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Archive-name: Couples/thebet.txt


Archive-title: Bet, The

Sometimes a couple that lives together learn each other too well.

How can  I  be  proud  of  myself,  when  the  guys  in  the  old

neighborhood  would  call  me  pussy  whipped  if  they knew what

happened.  You see,  I was telling my  girl  friend  that  I  had

enough  money  set  aside to buy my mother a really nice birthday

gift.  Her response was "Oh,  that's nice."  Little did I realize

that she had plans for me and this money.  

The next morning, I getting ready for work, and she says "I'm not

going  to  work  today,  I'm going shopping."  I think to myself,

funny,  didn't she tell me yesterday that she was  broke?   Then,

the  boldness  comes through.  "I want the $200.00 you were going

to spend on your mom."  At this point,  I'm in  disbelief.   "You

must be nuts,  if you think I'd do that", I tell her.  Here's the

problem.  She knows me.  She walks up to me and immediately  puts

her left arm around me, and her right hand between my legs.  With

a  handful of groin,  she looks me in the eye and says,  "Are you

going to give me the money now,  or do I have to make you give it

to me?!" Well, I've always feared being in this situation because

I'm  so  weak when it comes to sex,  and I was beginning to think

she knows that.  I tell her,  "There's no way you could ever  get

me  to  give you this money.  You must fucking be nuts!"  I reply

arrogantly.  With her hand searching for the outline of  my  dick

through  my  pants,  she  begins  to  smile.   Trying  to hide my

nervousness,  I smile too.  Now is my only chance to  prove  that

I'm  strong  enough to resist her,  or she'll do this to me every

time she wants something.  "So, you want an early morning goodbye

before I go to work eh?"  I say nervously.   She  responds,  "You

better believe it!"  This is where I make my getaway.  "Sorry,  I

don't want to be late for work today.  Besides,  I don't want you

to  think  that  you  could  influence me for that $200.00 in any

way." She then lies down on the bed,  on her back and spreads her

legs flat on the bed.  She's wearing pink bikini panties,  and no

top.  She begins to rub the top of her thighs, and kisses the air

while closing her eyes.  Her hand reaches underneath her panties,

and she starts stroking herself.  After a deep sigh she hikes  up

her hips,  and remove her panties.  With one hand on the hills of

her chest,  and the other hand in the wetlands,  she becomes very

aroused.  I,  on the hand, attempt to finish getting dressed, but

watching her in the mirror.  She catches me  watching  and  grabs

her  leg  backward with arm and starts to moan.  She and I notice

at the  same  time  that  I  have  stopped  moving,  and  started

watching.  She gets up and begins to undo my trousers, and rub me

with both hands.  She says, "Tell you what.  I'll make you a bet.

If I come first,  you'll get breakfast in bed everyday next week.

If you come first I'll get the $200.00."  I can't take this  bet.

Some  women can go on and on forever.  I don't see myself winning

this bet.  "No, why don't we just get down right here anyway?"  I

say  feeling  her  hands still stroking me gently.  She then gets

down on her knees and then puts my dick in her mouth.  She  wraps

her  tongue  around the tip,  licks the shaft on all sides,  then

deep throats it slowly.  Then she stands up and says "No,  only a

bet will do today!"  Shit!  Well, what would you do?  Of course I

gave in.  I angry too.  I'm removing my clothes cursing about  my

mother birthday present,  being pushed into the bet,  and warning

her this had better be fair.  

So, now I'm nude lying on the bed,  waiting for her to return for

the  other  room.   What's  she  doing?  She emerges with a white

stockings,  a black leather garter and red high  heel  pumps.   I

think  I  in  for  something different.  She walks around the bed

like a tiger stalking it's prey.  She grabs the back of  my  neck

and proclaims, "My pussy needs eating!".  Well, this is my chance

to  win  this bet.  I know she loves this.  She eagerly straddles

my face,  and demands action.  I kiss the inside of her legs  and

begin  to  rub  her clit.  I move my hand to her breasts and play

with her nipples as I move my tongue in and  out  of  her  pussy.

She  begins  to  move with my tongue movements.  She also reaches

back for my dick.  As she plays with it,  it becomes  rock  hard.

There  was my mistake (and my $200.00 gone).  She jumped on to my

dick and began to move slowly.  At first, I didn't understand why

she made her move so quickly,  except than maybe she was about to

lose the bet.  Then she began to speak,"Now is the time I win the

bet,  because you are about to come." I thought to myself, "shit,

I ain't ready, what's she talking about?".  She goes on,  "Aren't

you ready to give me your cum?"  She repeats herself, "Aren't you

ready to give me your cum?"  I say  "NO!"  Her  pussy  begins  to

tighten  up.  She starts squeezing my dick around the head,  then

starts squeezing as she moves down on it.   This  is  driving  me

nuts.   Now  is  the  time  to think about baseball,  my mother's

present, anything.  She then grabs my jaw,  and forces me to look

at her.  Looking me straight in the eye she says,  "Gimme you cum

now.  Shoot it right in my pussy." She then start riding me hard.

"You're going to lose the bet, so you may as well come!  Come on,

gimme that cum!"  I'm still trying too resist.   Good  thing  too

because  she's  enjoying this more than I thought.  I notice that

she slowing down.  I say, "What's wrong?  Getting too turned on?"

This is my chance.  I start banging her hard and furious.  "Who's

coming now?  Uh?"  I grinning because she looks like she's  about

to  explode.   I  suddenly realized I was at the brink of orgasm.

She looks me in the eye and says "Gotcha!  You can't  stop  now!"

She  rides  me  until  I  can't stop.  But wait!  Obviously,  her

domination and seduction of me turned her on a great deal.  She's

losing control too.  She screaming for me to come, and I am,  but

she  is  too.   I'm trying to take advantage of her state,  and I

start jamming my dick in her pussy with almost an angry force.  I

explode in an orgasm that seems to never end.  She's got her hand

over her mouth,  but I feel her body quake.  We began pointing at

each  other.   "I'll  take  breakfast  before  I get dressed next

week", I say.  "Sorry,  but you didn't win,  I did!"  she quickly

points  out.   We  argue  for  a  couple  of minutes,  then begin

kissing.  She says,  "I don't really need the money,  but we need

to  try  this again."  I've never been that turned on in my life,

but I won't tell her that.  "Keep the money, I just want you" she

says rubbing her hand on my ass and kissing my face.  

I left for work that morning about $200.00 poorer.  



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