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Archive-name: Couples/shoes.txt

Archive-author: R. Bolla   (c) 1990

Archive-title: Shoes, The

  This file is copyrighted (c) 1990 by R Bolla.  Do NOT alter in any means.

                                  The Shoes

She seemed to change almost dramatically from the moment she put on the

outfit.  More sensual.  Almost animalistic.  She swayed and glided as she

moved, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that she felt more alive and

incredibly sexy.  It was a simple design in black and silver.  A chemise style

top with spaghetti straps, fringed as it neared her waist.  It allowed her

natural cleavage to show nicely.  The skirt was a wrap around with a single

snap closure.  Knee length but fringed up about nine inches to show off her

legs just enough.  Underneath was only the black garter belt and matching

stockings.  Then there were the shoes.  The shoes were originally the focal

point.  Four inch black satin spikes with a bow at the heel.  Scattered

rhinestones covered the bow and below that was a strip of black fringe and


The overall look pleased her.  She considered making some minor changes such

as seamed stockings and red lipstick and matching nail polish but decided that

was a little too cheap looking.  Her shoulder length blonde hair was lightly

curled on the ends and hung free as did her breasts.  Her makeup was

understated, but effectively made her blue eyes seem even larger than usual.

As she strolled into the hotel bar the few women present looked at her with a

mixture of admiration and shock.  Several men were seen staring at her

unashamedly.  There was no mistaking their thoughts as they squirmed in their


She walked directly to the back to the pool tables and looked at the men

already playing and those waiting their turn.  One man in particular caught

her eye.  He was conservative looking in appearance but the expression on his

face was appreciation personified.  He had just finished clearing the table

and softly said, "I could use a partner if you'd like to join me."

She simply nodded her head in reply.  The cocktail waitress approached and

smiled as she murmured, "Nice."

"Bourbon on the rocks, with a twist, please." commented the blonde as she

smiled acknowledgement of the compliment.

"Break?", he enquired.


He seemed a bit distracted as he broke and made two solids and one stripe.

His turn ended after only one more shot.  Their competition was two middle-

aged men who appeared to be business associates.  The older of the two went

first and made one shot but missed on his next attempt.

Her partner handed her his cue and smiled.  She carefully studied the layout

and crossed to the other side of the table measuring the angle to the pocket.

The six slid dead center in the corner pocket and the cue stayed perfectly

positioned for the following shot.  A bank to the center pocket seemed to

impress the other team.  Or perhaps it was the view of her breasts as she bent

over the table.  One wiped his brow and exhaled most audibly as she continued.

One more shot was good but she missed the next.  Her partner smiled again and

nodded, raising one eyebrow in appreciation of her efforts.

The game was over quickly as the opposition missed and her partner cleared the

remaining balls.  She sipped her drink and swayed slowly to the music.  He

came closer to her and she slowly looked him up and down.  "Do you like what

you see?"

"Most definitely."

"Care to play again here, or should we go elsewhere?"

"Let's leave now."

He grabbed his sportcoat and left a generous tip and followed her silently.

They took the elevator to the fourth floor and entered room 428.  He quickly

dialed room service and ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Then he turned and

wrapped his arms around her and kissed her fully on the lips.  Her tongue

searched his open mouth and was greeted with equal passion.  His hands roamed

her body, one softly playing with her breast as they continued the kiss.  She

pressed against his lean body and felt his erection press against her.

He moved one strap from her shoulder and exposed her tit.  His mouth moved to

suckle her breast and she moaned with pleasure.  His teeth bit at her

playfully and his other hand cupped her ass.  They were startled when the

waiter knocked.  She turned her back to the door leaving herself exposed as he

took the tray from the waiter and handed cash to the young man.


"Only for you."

He returned to her caress and moved her skillfully backward to the bed where

she landed almost gracefully.  He pressed against her again and resumed his

repast at her tit.  She kissed his hair and whispered, "I want you now."

"Patience, my sweets."

But he broke from her breast and moved down her body to breath in her scent.

He lifted the skirt and pressed his face to her exposed pussy.  He kissed her

lips and licked her quickly, causing her to gasp.  The he settled in to suck

her clit.  She pulled the top down and rubbed her tits almost harshly as he

nibbled and licked and sucked her, until she was gasping for air.  Her juices

dripped from her and he thrust his tongue in her canal and sucked them up as

best her could but she continued to spill more as he took her higher and


He moved back to her clit and used his fingers to fuck her.  She groaned and

moaned in delight as he continued to eat her.  The stimulation was almost more

than she could take and she begged him to take her now.  Her pleas were

ignored and he caused her to cum over and over until she bordered on passing

out.  He pulled away and allowed her to rest while he undressed.  She felt him

leave the bed and heard him open the bottle.

As he approached her again he softly said, "Take off the outfit."

She squirmed out of the top and pulled the skirt off quickly.

"Now, on your knees, whore."

Without comment she assumed the position as requested.  She felt the liquid as

he poured it over her ass and enjoyed the way it dripped down her crack.  He

moved to lick up what he could and she leaned further forward, her head now on

the bed.  He was spreading her ass cheeks and using something slippery on her

asshole now.  She still felt as thought she was vibrating from the many

orgasms and was willing to give him any latitude he desired.  As he pressed

his steel hard shaft to her opening she pressed back against him.  He felt the

silkiness of her stockings against his legs.  He was gentle with her and

allowed her to control the penetration of her ass.  Slowly she began to adjust

to the intrusion of his cock and begged him to go deeper.

He wanted to ram into her but controlled himself and prolonged the release of

his desire.  One hand supported him and the other searched out her clit to

please her again.  He was going deeper and deeper until he was all the way

into her tight hot ass.  His fingers stroked her as he began to thrust and

withdraw with precise movements.

She moaned with pleasure and urged him on.  He didn't disappoint her as he

plunged and pulled back over and over.  She squealed as she felt him ram

faster and another orgasm took her.  He could last long and he knew it but he

kept her at the plateau for as long as he could before he allowed the massive

jolt to shake his entire body.  He stayed inside her as he leaned against her

back while he recovered.

His cock was withering as he pulled it out, kissing her back and rolling off

to her side.  She moved toward him and cuddled close as she whispered, "Happy

Birthday, Shawn, my love.  Was it what you wanted?"

"Exactly, baby.  You were great.  My fantasy was realized, thank you."

And they kissed deeply again knowing that the guys left behind in the bar were

probably still wondering how much it cost him to play pool that night.



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