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Archive-name: Couples/scrabble.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: A (short) game of Scrabble

On the rack before me were the following tiles:


We were only a few turns into the game, but my wife was already way ahead

(as usual).  Being an avid Scrabble player and a voracious reader, her mind

possessed an incredible vocabulary, including every two- and three-letter

word in the Scrabble Player's Dictionary.  But I enjoyed the game regard-

less of whether I won or lost, and besides it was difficult to feel bad or

discouraged about anything when Teresa was near!

Anyway, it was her turn, and she was busily shuffling her tiles back and

forth, seeking out the elusive "Bingo" word.  I was doing likewise, and

silently cursing the Tile God for the two S's in the rack.  (If one were

an R, I'd have BARTERS; if one were an E, I'd have REBATES; and so on etc.)

Of course it was INEVITABLE that Teresa would play on the open triple word

spot.  And sure enough, her fingers lightly grasped a whole mess of tiles

from her rack, reached across, and plopped MOVERS down on the triple, con-

necting the S to LICE to form SLICE.  Well at least it's not a Bingo, I

thought.  She jotted down her score, turned the board around to face me,

grabbed her new tiles, and got up.  "Got to use the RR, honey -- be right

back!"  I nodded and smiled at her, and my smile grew as she got up.  Some-

thing just below my belt began to grow too.  We'd been married seven years,

but the time had not diminished her beauty and sexiness, nor my incessant

horniness every time I looked at her.  As she moved I could see her large,

firm breasts jiggle slightly beneath her blouse, and her hips (heck, her

whole body!) moved so sexily as she walked away.  My cock was beginning to

really press against my shorts, and I knew right then that I would not be

able to fully concentrate on the game tonight!

But I WANTED to get a Bingo word and bring my score up at least to the

same number of digits as her score.  I looked at my tiles, then at the

board, then back at my tiles, then started shuffling them.

  REBATSS  RESTABS (stabs again?)  BARTESS  STRABES (is that a word?)


It practically leaped off the rack at me.  I searched the board fran-

tically for a word I could stick an R or S on the end or beginning of,

and found it.  Yay!  I was putting the word on the board just as my wife

reentered the room.  Now it was the Goddess of Coincidences who was

playing games with me, but I sure wasn't complaining.

She was not wearing the same thing she had been when she'd left.  In

fact, she was wearing very little now.  A nearly transparent lace bra

lifted her glorious mounds, the nipples pointing right at me and taunting

me through the fabric.  Very negligable lace panties started way up be-

hind her back and plunged around the front and down between her legs.

She walked slowly up to the table, then sat down.  On her face was that

smile of hers that told me that tonight was to be a long and sleepless

one.  I just stared at her, and below the table my cock stood and saluted.

I was mentally drooling (maybe physically too!) for who knows how long,

until she broke my reverie by giggling and pointing at the board.  I

followed the line of her finger to the word I had just played.  "Oh yeah!"

I said with a big grin, "that's my play!  Let's see, that's uh, hmmm....

sixty-seven points."  She wrote my score on the sheet as I grabbed seven

new tiles, then turned the board toward her.  All the while that smile

never left her face.  As she pondered her play, one of my feet decided to

take matters into its own hands (toes?), and it went out in search of the

wonderful female legs that were under the table somewhere.  At a point

probably right underneath Teri's tile rack, the foot made contact with

one soft smooth thigh.  Teri's smile grew wider, but she continued to

shuffle her tiles and ponder her play like a professional.

The nerve cells covering the surface of my sole sent messages of sheer

pleasure to my brain as my foot rubbed her thigh.  (Sure beats a cold

linoleum floor!)  My toes slid up until they reached a sexy hip, then

my big toe hooked itself under the strap of her panties.  I could feel

her shift slightly, and she looked up at me with her "I'm ready if you

are!" leer.  "Do you have a play?" I asked her.  In response, she lif-

ted some tiles out of her rack and played SEX, with the X landing on a

triple-letter square.  She recorded her 27 points and turned the board

to me.  Only half of my mind was available to ponder my tiles, as the

other was busy keeping tabs on what my toe was doing.


As usual, I had the Q and no U.  No U's on the board that I could

hook to, either.  Darn.  Ponder ponder ponder...  Meanwhile my toe

was pondering ITS next move.  Go up and explore her abdomen and tickle

her naval, or head down the strap to where it went between her legs,

then under there...?  A very difficult choice for a simple toe.  What

the heck, let's take the Great Circle Route.  My other toes followed

my big toe under the strap, my whole foot right behind.  Pretty soon

the strap was around my ankle and my foot was planted on her belly, the

big toe touching the lower fringe of her bra.  The foot began to squirm

and rub, and my toes ticked every square inch of skin within their

reach, including the bottoms of Teri's boobs.  She was giggling now,

surely unable to plan her next play ahead!  The shrinking portion of

my mind still devoted to the game settled on a word, and I played it:

LICK.  Teri looked at it, then at me, and said very softly, "ooooooh."

I told her the score and turned the board around for her and took my

new tiles, then allowed my whole consciousness to focus on the action

under the table.

My foot began to slide down under the crotch of her panties.  My toes

began to slide across hair, and Teri sucked in her breath sharply as

she tried to concentrate on her tiles.  The toes clutched and extended,

pulling on little tufts of hair that felt warmer and warmer as my foot

descended.  Teri's free leg came up, and her foot landed on my leg and

began to explore and caress on its own!  My little toe alighted on the

top of her pussy, and she closed her eyes and licked her lips as her

hands came to her breasts.  Her foot snaked up my leg until her toes

were on the throbbing bulge of my shorts.  Intense horniness was

rapidly consuming me, and I knew I wouldn't be able to just sit there

much longer.  Apparently she felt the same, for she plucked three tiles

off her rack and set them on the board, not bothering to connect the

word to anything.

The word was NOW.

Teri jumped up, laughed, and ran out of the room.  Oh was I HORNY!!!

I got up, grabbed the bowl of popcorn that was sitting next to the Scrabble

board, and headed after her.  "I'M COMING FOR YOU!!!" I yelled.  "I"M GONNA

RIP ALL YOUR CLOTHES OFF AND EAT YOU UP!!!"  I could hear her shout from the

bedroom, "Eeeeek!!  A rapist cannibal!"  My dick was pointing straight out,

leading the way down the hall.  When I entered the bedroom, I saw her knock-

out body lying on the bed.  She'd removed her bra and pulled on one of my

old T-shirts.

"Here I come," I whispered, and made drooling sounds like some sex maniac

who'd broken into the house.  She squirmed and writhed on the bed, saying

"no, please, don't hurt me, don't eat me, I'll do anything, please..."

Her body writhed and undulated, the large breasts jiggling and moving back

and forth underneath the T-shirt.  I set the popcorn bowl on the nightstand

and sat down on the bed next to her.  My hands went out and landed on each

side of her body.  "No please don't hurt me don't eat me I'll do anything

don't kill me" she whispered.  Her boobs continued to wiggle and jiggle

intoxicatingly, and my hands headed that way of their own volition.  They

came to her breasts and squeezed.  "Ooooooh!" she moaned, as her whole body

seemed to spasm in response to the feel of my clutching hands.  That darn

T-shirt was hiding those beautiful boobs, her delicious body, oooh I had

to look at it, feel it, lick it, kiss it...!!!  My hands slid down to the

bottom front of the shirt, and took firm hold.  Muscles flexing, fueled

by intense horniness, my arms pulled my hands away from each other.

RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPPP!  The shirt was torn from the bottom up to about

the midpoint between her luscious mounds.  My tongue and lips dove into

the newly created fault line, licking and sucking and kissing the warm

sweet flesh.  Her hands came up and rested upon the back of my head.  My

tongue darted and danced, around and into her naval, all over, back and

forth, tasting that wonderful squirming undulating flesh!  Then it slid

up to her boobs, and my nose was stopped by the end of the rip.  I had

to have those tits!!  I grabbed the shirt again, right on top of her

breasts, and ripped the shirt all the way up.  The shirt parted, reveal-

ing those heavenly globes I had to have so badly.  My hands and mouth

dove in for the kill!

Teri clutched fiercely at my back as my hands kneaded and squeezed her boobs

and my lips and tongue played with her big hard nipples.  I squeezed and

sucked and licked and rubbed, then I raised my head up and eyed the fabulous

female under me.  She just lay there, her beautiful body waiting eagerly for

whatever maniacal sex act I would dish up next.  I reached up to the night-

stand and grabbed the bowl of popcorn, then tipped it up and poured the pop-

corn all over her body.

"Eeeeeeeee!!!" she squeaked.  "Time to EAT!!!" I grunted, then began to

feast on the popcorn right off her body!  I gobbled up popcorn, my tongue and

lips and teeth going all over her to get at the fluffy kernels.  There was

one lodged in her naval that I had to dig out with my tongue and lips, which

also proved joyously necessary to get them out from between her big boobs!

Teri was giggling hysterically, and I picked up a few kernels and dropped

them in her mouth.

After the popcorn was gobbled up, I continued to go at her breasts with

great fervor.  Then after a while my tongue began its downward slide, down

past her naval, with my fingers just ahead of it to pull her panties down-

ward.  My tongue found pubic hairs and danced lightly in them and twirled

them around.  It brushed the top of her clit and went a bit lower and darted

across her clit again and again, as her hips writhed all around.  Then my

tongue began its descent, wiggling back and forth and up and down as it went.

It danced and pranced and went in and out, and when it went down all the way

my lips tickled and teased her pussy lips.  My happy fingers also were pre-

sent, sliding along the sides of her clit and toying with the lips.  Then I

pulled out and spread her legs for my Incredible Hulk (the name was a joke

between us!).  He was throbbing and ready as I guided him into her hot chan-

nel.  I grabbed her thighs for leverage as the Hulk pistoned in and out of

her, over and over.  Her whole body shook back and forth with the force, and

her breasts swam up and down along her chest.  She grabbed her boobs with her

hands and pulled on the nipples, and her tongue snaked out of her mouth and

licked her lovely lips.  The Hulk shoved and heaved and pushed and pulled,

and then he exploded with hot liquid energy!  After a few more thrusts I

withdrew, and gently lay down on top of her and wrapped my arms around her.

Just having her snuggled against me was the greatest joy of all.

                        --- R.E.E.



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