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Archive-name: SpecMome/airstart.txt

Archive-author: NixPixer Feather Bender

Archive-title: Airstart

Once  upon a time, in an apartment complex in a distant  town,  I

received  my very first successful airstart.  Since I was of  the 

advanced  age of thirty, this came as quite an overdue  pleasure.  

I had been dating the girl of my dreams (wet and dry) for several 

months, and we had fucked and sucked on many occasions, but I had 

never been able to fully relax and let myself go (er, cumm).  But 

this night was different.

I  arrived  home  from  school about 9,  and  when  I  opened  my 

apartment  door  I  knew right away that this was to  be  a  GOOD 

night.   Just  inside  the door were  Julie's  shoes.   A  little 

farther  in were here stockings.  Still farther, her skirt,  then 

blouse  as I made the turn toward the bedroom.  Panties  and  bra 

made  up  the last "steps" to the bed, where I  saw  something  I 

never will forget.  Julie was lying with her back on the pillows, 

propped up against the headboard, with her ankles crossed  behind 

her  neck!  She was sucking a pale yellowish liquid from  a  long 

plastic  tube  (which  must  have come from  the  lab  where  she 

worked).  The tube wound around her right leg two or three times, 

and  disappeared  into the curly blonde hair  around  her  pussy.  

What a sight!  What a shock!!  What a turn-on!!!

At  this point, my heart was in my throat.  She smiled and  asked 

if I'd care for some champagne.  Confused, I looked around for  a 

moment until she said "no, silly, here!.", and she handed me  the 

tube.   I hesitated, but then figured, what the hell, and  sucked 

on the tube.  To my surprise, it was champagne, although a little 

warm  for my taste.  "How?", I asked.  She reached down to  where 

the  end of the tube entered her pussy hair, and spread the  lips 

of her pussy apart, revealing a big red party balloon, which  she 

had  filled with a little champagne, inserted the  plastic  tube, 

and closed it off with a rubber band.  Gloriosky!!!

By  now I was pretty hot, and started to get undressed.  But  she 

insisted that we must finish drinking and have something to  eat, 

so I stopped with just my shirt and pants on.  She said she had a 

special  surprise  for me for dinner.  After her trick  with  the 

balloon I was eager to fine out what was next!

I  did not have to wait long.  We finished the "cuntpagne"  in  a 

few minutes, as there wasn't much.  "Bring me our dinner from the 

pot  on the stove" she said, "Dry it off first."  I went  to  the 

stove  where  I  found a giant foot long  tightly  curved  polish 

sausage in a pot of warm water.  I think I knew what was  cumming 

(excuse me, coming) next.

As  I returned with the bag, Julie removed the balloon  and  tube 

from her pussy with a jerk, which made a sound like pulling  your 

foot out of deep mud.  "SLURP".  With a big smile on her face and 

a  look  that said she knew that she had me  under  her  complete 

control,  she  began  licking the balloon,  slowly  cleaning  her 

juices from it.  I almost dropped the sausage!

When she finished with the balloon, she said "Sit here on the bed 

and  kiss  me while I finish warming that sausage  for  you".   I 

handed it to her and sat down.  She took it with just the tips of 

her  fingers  and  caressed  that big thing as  if  it  were  her 

favorite  prick.   Then, with that "now I've got  you"  look  she 

raised the sausage to her mouth, and licked around the end of it.  

Then  she  slowly  ran the end down her left leg  from  where  it 

passed  by her head toward her pussy.  When the  sausage  reached 

her  pussy hair, she slowed to where it was almost not moving  at 

all.  "This is it", I thought, "She's going to stick it in!"  But 

she had other plans.  She ever so slowly ran that sausage up  and 

down her pussy lips several times, and then moved it up her right 

leg  back to her mouth, where she began licking it again.   "Ever

wish  you were Polish?", she asked.  I laughed, and  reached  for 

the  sausage, but she said "Not yet!  I have to warm  it  first."  

She  then ran the sausage down her leg as before, but  this  time 

she  slowly put it inside her pussy.  One inch, then two,  three, 

four, until almost the entire thing was inside.  She pulled me to 

her, and we kissed hot and deep.  But I couldn't get that sausage 

off  my mind.  "Are you hungry?", Julie asked.  "I guess  so",  I 

squeaked.  "I know I want something!!!"

She  took  hold of my face, and guided it down  to  the  sausage.  

"Chow  Baby", she laughed.  "Eat up."  I took the sausage  in  my 

teeth,  and as I bit down, looking up at her, I had the  funniest 

feeling that what I was doing wasn't all that different than what 

a cocksucker does.

At  that  point, I decided to inject a little change of  my  own.  

Instead  of just eating the sausage, I began sucking it into  and 

blowing  it out of my mouth, making it go in and out  of  Julie's 

pussy.  Then I added a little back and forth motion of my head to 

provide greater stroke length.  Julie liked it, a lot!  I think I 

could have made her cumm, but I got so excited that I bit through 

the skin of the sausage, and it tasted so good that I  remembered 

how hungry I actually was.

Julie  put her legs down over my back, and I laid there  and  ate 

several bites of that sausage, giving Julie a few strokes with it 

for good measure.  I bit off a few bites for Julie, and she  made 

quite a show of eating them, running her tongue around the pieces 

and sucking the meat into her mouth.  I was impressed by just how 

hot  that  sausage  was, particularly the  parts  that  had  been 

deepest  inside  Julie.  And the taste was really  special.   But 

Julie always had great taste!

When we finished eating the sausage, we went to the kitchen,  got 

some  more  champagne  (cold, from  a  glass  [boring]),  kissed, 

touched, and Julie removed the last of my clothes as we  returned 

to the bed.

As  wonderful as the remarkably erotic supper treats had been,  I 

somehow sensed that Julie had some special purpose motivating her 

that night.  As I started to caress her body she took my hands in 

hers  and  looked me in the eyes and said "Lay back, and  let  me 

drive  tonight."  So I put two pillows under my head and  put  my 

arms at my side.  She kissed my eyelids, and my mouth. Not a hard 

passionate  kiss,  but  a  tender "I  love  you"  kiss  that  can 

frequently  be even more exciting than a hot tongue checking  all 

of your fillings.  It certainly was this night, maybe because  of 

the bizarre activities that preceded it.  I reached up and  began 

to fondle the large erect nipples of her small firm breasts,  and 

she  moaned  ever  so softly as she kissed my  neck.   I  ran  my 

fingers over her breasts in ever widening circles until I reached 

her  side.  She kissed her way down to where she was  licking  my 

nipples then, and I could only reach her shoulders and arms.

She looked up at me and said "I love you, and I want this to be a 

night  that you will always remember."  I said I loved  her  too, 

and  that  I was especially fond of the way she  cooked  sausage.  

She said it was time to be serious and to enjoy our love and  our 

passion.  "I want you to be so comfortable with me that you  hold 

nothing  back."   I  knew she was referring  to  my  tendency  to 

tighten  up  emotionally when we were having any sort  of  sexual 

experience  beyond  the  basics, particularly if I  was  not  the 


Then she ran her tongue slowly down my tummy, moving to the  left 

down  the  front of my leg, almost to the knee.   She  kissed  me 

gently on the inside of my thighs, as I had done for her so  many

times before.  I moved my legs apart, trying to look cool at  the 

same time.  She continued kissing my left leg, while caressing my 

right  leg with the tips of her fingers.  I was pretty  hot,  but 

also  getting nervous.  We'd been here (sort of) before, and,  if 

we  were  going  where  I  hoped  we  were,  we  had  never  been 

successful.   This time WAS different, though, maybe due  to  the 

"cuntpagne",  or  the  "Pussy  Kielbasa",  or  maybe  because  of 

something else.  I just wasn't as anxious or self conscious as  I 

had been before.

As her lips moved up my leg I could almost hear my blood pumping, 

but  I  kept  telling  myself to let  go,  and  not  worry  about 

anything.  "I LIKE your little dick", Julie said softly, "it fits 

my  mouth just right."  She took just the tip in her  lips,  then 

pushed  it  out with her tongue, and ran her tongue  down  to  my 

balls.   She  sucked ever so gently on my nuts, one  at  a  time, 

while  running her fingers up and down my dick.  Then she  kissed 

her way back up my cock.  When she got to the tip, she pushed the 

tip  of her tongue against the hole and made the end of  my  dick 

move  in  a  circular  motion.  It  felt  different,  maybe  even 

strange, but REAL GOOD.  Gradually, she began to take me into her 

mouth.   So very slowly that I could hardly keep from  trying  to 

help  by  pushing against her.  But I kept trying to  let  things 

happen her way, rather than trying to make things happen my  way.  

Eventually, she had almost all of me in her mouth, and she  began 

to back off.  Slowly out, slowly in, slowly out, slowly in.   She 

made  no sounds, she just reached up and took my hands  in  hers, 

gently  holding  me as if to say "I love you".  As  I  relaxed  a 

little, I could feel that old familiar tightening way down inside 

that  means  I'm  getting closer.  I began to  move,  but  caught 

myself  and  laid back, and just enjoyed the feeling.   Back  and 

forth   Julie's   head  went.   Sometimes  fast,   mostly   slow.  

Eventually, I could feel that tightening really taking hold,  and 

I noticed that I had begun to breathe heavier.  Julie could  tell 

that I was getting closer, and she picked up the pace.  She  also 

took  one  hand and put it around my cock and against  her  lips.  

That  felt even better.  Faster and faster she went,  harder  and 

harder  I breathed, tighter and tighter the muscles  got.   Then, 

almost  by  surprise, I came in her mouth.  It  seemed  like  the 

biggest  explosion I'd ever had.  I think I cried out  something, 

but  this  part  is a little hazy.  Julie  never  even  flinched, 

merely slowed the motion of her head and her hand, but she sucked 

even  harder.  She seemed to be pulling the cum out of  someplace 

way  down  deep inside of me.  It was the second best  feeling  I 

ever had.  The muscle spasms seemed to go on forever, but as they 

began  to subside, Julie stopped sucking and came up  beside  me.  

She looked happier than I could remember, her eyes were sparkling 

like  the  champagne we'd had earlier.  She pressed her  lips  to 

mine,  and as we kissed, I tasted what must have been some of  my 

cum, but I didn't care.

For  me, that night was a major milestone in my sexual  maturity.  

I discovered that I really could "let myself go", even if someone 

else  was in command of the situation.  I've had  other  exciting 

moments  since that night, but that one night sticks out  like  a 

stiff  peter  and  is by far the most significant  and  the  most 

memorable, just as Julie wanted it to be.



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