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Archive-name: Couples/sunrise.txt


Archive-title: Sunrise


Three o'clock Thursday, and the phone rings.

Rachelle's voice plays across the line,

"Come on over, won't you?"

Rachelle, a 19 year old sophomore at the local community college,

has a way of obtaining her desires...

"Sure, I'll be by in about a half and hour..."

"And bring some smoke?"

"Ok, See ya"

    We both came from the same small town, though I had not lived there long,

    to a city of 200,000, supposedly to get a college degree.  Albeit that

    alone could have formed the basis of an alliance, Rachelle had caught my

    eye well before I learned our future plans held common elements.

    I had made her friendship a primary goal, though I certainly wouldn't

    have objected to intimate companionship.  After we each had a chance to

    get settled into our new surroundings, I called to ask her over;

    to party, see my space and whatever came up.

    Being new to the area, I had chosen to spend the first semester in

    the Dorms.  Much to my suprise, by the 4th week of classes, the whole

    first floor began a regular routine of partying togethar on the weekends.

    Nizar, a Syrian, helped to make this possible, as he was the only

    freshman who looked old enough to buy without id.  Albert, his roomate

    from Alaska, helped to finance most of those purchases, although we

    all chipped in.

    When Rachelle showed up, I promplty helped her out of her coat

    and took her down to show her off.  She made quite a splash with

    the guys, and seemed able to handle it well.  Albert immediatly

    challenged me to a game of "Shot Gammon", backgammon where the loser

    has to take a shot of the alcohol of the day.  Rachelle whatched as

    I lost several games in a row, finally taking the penalty of two

    shots to get out of the game.  By now, the main focus of the party

    had moved to the common lounge area, where someone had yelled pizza!

    Albert left, leaving the two of us alone in his room, which in my

    state was not such a good idea.  When he returned, he walked in to

    see us making out on Nizar's bed, and promptly apoligized before

    leaving again.  We could here him explaining to Nizar, who had some

    trouble believing we could be doing such a thing on his bed.

    I had to chuckle.  I suggested to Rachelle that we return the

    room to them, after all it was their's.  Apoligizing to Nizar on

    the way out, he slapped me on the back, and warned me that Chuck

    was in my room.  Which posed two problems, one of which I had to

    solve in order to get Rachelle home.  After knocking on the door

    several times, Chuck rumaged through my closet and gave me her

    coat and mine.  And I set out to escort her home, having started

    to sober up.

    As we were walking, we talked.  She had just met "the crew" and

    was full of questions.  Seeking short cuts, I led her along the

    mill creek, at one point reaching out to take her hand.  Areas

    of darkness alternated with places where the moonlight dappled

    the ground.

    At one such place, I stopped, and when she turned, looking up into

    my eyes, my arm went around her shoulder pulling her close as we kissed.

    Just a moment, yet something we'd both remember in the days to come.

The dead phone line buzzing in my ear intruded my revery.

I wonder what might be possible for tonight.  Perhaps we could

cuddle up in front of the television together.

After tossing my books on the bed, I grabbed up some stuff to

take with me, and splashed on some cologne.  Five minutes later

I walked out the door of the duplex I shared with my roommate, and


Rachelle lived in a small house alone, about 2 miles away.  Since

it was still early fall, I walked.  Along the way, I drifted off

into memories of our mutual past, oblivious to my surroundings.

Turning the last corner, her modest three rented house sat there.

Before making it to the first step, the door swung open, and Rachelle

stood there, dressed casually, 5'6", in all her beauty.

"Well are you going to come in?"

"Sure, ah, just admiring the picture you make."

She closed the door behind me, grabbing my hand and leading me

to her bedroom.  Plopping down on her bed, I pulled out the object

of her immediate desire.

    My brother and I started growing pot about when we started college,

    a dual major of sorts.  Though never actually sold any, we did

    learn agriculture and hydroponics.

    Rachelle, being close to both of us, knew of this particular extra

    curicular activity.  And often stopped by to admire the flowering

    plants beauty.

Soon we were settling back, mellow, discussing school, events etc.

When the subject of her electronics class came up, she went into

the living room to gather her most recent lab report.  Her pup,

a German shepard, came bounding in to say hello.  And was on the

bed in my lap before I knew it.

Rachelle pushed him off me, after I stopped tussling with his

head, scolding him though you could tell from her voice she wasn't

really angry with him.  When Chelle got angry, everyone knew right

away.  Resting with her back against a pile of pillows, she placed

her toys next to my upper thigh, wiggling them.

Setting her paper aside, I decided it was now or never.  Moving

cat like from near the foot of the bed, one of my knees between

her legs, moving towards her, looking her in the eyes.   My timing

was all wrong.  She looked away, and pushed against me as I tried

placing a kiss on her forhead.

Now I really didn't know what to do, so I said that I'd better be going

and got up to leave.  She got up grabbing my hand and pulling me so that

we were standing close, still looking at the floor.  I gave her a hug,

but not wanting to force anything, invited her to come over to my place.

"No, I got some homework to do for tomorrow.  Maybe we can go out

 Saturday?" she asked.

 "Sure- I replied, how bout a trip up Fall creek?"

 "Ok, call me"

 "I will, later" I said, walking out to the front door, and

 closing it behind me.


Saturday Morning, the Weatherman reported an expected high

of 80.  The bright sun contrasted warmly with the crisp fall

air.  Deciding not to wait, I began the trek to Rachelle's.

Having arrived, I knocked on the door.  There was no answer,

though I could hear Shep walking around the living room,

pausing at the door.  It did not occur to me at the time

to wonder about the lack of barking.

Thinking she must have stepped out, I went around to the

side and let myself in through the patio door.  Inside,

Shep confronted me, tail wagging vigorously.

I went on to the bedroom, pausing to turn the stereo on

low. Settling back on the bed, Shep wasted no time climbing

aboard and laying next to me, anxious to be the focus for

whatever companionship he could get.

After tussling with Shep's head and ears, I reclined back

onto the bed.  Begging for attention, Shep began to lick

my hand.  Giving in, I stroked his back as I let my mind

wander over the recent past.

    Like the time I helped her assemble her new waterbed, and she'd

    made me "Eggplant Parmesan" in reward.  When she called and asked me

    over for my help, I gave her a hard time about "testing it out".

    Little did she know, that she'd won my heart.  Little did I know, that

    such a self sufficient girl wanted nothing more than to have a friend

    she could count on.

I heard the sound of car wheels on gravel.  Peeking

from behind the living room curtains, I saw Rachelle's

car pulling in.

Rachelle had a tendency to pick up old cars cheap, and drive

them till the dropped.  Typically, the cars she found were

"boats", terrible gas mileage and difficult to maneuver in

city traffic.  This one made for a refreshing change, a small

4 cylinder with a hatch back.

Perfect for those 200 mile trips we'd gotten in the habit

of taking together.

Opening the front door, I smiled and waved at her.  She

had on her cutoffs and a t-shirt, dressed to take advantage

of the Indian Summer while it lasted.

Shep jumped by me, nearly knocking me over on the way to

greet her.

"Ready to go?" she enquired, as she returned Shep's greeting.

"Sure, just let me grab my pack".  I returned to the bedroom

to retrieve my backpack.  As I returned to the living room, I

bumped into Chelle come out of the bathroom, tanning lotion in hand.

"Been waiting long?" she asked, standing within a few inches of me.

"Nah, just got here awhile ago."

"Oh- we going to take Shep with us?"

"No, I don't want to chance loosing him in the woods"

"Guess we're ready then"

Fall Creek drained from the Cascade Range into the Willamette

Valley.  Less than 45 miles from town, it served as the local

fishing-swimming-boating retreat for the community.

Chelle made the trip, stereo up high, windows down, in just

under 1/2 an hour.

The stream portion drained into a reservoir, above which

native forest surrounded a stream which alternated small

waterfalls and deep pools with short sets of rapids.

Once above the reservoir, she slowed down, suggesting I pick

a spot.  We chose an area where the stream curved, forming

a bench with a large flat rock to sun on, yet separated

from the road by aspen trees in the midst of their fall


Stretching out on the sun warmed rock, cares of the real

world faded away, lulled into semi-consciousness by the

sounds, smells and casually pace of the life surrounding us.

"Put some tanning oil on my back?"

"Sure."  I reached into my pack, and retrieved the oil.

The smell of coconut permeated as I warmed the oil in my

hand.  Starting with her shoulders, I massaged the oil in

using circle motions alternated with gentle kneading of her

shoulder muscles, encouraging her to relax.  Resting lightly

on her rear, I worked my way down to her strap, hesitating

in my movements as I neared it.

She reached around, and removed it, letting it fall to each

side. I continued down along her spine to the small of her

back, and then worked my way back up along her sides, the

tips of my fingers making small circular motions, lingering

longer as I approached the sides of her breasts.

As I finished up, she raised her head and glanced at me.

"Would you mind doing my legs too?"

"Luv to.."

Kneeling with one leg between her legs, I worked each leg

from the foot up to the knee, and then each knee to the

upper thigh.  Each time I switched legs, I worked a little

closer to swimming suit. I found myself taking extra time

with her thighs, not wanting to give up the chance to caress

her.  Finally, with no skin left unburnished, I rolled away

to resume my position holding my towel to the rock.

"Thanks, that was delicious" she murmured.

After roasting all sides evenly for an hour, she went for

a swim, while I pulled out my stash and loaded the pipe.

The fading afternoon would turn into twilight quickly

in the mountains.  When she returned, her nipples stood

out visibly as she grabbed up her towel and worked her

brown mane dry.

"Saving some of that for me?"

As I handed her the pipe, "Think we should be headed back?"


I moved over next to her, facing the stream, so that we

were sitting shoulder to shoulder.  The breeze had picked

up slightly, and created a contrast of warmth were our bodies


Snuggling closer, she passed me back the pipe.


The trip back had been uneventfull, both of us were quiet, as

though lost in our private thoughts.

After turning on MTV, we put the couch to good use.  Something

about her cut-off's had always been a turn on for me.  When she

put her legs up on my lap, it seemed only natural that I massage

them, much as I had earlier that day.  This time, as her legs

parted,  I could see the inner folds of her womanhood peeking out

at me.

Leaning over her, I place gentle kisses on her neck, letting my left

hand explore her breast with more urgency.  Taking control of my roaming

and, she moved it downward, where the cutoff's she wore met the tanned

skin of her thighs.

Pulling her half shirt up my other hand, I swallowed her left

nipple, rubbing her mons through the gap left where the top

of her shorts met that beautifully exposed tummy.  She pulled her

legs up, allowing me to swing one leg off the couch.

I knelt on the floor next to her while one hand worked at the

buttons of her shorts, the other moving her bangs off her forehead

and tracing lines along her face.

Breaking contact, I looked up and saw her eyes looking into

mine, half a question there waiting to be answered.  Less

than four strides separated me from the kitchen.

Within a minute I was back, honey in hand, to find she'd

dealt with the barrier between my desire to taste her again.

Setting the honey on the back of the couch, I crawled down

between her legs, nuzzling her hand with my nose as I inhaled

the scent of her desire.  Yielding to my unspoken request,

she pulled back, grasping my head with the hand so soon

before denying the pleasure she knew I'd seek.

Placing a kiss on each thigh near the limits I'd been able

to reach with suntan oil earlier that day, I moved forward

to kiss her tummy as I drew one finger slowly up between the

folds of her lips, drawing the moisture up to her clitorous.

Rubbing just above, and working around and down each side of

the hood protecting her sensitive button, I moved to kneel

once again on the floor beside her.

I retrieved the honey, pulling the lid off the jar and dipped

a finger into the golden liquid.  Kissing the side of her

breast and teasing the nipple closest with gentle nips, while

with my other hand spreading the honey on her other breast,

working with ever smaller circles until her entire aerobe and

nipple glistened in the evening light.

Once again I moved down to kiss her inner thighs, though this

time I drew her lips into my mouth, a little at a time, my

tongue playing gently with them as my hand placed honey on

her other breast, working ever closer to her clit.

Having finished with the honey, and exploring both of her

lips, I delved her inner depths with my tongue, seeking more

of her.  Drawing my tongue out and up, I worked my tongue

toward it toward her clit, now bravely standing out at the

entrance to it's home.  Bringing my honey coated finger down,

I dipped it in, reaching toward my tongue from the inside as

I massaged around her clit with the tip of my tongue and


Pulling my head tighter to her with both hands, she

arched her back.  I began a methodical movement within,

small circles pressing towards my tongue, alternated with

back and forth motions.

I drew her clitorous between my lips, circling it with my

tongue, and flicking it as she pulled me tighter.

Withdrawing my finger, I looked up as I moved forward, the

tip of my cock brushing her thigh as I licked my fingers

clean.  Then I worked both nipples, cleaning every trace of

the honey off them as I worked my fingers in and around her

pussy, my palm moving against her mound.

Unable to hold back any longer, I dropped down and used one

hand to smear the head of my cock against her lips, spreading

moisture as I teased her with entrance we both anticipated.

Dropping in, just the head penetrated as I arched my back,

groaning while savoring the sensations of two us of merging.

Working back and forth, I savored my role as the tease for

once, noting with satisfaction as she tried pulling me

deeper.  Giving into to what we both wanted, I sunk into her

depths until our bellies and thighs prohibited us from

becoming any closer than we were.  Using my elbows against

the couch I could rest my chest lightly against hers, yet

have my hand free to caress the side of her face, teasing her

earlobe again.  Looking into her eyes, I moved to kiss her,

first on the forehead and then on the lips.

I began to move my hips, with small motions as I nibbled on

her now exposed ear lobe while she whispered encouragement.

We both froze as someone knocked loudly on the door.  That

someone could walk in, with a mere twist on the door knob a

few feet away threw panic into me.  I withdrew from her

embrace, and pulled own my own pants as she reached for her


The knocking returned but with more force this time.

Seeing that we were both dressed, but flushed and out of

breath, I paused before opening the door a crack to see who

could be so impatient.  I saw Phill retreating down the

walkway, seeming to haven given up on anyone answering.

Closing it quietly, I clicked the lock in place and dropped

to my knees before Chelle, who was now sitting on the couch.

I could see the edge of her lips peeking out through the leg

holed, and beyond my ability to tease, I struggled to get her

cut offs unbuttoned and back off that beautiful bod of hers.

She pushed against the back of the couch, raising her rear

end up so I could work them off.  Wasting no time, I made my

apology for letting such a thing come before her, us, our

mutual need.  By sitting on the edge of the couch, she eased

my access to her love box, and I savored every inch of it.

Way to soon she pushed me away, dropping to bend over and

rested against the couch doggie style.  Grabbing my cock,

she pulled me forward and positioned it's tip in the

entrance, pushing back as it's head slipped in again.

There was no teasing this time, both of us working in tandem

with an urgency the demanded our full concentration.  After I

came, I pulled her off the couch turning her to face me, and

onto me as I fell back onto the floor, massaging her back

while kissing and enjoying her weight against me.

After lazing in the afterglow, I led her upstairs, to run a

bath.  That night we returned to her place, where we cuddled

in front of the TV set until time to crawl into bed.


Friday night, my special plans were made.  The now infamous jar of

honey, along with some cording suitable for mild restraints, and

other goodies were carefully packed into my ever present backpack.

I grabbed the 4:15 bus to the east side, hopping off less than a

block away from her humble abode.

Since we were both hungry, we started out with dinner out... a

treat for both of us, being as we were 'poor' students, practically

living on buttons.

I suggested we go out dancing, thinking a few drinks while there

may get the ball rolling the right direction.  Chelle agreed.

She really looked hot, dressed in a deep v-neck blouse and short

skirt, I think she got more stares at the club than I was comfortable


After an hour there, we called it quits- ready to find a quiter


Chelle gave Shep his Hello I'm home embrace.  After being gone

only a few hours, you wouldn't expect it to be such a big deal,

but to Shep it was.

I popped on the stereo low enough so we could talk.  Dropping onto

the couch, I tucked one leg and sat half Indian style.  Chelle went

to the kitchen, to get some wine for us.  Shep curled up by my feet

rather quiet for once.

When Chelle returned with two glasses, she sat right next to me

leaning into my shoulder and chest.  I dropped my arm down off

the back of the couch, allowing it to rest on her tummy, gently

holding her close to me.

"Reminds me of another time, another place" I reminisced.

"Uh huhh...  To bad."  she replied.

"To bad what?" I enquired.

"To bad you got up to answer the door"

"Well I'm wiser now- you can bet I got my priorities straight

 after that..." as rubbed her tummy in small circles, my upper

 arm moving back and forth across the side of her breast,

 just touching the nipple through the soft material of her sweater.

"Ummm " she uttered encouragement as she pulled her legs up onto

 the couch, now laying with her back against me.

"I'm really glad you're still willing to see me, after what happened"

 I whispered, setting my wine down on the table.  "After all, you're

 of a rare breed"

"You just want to take advantage of me"  she stated, with a bit of a

 pout in her voice.

Bringing my other arm around to give her a little hug, I brushed lightly

against her nipple, standing out far enough to be noticed.  "You bet I do"

I reached around brushing her hair away from her ear and neck, bending

down for little kisses on her neck, nibbling lightly on her earlobe.

"What do you say we try it on a bed this time?" she whispered.

Setting her almost finished wine on the table, she leaned

forward enough for me to slide out from underneath her, and

with an arm behind her back and another her legs, I slowly

stretched to a standing position.  I bent down, ready to kiss

her on the cheek, but she turned, meeting my lips.  Her tongue

darted into my mouth, catching me just the slightest off balance.

This time, I moaned, as she made her desires most clear to me.

Moving while I still could, I eased the two of us through the

narrow doorway, and placed her on the waterbed.  Before I could

disentangle myself, she grabbed me by the front of my shirt,

pulling me off balance enough to tumble into the bed with her.

Rolling off to the middle of the bed, I dropped one leg between

hers, laying my arm between her breasts, and lightly touched

her ear.  Looking into her brown eyes, with the little light

available from the shaded window, I didn't see lust, but desire.

"You know, I think this is a place I'd like to spend a lot of

 time" I informed her, "As a matter of fact, I wouldn't want to

 be anywhere else".    ( a major mistake, that was)

"Are you suggesting moving in?" she startled me with the intensity

 of her feelings "because if you are, just remember I like my freedom,

 and I like living alone"

"I know our arrangement has it's advantages, I just have a hard

 time sleeping at my place, after being here with you like this."

Reaching down to kiss her, she shocked me again, by pushing me away.

"I think I lost the mood" she said, the warmth having left her voice.

"Do you want me to go?"  I asked, the hurt showing just a little

 more than I wanted.

"No, its late."

"You know there could be advantages" not quite ready to give up.

"Like, backrubs, having someone there when you wake up you could

 count on..." I started in again.

"Someone who could walk out on me when he got bored, who expects

 me to take care of things for him, like a good wife, who gets

 jealous every time I smile at a band member who might be good

 looking" she interrupted.

"Now that's not fair!"  I was quickly losing my temper.  "You know

 I haven't said word one about your other relationships."  Practically

 on a tirade, I continued "I know we agreed not to limit ourselves to

 seeing just each other, and I think I could handle you going out

 with your friends, knowing you would be coming home... to me."

"And what makes you think I'd come home?  What would you do when I

 didn't? " a tint of anger in her voice too.

Sighing, with resignation in my voice I gave in "Your right, it would

be hard on me, hard on us- to see to much of each other.  I wouldn't'

trade what we have for the world."  I reached over to brush the

hair off her forward, smiling in the half dark room.  "I sure have

great timing, don't I?" and added "you know I love you."

The stiffness drained out of her, and she cuddled back up to me,

"That's why your important to me, I wouldn't trade what you give

 me for the world."

Giving her a hug, I drifted off thinking about the hard won

relationship we'd built.

An hour or two later, I woke up struggled out of my clothes.

Crawling under the covers, Chelle's warmth next to me confirmed

my suspicions as I drifted off once again.  Both of us nude,

together and in to much in love to risk the heartbreak sure to

ruin us.



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