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Archive-name: Couples/wife.txt


Archive-title: Wife

This is a true story, one that happened to me not too long ago. I left out our

names and city, but it all happened just as I put it down.

I have seen a lot of stories by people who have great sex with partners whom

they had barely met, but in my experience, at least, it does not work that

way. My wife and I have been married more than eight years, and it seems that

our marriage - and our sex life! - have kept improving all the time we have

been together. The story here should help explain why.

I am an inch or so under 6 feet tall, and at 180 pounds am in reasonably good

shape. Even though my ancestry is all northern european, I have dark brown

eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair. I like to think I am reasonably good

looking, but don't consider myself exceptional.

My wife, though, is something else. She is quite small, 4'11" and 96 pounds.

Her chinese ancestry is apparent at first glance. She has jet-black eyes, and

her long, silky, black hair hangs to her waist. She has a slender, golden

skinned body, with almost no body hair, except for the soft, straight hair that

covers her pussy. She sometimes complains about her breasts, wishing that they

were bigger, but I find them lovely. She has one feature, however, that

stunned me the first time I undressed her - she has the biggest nipples I have

ever seen on a woman, even in a movie. She actually has rather small areolae,

perhaps an inch across, but rising out of them are two huge, red-brown

nipples, even in repose as big as the first joint of my thumb. They are so

long that when she wears a bra she actually has to fold them over, and she

never dares leave the house wearing just a tee shirt - they are visible

through anything less than a loose sweatshirt.


It was a Friday evening. We didn't plan to go out that evening, so my wife and

I got ready for bed soon after dinner. She showered while I went through my

evening exercise routine; when she came back out, I headed in to cool off.

When I came back from my shower, I found her lying in bed. As I walked up,

she threw back the covers. Instead of the nightgown she had been wearing, her

sole adornment was a jade bracelet. By the moistness of her pussy, I could see

that she had been warming herself up for my return.

I paused for a moment, running my eyes from one end of her body to the other.

Now that she had an audience, she began to run her hands over her body, gently

tugging her nipples with one hand while the other slid down to rub her wet

pussy. I wanted to stop and enjoy the view, but I couldn't resist her when she

begged me to come to bed and not make her wait.

As I walked towards her, I let my bathrobe slide to the floor. She stood to

meet me. As soon as she was within reach I swept her into a passionate kiss.

I could feel her stiff nipples rubbing my chest, while she straddled one thigh

and began to grind her slick pussy against it. She came almost immediately,

crushing herself against me as hard as she could.

After she had recovered slightly, I laid her gently on the bed. When I laid 

down beside her, though, she shook her head and made me roll onto my back. A

moment later, she surprised me again by taking my aching cock into her mouth.

Oral sex has never been a big part of our love life. Although I *love* the 

taste of her sweet pussy, she is so sensitive that anything more than a small

amount of kissing sends her into overload. Anyway, she is so responsive that

it is rarely necessary - she almost always climaxes for the first time long

before I do.

Usually, she is a bit uneasy about giving head, but this night she was sucking

away like a pro. Somehow, I managed to keep myself under control, but it was

a near thing. Just before I reached the point of no return, she eased off,

sliding up my body to give me a deep kiss.

As my breathing began to slow back to normal, she slid out of bed and put a

tape into the VCR. She had chosen it carefully - it opened immediately into

a scene showing a tiny asian woman mounting a large blond man. Matching her

motions to the tape, my wife moved to mount me. After wriggling a bit to find

the best position, she impaled herself on my cock all the way to the hilt.

Before I had fully absorbed the sensation of entry she was mashing her clit

into my pubic bone.

At first, we both watched the tape. I was soon too absorbed in her to pay

attention, especially since her long black hair had fallen around my face

like a silky tent. All I could see was her lovely face. She, however, had her

eyes locked on the screen. I could tell how the tape was progressing just by

her excitement. She was already as hot as I had ever known her. I could hear

her whimpering with excitement, and feel her stiff nipples dragging across my

chest. Suddenly, she pushed her upper body up to arm's length and begged me to

kiss her tits.

Normally, her nipples are almost as sensitive as her pussy - too much

stimulation is painful. Tonight, though, the more I kissed and sucked the

more she seemed to enjoy it. I have never seen her nipples so swollen; already

hard, they stood out at least an inch and a half. Although I was already

sucking as hard as I could, she was begging for more.

When I let her erect nipple slide from my mouth, she let out a little whimper

of disappointment, but she became even more excited when she felt my hands

slide up and each cup a breast. She let out a wail as she felt me began to

roll her nipples between my fingers as I thrust. I was pulling and rubbing

them hard enough that I was afraid of hurting her, but she loved it - the

harder I pulled and twisted, the more savagely she ground her pussy into me.

I thought that she had reached her peak, but I was wrong. She was almost

incoherent as she begged me to do it harder - more - even if it hurt her. With[

some trepidation, I leaned down and began to bite sharply at her nipples. She

loved it! She began to alternately lean forward and pull back, timing her

hardest moves to occur when I had a firm grip on her nipples. The sensation of

her stiff nipples being dragged between my teeth was unbelievable. I finally

bit quite hard on her left nipple and pulled my head back, stretching her

nipple even further. With a shriek, she came, even harder than the first time.

After the workout she had already had, I expected her to be exhausted, but

after a moment to recover her breath, she began to ride me again. Though I

wanted to hold back, the renewed stimulation was too much for me - I began

to erupt like a geyser, pumping a huge load into her hot pussy. She moved up

to straddle my stomach, holding herself upright while sliding her wet pussy -

even wetter with my come - back and forth against my body. With a convulsive

shudder, she came for a final time and collapsed into my arms.

We lay like that, cuddled in each other's arms, until we could both speak.

When we were able to notice our surroundings, we began to laugh - the covers 

had been thrown on the floor, we were both slick with sweat, and both her

pussy and my belly were covered with a mixture of sperm and pussy juice.

Somehow, we managed to stagger back into the shower before we embraced once

more and drifted off to sleep.



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