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Archive-name: Couples/tt-bus.txt

Archive-author: Tom Fazio

Archive-title: Tom and Tiffany - The Bus Trip



     It was a warm day in Ithaca, NY.  Just warm enough to wear

shorts and not be too cold.  I had just picked up my bus ticket

and baggage tag for my trip home to Buffalo.  I was visiting my

best friend for the weekend.  I filled out all the necessary

information on my baggage tag and went to give it to the bus

driver.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most unbe-

lievable looking girl I'd ever seen.  She was tall, blond, very

well-endowed, and dressed in the *SHORTEST* skirt I'd ever seen

in my life.  No stockings underneath or anything!  We exchanged

smiles as I handed my luggage over to the driver.


     I gave my friend a good-bye hug and got on the bus and sat

down.  It began to fill up quickly and the only seat left was the

one next to me.  A deep, sexy, female voice asked me if the seat

was taken.  I looked up, and there was the girl I saw while

checking my luggage!  I silently cleared my throat and, in my

radio voice (I'm a Broadcasting major) said, "No, have a seat."

     She smiled and said "Thanks, I will."  She had only one bag

with her and as she reached to put it in the baggage compartment

above our heads, her skirt raised so far up that I could see the

bottom of her delicious pussy.  She wasn't even wearing panties!

My teeth almost dropped onto the floor!  She put the bag up there

and sat down.  She introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Tiffany.  What's

your name?"


     I smiled and said, "I'm (I had to think) Tom.  Are you from



     "No, I'm from Buffalo.  You?" was her reply.


     I was amazed that she was from Buffalo.  That meant that she

would be sitting with me the entire four hour ride there.  I told

her of my place of origin and she made a comment on the coinci-



     The bus got ready to leave.  The driver closed the door,

made the usual pre-departure announcements, and we were off.  As

we left the station, the driver turned on the air conditioning.

It took a few minutes to get back to where we were sitting but

when it did, I started to get cold.  Tiffany did also.  I could

see the goose bumps forming on her perfectly shaped, tan thighs.

After a while it got a little too cold for comfort.  She asked

me, "Are you cold?"  To which I responded, "kind of."  She said,

"I've got an idea" and with that, got up and reached into her bag

(again revealing her sumptuous snatch) and got out a somewhat

large blanket.  She said, "Do you wanna share this blanket?"  It

didn't sound like anything promising, but I replied in the af-

firmative.  She draped the blanket over our legs and we rode on.

I was a little disappointed because I now could no longer get a

glimpse of those incredible legs of hers.


     But there was a plus to all this.  She wouldn't be able to

see my hard-on.  She also brought down a magazine with the blan-

ket which she promptly started reading.  Realizing that she

didn't want to talk any longer, I put on the headphones to the

Walkman that sat in my lap.  When the tape was over, I took it

out and wanted to get another one.  I glanced over at Tiffany.

She was asleep with the magazine in her lap.  Anyway, I reached

under the blanket to get my next tape from my back pack and

inadvertently ran my hand down the side of her leg.  Her skin was

so smooth and the perfume she was wearing was making me horny.

As I rummaged through my back pack for the tape I wanted, I felt

her leg move up against my arm.  I then put the tape in my right

hand and ran my left hand back up her leg.  She seemed to like it

because she moved her leg up and down until I did it again.  I

moved my hand in a sort of circular motion on her knee and then

moved up to her thigh.  I stayed on the outside at first, then I

moved to the front of it.  I stayed there for awhile and then I

began to feel adventurous.  I casually moved my hand towards the

inner part of her thigh about at the knee.  I massaged that area

two or three times and moved back a bit farther.  I repeated this

pattern until I was at about the middle of her thigh.  I was

getting very horny and my cock was extremely hard.  Her legs were

not completely together, but not far enough apart that I could

try to massage her pussy.


     I decided to "test the water" and I moved my hand farther

back until I was almost at the junction of her legs.  She then

rectified the situation of the lack of space between her legs by

spreading them and slouching down in the seat.  I couldn't be-

lieve it.  I moved my hand to her pussy.  It was very warm.  I

gently ran my hand around the surface of it to sort of tease her

a bit.  She started rocking her hips a little which was a defi-

nite sign that she wanted more.  I began to put some more pres-

sure on her pussy and it was clear she was aroused because I

could feel her wetness.  I moved up and down her outer lips and

up to her clit.  I started playing with her clit lightly at

first, then increasing my speed and force.  She started to

breathe more heavily now and she was moving her hips against my

hand.  By this time I was hard as a rock and I moved my hand down

from her clit and put my finger inside her hole.  She loved that,

especially when I put two fingers in there!  She began to moan

softly and she moved her hand to reach under my shorts and grab

my rock-hard cock!  I then turned my hand so that I could finger-

fuck her and massage her swollen clit at the same time.  She

moved her pussy back and forth faster now to move with my rhythm.

She grabbed me harder and started jerking me off.


     Finally, things got real hot, I turned to her and said,

"Don't you think we should go somewhere more private so we can do

all kinds of NASTY things to each other?"  As I said this I moved

my hand even harder and faster.  She could only nod yes and moan

in response.


     I slowed down, then stopped.  We got up and left the blan-

ket, walkman, and magazine on the seats and headed for the bath-

room.  On the way back, I started to wonder if anyone would hear

us.  However, I remembered that the engine was back there also,

so that probably wouldn't be a problem.  We got in there and

locked the door.  I sat her up on the sink and we started kissing

deeply.  I started massaging her thighs with both hands this time

and she began to moan in excitement.  I whipped out my member

(which by this time was hard enough to cut diamonds!) and moved

it towards her.


     She then said, "No.  Wait.  I want you to fuck me but first

I want you to eat me.  I wanna have my first orgasm in your



     I then proceeded to remove her top and her big, beautiful

tits popped out.  She wasn't even wearing a bra (like that was a

big surprise).  I stopped thinking about the issue of her dress-

ing style and set to my task.  I moved her hips forward onto the

sink and got on my knees.  I put my mouth up to her inviting tuna

taco and blew on it.  She liked that very much.  I did that for a

minute or so.  Then I started licking the insides of her thighs

and stopped right before I got to the intended target.  I did

this a few times and it drove her absolutely nuts!  I finally

started licking her cunt itself.  She was one of those women who

doesn't even have an odor except for the baby powder that she

must have used when she showered.  So, upon discovering that she

had no alarming scent, I dove right in there.  The sudden change

from almost no licking to what I was doing now made her twitch

and moan loudly.  I flicked her clit with my tongue and stopped

occasionally to catch my breath.  I then took her clit into my

mouth and sucked on it.  I could tell by her hips bucking that

she was gonna come!


     I didn't want her to just yet, so I turned my attention to

her hole!  I put my tongue in there and moved my head back and

forth so that I could literally fuck her with my tongue.  When I

felt that now familiar bucking of her hips and her grabbing of

her tits and screaming, I stopped.  I faked that I was out of

breath so that I could get my hand in position.  After seeing

that she had calmed down, I took my middle finger and stuck it in

her hole and started sucking on her clit at the same time using

my teeth.  I did it hard and fast.  She started screaming again

and she was gonna come!  I thought of stopping again, but I was

so horny for this girl that I wanted her to spill her female

juices of love all over my face.  And that's exactly what she

did!  I licked and swallowed until I got every last drop.  After

I got to my feet and started massaging her tits, she grabbed my

cock and said, "FUCK ME!"


     Boy, what a neat idea!  Why didn't I think of that?  I told

her that since she was holding on to my rod, she could put it in.

I grabbed her by the waist and, as soon as my cock was in posi-

tion, thrusted up inside her.  The combination of the action

while we were in our seats, the recent adventure of the tongue,

and the anticipation of fucking her brains out was almost too

much for me.  I moved back and forth at a good speed which made

her squirm and scream with ecstasy!  She leaned back and grabbed

onto these two handles next to the mirror.  When she did this, I

bent over and, while fucking her, started sucking on her jugs.

She was wet, wild, and willing!


     Speaking of wetness, I could feel my hot cream welling up

getting ready to explode.  I didn't want to come yet.  I wanted

to save it for the very last wave of sex.  However, she didn't

want to save it, she started gyrating and almost hollering!  I

could feel her orgasm come out in one large tidal wave.  The

warmth of her juices surrounded my red-hot meat slab.  I slowed

down a little to allow her to calm down.


     She looked at me and licked her lips.  She said, "OK stud,

your turn, sit down!"


     I climbed out of my shorts and sat down on the toilet.

Then, she stepped out of her skirt and knelt down in front of me.

My cock was standing straight up.  She took it in her left hand

and started massaging my nuts with her right hand.  As she did

this, she started licking the length of my cock and darting her

tongue back and forth on the head.  It was driving me absolutely



     Then she took it all in her mouth with one swift movement.

She started sucking on it like it was a straw, desperately trying

to get the juice out of it.  I was going absolutely wild.  This

girl could probably suck a golf ball through 20 feet of garden

hose!  Finally, I could feel myself about to come.  I didn't want

to just yet, but her talented mouth on my wankie was not about to

let me hold it back.  I started fucking her mouth like it was her

pussy and shot my load into it.  She was so happy that she made

me come all over the inside of her mouth, that she started to

moan real loud and greedily swallow and suck.


     After I lubricated her mouth with my hot cream, she stood up

and I grabbed her by the waist and, making her straddle the

toilet seat and my legs, positioned her box right over my pole.

When she was properly placed, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled

them towards me to wrap that cunt of hers right around my dick!

She began grinding and moaning and I grabbed her hips and grinded

her faster.  I was so hot for her, that I didn't care how fast we

went, as long as we kept on fucking.  Her pussy felt so good

around my cock.  It was so soft and satiny inside and it was

rubbing on all the right places on me.  She stuck her chest out

and I started sucking on her tits again.  It didn't take very

long before she started howling and exploded into yet another

orgasm.  I was close behind her with my jet spray of sex juice!

We slowed down and let the motion of the bus control our move-

ments while we relaxed.  Then I kissed her deeply and said, "It's

not over yet Tiffany, it's time for the grand finale.  Stand up."


     As she stood up, I leaned forward and started eating her

snatch for about 30 seconds just to get her going again.  Then I

stood up, turned her around and had her put her hands on the

toilet seat.  I rubbed her ass first with my hand, then with my

cock.  After a few minutes of this, I stuck it in her pussy.

Then after a minute, I put one hand on her clit, and one hand on

her tit.  She grabbed her other tit and started screaming and

slapping her ass against my thighs.  She couldn't control her-

self.  I asked her if she liked being fucked that way.  She could

only respond "Oooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeah!"  The sexual pleas-

ure from my fucking her, rubbing her clit, and having both her

tits played with at the same time, made her start to cum continu-

ously.  I could also feel my hot jism begin to boil.  I knew I

was gonna cum any minute.  It was gonna be the best orgasm yet.

I wanted hers to be too.


     As I could feel myself start to cum, I started fucking her

faster, rubbing her clit harder, and kneading her tit more force-

fully.  She did her tit more forcefully too.  Well, this did

exactly what I wanted it to do.  In fact, we both exploded into

such an orgasm, that it left us shouting at the top of our lungs

for at least a minute.  That may not seem like a long time, but

when you're doing it, it does.  We were screaming so loud that

I'm sure the entire bus could hear us, but neither of us cared.


     When we finished, we did some "afterplay" to gradually bring

us down from that "high" we were on from all that wondrous copu-

lation.  We got dressed, opened the door to the bathroom, and

walked back to our seats.  As we were walking back, a guy looked

up and me, smiled, and gave me the old "thumbs up" routine.

Obviously, he heard us.


     The bus pulled in to Buffalo.  We got off the bus and got

our luggage and went inside the bus station.  As we waited for

our rides to pick us up, we exchanged addresses and phone num-

bers.  She asked me if I wanted to get together sometime soon.


     I said, "You bet!  I've got an in-ground pool and my parents

are going out of town next month."  She smiled and licked her

lips.  My ride arrived and we said goodbye.




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