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Archive-name: Couples/sensgrop.txt

Archive-author: ErosJer

Archive-title: Sensual Groping to Ultimate Pleasure

                                            By ErosJer Jerrylv@Uottawa.cms

  Jenifir arrived at Bob's place right on time. They have been in love for

months, and every time either one has had time to dream of a fantasy, the resul

-ting eroticism and mutual pleasure has been nothing short of fantastic(!)..

"Hmm? I wonder what Bob has planned for us this evening," thought Jen..

  "May I take your coat, darling?", Bob murmerred, as his lips brushed first

her perfectly coifed blond hair and then descended moistly to meet Jenifir's

just-parted ones. "Ahhh, I'm so happy to be with you again, Bob! It's been a

rough week, and I know you will know what I need to get back into myself...


  "As a matter of fact, hon, I have dinner already for us.. that comes first.

And then I can tell you that my bedroom has been changed a lot for fun today;

and everything we do will be by the light of one tiny red lamp in the corner

of the room.. feeling will be much better than seeing, after we've eaten our


  "Oh, my!", thought Jen, "I can hardly wait, thinking of just what Bob has

done to his bedroom.. what a fantasy-prone guy he is.. but I never feel

threatened or frightened by anything he's ever suggested. I KNOW this is

going to be special." "What's for dinner, dear heart?"

  "We start with prosciutto e melone, my favorite antipasto - then, I have

made us some lasagne verde, with sauce Bechamel, some cold Soave white wine

is ready to sip... fruit and cappucino for dessert. Okay?" "It's perfect - ",

sighed Jenifir.

  (After the dinner, slowly savored with much communing about everything and

nothing.. sipping their coffee and eating from the same delicious peach, ala

"Tom Jones", Bob looks deeply into her eyes.)"Thank you for wearing the mini-

skirt and T-shirt I suggested, sweetheart. They will help me make you feel

soooo good.. in there!", he said as he pointed suggestively to the bedroom

door."I'll turn out the apartment lights now, and we'll finish our coffee in

the light of our candle.. then, your eyes will begin to relax comfortably in

the lowered light environment, needed for 'later'.."

  "This is fun, Bob! I don't know what you have in mind, but I already feel

so happy and excited. You are so sensitive to my feelings.. I really love

that about you!"

  "I'm going into the bedroom now, to prepare for your entry. Will you wait

for three minutes, then come into the room, lift your skirt up to your

waist and lie down on your stomach on our new Bermuda rope hammock?" And, he

lightly rose and left Jenifir to think about that while she finished her

delicious capuccino. "Lift my skirt?? Hammock? What's this?"

  After the three minutes passed (holding her watch near the candle to read

its tiny face for the exactness of Bob's timing request).. Jenifir blew out

the candle's luminence and slowly moved to the door, reaching not very far

down to take the hem of her skirt, lift it up to her waist ("What a langorous-

ly nice feeling this is - I've never done it before; with Bob's air-conditioner

pushing a cool breeze across the room it feels so neat on my thighs and panties

!!!" She walked into Bob's room, not seeing where he is waiting for her, but

following his request - she can see the outline of a big Carribean-type rope

hammock resting on a steady metal frame holding it open.. she gently sits down

on it to test its ability to hold her, then, feeling secure, she lets herself

lie face down into the encompassing rope cushion of the nice hammock. As soon

as she is  fully lying down in it, she can feel the wight of her body push

her breasts through two of the hammock's openings and then, the marvellous

feeling of the rope pressing around them - while her tummy and vulva also take

a deep impressed settling into the comfortable rope pattern squares! "Oh, is

this wonderful!!!", Jen muses. Now, she hears Bob breathing and listens to

his first words, "Jen, don't worry about your clothing - I have another skirt

and T-shirt sitting on the bed which you can wear home in the morning.."

  "What's coming next," the lovely coed thought.. "Oh, there's Bob, now..

I can just make him out, under me and under the hammock. He's pulling my

T-shirt away from my breasts now.. feels nice.. snip! Oh, he's cutting holes

in the material, letting my bra free and into the hammock's "cups".. wow!

Now he's pulling the material of my panties down farther through their hole -

snip! snip! He must be cutting a large opening in the crotch! Ooh that feels

so sexy! I feel so totally vulnerable, but pressing through the hammock is

fabulous.. the pressing of the ropes are like being tied up - yet I know I'm

free... what a psychological turn-on!!! Mmmmmmm, Bob is kissing me.. oh, it

feels odd, with his lips coming up to meet mine through a hammock opening..

this is a rare feeling, because I can only feel his lips! I cannot feel any

of the rest of him, yet.. I hope that is coming soon! I feel horny like I

never felt before in my life!!  Now he's not kissing me.. where did he go?

snip! snip! AHhh, he's pulled out the cups of my bra and cut holes in them

too!! Now my nipples are free and are they hard!! They just sticking out

there ready for anything Bob wants to do with them!!! Ahhhh, yes! He's licking

me there! Ohhh, gooood. It feels so special.. almost like one man is pressing

the base of my breast (the hammock does that) while Bob just loves my nipples

completely freely.. now my nipples are wet.. and the breeze makes them stand

up even more.... and how that moves down my body right to my pussy! Wonderful

feeling, I'll get the hammock wet with my juices, I know. But who cares? We

can wash it off together later, and laugh. Now, Bob has a hand on my right

boob, just twirling his fingers around the nipple the way I LOVE, and I can

feel his tongue now.. on my clit!!!! Wow, that feels different... wonderfully

different too! My vulva is pressing fully down through an opening, and that

stretches me out... great feeling.. Bob is just eating me like a second des-

sert - ohh, he's got his fingers running down my lips.. ahhhhh I like the way

he does me!!!! Now, he's putting a finger in me.. wonnnnnderful! I'm soo wet!

And this is so exciting! I don't have to open my eyes because the room is so

very dark. But the feeling of the hammock and everything Bob is doing is just

unbelievably good.. Ooooh, I'm coming now! "Bob, I'm commmmmmmming! I love

you so much." "I love you too, darling!", Bob answers.."Come to me.. give me

all of your vibrating glorious climaxing. There, oh, I've never felt you come

so hard, before.... ever!  You're totally wild tonight!" "Well," Jen sighs,

"You set me up to feel like this. I've never felt to laid out and ready for

love in any other situation we've had together!!!" "Why don't you exchange

places with me, Jen? I'll lie face down on the hammock where you are, and

you can use the scissors on me!"

  Jenifir lifts herself up, feeling the rope marks still pressing her skin

sensually inwards.. she grabs Bob and embraces him fully.. "Bob, you're so

wonderful to think of things like this.. I never would have dreamed! But it's

perfect!" She kisses him passionately and then gives him a little helpful

push as Bob nosedives into the hammock. Now, Jenifir looks under the hammock;

"Bob's had a folding cot set up here, underneath the hammock.. If I lie in

it and help guide him inside me, we can fuck with him lying on the hammock

and me lying spread out under him on this cot!!!!!!" But first, where are his

scissors? Ah, here they are! Right on this end table next to the cot.. I want

to kiss him again... ahhhh, right through the hammock ropes.. how nice.. I

have him where I want him now. She pulls his T-shirt through some holes and

snips large holes in it where his nipples will emerge! Then, she reaches

down and is aware that Bob is not wearing his jeans anymore.. he is lying in

his skivvies, and his rampant prick is achingly pressing the cotton material

outwards as he extends right through the hammock's hole there! I must be very

careful with these scissors, mustn't I? Wouldn't want to hurt what makes me

feel better than anything in the world!! Pull on the underpants now.. a little

more! Now, the cotton is far out from his so sensitive skin.. carefully...snip

snip! Now.. his cock comes to my face! Lick the tip... tongue tip in his little

slit... tastes so great!! Now, into Jen's mouth.. dear rammer... in in in in

farther.. "Ahhhh.. so wonderful!", groans Bob. suck in..lick

him.. ohh, he feels soooo good, hot ready to vibrate in ecstasy any minute..

just a few more strokes.. ohhh he's getting longer, harder. This is perfect..

now.... I'll just lie like this, legs spreading apart. lift myself an inch

toward's Bob's penis... touching me.. ah.. circle my clit, up and down my slit

... all the way down between my legs to touch my ass hole.. ahhhh - so nice..

now.. invite him IN? Yessss. ohh yesss.. that is it.... now he's thrusting and

I'm matching him stroke for stroke.. Coming. already! Ohh this is the most..

"Jenifir, I'm coming tooooooo.. Ahhhhhhhh.. " (fade)



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