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Archive-name: Couples/truefear.txt

Archive-author: David

Archive-title: True Fear (Untitled)

True Fear. If you think about the situiation I am about to put you in,

and it is real, or could be, let me know how you feel the next time

you think about it. This more than like will happen to you one night

when you are alone. Just remember this when you go to bed the  next time

you are alone.



Night time is the best time to bring out your worst fears. Especially

if you are alone. It's late but you're not tired, you know you have to

get some sleep so you can get up for work tommorow. Sitting there watching

television, it's 11:00pm, thought it's night and late, and your alone you

don't notice or think about much what could happen. But you now turn the

TV off,and head for the bathroom to get ready for bed. After washing your

face and brushing your teeth you remember to Cut the heat down,

make sure the doors are locked and head for the bedroom....


You've been laying there for 20 minutes and still can't doze off. It's way

to quite, you listen for the sound of your husband making noises,

turning, breathing heavy, but you don't hear it. Because your husband is gone

for the night, on a business trip. You hate the sounds when he is there, but

now you realize that the noises you hate so much are your best security blanket.

A feeling of not being alone, and not having to notice every luttle sound,

such as the heater running, cars outside driving by, with the headlights

peering through the window. Waiting to make sure the car keeps on going instead

of stopping near your house. The dog growls softly, for know reason, and you

are thinking why is she growling? You only want to go to sleep and get this

night over with. He will be home tommorow and you then can make it through

the night in peace.


An hour has passed, the sounds never stop, if it`s not one thing it's another.

Shut the door, it will keep some of the sounds out.....better lock it.

You can't shut the door, it get's to cold with door shut. You close your eyes,

and try to think about something to help you fall asleep. Sex? Not tonight,

too afraid to think of sex. Work? Too depressing. Husband? What is he

doing right now? He should be on a plane to Phoneix, and back tomorrow

evening. He said he would call tonight, why hasn't he? You would feel much

hearing his voice. Check the phone, make sure it works. Good it works.

Then why hasn't he called? Did something happen? Is he out drinking?

He shouldn't be out this late, it's midnight. Maybe you should get up

and smoke a cigarette, it might relax you, and get your mind off everything...

1 am, why the hell can't I sleep? The heat cuts on, good, now maybe

you can fall asleep before it cuts back off. Finally you are dozing off.

The dogs suddenly starts growling, your worst fear is coming true, or is it?

Your are afraid to open your eyes for fear of what you might see. Though you

know nothing is there, you do this to yourself all the time.

Instantly you have this feeling of true fear, your body has become sort

of numb and you are suddenly thinking about what is about to happen.

Open your eyes dammit! How else will the feeling go away? You do it,

and the split second before you open your eyes, you are in complete

and total fear.......RRRRRRRIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my God! It's only the phone, please let it be him. HI honey, how is

goin, he says? Why the hell haven't you called earlier? It's only

11:00 here. Remember the time changes? You suddenly remember and aren't

mad anymore, just releived that there is another voice present. He ask you

how you're doing. You mention nothing of the fear, and not being able to

"Oh, I am fine, went to bed about 11:00, how's everything with you?"

Could be better. I had to take a later flight and am still on the plane.

We should be landing in about 30 minutes. I thought I would call before

before it got too late. How do I sound 30,000 feet in the air? Just fine.

I miss you, I hope everything is going well at the house. Did you

remember to lock the doors? Yes honey. Sweetheart? Yes, whats wrong, he

says? Oh nothing, I hate it when you're not here. I know, I do too, but this

is my job. I know, I just wish you would hurry up and get home. I'll be there

in the morning. I know, but I wish you were here now, it's so creepy tonight.

I've been hearing strange noises all night, and you wouldn't beleive the things

running through my head. Maybe you should double check the doors,

I'll wait on the line until you get back. Hurry though, I have no idea

how much these plane phones cost. Ok, I'll be right back......I love you.

Two, maybe three minutes go by. I wish she'd hurry up, this is costing

a fortune.

Click...nothing but a dial tone.


Oh my God, someone is trying to break in! Instantly, fear sets in and you

are almost completely numb with fear. You wish now you had a dog, at least

you would have had some warning. What should I do? You only have seconds,

at the most before they are in the house. Hide! You run to the closet

upstairs in the spare bedroom, there's a gun in there. Feeling as though

you are barely moving you make it to the bedroom, and into the closet.

Realizing you have nothing on but panties and a shirt you grab a long

sweater on the top shelf and put it on. Before looking for the gun, stop

and listen. Where are they now? It sounds like they are in the kitchen,

2 maybe 3 people.  Are they here for you ar to rob your house? Get the

gun, it's on the top shelf in a shoe box. Shit, no shells. Where the

fuck are the shells? No time to look, get in the corner, cover yourself

and pray to God they are only here to rob the place. The phone rings.

They must have hung the phone up, and your husband is trying to call back.

It rings and rings, maybe now your husband will call the police and get

someone over here, quick.  After 15-20 rings, the phone stops ringing.

Now you can hear them again, they are coming up the stairs. They are

in the master bedroom. It doesn't sound like they are taking anything,

more like they are looking for someone. You can hear voices now, just

muffled, but at least three different voices are heard. Two are male,

young sounding, one is definately a female.

Five maybe ten minutes have gone by, you are almost to the point

of whimpering like a dog. Don't, if they hear you you're a goner.

The voices are getting clearer, so they must be getting closer.

Shove a sweater sleeve in your mouth, whatever it takes, but don't

make a sound. Knowing they are in the room now, you completely cover

yourself in blankets and start praying to God, or whoever will listen.

Please don't open the closet door.

You can make out what they are saying now.....

I know that bitch is in here, I saw the light on an hour ago, and she

didn't leave the house. We'll find her, one of them says. What about

her husband? He won't be back until tommorow evening, so we have all

the time we need.



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