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Archive-name: Couples/waitexcr.txt


Archive-title: Wait is excruciating..., The

Your body, anxiously awaiting this moment all day, is already warming 

itself in anticipation of what's to come.  But Kent likes to tease, and 

that's what he's doing now, taking his sweet time in the washroom.  All you 

could think about, as you drove home from the show, was Kent's cock 

exploring the inner reaches of your body.  And when you got home, he leaves 

you on the couch just as you're about to literally rip his clothes to 

shreds, to get at the prize.

Of course, what you're wearing doesn't help.  A light silk blouse that 

almost feels like nothing on your shoulders.  Matched with a short 

miniskirt which highlights thigh and leg.  And of course, a *very* damp

black lace panty finishes the description.  In anticipation, you sneek a 

finger under your skirt, slide under your panties, and feel a river leaking 

from your already excited cunt.  You accidentally touch your pleasure 

button, and shudder in excitement.  When the hell is Kent going to begin?

You look up, and see Kent grinning from ear to ear.  Oh shit, he caught me 

again!  You're about to stop when Kent says, "Oh, don't let *me* stop you.  

You first."

Of course, your mind wants him, but your body says "screw him, he can wait,

"so you continue.  Kent helps by sliding those damp panties down your legs 

while watching you finger your cunt.  The thought of those eyes staring as 

you insert first one, then two fingers deep into your pussy sends 

skyrockets to your brain.

It doesn't take long.  Very soon, you feel that sudden tightening of your 

pussy, and the intense sensation of your orgasm blossoms from your clit, 

radiating throughout your body. You open your eyes, and see Kent, still 

grinning from ear to ear, but wearing only the smile and a very hard cock.

You reach out to stroke his cock, but Kent holds you back.  He proceeds to 

remove the last pieces of clothing you are wearing.  Your breasts tingle as 

he removes your bra.  Finally, you are both naked, and he walks you to the 


You lie down, and Kent begins to give you a tongue and mouth bath.  You 

KNOW this is going to be a very satisfying evening for you.  He starts 

kissing and licking your neck, slowly working his way down your shoulders.  

Meanwhile his hands are caressing your breasts, teasing the already 

hardened nipples between his fingers.  You can feel the fires reigniting in 

your pussy, even though you had just finished satisfying the initial flames



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