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Archive-name: Couples/tt-ride.txt

Archive-author: Tom Fazio

Archive-title: Tom and Tiffany - A Ride in the Country


     It's been close to a year since I met Tiffany.  Our meeting

was rather bizarre (ain't it amazing what Greyhound can do for

your sex life?) and we'd done some rather strange things with

each other (like a different kind of synchronized swimming) so we

decided to actually start dating.  We decided that it would be a

somewhat non-exclusive relationship but we wound up seeing each

other more than other people.


     She called me one afternoon.  It was the day after my birth-

day and she wanted to do something.  I suggested a trip to Niaga-

ra Falls.  It is one of my favorite places to go.  She agreed and

said she'd be over in about 10 minutes.


     I got dressed and stepped out onto my porch to wait for her.

It was positively beautiful outside.  The temperature was about

72 degrees with light, cool breeze.  Figuring it would be colder

by the water, I went inside and got my wind breaker, slung it

over my shoulder, and resumed my position on the porch.


     She pulled up a few minutes later in her bright red 1990

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.  I hopped in, we exchanged the pre-

liminary tonsil hockey-style kiss and we were off like prom



     As we got on our way, I glanced over at her and checked out

her attire.  It was always an adventure to check out what Tiffany

was wearing, and today was absolutely no exception.  She had on a

pair of short white shorts and a dark blue tube top.  She had a

blouse in the back seat to put on for when we went walking.  I

removed my sunglasses because the windows in her car were



     She noticed me checking her out and said, "Like the



     I replied, "Oh yeah, you've got the body for it" and gave

her an affectionate caress on her smooth thigh.  Her body shud-

dered slightly and she let out a small moan.  She must have been

real horny if just a caress turned her on.


     We were half way there when we turned onto a country road.

There were no other cars on it, just ours.  We were stopped at a

red light when I got a crazy idea.  In one quick motion, I undid

my seatbelt, leaned towards her, yanked her tube top down a bit

exposing her gorgeous boobs, and started sucking on her right

one.  She gasped as she wasn't expecting this while we were in

the car and especially while she was driving.  The light turned

green and she hit the gas.  She was going faster than usual

because of the ecstasy she was feeling from me sucking on her

rather sensitive nipples.


     Now it is not advisable to do things like this while driving

because you can crash.  However, the road was pretty straight and

car-free, so I didn't think it mattered.  It was a bit difficult

for me to maintain my position because of the bumps in the road.

Plus her arms sort of blocked me because she had to keep her

hands on the wheel.


     She finally couldn't take anymore and breathily said, "I've

got an...uh...idea."


     We turned off onto a dirt road leading to a somewhat wooded

area.  She turned off the car and ripped off her seatbelt.  She

pushed my face away from her tits, pulled the tube top over head

and shunned it to the back seat, grabbed me by the back of the

head, and pulled me hard into her tits.  I sucked with seemingly

reckless abandon on those magnificent tits of hers.  She shook

her head back and forth and moaned loudly in a fit of passion.

She reached her hand down the side of the seat in order to re-

cline it a bit to make herself more comfortable.


     After a few minutes of sheer bliss, I decided to intensi-

fy things.  I used my free hand to work my way down to her shorts

and I started to pull them down.  She raised her hips in order to

help me, but it was a long process because of the position we

were in.  I knew I wasn't going to get them all the way down her

legs unless I moved away from her tits (and I had no intention of

doing that) so I stopped when they were just below her knees.  I

did the same thing with her panties.  After what seemed like

forever, I relinquished my grip on those tiny black panties of

hers and ran my hand up the inside of her right thigh until I

reached the intended target.  Through a bit of maneuvering of her

lets, she was able to get the shorts and panties down further.

This gave her the ability to spread her legs more.  The whole

time I was doing this, I alternated sucking on each tit.


     Her pussy was very moist from all the excitement, so I

had no trouble rubbing it.  I took my middle finger and ran it

down almost to her anus and reversed direction just before I got

there.  I parted her nether lips as I ran my finger across her

slit.  Her clit instantly started swelling and throbbing at my

touch, so I paid particular attention to that.  Her moans started

turning into breathy sighs which eventually turned into screams

as I played with her clit with increasing pressure.  I replaced

the fingers on her clit with my thumb so that I could put my

middle finger in her hole.  It was so wet that it made a squish-

ing sound every time I moved in and out.  My ring finger then

joined my middle finger and I was going at a good pace.


     Tiffany, eyes closed, mouth open, screaming, was off in

Never Never land.  Noticing this, I stopped finger-fucking her

and started to spread my two fingers apart inside her.  This gave

her such a shock that it brought her back to reality but she was

still screaming.  Her orgasm was fast approaching and she knew

it!  She started bucking her hips up and down wildly, her knees

hitting the steering wheel occasionally and her not caring.  All

she wanted to do was to release that juice all over my



     Just seconds before it happened, she screamed, "Tooooooo-

ooom, I'm cu, I'm cum, I'm huuuuuuuuuuuuuh!  I'm



     As she stuttered to get the words out, I removed my lips

from her tits and went right for her delicious love juice dis-

penser and greedily sucked everything she was offering.  After

all, wouldn't want any of it to get on the seats!  :)  I gobbled

up the last drops and rested my head on her slightly quivering



     As she recuperated from her orgasm, I could feel my cock

trying to drill it's way out of my shorts.  I needed satisfaction

and I needed it now!  I thought about the possibility of fucking

her in the car but it just wasn't doable.  So I looked out the

window to survey the area.  Lots of trees, secluded area, what

looked like soft ground, perfect!


     I explained my idea to Tiffany, removing her shorts and

panties completely as I spoke.  By this time she was so horny

that she said she didn't care if we fucked in the passing lane of

the road we were just on, just as long as we fucked and fucked

hard!  So we got out of the car; her completely naked (what a

sight, mmmmmm hmmmmmm) and me still fully dressed.  She went and

opened the trunk and got out a rather thick blanket to lay on the

ground.  She slammed the trunk shut and threw the keys in the

front seat.  We preceded to lay the blanket down on the ground in

front of the car.  At this point she ordered me to take off my

clothes since she was the only one exposing her private parts.  I

had no objections and did so.  She had me lean against the side

of the car and rest my hands on the hood.  She got on her knees

and without uttering a single word, took my raging dick in her

mouth.  She deep-throated me and sucked with a force that rivals

most vacuum cleaners for awhile.  I looked down at her; long,

blonde hair shining in the sun, tan body absolutely glowing, and

ran my fingers through her hair.  She moved her head back and

forth with increasing speed.


     I could feel that all-too-familiar feeling in my balls and

it excited me.  I knew however that I was only gonna have one big

orgasm and, as much as I liked her mouth, didn't want to have it

there.  So I grabbed her head firmly but gently letting her know

that I wanted her to stop.  She looked up at me, pre-cum juice

coating her lips, and I said, "I wanna cum in your pussy."


     With that, she easily rolled onto her back from her

current kneeling position, spread her legs wide, and started

rubbing her crotch.  I dropped to my knees, placed her heels on

my shoulders, and guided myself into her.  I was so turned on

that I was literally throbbing.  I had to fuck her slowly at

first otherwise I would have cum right then and there.  But every

time I pushed in, it was hard and went in all the way.  I went as

far in as my long cock would take me.  Every time I did, she

would gasp and moan loudly.  I slowly, and I mean real slowly,

began to pick up the tempo.


     After about five minutes, we were going at it at a tremen-

dous speed.  I was surprised that I hadn't cum yet.  But that was

all about to change as my nuts boiled and my dick throbbed even

harder.  I pounded Tiffany with all I had left in me.  Then, as I

was about to cum, she shouted to the whole world that she was

gonna have another orgasm.  Our climaxes came so close together

that we were almost synchronous.  I blasted my juices into her

and her tidal wave of jism engulfed my cock as well.  This con-

tinued for a few minutes until we were both exhausted.


     I slowed down with as much ease as I could and collapsed

on top of her leaving my cock inside her as it began to shrink

back to original size.  We laid that way for a long time, and

eventually were lulled to sleep by the cool breeze that descended

upon us.


     I awoke to a tender kiss from Tiffany and she whispered,

"happy birthday Tom" to me.  Who could ask for a better present?

We got up, folded up the blanked, got dressed and headed off for

our original destination, and had a wonderful time.



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