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Archive-name: Poetry/hermann.txt


Archive-title: The Lorelei

                           THE LORELEI


          From perched upon her rock up high

          the ever watchful Lorelei

          was forced to give a moral gasp

          on seeing Hermann swimming past.

          She looked askance and flicked her hair

          "Mein Gott", she thought, "what have we here?",

          her eyesight needed no correction

          when she espied his large erection.

          Her limbs now seized with expectation

          her thoughts now filled with delectation,

          she rose serenely from her rock

          and fantasized about his cock.

          Too long it was since that young sailor

          one night had managed to assail her.

          By moonlight was she thus deflowered,

          his cock most ravishly devoured.

          She'd so enjoyed the feel of lust

          As matelot his buttocks thrust.

          Since then occasions passed her by,

          the chance her female charm to ply.

          But now she left her lofty perch

          her reputation she'd besmirch,

          for years she'd sat upon that rock

          her tits squeezed tight in that old frock.

          And standing now upon the bank

          she saw young Hermann in mid-wank,

          by now her mouth was salivating

          as she watched him masturbating.

          "What joy" she thought, "some sex at last!"

          when just that moment did walk past

          a young man, tight in lederhosen,

          was he just camp, or was he posing?

          The Lorelei in her vexation

          now turned her thoughts to conversation,

          she quickly recognised the scene

          that now obtained with this young queen.

          And Hermann's eyes she must avert

          from gazing on this young pervert,

          whose mincing gait and manner queer

          was almost more than she could bear.

          But words they did now all escape her

          that might deter her idol's suitor,

          for now young Hermann, so aroused,

          had seen this young man in the crowd.

          And turned his gaze in his direction

          one flipper raised to show affection.

          The young man, who was most excited,

          rushed to the water, once invited.

          His clothes torn off, and in a heap,

          he plunged into the river deep,

          then in a swirling sea of foam

          in Hermann's mouth his cock drove home.

          Now mermen, though they often see men

          have little chance of tasting semen,

          which caused our Hermann jubilation

          when young man had ejaculation.

          And shot his spunk so white and thick

          from his now rock-hard, throbbing dick.

          That he might savour the full taste

          the merman not a drop did waste.

          But soon this scene of lust aquatic

          which really had been most erotic,

          was drawing to its natural close,

          as young man left to find his clothes.

          Which made poor Hermann rather sad,

          he'd really fallen for the lad.

          "Gott in Himmel, what a dish,

          and much more fun than all this fish!"

          Poor Lorelei had been deprived

          of what she'd hoped would be her prize,

          it had not been her lucky day

          she'd picked a merman who was gay!



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