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Archive-name: Couples/proposit.txt

Archive-author: DarkNites

Archive-title: Proposition

	It was quite a struggle deciding whether to include this in the 

DarkNites series or Letters..  But seeing as that most DKN readers know the

history of my ex-lover/current-good-friend and I from the intros to my previous 

stories, I figured I would put this under the DKN heading..  

And yes, thank you, I did have an interesting Spring Break!

	I'm always looking for critiques (even flames!!) so feel free to 

write to me at  I have no problem with people

e-mailing my stuff around, as long as my name remains with it.

	And for those of you who suffer under the delusion that women 

engineers can't possibly be sensual...  

			DarkNites:  Proposition


	Its 2:10 am, Saturday and its your fault I'm here.  I've been 

	walking around campus, simply asking to be raped, trying to cool off.  

	But even the damn weather isn't cooperating with me.

	Do you know what I've been doing the last hour?

	I've been lying on my couch in the dark fantasizing about you.  

	Yes, I might as well say it and get it over with.  

	I've been seeing you in my mind without your shirt on and me touching 

	you.  My hands stroking your chest and then slipping behind you to run 

	over your back..

	And do you know what else I did?  I lay there on my damn couch and 

	suddenly I imagined myself stripping for you..  and doing it for 

	real.  I started unbuttoning my silk shirt, even though I knew

	M. was out and would be walking in at any minute.  I would never

	have lived that down.  My skin felt so smooth to the touch, my 

	breasts were suddenly so sensitive.  I slipped one shoulder out of

	the shirt and pulled my bra down.  Damn, I was really asking for 

	M. to walk in.  The sides of my breast felt so good.  I've never

	noticed the way it curves so smoothly to my nipple.  And when I

	stroked my nipple..  aahhh, it felt so good and I imagined it was

	you touching me.

	My whole body is practically sizzling right now and its all your 

	damn fault!  I really wish you hadn't told me that you have your 

	apartment to yourself.  Before, when I was all horny, the sane 

	rational part of my mind was busy telling me that even if things

	got really bad, I couldn't do anything about it anyway because I 

	couldn't relax enough to enjoy it at your place (because of your 

	roommates) and I don't even feel comfortable at my place anymore.  

	That was the only thing that kept me going.  


	The worst thing is that you're all wrong for me.  No, the worst 

	thing is that you're carrying a torch for K. and I'm feeling

	so unbelievably guilty for even thinking of you!  

	I seriously hope you fry in hell for this.

	There.  I feel a little better now.  

	I managed to keep myself from doing this for 2 hours and it just 

	plain wore me out, so finally I just wanted to get it out of my


	So what to do, H?  This is my proposition.  Faced with the 

	prospect of going through this for the next 10 days just because I

	don't have any projects to keep my mind occupied, I've come on a plan

	that should fix this problem for a little while.

	This is Spring Break right?  Nobody is around.  We could spend the

	next few days in bed and no one would know...  

	You would get someone to hold you at night and maybe even a little 

	pleasure out of it , and I hopefully, will get this 

	thing out of my blood.  No promises, no labels, no strings.  Just two 

	friends doing each other a favor.  Then when school starts again, we 

	can try to get back to normal.  Hence, the nobody knowing about it, 

	would come in useful..

	Think about it.  If you decide not to go for it, do me a favour and

	DON'T ever mention this letter..  You never read it.  But you'll 

	always have it the way I'll always have your old letters.  

	We'll be even..

	Also if you think that you might have another chance with K,

	don't reply this.  I don't like coming in second with a man, even

	if it IS for a few days..

	Now comes the real challenge..  

	Will I send this?




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