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Archive-name: Couples/stillhot.txt


Archive-title: Still Hot

     Don't let anyone tell you that sex with the same partner for

ten years has to be dull or routine. Even after two kids (and a

third on the way) my lover turns me on like no other woman could

and she still finds ways to surprise me.

     Two months ago (when she was just one month pregnant) she

takes me by the hand, leads me to the bedroom and says, "I've got

something I want to show you." She's wearing that light-weight

dressing gown that highlights her figure so well. Through the

clingy plush material the outline of her firm nipples can just be

seen. Her full breasts (she's a 42 "D") that make my cock jump to

attention whenever I catch a sight of them are firmer and riper

than ever these days now that she's expecting.

     Guiding me to the bed and pressing her magnificent boobs

hard against my chest, she presses her lips to mine and slips her

hot tongue in to search out mine. Her right hand fondles my iron-

hard cock which presses so hard against my jeans in response to

her touch that it actually aches. Deftly, her left hand opens my

zipper and pops the snap on my Levi's while her right hand

reaches down to cradle my balls. In a moment she's freed my erect

cock and is rubbing its head in the the honey-blond curls that

crown her glorious pubic mound.

     Meanwhile I can't wait to hold her succulent breasts in my

hands. Whoever coined the phrase "more than a handful's a waste"

clear never experienced the sheer pleasure of two hands

overflowing with the most glorious mounds of woman flesh a man

could ever have the pleasure of holding. Imagine wrapping both

hands, fingers spread with the index fingers and thumbs framing

an erect  nipple and aureola that dwarfs a silver dollar. No man

could resist such a sight or the temptation to take that

delicious nipple between his lips. First I circle that nipple

with the tip of my tongue, taking in the fragrance of her smooth,

white skin. The soft firmness of each breast as I gently massage

that warm smooth flesh makes my fingers tingle with delight.

Gently I hold the nipples and softly roll them between my thumbs

and index fingers. I love to watch her face as her arousal

flushes her radiant skin. Now, I put my mouth over one firm, ripe

nipple and gently, very gently squeeze it between my teeth, as a

hungry young baby would. While I suck on the firm nipple, I rub

my tongue around the aureola. I can't wait until her breasts

again produce that sweet milk that my children loved so much.

     With my loving attention to her breasts, she settles onto

the bed. As my gaze travels down from her breasts, across her

creamy white tummy, I notice something different. While her mound

still is adorned with her honey blond curls, the area on both

sides of her juicy pussy is BARE. Oh, those lovely pussy lips. I

lower my face until I am level with her cunt and I pull back to

admire the effect. I am speechless. "Do you like?" she asks

coyly. "I love it!. Your pussy looks delicious. I am going to

lick it and kiss it and eat it all up!"

     First I run the tip of my tongue around the perimeter of her

now bare pussy. I love the feel of her labia. Turning my head to

one side, I take one of those pouting pussy lips between my own

lips. I can already feel the warmth and wetness of her sweet cunt

on my lower lip. I trace my tongue up one side of her cunt until

I reach her clitoris, peeking out from its sensitive hood. I

place the flat part of my tongue over her clit and the upper part

of her pussy and apply firm upward pressure, gently sliding my

tongue from side to side. She arches her back and moans with

pleasure. With the lightest pressure I move my tongue from side

to side and slide the tip of it along the length of her snatch,

tasting the juices that by now are flowing freely. As I move up

again toward her clit, I dip my tongue deep in her pussy fucking

her cunt with it as best I can. Deeply I inhale the fragrance of

my lover's cunt. By now she is so hot, she tries to pull me up so

I can bury my cock in her cunt, but I want to save that for


     I tell her I want to shave her pussy a little more. I want

her cunt completely bare so I can see her clit area more. She's

thrilled and can hardly wait while I run to get the razor and

shaving cream. When I return she's lying on her back with her

legs apart and she's rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. I

take her hand in mine and guide her finger to my mouth to savour

the sweetness of her pussy. I dispense some shaving cream on the

palm of my hand and apply it around her pussy. I touch up the

sides of her cunt where I had felt a few stragglers with my

tongue earlier. With my middle finger partly buried in her cunt,

I hold the lips of my lover's sweet pussy while I shave the hair

immediately above her clit. Apparently the sensations my lover is

experiencing are intensely pleasurable because I can feel her

cunt sucking on my finger as I shave her. When I am done, I wash

away the lather from her pussy and pause to examine my handiwork.

I have never seem my lover's pussy so clearly and it has never

looked so beautiful. She tell's me she's glad I like the surprise

but now she wants me to fuck her. I tell her that first I would

like her to suck my cock a little because I find that we both

enjoy it when I can fuck for quite a while before my cock

explodes inside her.

     My lover hardly ever turns down a chance to eat me. I think

she loves to have a cock inside her and to feel my come blast out

of me in hot, creamy spurts. I lie down on my back and she

positions herself with her mouth over my throbbing member. Gently

cradling by balls she places the tip of her tongue on the end of

my cock and slides the flat of her tongue along that ridge around

the tip of my circumcised cock. She traces a line along the

underside of my hard erection to my balls. As her tongue caresses

the surface of my scrotum, I feel as if my cock is made of

tempered steel. She pulls herself up until her glorious,

pendulous breasts are level with my cock and surrounds it with

her heavenly cleavage. I hold those firm, weighty mounds of tit

eagerly in my hands and press them together as she pumps her

heaving bosom over my rampant erect penis. Sliding up a little

further, my horny lover lowers her steaming cunt over my cock.

She begins to fuck me with slow, long strokes so that my hard

cocks all but slides out of her hungry cunt and then fills her

cunt until she can feel the pressure of the head of my cock on

her cervix. She lifts herself off my cock and takes it in her

mouth to taste the juices of her own sweet pussy. She and I

switch places and she pulls my into her cunt once more. I tell

her that I am going to fuck her pussy real good and when I start

to come I am am going to shoot my cum all over her belly. She

says, "I want you to come on my tits!" How can I refuse?

     Her cunt is so hot and steamy wet that my cock slide in with

ease. I love it when she reaches down between our bodies to rub

her clit while I plunge my cock in and out of her hot box. As if

the sensations I feel within her cunt were not sufficient, the

vibration of her hand on her pussy and the pressure of the back

of her hand on my abdomen above my cock drive me crazy. For a

moment her fingers spread out on both sides of her cunt and

surround the shaft of my cock. She loves to feel my cock and her

pussy while I fuck in and out of her cunt. She can feel the

pressure building in my balls as they rub past her hands and

calls for me to come on her tits. It's so hard to pull out of her

hot cunt whose skilled muscles are sucking voraciously on my cock

but I love so much to please her. As I slide my hips up level

with her waist so I can fire my volleys of hot, white cum on her

creamy twin peaks, she reaches up to feel my balls in her two

hands. I reach my hand down to pick up some of the wetness

flowing from her juicy cunt and I start to pump on my cock. She

lies with her eyes wide open watching my pulsing cock with eager

fascination as long strands of cum erupt to cascade onto her

waiting mammaries. She takes both hands and pumps that last of my

steamy ejaculate onto her heaving chest. She gathers the pools of

cum with her two hands and massages her erect nipples and firm

tits. You can't imagine how it feels for me to see my lover

savouring the love juices I have just poured onto her magnificent

pair of breasts.

     I can tell my lover's cunt needs a little more attention for

her to come. While my cock is recovering, I reach into the

bedside drawer for the cock-shaped vibrator I bought for her for

valentine's day. Since I love to fuck her pussy, I enjoy fucking

her with our love-toy. You should see how the folds of her pussy

cling to the twisting, vibrating mechanical cock. The plastic

cock glistens with the juices from her cunt. I adjust the speed

on the clitoral stimulator to heighten my lover's pleasure. I see

her catch her breath and watch her whole body convulse with

pleasure and a massive orgasm flows though her body. As her

climax subsides, I slowly withdraw the vibrator whose stimulation

would be too intense for her to bear.

     She lifts her legs high and guides my reviving cock into her

still hungry snatch. I fill her pussy with the entire length of

my cock and reach down to caress her boobs that seek to be

staring up at me. I see my lover smile and hear her emit a soft

moan. Slowly I pump my cock in her cunt and as I feel her climax

building, I vary my pace to intensify her pleasure. As I feel her

start to shudder with an orgasm more intense that the one before,

I hear her call to me to shoot my cum in her pussy. I tell her I

am going to fill her sweet pussy up with my cum and without much

delay I feel my cock explode and my head starts to swim as I

experience an intense, energy-draining orgasm. My lover moans and

smiles with contentment as my pulsing cock pumps jet after jet of

cum into the depths of her contracting pussy. After our shared

orgasm has played itself out, we curl up together for a few hours

of blissful closeness.

Anonymity requested

Somewhere up north



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