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Archive-name: Couples/soaps.txt

Archive-author: Betsy

Archive-title: Nighttime Soaps

copyright 1984 the author

Water.  Hot  water  that  pours  down  in  a  steady stream over my back.  

Hands, his hands,  running a bar of soap over my skin,  slicking suds all 

over my body. Slippery bodies, wet and soapy, sliding against each other. 

"I've  always had a fantasy about showers" I remark conversationally as I 

adjust the water temperature. "Okay, love.  Come on in so I can close the 

curtain.  He steps in and I pull the curtain.  "I do you  first"  I  say. 

"Okay.  Just let me get my hair wet." He bends down under the showerhead.  

It is short and he is tall,  and the contortions he goes through to  soak 

his  hair are amusing to watch.  I don't understand why he doesn't simply 

bend his knees,  but I decide not to bother suggesting  that.  Instead  I 

get down on my knees and kiss his cock.  I pay it some friendly attention 

for a few moments,  then stand up again.  "Okay.  I wash you now." I pick 

up the bar of soap and run it over his chest,  then change my mind.  "No. 

Turn  around.  Your  back  first."  He turns,  and I begin by soaping his 

shoulders.  I lather his long, pale back,  then each of his arms.  I soap 

his  sides  and his hips.  One soapy hand casually kneads his ass,  first 

just the plump flesh of his buttocks, then between them.  "Yeah" he says.  

This is a sure-fire way to get to him, and I know it. Know it, and I love 

it.  In  our  short time together,  I have learned of many things that he 

can't resist, but this one is absolutely undeniable.  "Oh, stick a finger 

in  me" he requests.  I'm getting used to this.  I comply,  and enjoy how 

hot it gets him.  He reaches behind him and finds my  tenderest  spot.  I 

press  myself against his fingers,  and in distraction lose track of what 

I'm doing. "OWW!" he exclaims suddenly. I pull away.  "What is it?" I ask 

in  slight  alarm.  He turns around and pulls me back against him.  "It's 

okay" he says.  "You got a little rough with that fingernail." "Oh, baby, 

I'm sorry!" I've forgotten my fingernails before, once causing a slightly 

unpleasant sore in a delicate place.  "I'll cut them off." "No,  don't do 

that." "Well,  I don't want  to  hurt  you  like  that."  "Just  be  more 

careful."  I  giggle."I'm  sorry.  It's  sometimes  hard  to...I forget." 

"Don't cut them off.  Then you wouldn't be able to scratch my back." "How 

about if I cut the nails off one hand so..."  "That  would  look  silly." 

"Well...maybe  just  off certain fingers.  Anyway,  let me finish washing 

you." I take up the bar of soap again and make suds in the  hair  on  his 

chest. I wash his belly and then hesitate.  His cock bobs a little, as if 

saying 'Me next!' I nonchalantly begin soaping his right leg.  "Hey,  you 

skipped..." "Don't worry" I assure him, working on his calf. "I saves the 

best part for last." "Oh.  Okay." I finish the right leg,  proceed to the 

left,  then finally arrive at the area he's been waiting for me to arrive 

at.  I soap it between my hands, the soap slithery in my palms around his 

hard shaft.  I drop the bar of soap and slide my hands around in all that 

lovely slipperiness.  I spread the lather all through his hair,  all over 

his balls, between the cheeks of his ass.  He sighs and claws at my back. 

"Okay,  rinse off" I instruct him.  He rinses,  then I make sure all  the 

soap  is  gone  and  get  on my knees again.  I press my face against his 

crotch,  which being freshly washed doesn't smell like anything.  I  take 

his  cock into my mouth,  and it tastes like water.  The water is pouring 

down over me, dripping on my head. I close my eyes and suck. I imagine my 

mouth as another vagina and fuck him with it  energetically.I  can  taste 

love-drops.  "I love to have my mouth full of this" I say,  pausing for a 

moment.  "I bet you do" he says,  running his hands through my  hair.  He 

thrusts his cock against my cheek.  I grab hold of it lovingly and rub it 

on my face.  I moan, and so does he as I pull back and slide my lips over 

it again.  I suck until he starts getting too excited.  I straighten  up. 

"You  wash  me  now."  "Okay."  He washes my shoulders and my arms and my 

breasts,  then turns me around and starts on my back.  "Nice," I say.  He 

washes my rump,  one hand soaping, the other exploring my pussy.  He puts 

his middle finger in me while he washes my pubic hair.  I moan  and  bend 

over a little.  This gives him an idea, namely to replace his finger with 

his prick.  I moan as it goes into me at an entirely different angle than 

I've ever felt it.  I bend over further,  holding on the the hot and cold 

dials  for  support.  Water  is running into my eyes,  and when I open my 

mouth to make an appreciative groan, my mouth fills with it,  but I don't 

care.  It's  good,  so good,  the shower beating on my back and his huge, 

hard cock pounding into my body.  My legs are getting too wobbly to stand 

on,  so he holds my hips and I lean back on him as he thrusts in and  out 

of  me.  He  moves  slowly and gently for a time,  then all of the sudden 

slams against my ass,  driving his cock in me as deep as it can  possibly 

go.  The  impact  is so stunning it makes me yell.  "I'm sorry!" he says. 

"For what?!" I pant. "Didn't I hurt you?" "Oh, God, no, it felt...uhn!" I 

grunt, thrusting back against him..."amazing!" "In that case..." he says.  

He does it again, then renews fucking me at a reasonable rate.  "Oh, look 

at that" he says.  "Look at my hard cock sliding in and out of your cunt.  

Just look at that." "I wish I could." "Oh,  it's beautiful.  I'm  so  big 

and  hard and you're so wet and juicy...oh,  your muscles are contracting 

around me and it feels so good..." "Oh,  fuck  me!  Fuck  me  hard!"  Our 

words  deteriorate  into  wild noises and the world is nothing more to me 

than water pouring down and cock filling me up.  I can't even  move,  the 

best I can do is stand there and receive.  "Can I come?" he asks, pausing 

for a moment.  "No.  I want to watch.  I want to watch you when you come, 

and  I  want  you to watch me.  How's that sound?  That sound good?" "Oh, 

yes!  Please." He thrusts once more.  I grunt and push against him again. 

"Feels so good" I sigh.  "Yeah,  but stop or I'll come now,  inside you." 

"No.  Don't do that." I straighten up and tear myself away from  him.  My 

legs  are so shaky I fall back against him.  Then I stand up straight and 

turn off the shower. We towel ourselves dry, then go into the bed room to 

complete what we've started.  In the bedroom,  I light a candle and  turn 

off  the  lamp  as  he  spreads  the spare quilt over the bed.  As I turn 

around, he takes me by the shoulders to kiss me, and,  laughing,  I throw 

my arms around his waist and pull him onto the bed on top of me. He yelps 

as  he loses his balance and comes sprawling down in a jumble of arms and 

legs.  "Hey!  Would you mi..." he begins.  I shut him  up  with  a  kiss.  

It's so good to feel his warm weight on my body and his clean,  bare skin 

against mine.  I savor the feeling,  and enjoy a slow,  hot kiss as well.  

When  it  breaks,  he  raises  his  head  and  looks  at me.  His face is 

beautiful in the fluttering light,  and the way he looks at me is the way 

you'd  look  at  someone you want to be with more than anyone else in the 

world.  My arms go around him and my feet hook around his calves to  pull 

him  as  close to me as I can.  A little squirming on his part brings the 

hard shaft of his cock along the full length of my clitoris,  and the hot 

pressure thrills me.  "Mmmmm" I sigh into his face as he kisses me again.  

I rub my crotch against him,  letting the friction make  me  twitch  with 

pleasure.  My  fingers  clutch  at his back as he kisses my neck under my 

ear,  and I start to squirm in earnest as his lips move along my  throat. 

 They slide over my collarbone, brush at my chest and finally settle on 

my  left nipple.  He lips it gently,  puckers around it and sucks.  "Your 

tongue...your tongue...please" I gasp. "Oh!" I cry when he flicks the tip 

of his tongue over the tip of my breast.  My back arches as  he,  keeping 

his mouth on my flesh takes his cock in hand and rubs the head of it over 

my pussy.  I feel how slippery I am and think how easily his full,  thick 

length would slide into me.  He takes my nipple  between  his  teeth  and 

rolls it gently.  He's still rubbing his cock-head against me,  and now I 

am not squirming,  I am writhing.  "Oh,  give it to me,  baby!" I exclaim 

suddenly,  out of control, needing to feel him inside me.  I need to feel 

his cock pressing into me. He raises his head and smiles at me knowingly, 

then taunts me by rubbing the tip of his dick against the entrance to  my 

cunt.  I strain towards him and he rubs some more but still doesn't enter 

me. I hear a high whine coming from deep in my throat. "In..." I implore. 

" me...put me...ahh...hhh!" I open my mouth  and  moan 

low  and  throaty  as  I  finally feel his solid penis pushing my muscles 

aside and boring into my body.  "Ahhhnnn!" I throw my hips up against him 

and  hold onto his back for dear life while he pumps violently.  The wind 

is being knocked from my lungs and I love it, every minute,  I want more, 

more,  more!  It's too much to keep up for long,  and soon he slows, then 

stops and we kiss again.  I lie with my  legs  wrapped  around  him,  not 

wanting  to lose the closeness and the heat inside me.  I grind my pelvis 

against him.  In response,  he moves his hips  from  side  to  side,  the 

friction  builds  and  suddenly...  "Oh!"  A gasp springs from my lips as 

orgasm creeps up on me and abruptly hits me full force.  To accentuate my 

throes,  he pulls almost all the way  out  of  me  and  thrusts  back  in 

forcefully.  My  fingers  dig  into  his  back  and  my  legs flop around 

unattractively,  but it feels too good for me to be self-conscious.  With 

him, with this man, with my cunt uncontrollably squeezing his cock, there 

is  no room for self-consciousness.  "Ohhh,  darling..." I sigh,  finally 

relaxing and lying still,  breathing heavily.  He brushes a wisp of  hair 

off my forehead and gives me that tender look again. "'Zat good?" he asks 

playfully. "Uhhnn!" I respond. "Good?" "Uhnn!" "Good, huh." "Ahhh...good.  

Real  good...mmm"  Our  lips  fall  together to kiss again,  and I squirm 

slightly beneath him to feel  the  last  twinges.  "Oh,  I'm  hot..."  he 

whispers. "Hot" I remark, running my fingers over his back. "Hot for you,  hot..."  I  scratch his back gently and start to move my hips. 

"So hot, darling...I've got to come..." I begin to thrust up at him,  and 

watch  the  changes  on  his face as he builds up to his orgasm.  "Let me 

come...make me come..." "Come on"  I  whisper  back,  wiggling  my  hips, 

jerking  them  up  and  down  in  just the way that always sends him off. 

"You're gonna come, baby...I want you to...can you feel me?  Can you feel 

how much I want you?" "Yes...yes I can...oh,  it's  good..."  "Good?  Can 

you  feel  how  much  I  want  your  come?  How  much I want to feel your 

hot...cream...fill me up...?" Encouraging him with my voice,  I thrust up 

against  him  at  every  word.  This goes on for only a couple of minutes 

before...  "Oh,  I'm gonna come,  baby,  here I  come, 

hot...AH!  AH!"  His face contorts and his mouth falls open as a strained 

noise of ecstasy is wrenched from his throat.  His hands press down on my 

shoulders and he pins my hips solidly to the bed with his own,  his torso 

curving  backward  with  the  intensity.  I  concentrate  on  my  lover's 

pleasure, enjoying his climax as much as I enjoyed mine.  He collapses on 

me heavily,  and I put my arms around  his  sweaty  back.  We  lie  there 

together,  his  head over my shoulder and his hair tickling my face until 

the sweat starts to dry and the air-conditioned atmosphere of our bedroom 

begins to encroach on the thermology we've created around  us.  When  his 

heart  slows  and  his breathing returns to normal,  he does a horizontal 

stretch,  then reluctantly pulls out of me and gets  up  to  go  use  the 

bathroom.  He  comes back,  and then I take my turn.  When I return,  the 

spare  quilt  is  on  the  floor,   and  he  is  curled  up  beneath  our 

sleeping-blanket.  I  get in bed and fit my body against the curve of his 

back.  "Blow out the candle,  love" I request.  He does.  "Is the outside 

door  locked?"  He  grunts  an affirmative.  I kiss his neck."Good night, 

sweetheart" I say. "Good night" he replies. We sleep. 



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