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Archive-name: Couples/softy.txt

Archive-author: Lena

Archive-title: Softy

Hmmm...I know a lot of girls like to think about large cocks. I

mean, about how stiff they get, or how thick, or how long. I'm not

exactly like that. I have a friend name Ned. He is about twice as

old as I am, in his fifties, and some times when he sees me, he is

tired and run down. And when he's tired things just don't always

work like they once did. I take that as a challenge. I figure if

I can't take all my clothes off, use all my best ideas and best

assets, and end up with my pussy full of Ned and his cum, then

their something wrong with me, not Ned.

Like last week. I came home from work late one night. Ned lives in

another city and  comes here about once a month on business. I have 

him stay with me and he has a key to my place to let himself in if

I'm not here. I knew he might be here, so I checked the bedroom.

Sure enough, there he was, sound asleep. I watched for awhile and

then went to the bathroom to undress. I wondered if I should wake

him or just let him sleep. Slipping out of my clothes I stepped

into the shower to enjoy the feeling of hot water running over

my body. I knew I had to do a little cleanup shave job on my pussy

as there were a few little prickles I wanted out of the way.

One of the things you have to be careful about, when you shave down

there, is to get all the soap off. It's only your mother who washes

your mouth out when you talk dirty and when Ned licks me he often

talks VERY dirty. He will take his tongue and starting at my ass

lick up all the way to the hood and then after a stroke there, he'll

say "Would Lena's little clit like another?" Wow! Or he'll say ,

"Would Lena's pussy like me to go up the middle this time?" Or if

he's really nasty he'll say, "Hey Lena, I'll bet if I lick real

fast up here at the top, I can turn this pussy into a full fledged

cunt. Would you like a cunt instead of a pussy?"

Well as I said I don't want to be Ned's mother so I make sure I get

all the soap off. Now to do that, I have this special shower hose

that detaches and has a magical head. I mean, it will spray water

in a stream, spray or pulsating jets. Luckily the shower is big

enough to hold a stool for me to sit on. I can sit down and point

that head toward any part of my body I want. That particular night

I started with the rain spray all over my body. The shower became

warmer and warmer the longer I sprayed. Then I moved to the

pulsating notch and held it towards my ass. I propped on of my legs

against the wall so there was a direct shot. Oh God, I felt like

I was going to cum right then, it felt so good. A friend of mine

had told me about how sensitive her ass is and I made a passing

mental note to tell her about this. Some of the pulses missed

their mark and landed a bit higher. I switched to steady stream and

after a few passing shots at my opening, I headed straight for the

clit. By this time I was so hot that as soon as the water hit my

hood, I came. Thank God the water pressure didn't fall. My pussy

clinched and throbbed with pleasure.  I couldn't stop with just

one, and soon another orgasm hit with as much, if not more power,

than the first. By the time I left the shower Ned's fate had been


I slipped into the room and between the sheets. I laid my head on

his shoulder and moved my hand down to between his legs. I found

that I definitely would have a challenge. Ned had a pair loose

boxer shorts on, a minor problem for me. I began to massage balls.

I know I have to be careful but if he doesn't wake up on his own

I may have to apply a little pressure, so to speak. Luckily my head

falls into place so that, with a slight adjustment, his nipple is

very close to my lips. I began licking with the tip of my tongue. 

"Hi Lena, Glad your home."

"Hi Ned, So am I. How's our friend down here"  And with that I moved

my hand up to his cock which was soft and limp"

"Not so good Lena. It's had a long day." 

"Well, why don't you just lay back and see if Lena can bring some

new life to him. Maybe he's had enough rest for now." I believe a

promise made is a debt unpaid, so I began to work on my implied

promise. (At times like this, I make very little differentiation

between actual and implied.) 

I continued licking and sucking Ned' nipple while I massaged his

balls. I made sure to move so he could feel my own breasts and

nipples against him. Occasionally I would move my hand to his penis

and squeeze or caress with my fingers. I did this until I felt the

beginning of a response. I knew I had him. I pulled his shorts off

and turned my self around so that I could really get at him. I

could feel my pussy getting wet. My clit twitched just a little as

my tongue moved to that place between his balls and ass. I believe

if I stayed there long enough, licking and occasionally blowing,

I could make a grown man cry. But I had to move on. 

Now I think it must be the extreme statement of faith, for a man

to let a girl take one of his balls in her mouth. I love to start

blowing across the sacks and then I suck and pull with my lips on

the loose part. Finally I take the ball and suck it into my mouth.

I use my tongue to draw circles around it. Hmmm, what a feeling.

All the time I doing this, I'm moving my hand on his cock, up and

down, up and down . Squeezing on the up and relaxing on the down.

Finally I move to his cock. By this time, Ned was definitely

beginning to respond. But I still had work to do. First I brushed

my lips across the head and then move down just below the head on

the back side. I pulled and stretched his cock straight up so that

I could move my tongue up and down the shaft. At the same time I

took his hand and stuck one of his fingers in me and moved it so

that I finger fucked myself with his hand. Now I began sucking his

cock into my mouth as far as it would go. By this time what had

been soft, was hard, and what had been limp, stood straight up.

I shifted position again, this time so that my legs straddled him.

I held his cock against the opening to my pussy and then began to

lower myself down. By this time he had grown to fill me all the

way. My lips were spread wide apart and I could feel him so deep,

slight pain was felt within my pelvis. I bent over so my breast

hung down over his chest. The nipples were hard and each time I

moved bock or forward they brushed across his skin. As they did,

I could feel the sensitivity of my clit rising.

Then Ned reached up and pulled me to him. My hair fell over both

of us. He nibbled on my ear and tightened the grip of his arms

around me. "Spread your legs Lena. Now Ned's got something for

you." And with that he slammed his cock so hard in me I came with

the first stoke. My pussy spasmed and spilled juice all over his

balls. That did not stop him however. He continued to fuck even

harder. I could feel another orgasm building and buried my head

into his neck. His cock got bigger and began to swell. I knew what

was coming.

"Fuck me Ned. Fuck me harder. Cum in me. I want to feel you cum in

my cunt."

With that Ned filled me with his fluids. Semen poured forth within

me. I held on tighter than ever and ground my pussy as hard as I

could against him. After he finished, I tighten my pussy around him

so that he wouldn't fall out. Both of us were wet with sweat, and

cum and pussy juice. I was in heaven.

As I said, some girls can only talk about hard, stiff, cocks. Not me.

I love a nice juicy, soft, cock I can work up to, so to speak.

Good night. Sleep tight.




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