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Archive-name: SpecMome/aftrfall.txt

Archive-author: Stephanie Kay Buffman

Archive-title: After the Fall

Well, here is my first attempt at erotic literature.....

         It was a dark day in Paradise.  Dank air stifled what used 

to be the purest location...  Grace dusted herself off before rising 

to realize her own nudity.  Her hands touched gently the soft breasts 

which she had always taken for the norm....that was before the fall. 

They were fallen angels, and they knew not where they were, only 

the beauty from which they were thrust.  She looked around slowly. 

It was a sad place, this earth...

         Tremendously aware of her own nudity, she wandered cautiously 

to the side of a small tidepool and looked down.  There is a difference 

between being naked, and knowing you are naked...almost like a baby 

discovering his ears...he could always hear, and yet he knew not 

how...  Grace gazed for a few moments at her own figure, devoid of 

wings, staring into her own eyes.  As her eyes traveled downward, 

so did her hands.

         She let her hands cup lightly her milk-white breasts as 

her fingertips explored her hardened nipples.  She then let her hands 

slip downward, caressing her stomach and thighs.  She then let her 

hand rest at the triangular patch of hair below her belly button. 

She rubbed it gently and felt something she had never felt before. 

It was a mixture of nausea and elation.  She moved her fingers inward 

and felt her own wetness.  A cool breeze swept over her body, braising 

her hair over her shoulders and across her breasts...she closed her 


         When she reopened them, she was not alone.  Staring into 

the tidepool, she saw another fallen one at her side.  She turned 

to face him, then seeing his bareness, Grace tried to sheild her 

eyes with her hand.

         "Don't!" he said, taking her hand away.

         She looked into his eyes.

         "Who are you?  Are you fallen as I?"

         "I am David," he answered.  " And yes, I am a fallen one, 

as yourself...."

         "I am Grace."

	 "You are beautiful."

	 He moved toward her to stroke her face with his hand.  Her

eyes closed, as she felt the same feelings as a moment before become

intensified by a million.  She reached up to take his hand.  She

opened her eyes and was entranced by his furtive, nearly plaintive


	She opened her mouth, as if to say no, but he covered her

mouth with his own.  Her mouth responded, though in her mind, she was

precarious...she knew not what she was doing, nor what it could lead

to, but it felt so wonderful....

	A little moan escaped her mouth as his hand traveled down her

body toward her breasts in light strokes.  With his other hand, he

slowly caressed her face and neck, sometimes letting it run through

her long blonde hair.  Growing anxious, Grace began to let her hands

wander over this man's strange body.

	"Don't just use your hands, Grace," he murmured.  "Caress me

with your eyes and your soul...."

	She stood away from him and let her eyes travel down every

inch of his body, allowing her gaze to linger on his groin.

	"That's it, Grace..." he whispered.

	She began to feel the coming familiar sensations again...  She

stepped forward, and with her hands, she stroked first David's face,

then his bare chest.  He was so warm to touch.  Then she trailed her

hands down to his penis and just let them hover there, barely touching


	He drew in his breath, and closed his eyes.  Reopening them,

he gazed into her eyes and stroked her soft breasts, letting his

fingertips circle around her nipples.

	"I want to explore you.  I want to know every inch of what

makes a woman.  I could never know, up there...." his eyes lifted

toward the sky.

	"David, I..." Grace faltered.  

	She stepped back and lifted her arms, staring at the ground.

	"Not like that..." he said.

	He took her by the hand and led her nearer to the tidepool.

There was a blanket of soft foliage bordering the sand, and it was

there he lay her down.  The smell of the garden flowers was

intoxicating, and made this mundane place seem all the more like


	Grace stretched out on her back, and David kneeled beside her.

He began kissing her hands, her arms, her face....then for a few

moments, he only stared at her.  Her nipples began to harden under his

gaze, and her fingers found them, unaware of the new feelings.  David

tooke her hands away and replaced them with his own.  He carefully

massaged her breasts, and began running his tongue up and down the

space between them.  He trailed his tongue up the side of them, and

gently put one of the rosy nipples in his mouth.  Grace moaned in

ecstasy as he alternated breasts...licking and sucking until she felt

as if she would burst.  He then let his tongue move down across her

stomach...she arched her back, not knowing what to expect.

	David's tongue then began working it's way to her pussy, wet

with expectations of the unknown...with his hands he began massaging

her breasts again as his tongue met her clitoris for the first time.

She shuddered and let out a little yelp.  There was nothing to compare

with the electric charges she felt now throughout her body.  She began

to run her hands down David's chest.  She stared now at his penis.  It

was like nothing she had ever seen before.  It was so incredibly

beautiful.  She reached out her hand to touch it, and felt it throb

beneath her trembling fingers.  

	David moaned excitingly, and began sucking harder on Grace's

pussy.  She gasped and writhed beneath him.  He thrust his tongue into

her vagina and began moving it slowly, still stroking her breasts.

She reached out for his penis again, and feeling it in her hand, she

began stroking it upward.  She stroked her index finger over the tip

and felt a wetness.  Curious, she put the finger in her mouth to

taste.  It was an odd mixture of salty tastes....  David pulsed his

hips forward.  Grace put her hands on his hips and pushed him toward

her mouth.  He positioned himself straddling her face as he kept

licking and sucking her.

	She lifted her head and began to lick the head of his penis,

thrilled at the taste and feel of him.  She then put it in her mouth,

rolling her tongue around it.  She felt David shudder, and began

sucking him, moving him in and out of her mouth while caressing him

with her tongue.  She loved the aching feeling growing in her loins

with the thought of what David was doing to her, and the curiosity of

the wondering if she did the same for him.  It began to intensify

suddenly, and Grace moved out from under his mouth.

	"WHy did you move?" he asked.

	"I don't know..." she answered.

	They stared at each other for a few moments.  The feelings

were still strong, just not as urgent.  Instinctively, David turned

around so he was on top of her, between her legs.  He ran his hand up

and down her inner thigh and began licking and sucking her nipples


	Grace lifted her pelvis to meet David's.  He lowered himself

onto her, and she felt his hard penis on her stomach, she arched again

and felt him rub against the outside of her pussy.  This turned her on

even more, and she began thrusting herself against him.  He lifted his

head, and staring into her eyes, he pushed against her.  She grabbed

his buttocks, and with one more push, he entered her.  For a split

second, they just sat there.  There is that one moment when a man

enters a woman when the world stands still, dizziness overcomes, and

everyone else seems very trivial.  They felt it for the first time and

reveled in it.  Then slowly, they began to move in rhythm.  She felt

his penis moving inside her, and nothing else seemed to matter.  He

began to move faster, more methodically, and all the world began to

spin again.  Only this time, they didn't feel the overwhelming urge to

move with it.  The wind blew over them, cooling their bodies, unaware

of the coming storm.  

	They had been exiled.  They had been thrown from Heaven with

only each other.  Banned from Paradise...but was this not a paradise

of their own...  These thoughts reeled in their subconscious as the

rhythm overcame them.  They pulsed as one heartbeat as the rain began

to pour down over them...wet, they clung together anymore.  His penis

moved urgently inside her, as Grace devoured the moment hungrily.  The

thunder echoed in the distance, and that only increased the intensity

of the moment...

	Lost in a world completely of their own, the rocking motion

consumed them...  Grace felt the compelling ache she had felt before

and this time, submissed to it.  She seemed to move in waves, higher

and higher toward an unfamiliar plateau.  All at once, and without

warning, she climaxed.  She felt the sudden warmth flash through her

as her body racked with the throes of orgasm.

	David felt her peak and felt something deepen in his loins, he

began to move faster and faster, thrusting himself deeper into her

vagina...she dug her nails into his back, as she felt herself nearing

the edge again.  He gave one final thrust and let loose his seed

inside of her...he shuddered violently against her.

	Feeling the warm cum inside of her, Grace arched her back for

one last climax.  All the muscles in her vagina clenched and spasmed,

and there was nothing in the world that felt so good right at that


	The thunder was amidst them now, clouds pelting them with

drops.  They looked up and laughed.  They owed no forgiveness...  They

merely lifted their eyes as they rose to their knees and whispered, 

	"Thank you..."

--Stephanie Kay Buffman, March 8, 1993



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