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Archive-name: Poetry/bob2nd.txt

Archive-author: Bob

Archive-title: Bob's 2nd Poem

As per request, I am going to create another masterpiece of rhyme.

If you would like to see me expand in new and exciting directions of

literature, please express your wish to me.  I would be more than

happy to oblige you.  Now let me think....

Bob's 2nd Poem

(The first being about the nine-year old)

I meet your gaze, wink and grin.

You drool and then wipe your chin.

I nod and beckon, urging you on,

softly carressing my raging hard-on.

Like flies to feces, my stare brings you near.

You look so fantastic through my goggles of beer.

I'd love to fondle you, grip and explore.

Sucking your toes as you scream 'More more more!'

Why deny it?  You know it is true.

That when you see me, you just want to screw.

I whip out my monster and whip it around.

It seems so huge, your eyes bulge out round.

Your tongue lolls out sideways, aching to taste.

You gobble 12 inches in sexual haste.

I'm spewing and spewing, my balls knock my thighs.

You swallow my liquid between my loud cries.

The rest of the night, I confess, is a blur.

But imagine my surprise as i feel the fur.

Waking in bed, there next to my dick,

My canine acquaintance gives it a lick.

Maybe it was wrong, I've been told it is bad.

But my puppy dog was the best fuck I've ever had!


Any comments or such are appreciated




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