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Archive-name: SpecMome/2-cats.txt

Archive-author: Matthew Harbowy

Archive-title: Two Cats

I woke up in a daze. My eyes were still bleary from your call last night. I 

could hear the low, growling purr of a cat in heat outside my door. Topping 

you last night had completely drained my energy, and I wanted more sleep.

But you were to send me a present: and your reward is a detail of what I saw.


The two cats sat outside the door to my apartment, growling in their heat and 

hunger. I watched them look at one another, the orange opening his mouth and 

starting a low trill, and the gray, looking much older, chiming in after the 

orange in resonance and agreement. Their stare was out to the side of the 


I kicked the door and the two looked up, noticing me but not registering my 

complaint, and quickly resumed their noise and stare. Their focus cared little 

for my presence: hunger filled their deep, wide eyes, the gray's chest panting 

and heaving between growls. 

Looking around, I saw the object of their focus move slowly into view: a thin, 

white cat with orange and black blotches across her face. She stepped 

tentatively across the snow, barely visible except for her face and the desire 

she seemed to radiate toward these two.

The orange leaps forward and bounds to her side, she dashing forward just 

barely before he was on top of her. The orange grabs her by the neck, her 

white fur stretching as she arches to present to him. The orange struggles to

push his thick legs underneath her, tugging at her neck.

And then, she purrs slightly as he thrusts, the muscles of his legs vibrating

beside him as he thrusts himself into her. I look down at myself, naked as I 

had slept, my cock rising as I watch the two cats fucking. I look down at the 

gray staring at the orange, just outside the glass of my apartment door, feel

the cold window on my hand as I lean forward and watch the two further.

The orange struggled with her as he fucked her, his teeth clasping her neck, 

holding her as his rear legs and pelvis thrust toward her. I watched her face, 

eyes blinking slowly. Her mouth begins to widen, her body arches further under

his weight.

And, as suddenly as she was mounted, she screams and leaps out from underneath 

the orange, rolling away from the tight grasp of his mouth. Stunned, he lays 

only for a second, and the gray and orange bound off with her into the woods.


The hunger I feel now is as strong as ever: and I thank you for your message 

through these cats. I hunger to rush up behind you like that orange cat, grab 

you by your neck with my teeth, and slide my cock into you. You will feel my 

bite for hours after I have thoroughly fucked you as such, completely bound by

nothing but the tight threat of my jaw clasped around your neck, feel the 

redness of the bruise which will remind you of my taking you for days.

Count the hours and tremble: I will be with you again soon.


(c) March 10, 1993 Matthew E. Harbowy. All rights reserved. The text of this 

document may be freely transmitted and copied provided the information which 

it contains is credited to the author. Comments and inquiries should be 

directed to the author at




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