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Archive-author: anonymous

Archive-title: Terri

I'd like to tell all of you about my girlfriend, Terri, and some of the great

experiences we've had together. I'm doing this with her permission, but she's

asked me not to describe anything that could give us away to the other workers

in our office, since we know some of them read this newsgroup. So, my

descriptions of us, and our names, are altered. The rest of the story is true.

Maybe it's better that way, since you can substitute whatever faces and bodies

and names make the story more exciting for you. But in fact, it remains our

story. If it's well-received on the net, maybe I'll write some more later, but

for now, I'll tell you about how our relationship started. I couldn't come up

with a title. She suggested "Fucking Terri's Brains Out" but I thought it was

a little bit blatant. So you can give it your own title if you want.

New York Super Fudge Chunk is a trademark of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. They

have not given their permission for it to appear in this story, nor, to the

best of my knowledge, do they endorse its use as a sexual aid.


No one would ever call Terri beautiful, except for me. That may seem like a

strange way to start talking about the woman I love, but it's the truth. Guys

I know have called her "cute" or "decent-looking" or even "plain," but it

doesn't matter to me. She's a little bit on the short side, which I like, and

although she does have a few (only a few) spare pounds, most of her weight is

muscle. She has an average bust, small waist, and her behind and legs look

great in a pair of tight pants. Her hair is straight and light brown, and her

face, truthfully, is more cute than pretty in the usual sense. Her eyes,

though, are a pale, sparkling blue-grey with always a hint of mischief in them.

Terri danced into my life in mid-August. And when I say danced, I mean it

literally. She had just started work in my office, a new recruit added to our

research and development team fresh out of college. I had known that she was

starting work, but had been on vacation the previous week, so I hadn't been

there when she was introduced to the rest of the team. I arrived early on

Monday, wanting to get caught up with the week's backlog of mail and figure

out just what had gone on in my absence. I heard light classical music coming

through the wall from the office next to mine, which had been vacant when I

left, so I decided to introduce myself to my new co-worker. I stepped out of

my office and into hers, and was almost knocked over as she came whirling out

her door in a graceful pirouette. Instinctively, I brought my hands up and

caught her. She must've been as surprised as I was, but gave no sign of it as

she tilted her head back, looked into my eyes and said, "Are you just going to

stand there, or are you going to dip me?"

I pride myself on my ability to take most anything in stride, and usually I'd

have a quick comeback for a line like that, but not this time. Actually, I

must've looked kind of silly as I yanked my hands away and made some lame

excuse about not knowing the step. We introduced ourselves, and she showed me

the decorations she had been putting up in her office. I knew after just a few

minutes of talking to her that she was not going to be just another nerd in

the office. Maybe it's just because she hasn't been ground down by the

day-to-day work routine, but she just seems so much more alive than most of my

other co-workers. And although it certainly wasn't love at first sight, I knew

right away that I could really get to like her.

Since I had a few years experience with the department, and was working on a

fairly low-priority project at the moment, our boss decided that it would be a

good idea for her to get her feet wet by helping me out on this project. I was

amazed by her skill and talent. She took some time getting used to our coding

conventions, or what passes for them, and the source code control system we

use, but other than that she seemed to have an instant understanding of

everything we were doing, and came up with a number of optimizations that had

gotten by me. That's not really such a big deal, but the fact that she never

made an issue out of occasionally getting one up on me was quite a welcome

change from the usual attitude I've encountered. In fact, it got to be

something of a game between us, making us both do our jobs a little bit

better. So it wasn't surprising when we finished that project and got handed a

new one, this time a top-priority job.

As the wise reader has probably guessed by now, my interest in Terri was

growing personally as well as professionally. She'd come over to my place for

dinner a few times, and we'd been out to a few movies, usually with friends. I

thought that she was showing an interest in me as well, but since I've long

ago stopped trying to out-guess a woman, I wasn't making any assumptions. We'd

exchanged innuendos a few times, but I was just putting it down to a

flirtatious streak. But as I became more interested in her, and started

showing her some deliberately unprofessional attention, she seemed to be

responding in kind.

The turning point came, as it usually does in a relationship, at the least

likely moment. We'd been working on our second project together for about a

month, and although we'd been making good progress, there were still some

critical timing problems we couldn't seem to resolve, with a deadline less

than a week away. Neither of us was in any danger if we didn't get the program

perfected, but after our early successes, we weren't going to accept a defeat,

and we'd started putting in some really long hours in the office. We were in

my office, throwing some ideas (and a Koosh) around at about midnight one

night. The white board was covered with notes, mostly crossed out, and we had

both been through half a dozen cups of tea since lunch time. Neither of us had

had dinner, and our usual good humor was quickly fading.

"What if we forget about interrupts and go with a polling scheme instead?" I

asked, and flipped her the Koosh.

"No good. Eats up too many CPU cycles if we have to spin for too long. It

would sit there and poll until the user responds, and that might not be until

the next morning on a batch job." She tossed it back.

"Okay, polling with a timeout. And, to avoid CPU usage, we use a coprocessor."

I gave the Koosh a high lob, and watched in dismay as it landed in her teacup

and splashed cold Earl Grey on the day's notes.

We were both on the papers in a second, trying to keep the tea from soaking

through too many layers. The crisis past, she sighed and said, "Okay. Let me

go get another cup of tea, and we'll pick up on your idea."

At the moment, though, my mind had suddenly gone elsewhere, the way a male

mind often will when it sees an attractive woman having a hard time. "Wait a

minute," I said. "You don't need any more caffeine. You need something to

relax you. Sit down." She sat down, and gave me a puzzled look. "Now, close

your eyes, and turn your brain off for a few minutes." She closed her eyes,

but from the look she gave me before closing them, I think her brain was

probably quite busy as I turned her chair away from mine and put my hands on

her shoulders.

I had "threatened" her with backrubs many times before, but had never actually

gotten up the nerve to give her one. Now it seemed like the most natural thing

in the world as I stroked her back, shoulders, and neck. She seemed to relax

totally after the first couple minutes, and leaned back quite comfortably

against me. Encouraged, I worked my fingers up into her hair, and then down

just inside the collar of her sweater, then massaged all the way down her arms

to her hands. I guess I'd been at it about an hour when there was a knock on

my office door and I saw the janitor peering through the tiny window. Terri

and I both tried to act natural as I let him in, but we could both barely keep

from laughing at the way he stood there grinning at us both, as if the three

of us were sharing some great secret.

After he'd gone, we decided that we weren't going to get anywhere on the

problem that night, and decided to call it a night. I was a bit disappointed,

but at the same time I knew we'd made a step in the right direction.

The next morning, after a night of pleasant dreams, I awoke about two hours

after we'd agreed to meet at the office. I showered, didn't bother to shave or

eat, and made the 15 minute drive. When I got into my office, I found Terri

there, scribbling notes on a thick yellow pad. When I walked in, she smiled at

me and said, "What did you do to me last night?"

"Nothing unusual," I said. "I'd be glad to demonstrate again sometime."

"No, that's not what I mean. What did you do to my brain? I came in this

morning after sleeping last night, and the answer was perfectly clear. Take a

look a this!" I sat in open-mouthed wonder for the next fifteen minutes as she

explained everything we'd done wrong on that phase of the project, and showed

me exactly how we could correct it. We spent the next four hours fine-tuning

her solution, then a couple more coding up the changes and testing. It worked

even better than our original estimates, and we still had three days before

the deadline.

"Should we go tell Jeanne?" Terri asked, referring to our boss.

I looked at my watch. It said 3:30. "No, I've got a better idea. Watch this."

I emailed to Jeanne, "Timing problems solved. Will give you details tomorrow,

at your convenience."

"Now, get your coat, and we're out of here. You do like Chinese, right?"

Terri and I treated each other to a really great celebratory Chinese dinner,

including a couple of Scorpion Bowls, and had more fun than we had since we'd

started on this project. It was so relaxing, and it seemed totally natural to

invite her back to my place for a movie afterward. We stopped at the video

store near my apartment, and as we got out of our cars, I asked her what she

wanted to see. "Whatever you like," she said, "you've done a great job so far.

I've got to pick up something at Price Chopper."

I went into the video shop, and picked up Bull Durham, one of my favorites. A

nice light comedy, but with enough good sex to make it really interesting. By

the time I got back to my car, she was already in hers, and wouldn't tell me

what she'd bought at the store, so I wouldn't tell her what I'd rented. "Guess

we'll just have to surprise each other tonight," I said, and started my car. I

hoped she'd read my message in as many ways as I'd meant it.

Between the day's success, the good food, and the immodest amounts of liquor

we'd drunk, we were both in a euphoric state, and ready to enjoy ourselves. I

put the tape in the VCR, and listened as she crashed around in my kitchen with

whatever she'd bought. After a few minutes, she came back in with a couple

bowls, apparently with ice cream in them under huge amounts of hot fudge and

whipped cream. She set them down on the coffee table and handed me a spoon,

then sat beside me on the couch. "So, let's see this movie you've picked out,"

she said, and hit the remote control. I turned out the light at my end of the

couch, and for the next 20 minutes we indulged in our New York Super Fudge

Chunk and laughed at the movie.

"You want some more?" she asked, as she took our empty bowls into the kitchen.

"Maybe later," I said. "Now come back and keep me company." As she sat down at

the opposite end of the couch, I said, "Could I persuade you to join me at

this end?" To my great satisfaction, she didn't require any persuasion as

she moved next to me and leaned back against me.

"How 'bout some more of that great brain stimulation that you were giving me

last night?" she said.

"Nope, no brains tonight," I teased. "Got anything else you want stimulated?"

"Well... Pick up where you left off last night, and I'm sure we can think of

something from there." I didn't need to be told twice, and started massaging

her shoulders and neck. I worked my way out from there, getting more and more

daring. I'd occasionally throw in a random hug, or a kiss on the back of her

neck, becoming steadily more encouraged by her responses. By the time Susan

Sarandon and Kevin Costner were in the bathtub, I had my arms around her, one

hand inside her sweater teasing at her breast, as I nibbled at her ear and

trailed kisses down her neck to her collar. I didn't think she was paying any

more attention to the movie until she snuggled back more firmly against me and

whispered, "Do you splash like that when you make love in your tub?"

"I don't know," I whispered back. "I've never done it in my tub. We'll have to

find out sometime." Since her lips were so close to mine, I did the obvious

thing, and kissed her. I'd always thought that "seeing skyrockets" was just an

expression, but the charge that went through me at that moment made me feel

like the bicentennial. By the time we broke that kiss, we'd somehow managed to

get completely stretched out on the couch, with her lying on top of me and my

shirt half unbuttoned. Needless to say, we didn't care much about the movie

any more. It could wait; we couldn't. For the next hour, we made out on the

couch like a couple of horny high-school kids, gradually losing more and more

clothing until I was down to just my underwear and one sock. She had just her

panties on, and she was probably the sexiest sight I'd ever seen.

Her hair was in total disarray, hanging down over one eye. Her smooth, creamy

skin was slightly flushed, and in spite of the ceiling fan whirling above us,

she was perspiring lightly, and I could feel the slickness of her breasts

pressing against my chest. Her eyes, as she brushed her hair aside, were

practically throwing off sparks, and her expression said that she was going to

devour me the way she had the ice cream not long before. Naturally, I couldn't

see myself, but I was looking back at her the same way.

She raised herself up off of me slightly, looked down the length of our

bodies, and said, "We're overdressed."

I looked into her eyes, and with all the sincerity I could muster, said,

"You're right. Help me get this sock off." She stared at me for a moment, then

collapsed back onto me, laughing as if it was the funniest thing she'd ever

heard. Her laughter was contagious, and the gentle shaking of her body against

mine quickly got me started as well.

After a moment, in a mock-serious tone, she said, "Stop it. Stop laughing

right now, or I'll have to make you stop." Naturally, in my condition, that

too seemed pretty funny, and got me going even harder. "All right, then," she

said, "this should stop you." With that, she lowered her mouth to my neck, and

bit gently. I've always had a weakness for love-bites, and my laughing

instantly turned to gasps of pleasure. Taking her cue, she continued down my

neck, then started kissing my chest, and worked her way across to one nipple.

Mine are very sensitive, perhaps unusually so for a man, and many women don't

know how to deal with it. Not the case with Terri. She had clearly done this

to a man before, and obviously enjoyed it. For the next twenty minutes, I lay

on the couch, gasping, panting, and actually crying out a few times as she

licked, sucked, and lightly bit at my nipples. Although she hadn't done

anything below my waist, my erection was tingling like crazy, and I wasn't far

from coming.

"Wait...slow down!" I whispered between gulps of air.

"What's wrong, Love?" she asked. "Going to come so soon?" She had a wicked

gleam in her eye as she slid off of me, kneeling in front of the couch, her

mouth gluing itself to my nipple again as her left hand slid down to caress my

twitching erection through the cotton of my underwear. She knew what she was

doing, I realized, and I wasn't going to deny either of us the pleasure of

letting her finish. "Just relax and let it happen," she said, "and don't try

to hold back. I want to see your face when you come." I couldn't have lasted

another minute after that, even if I had tried to resist. She must've known

from the way my entire body stiffened when I started coming. My eyes were

closed, but I could feel her eyes on my face as her hand eased my cock out of

my underwear and she began stroking it. Not jerking, just slowly stroking,

encouraging me to pump out a bigger load. Under her touch, I had built up an

incredible pressure, and felt warm, sticky globs splattering my chest and

stomach, a few drops even landing on my own throat.

When I had finished, I opened my eyes and found her gazing back into them from

just inches away. She kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring deep inside my

mouth, then pulled back and said, "You. Are. Beautiful," emphasizing each word

as if it were some important declaration. I'm hardly beautiful, especially

after almost two days without a shave, but there was no doubting the sincerity

in her voice, or her eyes. And if she thought I was beautiful, I certainly

wasn't going to complain. "I loved doing that to you. Being able to overpower

you, the way you've always overpowered me. Gods, I don't think I've ever been

this hot before!" I had no idea that I had ever overpowered her, and thought

of the many times I'd been left speechless as she swung her strong, graceful

body past me in a hallway or office. Had we both been in mutual awe of each

other all this time? Seemed like.

"You're beautiful," she repeated, "but you need some cleaning up!" Before I

knew what was happening, her mouth was at my throat again, and she was working

her way down my body, delicately lapping at the pools of semen as she found

them. When she'd finished, she said, "Mmm. You're sweet all over. Ice cream

eaters always make the best lovers." I pulled her to me and kissed her,

cleaning her lips and sliding my tongue into her mouth, sharing my own taste

with her. She was right, it was sweeter than I'd expected. When I let her go

again, she whispered, "Not just sexy, but brave, too. Every man wants a woman

to swallow, but how many will do it themselves?"

I pulled her back on top of me on the couch, and we lay there gently kissing

for a few minutes. "Ready for more?" I asked.

"Oh, definitely. But are you?" she replied.

"Don't worry about me. This is only the second round. Let me satisfy you

before we even think about finishing this night. Come on, we'll be much more

comfortable in the bedroom." I coaxed her to her feet, then led her by the

hand to my bedroom. Even though I'd been sleeping alone for quite a while, I

have a queen-size bed, and I was looking forward to sharing it with her.

My bed, of course, was unmade. I'd been kind of frantic when I dashed out the

door that morning. She sat on the edge of it, and made a face. "What's wrong?"

I asked. She rummaged under the bedspread for a moment, and pulled out the

object she'd sat on.

"What's this?" she asked, looking at it quizzically.

"Oh. That's a squash racquet. It doesn't belong there."

"Do you play?" she asked, as I took it from her and put it in the closet.

"No, I've never tried. That belongs to a friend of mine. Now, what were we

doing?" I wanted to get her mind back on the subject quickly.

"Well, I think we were about to take off the rest of our clothes," she said,

and slid her satiny panties off. "I hope you know how to use one of these

things!" she said with a grin.

I stepped out of my own underwear. "I don't make any promises, but I'm

certainly willing to try," I replied, and pushed her back down onto the bed,

covering her body with my own.

"Got tired of me being on top?" she asked.

"Do you want to talk, or do you want to kiss?" I teased, and put my best

lip-lock on her before she could respond. As Terri could tell you now, I'm

more than a little lazy in bed, and never complain about having her on top.

But I had promised her some satisfaction, too, and I was determined to give it

to her. Eventually. It was still early, and there was no sense rushing things.

After all, there was a lot of gorgeous body to be covered, and so far I hadn't

even gotten below her neck. Fortunately, I knew how to remedy that.

After a few minutes, I started moving down. First across her chin, and into

the deep hollow of her throat, moistening her skin with my lips and tongue. I

don't go for slobbering kisses, but I was leaving a damp little trail as I

went. Now, I don't think I was doing anything really unusual, but I've

concluded that Terri has maybe fifty or sixty times as many nerve-endings as

the average woman, because she was already starting to shake before I'd even

reached her breasts. This was great fun for me, obviously, and since I love to

torment a lover with pleasure, I was taking full advantage of her. Naturally,

I ignored her threats to "kill me if I didn't do it now." I knew she was just

kidding. I kissed my way up to one nipple, then flicked my tongue across it,

and quickly retreated, working my way across to the other one. After repeating

this a few times, I found that I could stop just short of her nipple, and keep

her in suspense. We would look into each other's eyes, then I would flick my

tongue out again. It was like hitting a trigger, as she yelped and thrust her

body off the bed at me. Two thoughts were going through my mind at the moment:

First, "What will it be like when I start going down on her?" and second,

"Thank gods I don't have a roommate!"

But I'm basically a nice guy. I didn't want to get my new lover too

frustrated, and by this time she was perspiring heavily and squirming all over

the bed. "Need something to cool you off, Sweetheart?" I asked. She nodded,

and I headed for the kitchen. Inspiration struck and I paused in the bedroom

doorway. I looked back at her, with her eyes closed and hands on her breasts.

"How much do you trust me?" I asked.

"Do whatever you want to me," she answered.

"You sure?"

"Do I have to put it in writing? I will, you know," she said.

"No, your word is good enough for me. Be right back." I wasn't right back,

because it took me a few minutes in the kitchen to get ready. As I approached

the bedroom carrying a small tray, I told her, "Close your eyes. I've got a

couple surprises here," and put the tray on the nightstand out of her line of

sight. First I handed her one of the glasses of water I'd brought, and let her

drink deeply from it. When she was done I told her to lie down and close her

eyes again. I took a spoonful from the bowl of ice cream I'd brought in, and

brought it to her lips. "Open up, Sweetheart," I said, and brushed the spoon

across her lips. She opened her mouth, and I fed her a tiny bit of ice cream,

deliberately smearing some on her lips. I set down the spoon, and kissed her

lips clean. The mixture of cold and hot, with the sweet chocolate mingling

with our mouths, was incredible. After a single deep kiss, I withdrew, and fed

her some more in the same way, feeling the glob of rich ice cream melt between

our tongues.

Time to start moving again, though. With just the teaspoon, I began working my

way down her body, enjoying her shivers every time I brought it down on her

skin, looking into her eyes each time I did. In just a minute, I had painted a

sticky trail of melting ice cream down the middle of her body: across her

chin, her throat, between her breasts, pooling deeply in her navel, and

stopping just short of the small triangle of pubic hair.

"You bastard!" she practically screamed as I surveyed my work of art.

"Aww, Baby, you said 'Do whatever you want to me,' didn't you? Well, this is

what I want."

"Oh, I love it, but it's COLD! Warm me up now, please?"

"Had to make you cold to make you hotter," I said. "Now comes the fun part."

Just as she had licked me clean earlier, I slid up alongside her body, kissed

her again, and started swabbing the ice cream away with my tongue. Of course,

as it melted, it had left small rivulets of liquid chocolate down the sides of

her neck, which I eagerly licked clean. I teased all the way down her body,

kissing and licking thoroughly to get her as clean as possible. She began

laughing hysterically when I poked my tongue into her navel, and I made sure

to get her especially clean there.

When I reached the end of the trail I'd made, I looked back up at her. She

tangled her fingers in my hair and said, "You're not stopping there, are you?"

"That was just the first course," I said. "Can't go leaping straight for

dessert, can I?"

"You can, you can!" she said. "Unless you've got something better in mind." I

did. I'd found the leftover hot fudge from earlier, and I'd microwaved it to a

little above body temperature. I took the bowl from the tray, dipped two

fingers in it, and repeated the ice cream ritual, painting her lips and

feeding her a dab of it. Unlike the cold ice cream, when I kissed her this

time, all I could taste was more hot. "You're not putting that on me, are

you?" she asked.

"Relax. I'll give you a bath later. Let's just keep the sheets clean."

"I thought this only happened in '9 and 1/2 Weeks'," she said.

"Never seen it," I said, lying through my teeth. "Now hold still!" With that,

I scooped a couple more fingers full out of the bowl, and smeared the hot

fudge on her right nipple. Sensitive as always, she arched her back and moaned

as I smeared it thickly around in a widening circle. A little more there, and

then I moved to her other breast, making it look as if her nipples had

suddenly doubled in size and turned chocolate-brown. I slipped my fingers into

her mouth and let her suck them clean, then moved down to kneel between her

legs. I stretched out on top of her, my weight on my hands, and my face right

on a level with her breasts. Remembering the way she'd responded to a single

flick of my tongue earlier, I expected I'd need to hold her down for this


I'd been fairly gentle with her up to this point, but now I started sucking

deep and hard at her breasts, like a giant starving baby. I needed to taste

her deeply, and to make a claim to her that she would remember. And

fortunately, Terri isn't a delicate flower. She seemed to understand and

appreciate my sudden roughness as I pulled her tender flesh into my mouth,

teasing with my teeth and prodding with my tongue while she writhed under my

weight. One breast cleaned, I moved to the other, holding her tightly against

me all the while. I found that she is as sensitive as me in the nipples, and

responded almost as strongly. Although I couldn't quite bring her to orgasm

that way, her moans turned to screams and I could feel the wetness between her

legs where my stomach rested against her.

Knowing a perfect moment when it hits me, I slid back down, and buried my face

between her thighs. I plunged my tongue into her as deeply as I could,

drinking deeply of the sweet juices that she produced. Maybe it was the ice

cream I'd just been eating, but I have never tasted a woman so sweet before.

In a moment her hips began moving, and I picked up her rhythm, fucking her

with my tongue as she thrust against my face. My hands clutched at her thighs,

keeping her from squeezing too tightly. I had to make her come! Abandoning my

deep thrusts, I took her throbbing clitoris between my lips and began

massaging it with my tongue, picking up the pace as her moans increased in

tempo and volume. I stroked her thighs and ass with one hand, and slid the

other free to grasp hers. As our fingers tangled together, I flashed my tongue

across her clit even faster, being rewarded a moment later as she started

screaming incoherent love-names and arched her beautiful body completely off

the bed. As the first wave broke, I came up for a breath of air, and then went

back down on her. Riding the shockwave of her orgasm, I coaxed her into a half

dozen smaller ones, until we lay together in an outrageous, sweaty, incoherent,

shaking heap.

Neither of us moved or spoke for at least five minutes, except for me to crawl

back alongside her and share the remaining glass of water with her. She

recovered faster than I did, as women often do. She rolled on top of me, still

mostly exhausted, and we took another kissing break. We just cuddled and

kissed, and I stroked her body from her shoulders down to the backs of her

thighs, as far as I could reach. Eventually, she slid her hand down between

our bodies to where my cock was trapped. It had recovered while I had been

trying to bring her off, and was now begging for attention again.

"I see this beautiful thing is ready for some more action," she said, and I

saw that wicked grin coming over her face again. Thinking of what I had done

to her earlier, I silently prayed that she was too kind, or too tired, to take

revenge on me. "Your turn!" she said, and reached for the hot fudge bowl.

Clearly, my hopes had been misplaced. The only thing left to do was take my

punishment like a man. And enjoy every second of it, of course! Besides, at

least we were out of ice cream.

Using just one finger, she scooped glob after glob of gooey hot fudge from the

bowl and painted my throbbing organ with it. First the head, circling round

and round, then up and down the length of the shaft, until no skin at all

could be seen. Then, just as I had done to her, she began thoroughly licking

me clean, reversing the action she'd used to put it on me. First she slowly

licked up one side of my shaft, then down the other, totally ignoring my pleas

for mercy, until I could feel her saliva starting to trickle down my thighs.

After this wanton torture, the only sticky fudge remaining was the thick

coating on the head, which she now plunged deep into her mouth. It was my turn

to scream. Her mouth wrapped around me, enveloping me in wet heat, as her

tongue swirled round and round, cleaning away every remaining bit of

chocolate. She didn't stop then, though, and kept bobbing her head up and

down, taking me all the way to the back of her throat on each thrust. Just as

she had done, I began moving my hips involuntarily, fucking deeply into her


Abruptly, she stopped. "I really want to finish this job," she said, "but I

don't know whether I could get you up again. And I need to get fucked now!

I've got to have you inside of me. Please, do it to me!" I was in total

agreement, as I shifted her over to the clean, dry half of the bed. I reached

for my nightstand and pulled a condom from the drawer, but felt her hand on my

arm before I could get it open. "Not necessary," she said. "I've got that nice

little prescription. But you can wear it if you feel safer with it."

I knew that I was safe, and Terri and I had talked enough that I knew she

wasn't a woman who took chances, so I put it back in the drawer and moved on

top of her again. I lay on top of her and kissed her, and then shifted my body

forward. Our bodies had gotten to know each other well enough in the last few

hours, there was none of the usual first-time fumbling. We were perfectly

matched, and I felt myself slip easily into her silky wet opening. We both

held our breath for a moment as she spread her thighs a bit further and let me

slide all the way into her. Then we were laughing and clutching at each other

as our perfect match was completed. After the way I had opened her with my

mouth earlier, I had expected a smooth entry, but nothing I could have

imagined could have equaled the exquisitely gentle pressure that was holding

me inside. Our two bodies locked together, and then, almost involuntarily, I

started moving in and out of her. I pulled almost all the way out, then slowly

pushed back inside, gradually accelerating the pace, and from the way she met

my thrusts, I could tell that this was the way she wanted me.

With all the excitement leading up to that point, I didn't expect to last

long, so I stopped and rested after only a dozen strokes or so, kissing

Terri's face and breasts while I got myself back under control. We continued

that way, stroking for a few moments, then resting, for only a short time

before I knew I couldn't control myself much longer. I gasped deeply, and

began really driving into her hard, as she continued trying to meet my

thrusts. Soon, though, I was beyond control, aware of nothing but passion and

a need to be as deeply inside of her as I could. I could feel her arms around

my back, her legs tangled in mine, and could hear her panting encouragement in

my ear. Sweat ran down my back, and each time I pounded into her, I was

rewarded with a small cry of pleasure. Finally, the dam within me broke, and

my entire body was filled with pleasure. I drove into her one last time and

stayed there, pumping my orgasm deeply into her, clutching her against me.

"No, don't stop! I'm coming, too!" she cried out, grinding against me. Before

my own orgasm had even subsided, I started pumping into her again, trying to

hit the angle she needed. "Turn over!" she said, and we rolled together so

that she was astride me. "Let me get off on your cock," she panted, and

started bucking her hips back and forth. I reached out and laid my fingers

against her clit, stroking it as she rode me. "Yes, yes, that's it! Rub it

faster!" Her own hand joined mine, and I reached out to grab her hips, shoving

her forward and back as she massaged her clit. Her hair whipped about wildly,

and there was a stream of sweat running down between her breasts, when finally

she threw her head back, let out a long, low moan, and stopped moving. As if

her bones had suddenly vanished, she collapsed on top of me, her mouth

searching for mine as we kissed and whispered loving words together.

Sometime, we must've drifted off to sleep. I was awakened the next morning at

eight o'clock to find Terri, myself, and the sheets in a tangled mess, and

damn near crippled both of us as we lunged for the alarm clock. After a

moment's disorientation, she looked at me with a big, sexy smile and said,

"Good morning. I love you. Did last night really happen?"

"Good morning. I love you. And I think we'll both have the bruises to prove

that it happened." We had not gone easy on each other, and I was wondering if

sex between us was going to be like that every time. I fell back into bed and

started kissing her, everywhere I could get my lips while she tried to do the

same to me.

"Time for a quicky?" she asked.

"How about a shower instead," I suggested, "then a nice breakfast, and a day

of anticipating tonight. We are supposed to be at work in an hour."

"Work?" she said, in mock-horror. "I can't go to work without my brains."

"Without your brains? I don't get it," I said. I'm a little slow in the


"Damn right, no brains. Because we certainly screwed our brains out last


I laughed at that, and hauled her out of bed toward the shower. Washing each

other was a lot of fun, and if we hadn't run out of hot water, we never

would've made it to work. As it was, I barely got there by nine, and Terri was

a half hour late, after going home and changing her clothes.

At eleven we met with Jeanne to show her the revised specs and explain how

we'd solved the timing problem. It was hard to keep my mind on business,

knowing how hot a lover my partner was. Especially since she'd whispered to me

earlier that she'd already packed a bag for that night. And noticing the

trouble she was having walking around the office. And all the little reminders

of what had gone on the night before. We did manage to get through the meeting

okay, and Jeanne was quite pleased with our results. The best part was what

she said to us a the end of the meeting, though.

"You two have been putting in too many late nights," she said. "If you can

still get the doc written by Monday, why don't you both take the rest of the

day off, and rest up."

Well, we took the rest of the day off, but I don't know if you could call it




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