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Archive-name: Couples/posstory.txt


Archive-title: Possible Story

      She answered the door to see who had decided to drop her a visit. She

    lit up as she saw him lounging at the doorway. She remarked, "Well, you

    decided to visit, huh?"

      Smiling sexily, he replied. "I thought I'd visit you and see what you

    were up to. Since I have no plans for tonight and was wondering what

    you were doing"

      Flattered that he would drop by, she blushed. "I was planning on

    watching a movie. You wanna join?"

      He gazed at her and nodded. She moved back, gesturing him in. He

    entered into her apartment. She closed the door. "Do you want anything

    to drink? Beer?"

      "Beer sounds good."

      She headed into the kitchen as he followed her. She took the beer out

    of the fridge and handed it to him. Their fingers met briefly and he

    took it. They went to the living room and sat on the couch, apart from

    eachother. She felt a pang of disappointment as she started the movie.

      As they watched the movie, the slowly inched toward eachother, hoping

    that they weren't being to forward. Also, hoping that they won't get

    rejected by eachother. Then their thighs touched lightly. They smiled

    secretly, thinking that the other was as horny as s/he was.

      He stretched back and let his left arm lay around her shoulder

    lightly. When she felt his arm around her, she shifted closer to him

    and laid her head on his chest. They sighed at the same time. She

    looked up at him and grinned. He chuckled as he moved toward her face.

    Their lips met and lingered for a moment before he grabbed her head and

    kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue in her mouth, invading

    her. She didn't resist and kissed back with the same fervor. She

    pressed her body aganist him as he slid one hand under her shirt,

    kneading her breast. The other hand slid down to her ass and squeezed


      She felt his manhood growing hard and became wet. Her hand slid down

    to his groin and unbuttoned his pants, freeing his manhood. He tugged

    at her shirt and pulled it up. She moved back, panting. Standing up as

    she peeled her clothes off. He followed suit. Naked save her bra and

    panties, she stood proudly before him. Him, covered only in his boxer

    shorts, admired the lady in front of him.

      They fell against eachother, kissing passionately and caressing

    roughly. He, then, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where

    he laid her gently on the bed. He took his boxer shorts off and got on

    the bed beside her. He unhooked her bra and threw it across the room.

    He slid down as he pulled her panties down, kissing her between the

    valley of her breast toward her navel.

      She grabbed the sheets as he kissed her dripping clitoris then

    his tongue darted inside her. He teasingly bit, licked and sucked her. She

    made noises inside her throat as he expertly drove her wild with

    passion. She arched her hips begging for more as he withdrew his face

    from her.

      He sat up, looking at her face filled with lust. She opened her eyes

    and got up. Then she went down on him, her hands resting on his knees.

    They slid up as she kissed the tip of his rigid shaft, causing him to

    moan. She cupped his balls as she covered the tip of his dick in her

    mouth. She caressed his balls and moved forward, letting the dick all

    the way in her mouth - sucking at the same time. After a while, she

    stopped and sat up.

      He pushed her back on her back and wedged himself between her spread

    legs as she widened them. He rubbed his dick aganist her wet, dripping

    pussy, increasing their lust. He, then, moved his chest away and rested

    on one of his forearm. "Are you sure you want this?"

      She moaned, "Don't stop. Yes, I want you so bad. Take me, please."

      As she said those words, she rubbed against him and pulled him toward

    her. He nodded. Fingering her pussy, he prepared to penetrate her. His

    dick hovered above her small but wet opening. She whispered, "Fuck me

    now. Please."

      He gladly complied. His dick entered her, carefully. Then moved

    deeper into her. They gasped in pleasure. Then he started to withdraw,

    she clung to him, arching her hips. He moved back inside her a little

    harder. She made sounds in her throat every thrust he made inside her.

      Then she had this idea of being on top and asked him, "I wanna...OH -

    get on top...mmmmmm that's it. More!"

      He rolled to his back, holding on to her and bring her with him. She

    was now on top. She giggled as she put her hands on his shoulers. He

    kissed her breasts as he squeezed her buttocks. She grinded her hips

    aganist him then bounced on him. After a while, he grabbed her knees

    and pulled it straight past his hips and bounced her harder, thrusting

    deeply inside her.

      She felt his manhood swell and quiver inside her, knowing that he was

    about to reach an climax. She tried to hold back but couldn't. She

    screamed as she climaxed. Then he spurted his juices inside her, filling

    her. He moaned loudly.

      Spent he laid back on the bed, his dick still inside her. She laid on

    top of him, smiling. "Wow. You were great."

      "Thanks. So were you." He answered.

      She blushed, "Thank you."

      "You're beautiful, you know that?"

      She looked away, embarrased. He said, "You are. Everything about you

    is beautiful."

      She whispered. "Thank you."

      Then she mischievously moved aganist him, making him hard. She smiled

    as she sat up. Growling, he pushed her back and got on top of her.

    They did it again...



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