beam and say "I will,

definitely".  I run out to the parking lot and hop into the car.

    The engine barks as I turn the key, and I let the clutch out

quickly as the tires give that all too familiar chirp.  I'm in motion,

heading toward O'Hare.  The usual speed on these excursions is about

90.  I'm too wired and cannot slow down, I've got 800 miles to go


    Check-in at Northwest comes without a hitch, and I try to find a

suitable magazine to read enroute.  I pick up an issue of Playboy and

head toward the gate.  The plane is late (It's Northwest, remember?)

and I sit back and stare out window at taxiway.

    I begin to daydream.  I remember the nights we spent in your

apartment with strawberries and whipped cream.  The memories are so

vivid I can smell the fresh strawberries.  Yes, I can surely say I've

never been obsessed by a woman like you before.  And for good reason.

    I wake to a very fat woman drinking a large strawberry margarita

and looking quite puzzled at me.  I regain composure, nonchalantly

adjust the tightening feeling in my shorts.  Slowly, and without

notice, I slip away.  The speaker buzzes with the last call of my

flight.  I get to the gate, and board.

    The thing that gets me about airplanes is the feeling of being a

sardine in a large aluminum can.  Luckily the seats in my row are

unoccupied.  The plane bumps it's way down the runway, and with great

force, lurches toward the sky.  After the seatbelt light snuffs out I

raise the armrests, raise my feet, and relax while cracking open the

magazine I bought.  The stewardess brings a few rum & cokes as I look

at what Jerry Falwell likes to ban at 7-Eleven.

    I begin to turn pages and see women who are extremely plastic,

similar to those you see at a yuppie bar.  I'm thinking that nothing

is better than what I will have in a few hours, especially since the

real thing is better than any wax paper.  Yep, you've definitely got

me hooked.  You make love like no other woman before.

    The plane begins it's descent into Detroit Metro.  I pop the last

ice cube from the Rum & Coke in my mouth.  I look out and see town of

my birthplace as the landing gear drop.  The plane bumps to a stop in

the gate and I can hardly wait to get out of this oversize tin-can.

    Metro Airport looks the same as it was when I was a kid.  New

Oldsmobiles adorn the walkways enticing the passerby to stop and look.

I look at my watch.  A fifty minute layover, but only 3 hours away

from the ultimate pleasures of life.  I sit and watch people pass by.

    My vivid imagination gets the best of me, and I begin to play spy

in my head.  The only difference is the fact I am spying on you.  I

peer through a venetian blind to see you wearing the wonderful gift I

bought from Victoria's Secrets.  It perfectly accentuates the firmness

of your boobs, and the wonderful shape of your fine derriere.  I think

of the way your beautiful legs wrap around my hips.......

    I shake the dreams from my head as I look at the clock.  It's time

to board the plane.  I find myself in similar situation on the way to

Boston, but this time the plane is packed tight.

    The plane lands at Logan, and there is a wait for the plane to be

gated.  The wait is driving me crazy.  I grab my jacket and head for

the door as soon as it opens.  I quickly run up the gateway, and get

past the crowd.

    I see you from behind and you are longingly looking for me.

Quietly, I run up to you and grab you from behind.  You turn, and for

the first time in what seemed like ages, we kiss.  As soft and as

beautiful as I remember, your warm body next to mine.  I conceal my

excitement from the public by holding my jacket in front of me.

    Hand-in-Hand, we walk to your car.  The feeling of your hand is

almost electric and the warmth is amazing.  Once inside the car, we

kiss, and I put my long tongue down your throat.  I think to myself

that I can't wait to put my tongue in other places.

    Playfully, we drive back to your apartment out in the sticks.  The

door opens and I hold you tightly in my arms.  You are quite special

to me.  We shed our clothes rather quickly and hop onto a new

waterbed.  The warm makes my back feel nice and loose after a long


    I slowly begin to run my fingers across your entire body.  As my

fingers run across your nipples they become hard to the touch.  I

caress the inside of your thighs and can feel the heat of the passion

you are now feeling.  I find myself rock hard and larger than I have

ever felt before.

    Quite slowly, I replace my hands with my tongue.  I run the length

of your back, and then cross your stomach.  Quickly I dive down to the

object of my desire as my soft fingertips run across your chest.  I

lunge my tongue across the tightness of what makes me so crazy about

you.  At first you moan, then you begin to scream softly with

excitement.  I continue until you can no longer take it anymore.

    You implore me to come inside you. I straddle up the bed, and feel

what I have longed so much for. As I enter you ever so slowly, I feel

the special ability you have to tighten in places that make pleasure

an addiction.

    We move from one part of the large bed to another switching

positions after one of us has been spent.  I feel as though I can go

no more, and you can continually get me "up" for the occasion.  I once

again feel complete, and I feel very content to sleep with you in my

arms tonight.



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