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Archive-name: Couples/shower.txt


Archive-title: Shower, The

She stepped into the shower.  The temperature was just right, very warm

but not scalding, and she luxuriated in the feel of the fine spray on

her shoulders, as her neck muscles relaxed.  She arched her back, and

stepped back a little, letting the water soak her hair, and run down

her face and across her breasts.  She reached down for the

shampoo, and started massaging it into her hair, working up a fine lather.

As she stepped under the spray to rinse her hair, she suddenly felt his

hands on her shoulders.  "Mmmm", she mumbled, and leaned back against

his strong chest, as his hands rubbed along her shoulders and down her

arms.  She could feel his hardness agains her buttocks, and wiggled 

against it playfully as his hands roamed up her sides, finally encircling

her and moving up to her breasts.  He playfully tickled the edges and 

the undersides, but eventually his fingers found their way to her nipples, 

which had gotten hard almost at his first touch.  He squeezed her nipples 

as his lips found her neck, and he nibbled  his way up to her earlobe, 

biting it rather hard, and she jumped.

She turned around then, and their lips met.  He pushed his tongue 

inside her mouth, his arms encircling her, and she reached down

to touch his maleness.  She took it in her hand, caressing it

gently, rubbing the shaft and moving a finger down to caress the

his testicles.  He arched his back, pushing himself against her belly

as his erection grew.  She knelt down and planted a kiss on the tip.

He moaned, and ran his fingers through her hair as the water of the

shower rained down around her, and she took his penis into her mouth.

She could taste the saltiness of it, and she ran her tongue around

the head, feeling his flavor in the whole of her mouth before she

started to suck on him.  Her right hand encircled his shaft,

and she began to rhythmically stroke him in time with the action

of her mouth.

She could feel his excitement grow, as the water ran down her face, 

and she took more of him into her mouth.  She moved her hand back to 

caress his testicles and drew almost his complete shaft into her

throat.  She generated as much suction as she could, and started to

use her mouth to move him in and out, taking his entire length into

her throat on the deep stroke.  Rhythmically she stroked, faster and

faster, and finally with a groan, he reached orgasm.  She took him out 

of her mouth then, and let the water of the shower run across his

penis to clean it.  

He pulled her up from her knees and smiling, lifted her in his arms and 

carried her from the shower.  He took a large, fluffy bath towel 

and began to dry her shoulders and worked down to her back, then putting

his arms around her to dry her breasts and stomach.  Kneeling, he toweled 

off her legs and feet, and as she stood ran a teasing finger up the

inside of her leg, almost to her sex.  She trembled a little at the 

sensation, and even more as his finger began to trace the inside of 

her thigh.  He moved his fingers up to gently brush the folds of skin 

around her vulva, massaging and kneading the tender flesh, and sending

shock waves through her body with every motion.  Her legs began trembling,

and he pulled her down next to him.  She lay on her back.  He knelt 

between her legs and lightly licked the inside of her thigh.  She 

moaned, and spread her legs more widely as he licked higher onto

her vulva, teasing it gently for a second before retreating and licking

at her other thigh.  She reached her hands down to his hair, and 

gently stroked his head and caressed the muscles of his neck as he

blew gently on her clit.  He took it into his mouth and sucked on

it gently, causing her to gasp.  Then he pulled back and began to use

his tongue in earnest, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving 

it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around her clit.  He worked

a quick finger inside of her and penetrated deeply, and moved it in

and out in the rhythm of his tongue moving against her clitoris.  

She moaned at the feelings he was inducing in her body,

and as they intensified she orgasmed, writhing, on the floor.

He looked up at her and smiled, and then crawled up her body to lie

on top of her.  She put her arms around him and luxuriated in his

maleness, his smell and the texture of his body on top of her.  Soon she

could feel him becoming hard again, and she parted her legs to let

him enter.  He slid in smoothly, and they lay motionless for a moment,

enjoying the sensation of her vaginal walls around him.  Eventually

he started to thrust himself rhythmically into her, moving his hips

against hers, and she rose up to meet him on each deep thrust.  She 

put her arms around his back, caressing his strong muscles and his 

buttocks, pulling him even more deeply inside of her.  His mouth 

found hers, not gently, and they savagely kissed, his tongue forcing

itself into her mouth in time with his strokes.  He groaned, and she

could feel him starting to spasm inside of her.  The sensation brought 

her to her own orgasm, and they came together, shuddering.

He stayed inside of her as they lay together in the afterglow, 

enjoying the sensations of each others' body, their arms around 

each other, until, smiling, she pushed him off of her, giving 

him one last kiss, to return to the shower that he had so rudely




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