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Archive-name: Poetry/sweetdrm.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: Sweet Dreams


 You invade the bleak wastelands of my dreams,

 violating the privacy of my sleep.

 I welcome this strange invasion of my worlds

 as I welcome the strong sanctuary of your arms.

 Somehow I knew that tonight you would come

 for I have scented myself

 with the essence of wild roses,

 draped my body in a silken gown,

 and now await your lingering caress.

 My lips whisper your name

 and you come to me,

 dulling my senses

 with the sweet opium of your kiss.

 I open myself to you

 and you enter my very being,

 as together we dance the pagan love song

 choreographed by our desire

 and performed upon the stages of our passion.



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