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Archive-name: Couples/pyewack.txt


Archive-title: Well Matched

We had been making  out for the  last thirty minutes and  both of us  were

naked as Jay birds. I gently broke our empassioned embrace and guided  you

to a prone position on the bed. I am to your right and I get on my  knees.

I lower my face to your right  breast and gently suck your nipple into  my

mouth. I use both hands to massage your breasts as I run my tongue  around

your upright nipple. Slowly I open my mouth wide and suck as much of  your

tit in as I can. You moan as I continue to massage your other breast.

Slowly I let you have  your tit back and before  moving to other parts,  I

flick my tongue  back and forth  over your nipples  several times. Then  I

gently slide  my  face, just  barely  touching  your skin,  down  to  your

stomach. As my tongue slides about your bellybutton you giggle and squirm.

I continue my downhill slide until  my hot breath blows across your  pubic

mound. I place both hands  on the insides of  your thighs and gently  urge

you to spread your legs.

Slowly you follow my suggestion, and as you invite me in, I let my  tongue

run gently  down and  across your  inner lips.  Your hips  thrust  forward

slightly as my tongue gently queries  deeper. I keep my face close  enough

to allow me to lick your cunt, but not close enough to touch it. Gently my

fingers spread your lips to reveal bright pink flesh to my heated  tongue.

Your hips wriggle as my tongue licks up one side and down the other at the

entrance of your love cave.

As I let my face push into your nest of pleasure, my tongue flashes about,

seeking, looking for that which will  cause you to jump. Your hips  thrust

up pushing your warm love box into my face. My tongue explores deeper into

you as you moan in  pleasure. I move my head  up slightly and there  where

your lips  join, my  tongue  finds what  it has  been  looking for.  As  I

suddenly stroke across your clit your whole body shakes. Gently my  tongue

worms its way  through the folds  of skin protecting  your clit.  Suddenly

your hips are thrusting into my face, your legs are shaking, and as I slip

a thumb deep into your  love tunnel your body  spasms, a moan of  pleasure

escapes you, your hands push my head  harder into your pelvis, and I  know

that your fist orgasm has just rocked its way through you. I grin.

I pause for a few  minutes to let you recover;  so that your leg and  back

muscles can relax. Then I gently  start moving my face around your  crotch

again. You suck in a deep breath and moan as my tongue once more starts to

search out your clit. My thumb moves  slowly in and out of your cunt,  and

your sweet smelling juices  coat my hand  as well as  my face. You  spread

your legs wider this  time and I'm  able to get my  face into position  so

that my tongue can wander up and down your snatch at will.

Your breathing speeds up  and I can  feel the heat from  your pussy as  my

tongue runs up and down  it. Each time my  tongue crosses your clit,  your

body spasms with pleasure and your breathing stops in a gasp. My thumb  is

moving faster now, in and out of your love tunnel. I can feel the  tension

in your body increase, as your  legs start tightening about my head,  your

hands gripping my  head harder,  suddenly I jam  my thumb  deep into  your

demanding body. At the same time I gently suck your clit into my mouth. As

this orgasm explodes throughout  your body, your  back arches, lifting  me

off the bed. A  strange sound escapes  your lips as  you try and  vocalize

your pleasure. Your hands are locked into my hair and as my tongue rapidly

flicks across your clit, I can feel you shudder and shake as orgasm  after

orgasm explodes through your body.

I keep it up for some time, until I can feel your body weakening from  the

constant strain. Gently I start to ease my tongue away from your clit  and

slowly you start to come down from this very natural high. Slowly you sink

back onto the bed. Your thighs let go of my head and your hands release my

hair. I gently ease my thumb out  of your now very tight love passage  and

you moan from the loss. You jump as I place a kiss on your very  sensitive

lips, but relax again as you realize I am not going to eat you.

I move up to your face where our lips are drawn together like magnets.  As

you taste your juices on my face you moan with pleasure. Our tongues  race

around each others   mouths  like cars  at the Indy  500. I  ease my  body

gently onto yours and place both knees  between your legs. The head of  my

erect dick is knocking gently at the door to your pleasure nest, and  with

a moan you raise your hips as I lower mine. Gently I slide into your  body

and you gasp as I fill you.  Your juices flow around my throbbing  manhood

as your pussy eargerly takes me in.

Putting my weight  on my knees  and elbows I  slowly lift my  hips and  my

engorged love tool  slowly eases  out of  your juicy  well. Reversing  the

movement, I let  myself slide  back into  the pleasurable  depths of  your

body. Your breasts are  poking me in  the chest as I  move my hips  gently

back and forth. Our mouths are glued together as my tongue starts  keeping

time with my  hips. I can  feel your body  tighten up as  your lips  start

sucking on my tongue as it slips in and out of your mouth in time with  my

dick. I pick up the  speed of my thrusts and  your moans are now loud  and

clear as you approach orgasm. Suddenly  I shift position slightly and  now

with each thrust of  my hips my pelvis  applies pressure directly on  your

pelvis. At the same  time I thrust  into you hard and  fast. As my  pelvis

rubs your  clit you  explode with  a very  loud moan  and your  legs  wrap

themselves around my waist as I pound  into your body. I can feel the  hot

cum rushing from my balls into my deeply buried love stick. As I cum  deep

into your body we are as one, in  mind as well as body. Our movements  are

the same as you  take my gift  and we share our  pleasures in each  other.

Your pulsing cunt has succeeded in draining me completely and for  several

minutes I am unable to take my weight off of you.

As energy starts to return  to the both of us,  I slide gently off of  you

and we embrace in a gentle kiss. For the moment, both of us satisfied, but

knowing that more pleasures are going to be had......



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