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Archive-name: Couples/roadskil.txt

Archive-author: Stephanie M. Clarkson    (c) 1993

Archive-title: Road Skill


        I'm a firm believer that what you do on New Year's Eve is what

you'll wind up doing the rest of the year.  That's why I'm so glad that

Craig and I rang in 1993 the way we did.  It bodes well.

        Craig and I had been working together up until Christmas as

Santa and Mrs. Claus at the local mall.  On our last day, the 24th, I

was a more than willing partner to my own seduction.  We'd been talking

every day between Christmas and New Year's, complaining about our

families and talking about our presents.  I have a button that says

"Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac", and the more I talked to 

Craig the more I wanted to see him again.

        He had an invitation to a party that one of his friends was

giving.  He told me he hadn't been planning on going, because the only

thing worse than spending New Year's at home alone was spending New

Year's alone in a room full of people who were definitely NOT alone.

And, according to the flatterer's own admission, he'd been expecting

to sit home moping that he'd never see me again, since our seasonal

work was done.

        He'd told me to dress formal, and I intended to take that as

far as I could go.  I had my last paycheque, and a number of Christmas

present gift certificates, so I went wild at the Boxing Week sales.

I'm not particularly tall, and I fit Reuben's definition of female

beauty better than I fit Jane Fonda's.  There are definite advantages

to a rounder figure, and I have learned to play them up.  Quite 

literally, in the case of my breasts, which are double-d cups.  I

bought a bustier, which I'd been eyeing for a long time.  It did 

wonders for my shape, pushing my tits together and up.  Looking down

into actual cleavage was just as much of a thrill as looking at it

can be, and the sensation of being bound and held in place was 

incredibly exciting.  I bought a deep red knit dress to wear over 

it.  The dress was clingy in a fifties sweater sort of way - it showed

off the shape of my breasts and the roundness of my hips perfectly.

Black lace stockings and a new set of shoes to match the dress 

finished off the picture very nicely.

        I don't normally wear make-up, but that outfit needed every-

thing to be dressed up.  Not to mention that I wanted to knock Craig

flat on his back.  He'd never seen me in anything but jeans or that

lumpy Mrs. Claus costume, and I wanted to look as good as I could for

him.  When he came to pick me up, I knew I'd done well.

        "Judy!" he exclaimed, when I answered the door to my apartment,

"You look...intensely good."  He didn't look bad himself, in a tux

that fit too well to be a rental.  I was impressed.  I went to stick

my head in the living room to tell my roommate, Laura, that I was off,

but she and her girlfriend were involved in a heavy necking session

on the couch already, so we just left.

        The party was one town over, about a half hour's ride away.

I'd been going nuts with wanting this man all week, and the second we

were in the car I leaned over and kissed him, sliding my tongue into

his mouth.  He tasted faintly minty, as his tongue pressed back against

mine.  His hand came up under my neck, behind my head, and he pulled

me closer to him for a moment before letting go.

        "You look incredible tonight," he murmured into my ear, 

playfully dipping his tongue into it.

        "So do you,"  I said.  "Shall we go?  The sooner we get to

the party, the sooner we can decently leave so I can fuck your brains

out.  Sex on the phone the other night was fun, but..."

        "Right then."  He pulled away from me, drawing his hand across

my breasts as he did so.  

        The mistake I made is easy to spot, in retrospect.  We were just

on the verge of leaving town when I put my hand on his knee.  I really

did mean it to be just affectionate, despite how Craig has teased me

since.  But his knee was a little far down, and before I realized it my

hand had slid up his thigh, and my fingers brushed against the bulge

under the soft material of his pants.  And from there, I really 

couldn't help myself, memories of how good his eight inches had felt

the week before and all.  I moved my hand up higher, and gave him a 

good, hard squeeze through the cloth.  He moaned, just a little, and 

leaned back in the seat to give me more access.  I ran my hand up and

down the vertical bulge that was his rock hard cock, stopping on each

downswing to carefully grab his balls.  One of his hands reached down,

and undid something, and half a second later I had incredibly warm

flesh in my hand.

        "Pull over," I said, leaning over to nibble his ear.  "I want

that cock of yours in my mouth, and in a minute I don't think you'll

be able to drive."  We were beyond city limits now, with no cars in

sight in either direction.  Craig pulled onto the shoulder, stopped the

car and leaned his seat as far back as he could.  I have a bit of an

oral fetish, and was instantly over on him, taking the two thirds of

his cock that I could down to the back of my throat.  One hand squeezed

around those last two inches, tightly holding him upright for my 

hungry mouth.  I pulled back off him slowly, keeping the suction

steady and swirling my tongue around his shaft as I slid back.  Wet

warmth leaked out of me to match the drop of pre-cum that was on the

tip of his spear.  I took care of the one by licking it off, and the

other by sliding my free hand under my dress and pulling my new 

stockings and my panties down.  The car was heated, but not that warm,

and the cool air against my wet slit was a delightful feeling.  I slid

my finger into my hole to wet it, and started to stroke myself in

time with my up and down motions over Craig's bulging dick.

        I moved slowly over him, sliding him to the back of my throat

and memorizing the feel of every vein with my tongue.  I started to

move my hand up and down over him, keeping my fingers as tightly 

wrapped around him as I could.  My own orgasm was perilously close

as I wiggled my finger faster.  My nipples were hard from the cool

air of the car, and as my head and shoulders moved they rubbed 

against the top support of the bustier.  The feeling was exquisite

and as more pre-cum leaked out into my mouth I came with incredible

intensity.  I started to pull back off his cock as I began to moan,

but Craig's hand was instantly there, and he pushed me back onto his

dick, farther than I would have gone naturally, forcing it into the

back of my throat.  I gagged a little, but my pain tolerance was up

as my body continued to shake from my orgasm, and I was still moaning

as I felt him tense below me.  I squeezed the base of his cock harder

as I felt the main vein of his penis pulse a half second before my 

mouth was filled with warm, creamy cum.  Where my lips were pressed

against him, I felt his pulse beat wildly as he pumped more jizz

than I'd expected into me, his hips pressing up.  Finally his hold

on my head eased and I pulled back, gulping down his cum and making

sure I left none behind.  Once I'd swallowed, I carefully gave his

dick a quick cleaning with my tongue.  I looked up at him and smiled.

        "Wow," he said, lifting his head to look down at me.  "Where

on earth did you learn to do that?"

        "I don't know," I honestly said.  "I just always have.  I

suppose I do it well because I enjoy it so much."

        "So did I," he grinned.  "Now I just have to get through this


        The party itself was not so bad.  We didn't stay more than

ten minutes after midnight, which was rude, I suppose, but I think it

was probably less rude than staying and fucking in Craig's friend's

living room, which we were getting almost desperate enough to do.

Craig is great in bed.  New Years was several days ago, and I'm still

sore from our marathon, but we're going out again tonight, so I don't

have time to tell you about that right now.  Suffice to say this year

came in with both a bang AND a whimper at my house.




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