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Archive-name: Couples/smallwmn.txt

Archive-author: S.B. Douglass (1991)

Archive-title: Small Woman, A

Alison looked at me with a serious expression on her face.  "I'd like to

make love to you."

I was surprised.  "I thought you wanted to hold off until our wedding."

Alison leaned back against the couch cushion and sighed.  "Eric, I love

you.  Isn't that enough?"

"But why the change?" I asked, enjoying looking at her despite the

serious subject.  She was a tiny girl, barely five feet tall and quite

thin.  She was also beautiful, and she knew it.  She looked good in

almost anything she wore, and right now, she was wearing a red

strapless spandex minidress, the type that looks incredible on the

perfect body and incredibly tacky on anything less.

"Do I need a reason?"

"No, but I don't want you to feel guilty about it later on.  You had

plenty of reasons when you told me that you wanted to stay a virgin, and

they seemed pretty good reasons."

"OK," she said, and then paused to draw a deep breath.  "Here it is.

Ever since you proposed to me, I've been nervous about how big you are.

I mean, you're more than a foot taller and close to twice my weight.

I figure if we can figure out how to make love, there's nothing wrong

with doing it because I really do want to marry you; if we can't manage

it though, it's better to learn that now than later.  OK?"

"OK," I said, sighing.

"Now what's wrong?" she asked, and then laughed.  "Boy, we've sure

killed cupid tonight.  Come on, let's take a walk and see if there are

any fireflies left out there."

Her apartment was across the street from the park, and earlier in the

summer, we'd sat there for hours watching fireflies while we talked

about getting married.  At the peak of the season, the fireflies along

the creek in the park had been as good as a fireworks display.

After she slipped on her sandals and led me to the door, we walked hand

in hand out into the park.  It was a clear August night, with only one

or two fireflies high in the cool but humid air and the sound of

crickets and katydids providing a constant quiet background.  The

fireflies flashed their lights slowly while we walked through the park,

and after a while, she put her arm around my waist and I rested my hand

on her bare shoulder.

"So," she said, speaking quietly as we walked slowly back towards her

apartment.  "Do you want to make love?  I've been on the pill for two

months now, if that's any help."

"OK," I said.

She pulled away from me and looked sternly at me as we stood under one

of the lamps along the walk.  "OK's a nasty way of saying yes; it can

mean you passively accept the idea, or it can mean you're willing to

actively participate.  Which is it?"

"Want to do it here or in your apartment," I said, suppressing a nervous

laugh with a lame joke.

She laughed lightly and began to pull up the tightly clinging hem of her


"Hey!" I said.  I could make out a wisp of exposed pubic hair in the dim

light.  "I was only joking."

She giggled and turned to walk briskly back towards her apartment.

"I know," she said, looking back over her shoulder.  "Come on, though,

let's do it."

I followed her back to her apartment, my eyes locked on her fanny as her

dress slipped slowly back into place.  I didn't say anything until we

got back to the apartment, but I was surprised and excited by what I

saw.  Alison had always liked to wear very sexy clothes, but I'd never

imagined that she'd go out without underpants.

When we were safely back inside, my curiosity won out.  "Alison?  Do you

usually go out with no underwear under your skirts?"

"Sometimes," she said, straightening her hemline as she stood in front

of me.  "With this kind of dress, you really can't wear anything under

it except pantyhose because it shows through, you know, panty lines.

Pantyhose is OK when it's cold out, but in this kind of weather, I'd

rather do without."

She paused, looking thoughtful, and then grinned.  "Does it turn you on

to know that I'm not wearing anything under my dress?"

"I guess it does," I said, looking at her.

She hugged me, and I bent down to kiss her, sliding my hands down over

her bare shoulders and onto the tight elastic fabric covering her back.

She pulled herself against me, and then stepped back.  "Let me undress

you," she said, fingering my shirt.  "I've thought about this quite a

bit, I talked to some good friends at work, and I've read a few books.

Girls usually have a harder time getting used to guys bodies than the

other way around, and it's time I got used to yours."

"OK," I said, feeling a bit nervous.

I expected Alison to start with my T-shirt, but she went straight for my

shorts, unzipping the fly and then undoing the button at the waist that

held them up.  The feel of her hands on me was at the same time familiar

and new.  We'd held each other many times as we hugged and kissed, but

we'd never gotten under each others' clothes, and we'd avoided touching

each other in ways that could only lead to frustration.  Now, the rules

had changed and she was touching me as she'd never touched me before.

"The red briefs are cute," she said, giggling slightly.  "I always

thought you'd go in for white Jockey shorts."  Do you always bulge like

that?  Do you mind if I touch it?"

"Go ahead," I said, feeling a bit nervous about her reaction.

She slid her hand gently over the bulge in my briefs, then began to pull

them down.  Her touch was exciting, but I was nervous.  I knew she'd

never seen a man's erect penis, she'd told me that, and I wondered how

she'd react to mine.

"Wow," she said, pausing to look at my penis.  "It's big.  Sit down,

will you?  I've got some studying to do; you may as well get comfortable

while I do it."

After I sat, she took off my sandals and finished pulling off my shorts

and briefs, then returned her focus to my penis, kneeling in front of me

while she inspected it.  It was only half-erect, but her soft touch as

she gently lifted it with her fingers was enough to remedy that.  She

touched the tip, then ran a finger gently around the head.

"From what I read, this should be nice," she said, tickling the

underside just behind the head.

It was, and the growth in my penis eliminated any need to tell her so.

She giggled at it, then sniffed her fingers.  I was very erect and I

wanted more.  At the same time, I was a bit embarrassed; I'd fooled

around with other girls, but always in the dark, and never with anyone

who was so openly curious.

"I want to try something," she said, looking intently at my penis.

"Relax, will you?  I've read about this ..."

Before I could react, she kissed the tip of my penis, then took it into

her mouth.  I didn't expect that, and I half wanted her to stop.  My

penis looked so large as it passed between her lips, and she was so

small.  It felt good, though; her lips slid a ways down the shaft of my

penis as she alternately sucked with her tongue and blew a bit of air

around the shaft.

I was startled enough that, for a moment at least, my penis softened.

She clearly wanted to excite me, though, and as she continued, I slowly

relaxed and began to enjoy it.  I'd heard about girls doing this, but

I'd never dared imagine that I'd enjoy it or that Alison would want to

do it.

I looked down at her small body in wonder as she knelt between my

thighs.  She was so small and so thin that it was hard for me to believe

that she could take my immense penis into her mouth, but she did it.  I

could see her do it, I could feel her do it, and it was wonderful.  Part

of me felt embarrassed; this was a gross thing she was doing, but that

part grew weaker and weaker as my excitement mounted.

I tried to hold still, but the soft warmth of her mouth sliding over my

penis was too much, and eventually, I lost control and thrust my hips at

her as she slid her lips down over my penis.  She pulled back briefly,

surprised, then plunged herself even farther down the shaft of my penis,

hugging my hips with her arms as her lips brushed my pubic hair.

I ran my fingers through her hair, not knowing what to do with my hands,

and then, without willing it, I felt myself pulling her head to me as

she slid my penis into her mouth.  I was almost shocked.  How could she

stand to do what she was doing?

The pressure in my penis was focused into a sharp pain.  I didn't want

to come, I was sure it would gross her out, and I didn't want that.

With each stroke, the pain between my legs grew sharper, and I knew that

I was losing control.

I tried to hold back, but it was futile.  She slid slowly away from me,

and I could feel her swallowing and then blowing air past my penis.  It

was too much.  I came.  She pulled back in surprise, and then swallowed

as I thrust myself deeply into her.  I groaned in involuntary ecstacy,

pushing, holding her head tightly with my hands as she swallowed again

and again.

With each swallow, the sensation was overwhelming, and for a moment, I

wondered if it would ever stop.  It did, of course, and when I was done,

she continued to suck on my penis, gently mouthing it as it shrank.  I'd

always thought of her as a beautiful but prim girl, and as I recovered

from what she'd just done, the sight of her with her head between my

thighs was disquieting.

"I did it," she said, smiling as she finally pulled free and looked up at


"But why?" I asked, still feeling dazed by what she'd done.

"I figured that if I could do that, I could do anything," she said.

"Does it bother you?"

"No," I said, "but I'm incredibly surprised."

"Did you like it?"

"Well," I said, trying to collect myself.  "Yes, I guess I did."

She hugged me tightly, then kissed me full on the mouth.  I balked at

the taste of my semin in her mouth.  It was strong, but the passion of

her kiss won out and I ended up returing her kiss enthusiastically.

"You asked me why I did it," she said, speaking seriously after she

broke the kiss.  "I guess there are a few reasons.  I've been pretty

inhibited sexually, up to now, and I don't want to be inhibited after I

get married, that's no good for either of us.  I figured that the best

way to put my inhibitions to rest was to go all the way, to do something

extreme.  It's the same way I got over my inhibitions about the way I

dressed, you know."

"What do you mean?"

"I used to be a bit of a prude when it came to clothing, back a few

years before I met you.  I didn't think I was pretty, and I didn't think

it would be right for me to wear sexy clothes even though I didn't see

anything really wrong with other women dressing that way.  Then one day

it hit me that guys were ignoring me because I was deliberately trying

to be ignored, so after working up some courage, I decided to be pretty.

I went out and bought myself a skimpy little dress, stood up straight,

and it surprised me how quickly I got over feeling self-conscious."

"You're something," I said.  "I don't know if I could do that."

"I wasn't sure I could do it myself," she said, and then drew a deep

breath.  "Now that I've done it, though ..."  She trailed off.

It took me a moment before I realized that she was talking about oral

sex and not clothing.  "Did you like it?  Are you satisfied?" I asked

once I understood.

"Actually," she said, and then paused, "actually, it was better than I

expected, but no, I'm not satisfied.  You've had your orgasm, now it's

my turn."  She looked critically at me.  "You look funny wearing a

T-shirt and nothing else, so take it off, then it's your turn to undress

me and get to know my body the way I've gotten to know you."

I hesitated for a moment, and then knelt to do as she said.  As I pulled

her dress down off her small breasts, I admired the way her nipples

stood out, above and to the side of where I expected them.  I paused,

looking at them, and she grinned shyly.

"Like them?"

"Yes.  I like the way they stand up, but with a strapless dress like

this, don't you have trouble keeping them covered?"

Her grin broadened.  "Yup, the first few strapless dresses I tried were

pretty indecent."

"I'd have liked to see you in them," I said, and then continued to slip

the dress down off her small body.  As I slid the dress off her hips and

exposed her pubic hair, I wondered again what she wanted.  Did she

really want me to perform oral sex with her the way she'd done with me?

It was hard for me to imagine her wanting that, but I couldn't think of

anything else.

"You're really something," I said, looking at her as she stood there.  I

was trying to buy time.  She really was beautiful.  Her breasts were

small, but very good to look at, with firm brown nipples standing out

from the center of each.  Her slim waist made her small breasts look

ample, and everything else was in proportion.

She returned my complement by pulling my head down for a gentle kiss.

As I returned the kiss, she pressed herself against me, breasts against

my chest, hips against my belly, and thighs against my still damp penis.

I felt very self-conscious, and I guess she noticed because she pulled

away and looked sternly in my face.

"Have you done any reading, about sex, you know, to help get ready for


"No," I said, flustered.

"Why not?" she asked, and then frowned.  "I'm sorry, you don't have to

answer that, I don't want to put you on the spot.  I think it might have

helped, though."  She paused and took a deep breath, making her breasts

rise.  "I guess I'll have to tell you what I've imagined would turn me

on.  After what I've read and after trying what I've tried, I imagine

that it would feel neat to have you kiss me all over, from fingers to

toes, from my forehead down my body, and then kiss my nipples, first

gently and then sucking hard on them.  After that, I'd like to feel your

lips down there between my legs.  I'd like you to eat me, if you don't

mind my sounding vulgar."

I did mind, I was shocked by her use of the phrase and surprised that

she'd want me to do something like that to her.  At the same time, the

idea of kissing her from head to toes was exciting and even romantic.  I

kissed her gently on the lips, and then she pulled me back with her as

she sat on the couch.  I kissed her cheeks, and then kissed my way down

her neck.  She gasped as I kissed her under the jaw, and then began to

relax as I kissed my way down her arm to her hand and then back up her

arm and across her chest to her other arm.

It was fun, and her reaction was fun.  She became totally relaxed as I

kissed my way over her body, and as I kissed my way down her side, she

ran her hands through my hair and over my back, gently guiding me as I

kissed.  Her skin was soft and warm under my lips, and she tasted nice.

I reached her thigh, then kissed my way down to her foot, but when I

kissed my way back up to her belly, her hands drew me up to her breasts

instead of guiding me down her other leg.  Her breasts were softer than

I expected.  Soft and round, each with a hard nub of nipple slightly

above center and off to the side.  As I kissed her nipples, I heard her

breath catch, and she held my head tighter, hugging me to her.

I kissed her nipples in turn, and the harder I kissed, the more she

reacted, until she was moaning quietly as she hugged my head tightly to

her breast.  Her thighs parted under me, and then she thrust her hips

against my belly and pushed my head downward off her breast.

Up to that point, I'd been enjoying what I was doing.  It was fun

exploring her body, but in a way, I felt a bit clinical.  As she became

aroused, though, I felt an echo of her arousal.  My penis grew heavy

between my legs, just heavy enough to draw attention to itself, not

stiff, and I was no longer involved in a mere intellectual effort.

Her hands pushed my lips towards her crotch, and as I came closer, I

could smell her.  I half expected a urine smell, but wasn't that, it was

musky.  She spread her legs wider as my lips neared her crotch, and when

I dodged to the side to kiss the inside of her thigh, she spread them

even wider.

It's odd, even though I'd touched girls with my hands before, I half

expected the bulge of a penis as she drove my lips up her thigh.  I

found hair, and then the parting of the lips of her vagina.  I hesitated

there, smelling her strong musk, not sure I was ready to actually touch

her there with my lips or tongue.

"Please!" she whispered, gently drawing my head to her with her hands.

I brushed her with my lips, feeling the slightly moist softness of her

skin, and then I tentatively touched her with my tongue.  She tasted a

bit salty, but not bad, and I began exploring.  There was a ridge

between the lips of her vagina, and as I touched it, she moaned.  Down

towards her bottom, the ridge split into what must be her inner lips.  I

probed with my tongue, and then kissed my way up until my nose was in

her pubic hair.

"Yes!" she whispered, twining my hair in her fingers.

Her hips began to buck under me, she drove my lips against her, and then

she groaned deep in her throat like nothing I've ever heard before.  It

was exciting!  It was one thing to imagine a woman being sexually

excited, but quite another thing to feel responsible for it.  I wanted

to keep her excited, I licked, I kissed, and I sucked on the swolen

ridge between her lips, and then she clamped her thighs tightly around

my head, pinning me against her.

After a long pause, she sighed and loosened her grip on my head.  "That

was good!" she said.  "Hug me!"

She pulled me to her and then hesitated a bit before kissing me hard on

the lips while we embraced.  My penis was half-erect, pushing between

her thighs.  Her small breasts were pressed tightly against my chest,

and my arms were around her tiny waist as she hugged my head to hers.

"Thank you," she said, breaking the kiss and pushing away to look at me.

Her eyes twinkled and her face was flushed.

"I gather I did it right?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.  "Do you want to try making love to me now?"

"I don't think I'm ready," I said.

"Oh, I guess guys have to wait," she said.  "I didn't mean to put you on

the spot.  What can I do to get you horny again, or at least kill time

until you're ready to get horny."  She paused and sat up on the couch

next to me.  "I know!  Wait there, I'll show you something."

I sat on the couch wondering what she was up to.  She went into the

bedroom and shut the door, and then I heard drawers being opened and

shut.  I was still feeling a bit stunned by the way the evening had

gone, so I don't know how long it was before she came out again, but

it was probably only a few minutes.

"How's this?" she asked, opening the door.

She was dressed, wearing a light suit jacket and short skirt.  "Pretty,"

I said.  "But isn't that what you wore to the concert last week?"

She smiled.  "Right.  Except that I wore pantyhose and shoes."

"So?  I don't think I ever notice stockings unless they're colored or


"Really?" she asked, and then took off the jacket.  "Anyway, after what

you said earlier about my breasts, I thought you'd like the way this

camisole fits me.  It's really the perfect thing to go with this jacket,

or I wouldn't have bought it, you can see why."

She stood a few feet from me and turned from side to side.  When she

stood still, her nipples were barely covered.  When she raised her

shoulder, though, her nipple popped out from under the cloth beside the

thin shoulder strap that held up her top.

"Like the effect?" she asked.

"Cute," I said, and she went back into the bedroom .  The effect of that

top on me was something.  We'd spent an entire evening together with her

wearing it, and I hadn't known a thing.  Now, I knew that every time

she'd moved, her nipples had probably popped out from under her top and

brushed the inside of her jacket, and that was exciting.

"How's this?" she asked when she came out a few minutes later.  She was

wearing the same skirt, a soft sleeveless sweater and a sheer blouse.

"This is all stuff I wear pretty frequently," she said, turning, "but I

haven't combined things this way before, for obvious reasons."

The sleeve holes in the sweater were large, and when she turned to the

side, her nipples were plainly visible through the thin fabric.  I told

her I liked it, and then she took off the sweater.  The effect was

stunning.  I think I've seen pictures of women wearing transparent

blouses with nothing underneath back in the late 1960's or early 1970's,

but it's a different thing to see someone you love dressed that way,

very different.

"Here," she said, opening the door again.  She was wearing a big hat, a

necklace, and a tiny vest.  It covered her nipples, barely, but the

exposed bottoms of her breasts hung round and soft under the vest, and

she wore nothing else.  "Recognize the vest?"

I shook my head as she turned around for my inspection.

"It goes with one of my sundresses," she said.  "I wore it last week."

"You wore it with more, though."

She laughed, then hugged me.  "That's the end of the show," she

whispered.  "I see you're ready to make love, so why not lie down on the

couch and I'll sit on you.  I've heard that that's probably a good way

for me to keep in control, and I need that."

I was out of control.  As she pushed me back on the couch, I was

hypnotized by the gentle bounce of her small breasts, and then she

straddled me with her thighs, kneeling over my erect penis and feeling

herself.  My eyes were on her crotch as she spread the lips of her

vagina and positioned herself over me.  As she touched the tip of my

penis to herself, my hands rose involuntarily to her hips.

She looked so small kneeling over me.  My penis looked huge, large

enough that it was hard to imagine how it could fit into her without

harming her.  As much as I wanted gratification, the thought of my penis

penetrating her tiny body verged on the horrifying.

She stroked my penis gently against herself, sliding it from front to

back, coating it with the moisture that was seeping out of her vagina,

and then she began to settle down over it.  She stopped, with a pained

look on her face, and then fell down onto me with a grunt, lifted

herself a bit, and sat down hard on my hips.

Her breathing was heavy as she looked down at where our bodies joined.

I stared.  Her small fanny sat firmly against my hips.  I could feel her

weight on the bone between my hips, and I could feel her warm body

surrounding my penis.

"My God!" I whispered, looking up at her face.  "Are you OK?"

The serious expression on her face softened.  "I'm not sure, but I think

so.  You're in me!"

Her expression shifted from a look of concern to a proud smile as she

looked down at me.  She was sitting up very straight, her hat and

necklace framing her face, and her tiny vest propped as far from her

chest as her small breasts could push it.

"You're beautiful," I said.

She gently squirmed against me, and her smile widened.  "I think I could

get to really like this," she said, and then squirmed again.

I was still holding her hips, but that seemed unnecessary, so I slid my

hands up to her slim waist.  She rested her hands on my chest, and then

began to rock gently.  It was the most amazing feeling!  There must have

been muscles inside her that were moving in rhythm to her rocking.  The

soft satin feeling of her insides sliding over my penis was perfect, and

as she rocked, the look on her face grew from a proud smile to a look of

radiant victory.

I slid my hands up until they touched the bottoms of her breasts, and

then I slid them up further, pushing aside her tiny vest to finger her

nipples.  She held my hands there, briefly, and then began to slide her

fingers gently over my stomach and chest.  I was in heaven, my penis was

hard, deep within her small body, but it fit perfectly.  Her every

motion sent a sensation through me, a sensation so intense that it was

almost painful.

As she continued rocking her hips, her expression grew intense.  She was

breathing deeply, and then she began to moan deep down in her throat.

She thrust harder with her hips, and with each thrust, it felt like my

penis would burst.  I pulled her hips to me, I wanted to thrust myself

even deeper into her, and then I felt the breaking surge of release as

my penis began to pump deep within her.

She slumped against me, hugging me hard to her, her vest and necklace

against my chest, and her head on my shoulder.  We held each other

tightly, and then she sat up again and looked down at me with a radiant

smile on her face.

"I love you!" she said, picking up her had from where it had fallen and

balancing it on her head.

"I love you too," I said, looking up at her, still feeling my penis deep

inside her small body as it began to shrink, and already looking forward

to the next time we could make love together.



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