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Archive-name: Poetry/copshood.txt

Archive-author: Dan Wolfe

Archive-title: Cops Versus Hoods

I don my hood of leather, black

I grasp her hair, she claws my back

And as if by God, to end our bliss

Wouldn't you know, I need to piss

"I'll be right back!", I cried with a fright

And tripped on a chair, as I dashed through the night

"Last door on the left!", she called out to me

Her directions to where I should take my pee

		- - -

My business now done, I began to blush

Would it break the spell, should she hear me flush?

I glanced in the mirror, my hood served me well

For blushing or not, no one could tell

Now back down the hall, into a fleshy obstruction

My blood ran cold thinking, "Could this hulk be her husband?"

I groped at the mass that stood in my way

A necktie, A BADGE! And I wept as I prayed

He lifted me up, and I felt myself quiver

As he let out a roar, like a bear with a sliver

He threw me back down, and I crashed with a 'thunk'

He screamed, "I'll kick yer ass, you perverted punk!"

		- - -

I got out alive, but don't ask me how

And I sit here reflecting upon it all now

The moral to all this ridiculous slop:

You'd do best to stay home, if her husband's a cop!



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