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Archive-name: Couples/shpwrk.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Shipwrecked

    We were two days out of Hawaii, sailing a nice twenty footer and really

enjoying the warm tropical sunshine.  Just the two of us, heading out to

New Zealand with perfect weather.  The boat was well stocked, and fitted

with good nav-aids, including a satellite locator system.  Sailing had now

joined flying in sophistication of radar and sat-nav electronics, taking one

of the oldest forms of travel into the twenty-first century.

    Lena took every opportunity to work on her tan, since her fair skin was

prone to burning, we kept a chart of her exposure.  Exposure was the right

term too, as she sunbathed on the forward deck in the nude.  San Francisco

to Hawaii had taught her to cover up, first against the cold, and later to

keep from turning lobster red.  Now she had a respectable tan, after almost

two weeks of sailing and tropical climes.  Her dark blonde hair was turning

lighter, and her skin darker.  Each day, she became lovlier, and I never

missed the chance to tell her.  She urged me to go "native" and for a while

I did.  Unfortunately, the warm sun on our bodies and the feel of the wind

across heretofore covered skin caused us to be inattentive to the boat. We

agreed that we'd wait until evening when the sea-anchor was dropped and we

wouldn't drift so far off course.

    Late afternoon showed dark clouds across the entire horizon.  I had Lena

take the wheel, while I checked the weather-sat readouts.  The little machine

hummed as it spat out the paper, and what I saw didn't look very good.  A

large storm was moving across the Pacific, and the reports indicated that the

winds were running about 50 knots.  I began plotting a course to take us away

and south of the storm, adding perhaps a day to our voyage.  Once course cor-

rections were made, we watched the clouds approach (as we too approached them)

and we both were confident we'd skirt the storm.  It turned out that we didn't

go quite south enough, and towards dusk, the sea began to swell and rock our

tiny boat.  Lena brought up clothes and rain gear, and we both worked at

keeping our boat upright.  She manned the wheel, while I kept the rigging from

fouling in the harsh weather.

    The rain and wind were warm at first, but the fading sun soon brought a

chill to our soaked bodies.  We worked on into the night, trying to steer

the little craft into the waves to keep from capsizing.  We both wore our

life jackets, just in case, and I made sure that the beacons worked on them.

Some sailboats have small diesel engines to help in a storm like this, but

we did not.  We were completely dependent on the wind, and now we had far too

much of it.  Rain slashed and stung, both of us wearing glasses had a hard

time seeing.  Not that there was much to see in the darkness, but it still

made our work difficult.

    About eight pm, I struck the sails, as the wind was now howling about us,

threatening to topple our boat.  I had Lena activate the distress beacon on

the bow, sending an automatic s.o.s. to a satellite far overhead, then radio

our situation and to see if there was a larger vessel nearby.  The radio just

crakled in silent reponse, depressing us both.  I hoped that I was wrong about

a nagging suspicion that this storm was turning into a hurricane. Each time

I tried to set a southerly course, the wind or waves tilted the boat over

far enough for water to flow over the decks.  "Keep tacking" I thought, trying

to set a zig-zag course, hoping that I could "zig" southward enough.  Lena's

hand gripped my arm tight, telling me that she was worried too.  In the midst

of the comotion, her arms circled my waist and hugged me, easing the tension

from me.  I looked at her and smiled, albeit a bit thinly, and she smiled


    Somewhere around midnight, things started to go wrong in a hurry. First

a wave crashed onto the fore deck, snapping the main mast like a toothpick.

I grabbed Lena and pulled her down, just as the mast crashed against the

deck.  Another wave washed it off the bow, taking a large piece of the rail-

ing with it.  Leaping forward, I cut the rigging lines that were fouled and

holding the potential battering ram close to the boat.  I made the mistake

of being in the way as one rope caught my calf and yanked me off my feet.

I groped for a handhold, and found a rope, but it was speeding out to sea,

with the mast.  The friction burned my hand and through the sleeve of my

jacket.  The ocean seemed determined to claim me and another wave slammed

over the deck, nearly washing me overboard.  I heard a scream as I locked my

arms around what was left of the railing.  Lena turned the rudder hard over,

and I rolled back onto the deck, coughing seawater.  Lena yelled for me to

get back quickly, and I felt like I was moving through molasses.  She said

I almost sprinted over the deck.  She saw my arm as I took the wheel, trying

to keep us upright.  The salt water burned and I hissed, but Lena insisted

that she wrap it quickly.

    She came up with the first aid kit and wrapped my arm as best she could

in the pitching seas. I was proud of her courage, and she gave me strength.

That is until I saw her face was drained of color, her lips pressed tightly

together.  I asked her what it was.

    "Water is coming in from the deck." She said. "There's about two inches

of water on the floor."  Again, she didn't say we were sinking, but we both

felt it. I looked below, and saw that her estimate was correct.  I gave her

the wheel and went below, finding that the water was leaking from several

long, large cracks in the main deck.  The snapping of the mast had taken a

toll on the little craft, and now the waves were trying to finish her.

    The boat pitched violently, tossing me against the wall.  I clambered out

and found Lena struggling hard to turn the wheel against the waves.  I pushed

with her, trying to nose our boat into the next wave, praying that we'd be

able to ride out the storm.  I looked up through the darkness and saw a vague

outline.  "GET DOWN!" I yelled, and I grabbed Lena and pulled her to the deck

underneath me.  Something slammed the side of the boat, ripping away the top

of the cabin, the wheel and most of the communications gear.  Wood split and

cracked and I felt something large and heavy roll across my back.  A wave hit

hard and we slid towards the edge. I grabbed Lena's life vest and the railing

and hooked my feet into what was left of the cabin.  We stopped.

    I pulled her to me and we crawled up, seeing that our boat was now very

crippled, her cabin partially smashed and water beginning to flood her below.

I grabbed a duffle bag that had survival equipment, and pulled a small raft

from under the afterdeck's compartment.  "Time to leave!" I shouted over the

wind.  Lena's face told me that she knew it too, but didn't want to go.  I

didn't either, but it was time.

    A wave rocked the boat, and a roar filled our ears.  The world suddenly

seemed to be yanked from under us, Lean falling against me and both of us

falling into the flooded cabin. I held on to her as the boat rocked again,

tilting at an impossible angle.  Wood complained about stresses, and I was

sure that it was all over.  The darkness of the cabin felt like a coffin, and

I tried to stand.  I realized Lena was limp in my arms and new, real, fear

clawed at my insides.  Struggling against the angle I tried to reach the

deck, holding Lena in one arm.  I felt the steps and pulled hard, trying to

get us both out of the sinking boat.  The boat pitched the other way then,

and I felt us both flung into the air.  My arm complained about the weight

it was pulling and I gripped Lena with every ounce I had left. I held my

breath, hoping that we wouldn't go too deep and I could surface us before

Lena drowned or I did.

    We hit sand.

    The jarring impact stunned me, and I thought we'd landed back on the boat,

for a moment.  The gritty sand in my mouth and face took several seconds to

recognize as land. Water rushed up to our waists, and I pulled Lena up onto

the beach.  I fumbled for the flashlight in my pocket, my hand found her

neck and felt for a pulse.  It was there, strong and steady.  The light

played across her soaked hair and face, showing a small gash near the hair-

line.  Not big enough for stitches, but the idea of a concussion didn't make

me feel any better either. I checked her for broken bones and other injuries

and was releived to find none.  I scooped her up in my arms and carried her

up onto the beach, laying her well away from the water.  Wind whipped sand

into my eyes and I peeled off my rain jacket, tucking it around her to keep

her warm. Against the wind and rain, I could see the Mary Jo's shape in the

gloom, at the shore laying almost on her port side.  I found one of those

chemical light-sticks in my life jacket pouch, and I tied it to Lena's hand

so that I could find her in the dark if I became disoriented.  The green glow

made the whole thing seem like and eerie dream.  I staggered to the boat,

wanting to salvage what I could before exhaustion set in or before the tide

hauled her under.

    All things considered, I did pretty well. I was able to get plenty of the

food items from the boat, along with charts, maps, and a sextant. The radios

were smashed completely, and I checked the LORAN locator beacon on the fore-

deck, just to find that the mast (or something) had left a ragged hole where

it had been mounted.  I even found our survival duffle bag on the beach where

it had washed ashore.  The beacon unit was trashed by the rocks along the

shore, but many things were still useful.  I'm not sure where the energy came

from, but I kept slogging along until the job was done. My watch said it was

03:00 a.m. Hawaii time.  I piled all our equipment and supplies high up on

the beach, and checked Lena again.  She hadn't moved, still lying in the same

position I'd left her.  Her pulse and breathing were still strong, and since

the wind was letting up, I decided that I'd set up a lean-to shelter for now.

    Rain still fell after the winds died away, and they were the warming rains

one is used to in the tropics. The spare sailcloth made an excellent makeshift

tent, and I used some branches to support it over Lena.  Wearily, I crept in

the shelter next to her and laid down, putting my arm around her protectively.

Chaos reigned in my mind, trying to deal with the storm, Lena's injury, a

shipwreck, and being lost in the vast Pacific.  I feel into an exhausted sleep

shortly, hoping that this would all workout.

    I awoke feeling hot and wet. The wet I thought was from the rain, but as

I moved, I realized that it was a steamy hot day and sweat was soaking me,

wrapped as still was in the rain gear. I reached over and found that Lena

wasn't under lean-to with me and panic filled me for a moment. I crawled out

and blinked in the bright light, looking around for her.  Shaking my sleep

fogged brain, I looked again, and my heart sank when I didn't see her on the

beach.  I turned towards the ocean and saw the Mary Jo, her cabin a splintered

shambles, laying on her side well up on the beach.  Something moved near the

cabin and I saw Lena's blonde hair as she climbed down to the beach.  My legs

carried me over towards the boat, complaining about the exertion.  She hadn't

seen me yet, and as I hit the wet sand she turned around, looking at me in

surprise.  She ran over to me and stopped, looking at me as if I had just

reappeared from thin air.

    "Oh God! C'mon babe, let's get you back in the shade and lay down." She

said, both chastising me and sounding worried.  She moved to my side and

slipped under my arm as if I couldn't support myself.  I pulled her to me,

my arms wrapping around her, holding her tight.  She seemed to be afraid of

hugging back, as if I'd break.  Then she held me tight, melting into my arms

and kissing me hard and passionately.  After a few seconds, I felt weak and

my knees started to buckle.  She kept me on my feet and helped me back to

our small shelter.  I sat in front of the lean-to, dizzy and feeling weak.

Lena opened some canned fruit, and proceeded to feed me by hand.  Her eyes

betrayed the concern she felt for me, but I was too tired to ask her why.

After I had my fill of sliced peaches, she insisted I at least drink some of

the syrup for liquid (that a girl...drown me with kindness).  She finished

off the peaches and told me to lie down and rest.

    "Wait a minute." I said. "I thought I'd be taking care of you. I'm still

worried you might have a concussion."  She smiled and kissed me on the cheek,

her hand on my chest making me lay back down, partially in the lean-to.

    "Sweetheart," She began, looking into my eyes. "You've been out cold for

a day and a night.  And your back looks terrible.  I thought you were really

hurt bad, internally.  I was scared to death I'd lose you."

    My back did feel very sore and tender, but I'd thought it to be from the

exertions the night before, two nights I corrected myself.  I sat up, feeling

the stiffness in my joints and back.  I looked at the cut on her forehead,

and it seemed tiny in comparison to what I thought I'd seen in flashlight.

    "How, are YOU though?" I asked. "Any dizzyness or headache?"  I kept quiz-

zing her on her condition, feeling elated when she said that two asprin had

taken care of a slight headache the morning after the storm.  Then I chastised

her for taking the risk of climbing on the wreck of the Mary Jo.  She laughed,

but I was serious.  She put her hand on my chest and told me that she had

slipped in after the tide went out and the MJ was firmly grounded.  No risk.

    Lena fumbled in the duffle she'd carried out of the boat, and found a pair

of metal mirrors.  One she gave to me and the other she held behind me so I

could see my back after she pulled my shirt off.  Someone had painted a long

diagonal purple, black, and blue strip about a foot wide on my back, and in

several places I had minor abrasions.  It looked a lot worse than it felt.

    "Now do you see why I was worried about you, Mr. Tough Guy?" She said in a

sarcastic tone. I asked what happened the next morning, since I'd rudely slept

straight through it.

    Lena had awakened in the lean-to sometime after dawn, feeling warm. She

sat up, and her head pounded its objection.  She saw me, face down on part of

the sailcloth and tried to rouse me.  When that failed, she checked my pulse

and breathing as I had done for her.  She checked me for broken bones and

when she lifted my shirt, she thought I was seriously injured.  She made her

own assesment of our situation and checked over our supplies.  All the long

talks about survival came back and she set up driftwood for a signal fire,

and drew S.O.S. in huge letters in the sand.  She'd explored a bit of the

nearby jungle like forest, then sat close to me during the warm night until

she fell asleep.  This morning, she had decided to move us up nearer the

forest, and that some minor items needed to be salvaged, including the two

metal mirrors.  She knew they could be used for signaling planes and boats.

She was just coming out of the boat when I woke up.

    "Jeez..You mean you actually listened to my survival suggestions?" I asked

a bit tounge-in-cheek.  She stared at me for a second, giggled, then she

wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me warmly.

    "Welcome back to the living." She said softly. We talked about what to do,

(the only thing we could...wait), and finally we slowly moved the lean-to

up nearer the shade of the palms.  We re-draped the cloth and made a fairly

spacious living area out of it.  Our supplies were stacked neatly inside and

out.  This was hot, sweaty work, and we stripped down to bare skin, resting

in the shade frequently to prevent overexposure and dehydration.  The drift-

wood was moved closer to the 'tent' and we settled down as the sun began to

fade.  We were on the northern edge of an island, and the trees intercepted

the sun's rays as it set, casting rays of warm yellow-gold across the beach.

    Dinner consisted of a can of fruit cocktail, and this made us both aware

of the need to explore the island the next day in search of fresh water and

food sources.  We crawled into our tent, using seat cushions from the boat

as pillows, and curled up, holding each other and falling asleep quickly.

    The next morning, both our stomachs growled, protesting the lack of food.

Dressed in shorts and deck shoes, we explored our island, leaving markers so

we could find our way back.  Not more than 200 meters inland we found a small

clean brook of fresh water, and a small pond.  Around that grew both palm

trees with their coconuts, and bananas.  Not much further inland, we found

kiwi fruit, lime bushes (proably from British ships in the 18th century I

guessed), tomato plants(!), and even grapefruit bushes.  The more we looked,

the more the island seemed to be a greengrocer's fantasy.  We found radishes,

cucumbers, celery, and the biggest surprise of all, about an acre of water-

mellons growing wild.  Gleefully, we carried fruits and vegtables back to our

camp, and while Lena sorted and began to prepare a meal, I fetched some fresh

water from the pond.  I came back and took a small fishing net from our pile

of equipment and waded into the surf.  Lena watched as I made a few clumsy

attempts at looking like I knew how to use it, then finally tossing it clear.

Much to our surprise, I netted about six fish on the first shot.  They were

a tasty addition to our first meal.  When I waded ashore, I came back to the

tent and found Lena, kneeling naked by the fire, cutting and chopping some

of the foodstuffs we found and using a small portion of our supplies to

accent them.  Together we cooked a tasty meal of fish and vegtables, each of

us 'snacking' on the fresh tomatoes and celery.

    We finished our meal and lay back together in the shade, feeling full and

happy.  We walked to the fresh water pond and bathed each other, feeling

the tensions ease from our bodies, and the passions begin to burn.  We kissed

while in the pond, feeling our heat, even through the water.  Lena's legs

floated around my hips, wrapping around me easily.  Her arms around my neck

made me feel like I was being surrounded by her, and I eagerly pulled her

to me. Kissing and holding each other tight, we stood in the pool, our bodies

joined underwater, and melted into each other.  We stayed in the water a long

time, close together, touching and caring, not wanting to leave.  We did leave

eventually, carrying our clothes back to our small camp and leaving them in

the tent.

    The day was getting hot and I applied some sunscreen lotion to Lena's fine

figure, making sure that her sensitive areas were safe from sunburn.  This

lit her fires, and I obliged by rubbing my stiff shaft against her oiled thighs

and stomach.  We laid down on part of the sailcloth and began to suck and lick

each other's sensitive parts.  I lapped her flowing juices eagerly while she

tounged and sucked my shaft.  She bent down and sucked each of my balls into

her mouth in turn my cock pressing against her neck.   "Come for me" She said

in a husky tone that excited me.  She licked me like I was covered with honey

and her tounge found my anus and the sensitive area between there and my balls

making me burn with desire.  I slid a finger into her pussy and sucked her on

her clit, feeling her hips sway and rotate sensuously. Her soft breasts seemed

warm against the sides of my stomach and I licked from her clit to her hole,

tasting her delicious cream.  She sucked me into her mouth, her tounge working

around the head.  I could feel her saliva running down off my balls as she kept

trying to swallow me whole.  I slipped two more fingers inside her and felt

her tighten around them.  I moved all three fingers in and out, pressing out-

wards against her ring of pleasure.   Her hand circled my cock, pumping up and

down, pulling the skin up to her lips.  Lena's hips were rocking with a rhythmn

all their own and her cream covered my face.  I could feel a bubbling rise deep

inside me and knew I was about to come.  I slid a finger into her asshole,

pressing it against the three inside her dripping pussy.  My tounge flicked

her clit and suckled on it. Lena came hard and I felt a rush of her slick cream

flow into my mouth, tasting sweet and warm.  She moaned and panted her pleasure

rocking her hips against my tounge and fingers.  My own orgasm started and I

cried her name loudly.  Her hand pumped me furiously and thick gobs of sperm

gushed against her face, lips, neck and hair.  My hips were thrusting and

shaking with the waves of pleasure she pulled from me.  I lay back, exhausted

by this woman, feeling her pussy clench my fingers tight.  She began to kiss

my cock and balls, and finally laid her head down on them.  Her pussy was just

within tounge distance to my face and I kissed her soft, wet pussy gently.

We laid there for a long time, just feeling each other's bodies close.

    I re-applied the sunscreen to Lena, telling her this time, we wouldn't be

so quick to "wash" it off.  She giggled.  Naked and hand in hand, we walked

off to explore our island.  I loved the way her breasts moved and bounced as

we walked the beach, and I told her that some day I wanted to come on her tits

and then walk down the beach with her.  She smiled and said she'd thought of

that too, and would I mind if my face was covered with her cream too?  Well,

what can you do with a wonderful, lusty woman like this?  We walked for about

a mile, then climbed up on a rocky outcropping to survey the size of the

island.  Our island was small, roughly oval shaped.  About three miles wide

by five or six long.  Maximum of 18 square miles in the hundreds of thousands

in the Pacific.  Where we stood in the warm sun was about two thirds down one

of the longer sides, and the highest point was a smallish mountain that looked

to be an old volcano, long dormant.  We stood there and scanned the horizon,

looking for planes or ships, seeing none.  I moved behind Lena, and circled

my arms around her waist, pulling her back to me and smelling her hair.  She

sighed and leaned against me, her hands caressing the fronts of my thighs.

My hands slid up and cupped her full breasts, lifting them slightly while I

kissed the side of her neck and nibbled her ears.  I felt her behind press

against my stiffening cock, and I moved, laying my cock up the crease of her

wonderfully shaped ass.

    "Do something for me." She said quietly while I licked around her ear. I

asked her what she wanted me to do.  "Fuck me up here. Fuck me hard, fast and

loud.  Show the whole world how much I turn you on and how much you like to

fuck me."  I paused for a moment, thinking about her words.  Then I turned her

to face me, tears welling up in both our eyes, both of us realizing just what

each of us meant to the other.

    "Yes." I said, kissing her and holding her tight. She melted into my arms,

and I held her to me, never wanting to let her go.  Her golden skin warm and

inviting, her grey eyes alluring, and her whole being making me want her.  We

walked a short way to some grass growing near the sea, and together we laid

down.  She was on her back, legs open for me, and I slid into her easily. We

lay there kissing and not moving for a long time, holding each other and trying

to take away the fear and worry we each had.  We moved slowly and lovingly,

treating each other with tenderness.  Our carnal desires began to burn brightly

and we started thrusting our bodies together.

    "Yesss!" She cried, "Give it to me hard and fast!" I pulled up, lifting

her legs high and sliding my knees next to her hips.  I slammed into her again

and again, impaling her on my cock.  "Ohhh yes!  Fuck me like that!" she

said loudly.   Suddenly I knew what she wanted.  She'd long been quiet and

shy, and now she thought we'd not survive here very long, so she wanted to

let go totally and let her lusts and desires free to the world.  Our own

relationship was quiet and gentle on the surface, passionate underneath. Now

we could let go totally and enjoy our needs for each other.

    "God I love to fuck you!" I yelled to the heavens.  "I love to come inside

you, fuck you over and over all night!"  Lena moaned and raised her hips to

meet mine.

    "Give me that hard cock!" She cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck ME!!!"

    We slammed our bodies together and I felt her starting to come, her pussy

spasming and gripping me tight.  I thrust deep into her, making her gasp. Her

body shook and she moaned loudly.  As her hips rose and her stomach tensed,

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her upright, letting her full weight bury

my cock in her sopping cunt.  Holding her against me, and leaning back, she

shook and spasmed, crying and moaning.  Her juice ran down against my balls,

and she slowly started to breathe normally.  She lifted her head and looked

into my eyes, searching for something.  She could feel me throbbing inside

her, still hard.

    "Oh, baby, you mean so much to me." I said.  We kissed in a long passionate

deep kiss.  Our tounges met and danced, and she held me tight. She slowly began

to rise and fall on my shaft, and I could feel her wetness running like water

down my cock.  Finally she broke our kiss and looked at me again, this time

with a lustful gleem in her eye.

    "Fuck me again." She said. "Give me your love. Come inside me. Come all

over me. Make me come with you.  I want you.  I want to fuck you!"

    She pushed me back and took over, her body bobbing up and down on my hard

pole, her hips swaying and her breasts heaving as she repeatedly rammed her-

self down on me. I opened her floodgates with my words.

    "Ohh, Lena!  Fuck me. Tell me how much you love it!" I said.  Lena slammed

against me then her pace changed, speeding up and becoming wilder.  She started


    "Yes! I love to fuck you!  I love to fuck!  I love it when you come! You

always come sooo much!  I love it when you suck me and lick me all over!!

She started thrashing on my cock, her body convulsing and slamming against me.

    "Cum Lena!  Cum for me!  Cum all over my cock!" I yelled to her.  She came

down hard and leaned back, driving me deep inside her.  Her cunt contracted

hard and her ass cheeks squeezed together over and over.  Just as she started

to calm down, I couldn't stop, and my sperm flooded into her, filling her

sopping cunt with a warm gush.  She came again and both of us laid there,

shuddering and moaning, joined, coupled, mated.  I grabbed her and kissed her

like never before, and she responded the same.  I held her in my arms, our

sweaty bodies lying in the sun, feeling light and drowsy.

    After about twenty minutes we slowly got up and started back to our camp.

We detoured into the surf to rinse off, and I watched as she walked ahead

at one point, the sunlight glistening off the come on her thighs and ass.  We

walked along the wet sand, letting the sun dry our ocean-rinsed bodies. When

we reached our camp, we settled down and held each other for a long time with-

out saying a word.   That night, we made love, gently and tenderly until we

both were satisfied then drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

    About a week later, we'd settled down into a routine of gathering food in

the morning and catching fish just before noon, making a hearty lunch and then

a cozy nap.  We would usually awaken  from that nap in a lusty mood and savor

it until just after a light evening meal.  We'd decided that the stars and

moon should witness our passions for each other, and we'd fall asleep outside

by the fire.   We also started building a small hut, and the work was slow

and tedious.  Lena proved to be the better one to figure out the way to tie

things together while I hacked at small trees with a hatchet or wire-saw.

We'd both taken to wearing little clothing, saving it for when (or if) the

weather turned cool.  Most of the time we went around in skin, except around

noon, when the heat drove us to shade.

    Two weeks after coming ashore, we'd completed our hut.  We were both very

proud of it, although it wasn't much to look at.  I gave us shelter and a place

to store our supplies.  It was roomy enough for everything and the two of us

to have a separate sleeping area.  I'd rigged one wall that faced the water

to lift up so that we could keep a fire outside (and fortunately the wind

usually blew it away from the hut.  We finished stowing our supplies and then

went to the surf to rinse off our sweaty bodies.  We were both happy that we

had something more permanent that just a piece of cloth over our heads.  Lena

and I frollicked in the ocean and after sun-drying ourselves we came back to

our camp.  It was late afternoon, and we thought about a small celebration on

some tomatoes.   Lena was about to go inside the hut for them when I stopped


    She looked at me puzzled and I smiled and picked her up in my arms.  We

were both healthier and trimmer that we were two weeks ago, and I easily took

her across the "threshold" of our hut.  She giggled with delight at the mere

suggestion (on second thought, strike the word "mere").  I laid her on the

bed, sailcloth stuffed with leaves, and began to caress and lick her salty

body.  She called me an immoral tease, a brute and lots of other love-words

before I found her clit and sucked it hard.  She let out an "Ohh" as I rolled

her clit around my tounge.  Her nipples rose into hard buds, and I pinched

them with my fingers.  I let her rock against me until she was ready to come,

her pussy soaking my face.  Laying between her legs, I looked up over her

sparse blonde bush. "Come in my mouth Lena. Let me taste you."

    All it took was for me to slide a finger inside her, and she shuddered and

raised her hips, pressing her pussy against my face.  I tasted her and wanted

more, teasing her clit and then her pussy lips.  When she finally slowed down

I held her and kissed her gently, telling her that I'd never let her go.  She

purred against my chest and caressed me gently until she took her turn trying

to please me.  She licked my balls at first, then down to my asshole and the

cheeks of my ass, back up to wet the head of my cock with her tounge.  She

rubbed my wet knob against her nipples and sucked me long and deep.  She'd

found my secrets and used them to bring me to the edge repeatedly, until she

knew I had enough.  Today, she teased me longer than normal, then she laid

my cock in her cleavage.  Without moving or touching me, she told me what

she wanted.

    "I'll be you could come right now.  Come with your cock between my tits,

watching your sperm run like a river out of your cock and all over me. I want

to see you shoot it up and I want you to watch me try to catch it on my

tounge." She said to me lustily. "I want to feel your sperm flowing out of

you, spurting all over my tits, warming my nipples and then I'll rub it all

over with your cock."

    My hips were quivering and I envisioned what her words said to me. I could

feel it rising, and I couldn't beleive she was going to get me off just by


    "Go ahead. Give me you warm come.  Spurt your creamy come all over my tits

and neck. Make me wet and warm.  Let me bathe in your thick come, wash my hot

tits with it. Cum for me baby, cum all over my tits, cum now, cum!"

    I couldn't hold back and a surge made my cock twitch and shoot hot and very

thick come.  The first couple of gushes shot into the air, landing on her

breasts and my stomach.  The rest shot out, straight up, landing on her tits

or my cock and running warm and wet down her clevage.  I felt her rubbing my

cock across her nipples and licking the head off.  When I looked down at her,

her breasts were shiny and a drop of my white cream rested on her cheek. I

pulled her up, and feeling completely given to this woman, I licked my sperm

drop from her cheek and kissed her, giving it to her as an offering.

    We finally did have those tomatoes, and more, as a celebration.  We slept

inside that night, feeling warm and secure.  The next morning, I was awakened

by her shouts of joy and went to find her holding a crab that she'd caught

along the beach.  It was a large crab and we feasted on it for an unusual

breakfast.  The rest of the day was spent looking for more crabs, then in

fishing so that we could try to smoke some as reserve food, just in case. We

finally finished that day, tired but happy.

    Almost a week went by and this time Lena found two crabs.  We kept one

for dinner and had one for breakfast.  I remarked that this wasn't too bad,

but perhaps next time she might find a platter of prime rib?  She laughed

and said she'd settle for chicken.  After our breakfast, we fished and found

plenty to smoke and plenty to eat.  Towards midafternoon, I sent her to the

pond for some water to boil our crab.  She came back a bit nervous and I asked

her what was wrong.  She said something had moved by the pond and scared her,

asking if any predators might be on the island.  We talked about this over

dinner and decided to look in the morning.

    We did look but found no tracks around the pool or the stream so Lena then

decided that it must have been one of the larger parrot like birds.  Paradise

was beginning to be relaxing and we were adjusting to a simple live of getting

food, keeping our hut in good shape, and enjoying pleasing each other.  We

were finally resigned that we might spend eternity here alone, and that suited

us both just fine.

    We were preparing to explore our island a bit more several days later, and

we finished dinner talking about where to look first.  The sun was low, but

at least an hour from sunset.  We talked about walking around or through or

crosswise to explore, trying to find the easiest way.  Lena was voting for

around when something cracked loudly in the bushes just a few meters behind

her. She jumped and I caught a glimpse of something fleeing through the

bushes.  I grabbed the largest knife we had and raced off in pursuit, Lena

not far behind.  I could see the dark form moving quickly through the foilage

fading in and out of the shadows.  I raced on, trying to find a way over to

intercept, but seeming to loose ground at times, making it up at others.  I

turned around some bushes and saw my quarry flash past and realized I was

chasing a person!  Thoughts of natives filled my head, and I worried that we

might be in danger, and I thought of Lena getting caught.  She was right

behind me, her shouts directing me one way while she went the other.  I saw

Lena's form go around a small rise as I went around the other side.  Just as

I turned the corner, our fleet footed spy ran headlong into me.  Lena came

racing up, and stopped.  We looked at our "native" and we were both stunned

into silence.  On the ground, looking fearful was a young girl of perhaps

eighteen years.  Her appearance was remarkable.  Not just that her hair was

a light golden blonde, or her deep brown all over tan, but just the fact that

she was here!  She was terrified of us and who could blame her.  Two people,

standing stark naked around you with large knives couldn't be considered too

friendly.  Her wide blue eyes stared at each of us in turn, and she stared a

long time at my limp cock.  I lowered the knife and held out my hand, telling

her in as gentle a voice as I could that we weren't going to hurt her.

     "W-what are you doing on my island?" She stammered in perfectly good

english.  Then pointing at my cock, "And what are YOU?!"

Next time - Chapter 2 - Paradise lost?

Until then... Keep warm and cuddled.




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