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Archive-name: Poetry/visiting.txt

Archive-author: K.K.

Archive-title: Visiting from out of town

The soft slow kisses

the pillows soft upon the hardwood floor

lost child on the futon, another hand clutching her

the Jaco Pastorius record

arms reaching out, caressing another woman

shadows in her leather jacket, staring down at the camera

after a while

I didn't know what was real and what wasn't.

brandi kat viciously mauling herself between the legs

the soft white wings of her butterfly crumpled and flailing.

Strange, thin pizza.

"I don't feel comfortable doing this," she said.

A strange blonde guy making passes at him, drunk

(or was it I who was drunk?)burns from caustic Polaroid packs

and red marks from the cheap handcuffs.

"I would like another cup of tea, please."

The green garter snake was their friend.  Her mouth opened in 

gutteral scream as her whole body contracted rhythmically 

around his fingers.

Cool breeze blowing the curtains into billowing sails.

Guinness Stout.  His tongue glanced her brief moustache.

Lighting candles on the floor, their breasts silhouetted upon

each other from the flickering light.

Jazz band in the basement club.  His boss thought he was at

an operating system convention in Cleveland.

Her breasts lying flat and compact, his saliva slick upon them.

It wasn't wrapped around; he could have freed himself and left

the bathtub, but he chose not to.

The lithuanian typewriter was not successful.  The other girls

held lost child's ass as she slowly masturbated the first night.

He never did get to see the arch anyway.

The kinks were muffled; she hadn't cleaned the head.

On your stomach and let me get a long shot.  Because, after all, they

rather liked the screaming.  It was the growling noises afterward 

which made them upset.

brandi kat has an evil grin.  She really was serious.



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