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Archive-name: Couples/tt-famil.txt

Archive-author: Tom Fazio

Archive-title: Tom and Tiffany - Keeping it In The Family

        I was in my studio mixing some stuff for a couple of DJ jobs I had

coming up when the light on my phone started blinking.  I answered it and a

familiar voice greeted me on the other end.  It was Tiffany.  She said, "Tom,

my sister is home from college for a few days and I really want you to meet

her."  I knew what that meant.  I got hard just thinking about it.  She then

said, "Finish what you're doing, and come over.  I'll leave the front door

unlocked."  She hung up and I finished my work.

        I made a cassette copy of my mix and hopped into my 1991 Eagle Premier

and drove to Tiffany's place.  I got there just a few minutes after the mix

ended.  Pleased with my work and what was sure to be an eventful afternoon, I

locked up my car and went into Tiffany's house.  There was a note on the floor.

It said, "Lock the door and come upstairs."  I locked the door and as I did, I

heard a strange noise.  As my professionally trained ear listened more closely

I realized it sounded like 2 women moaning with something muffling them.  My

curiosity got the best of me so I started heading for the stairs.  The sound

got closer as I climbed each step.  I got to the top of the stairs and looked

down the hall and noticed that all the bedroom doors were opened so I had to

follow the sound to find where they were.  As I walked down hall I noticed some

garments laying on the floor of what looked like Tiffany's parents' room.  As

I moved closer to that room the sounds got even closer so I figured they were in

there.  I was right.  As I entered the room, I almost passed out at what I saw.

There before me were two absolutely gorgeous, tan, girls in a wet, hot 69 on a

king size waterbed.  My cock was pulsating and I stood motionless just watching


        Tiffany was on top and facing the door where I stood.  She hadn't seen

me yet so I took that opportunity to undress.  I was having a difficult time

with my jeans and underwear because my cock was sticking straight out.  As I

undressed, their moaning got increasingly louder and faster.  Eventually they

were both screaming.  They must have both come together because slurping sounds

came from both of them.  Now completely naked and horny as hell, I walked over

to the girls.  Tiffany raised her head and saw me.  She smiled and mouthed to

me "don't say a word."  With that, she took my cock in her mouth and started

to finger-fuck her sister.  She was doing such a good job that it was all I

could do to keep from blowing my nuts in her mouth.  But as much as I liked her

mouth I needed a cunt!

        I couldn't really see much of Tiffany's sister's body.  All I could see

were her rather shapely legs which were still shaking from her recent orgasm,

and her hands running up and down Tiffany's ass.  Tiffany's sister finally

pushed Tiffany's dripping pussy off her face and asked, "So when's this

boyfriend of yours getting here?  I could really use a cock in me!"  As she

said this, Tiffany removed my cock from her mouth and with her free hand pointed

to her sister's sopping hole.  I aimed my cock and waited for the signal to

plunge in.  Tiffany slammed her cunt back onto her sister's face and said, "As

you speak Jill!"  With that, I shoved my cock in there and Jill gave a

scream of pleasure and surprise which was making it impossible for me to hold

my load.  She wrapped her legs around my ass and Tiffany sat up but still kept

her snatch on Jill's eagerly lapping mouth.  As Tiffany sat up I started

to take in the details of Jill's body.  She had bigger tits than Tiffany and

had a completely flat stomach.  She had long brown hair and was just as vocal

as Tiffany if not more.

        Tiffany leaned back on her hands and Jill raised her arms and

started playing with Tiffany's tits.  I bent over and started sucking Jill's

tits and pretty soon we were all into it.  Jill started moaning louder and

louder and with Tiffany's convulsing twat on her face said, "Oh God!!!  I'm

gonna cum, go faster!  FASTER!!!  DO IT!!"  I was about ready to come too so I

got off of Jill's tits and placed her legs on my shoulders and pumped into her

like this was the last fuck I'd ever have in my life!  The slapping sounds of

my pelvis hitting Jill's ass filled the room along with our screams.  Jill's

tits swung back and fourth and Tiffany's tits bounced up and down.  Jill was

the first to cum.  As she came she convulsed her cunt around my cock and started

screaming.  "AH!  YEAH!!!  OOHH!!  SO GOOOOOOD!!!!"  I followed with some loud

grunts of my own and Tiffany was next as she crushed Jill's face with her

quivering cunt.  After what seemed like an hour of sheer orgasmic ecstasy,

Tiffany got off of her sister, I fell onto her sister with my cock still in her,

and we all laid there panting and kissing.

        I had never been so incredibly turned on in all my life.  I stretched

out my right arm and stroked Tiffany's tits and Tiffany said, "Jill, this is

Tom."  Jill gave me a breathless hello and we French kissed deeply.  As we did

this, I noticed that I was getting hard again.  Never before had I gotten hard

right after cumming.  Jill noticed my hardness right away and gave a sly smile

and said, "I think Tom wants more."  I did.  I wanted to fuck them all day long.

Jill was squeezing my cock with her cunt and it was driving me crazy.  I slowly

started moving back and fourth when Tiffany interrupted, "Hey!  You got yours

already Jill I need that cock too!"  Reluctantly, Jill released my cock from her

grip and I pulled out of her still hard and throbbing.  Jill then spoke up,

"Wait, I think I have an idea.  Tom, lay on your back."

        I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Jill was about to suggest.

God, how I love this threesome stuff!  I laid down as instructed and Jill

straddled my face with her pussy.  Tiffany knew what to do.  She straddled my

cock and as she inserted it into her, Jill said, "Now we can both have fun."

Tiffany gave an approving "Oh yeah" and slid me all the way in her hot box.

She started moving up and down and Jill started rubbing my face with her cunt.

I flicked her clit with my tongue and let it slip into her hole every so often.

We started out slow at first and then picked up the speed.  I had never done

anything like this before!  This was the most amazing feeling.  Eating one pussy

while fucking the other one.  Both girls were moaning and breathing heavy and

instead of moaning, I lapped at Jill's twat even harder while I tried my best to

jam my dick into Tiffany at the same time.

        Jill shifted her snatch slightly and I started sucking on her clit.

That made her go absolutely crazy!  She started moaning loudly and said, "God,

Tom!  Play with my ti...ti..tits!"  I reached up and massaged her ample chest

wishing I could suck in her nipples, but satisfied with her cunt.  Tiffany

started slamming up and down on me.  The waterbed started moving quite a bit

causing a wavy sound to accompany our flesh-pounding, organ-sucking noises.

Tiffany leaned forward and and said, "Jill honey, lean back and sssss oooohhh,

suuuuuuck on my tiiiiits!"  I thought to myself "How?"  then I found out how.

Jill leaned back and found Tiffany's tits right above her mouth and sucked them.

It was the most unreal thing I ever saw.  I wish I had brought my video camera.

There we were, me on the bottom, and 2 buxom babes on top.  One riding my dick,

the other riding my face and sucking each other's tits!

        That time was upon us, that time that every sexually active person

awaits, ORGASM!  I had an idea though.  I put my hands under Jill's ass and

lifted her cunt off my face and said, "Girls, let's come together.  When you

feel like you're gonna cum, say so, OK?"  They groaned in the affirmative.

After a few minutes, Jill announced her intention to cum.  I relaxed a bit on

her cunt.  I was getting ready to cum also so I had to slow down on Tiffany's

cunt.  The only thing wrong with this was that it would take longer for Tiffany

to cum now.  I think Jill knew that because she took one of her fingers and

started rubbing Tiffany's clit with it.  It wasn't long before Tiffany announced

she'd cum if Jill didn't stop.

        Now that I had control back, I had to decide how long was enough time to

really make this simultaneous orgasm the best.  A minute sounded good.  We all

started to relax a little then I said, "OK, here we go."  Without warning, I

started furiously eating Jill's twat and fucking the shit out of Tiffany.

Within about 30 seconds we were all back to where we were a minute ago.  But

this time, we were all gonna cum.  I took a last deep breath and started biting

Jill's clit and shoving into Tiffany so hard that she started bouncing off the

matress.  My balls started to boil, I could feel the girls doing the pre-

orgasmic shake.  It was time!  THIS WAS IT!!  FUCK THE BEER COMMERCIALS BECAUSE

THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!  Our moans became screams, we started shouting

incoherent things and we all came.  "OOOOOHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!  YEAAAAAHHH!!


all that was coming from the bedroom, not to mention all the juices!  :)  I

could feel Tiffany's juices engulf my cock as I shot like a garden hose that

had been backed up with pressure and was being released.  Jill creamed all over

my face and practically rearranged my teeth!  Tits were bouncing, bodies were

slamming, juices were flowing!  I'm getting hard just writing about it.  After

what seemed like a year, we finally started to slow down.  By the time we

stopped, the girls just fell on top of me and that's how we laid for a while

and fell asleep.

        When I woke up it was dark outside.  I had a couple of hour before I

had to be at the radio station to do my show so I woke up the girls and

suggested that we all cleaned up.  Of course we did it together.  It took us

almost an hour to shower (do I have to mention why?) and got dressed.  This

also took a while.

        I left and did my show.  People called in and asked me if I was feeling

alright.  I guess the afternoon's encounter must have made my voice sound like

I was on the edge of death.

        Jill went back to school and found herself a husband.  Tiffany and I

split up because she didn't like the fact that my work was causing me to be out

at weird hours.  All 3 of us kept in touch and got together from time to time,

just the three of us, for dinner, and some unusual deserts.



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