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Archive-name: Couples/old.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Old Friends

    I was in one of those moods where nothing is really wrong, but yet nothing

is really right either.  You know the feeling.  I didn't have any firm plans

for the week-end and all the things I should have been doing were most

unappealing, like cleaning house, washing the car, writing long overdue

letters, and all the other things that I seem to allow to wait forever.

Just when I had almost decided that nothing was going to help perk me up I

remembered that I had promised to meet Janice at the museum to see the new

exhibits.  I really enjoy her company and we always find things to laugh about.

    We met as scheduled and enjoyed the painting and sculpture and then

decided to go somewhere for a drink.  We ended up at a small bar near her

apartment that neither of us had ever been in before.  we sipped our drinks

and caught up on each others lives. Neither of us paid much attention to the

surroundings until the pianist started playing.  He was very attractive and

played extremely well.  He ran through lots of songs from the 60's and 70's

and then people started to sing and make requests.  Between Janice and I we

knew practically every song he started after just the first couple of bars,

and it turned out to be lots of fun here.

    The waitress was very busy so I went up to the bar during the break and

tried to scrunch in between a couple of guys to order fresh drinks.  Suddenly

I was grabbed from behind by a pair of huge hands.  I jumped and the man who

was holding me whispered "don't scream and I'll let you live".  I immediately

laughed as I recognized that voice.  I turned around and saw Ted, a guy I had

worked with about five years before. He was always using that line. Ted is

about 6'2" and 200 in all the right places.  I'd forgotten that sexy grin of

his and was delighted to see him. We hugged and kissed on the cheek and he

ordered the drinks for me. When they were ready I invited him to our table and

as we turned to walk there I noticed Rick was deeply engrossed in a game of

bar dice with Janice.

    I introduced Janice to Ted and he and Rick did a high five, they had been

friends for a long time it seems.  Janice was anxious to get back to the game

and I asked what they were playing for.  She calmly said TP.  I know Janice

and I know that TP to her is not toilet paper.  But she didn't usually move so

fast.  Janice is 5'11" barefooted and has the kind of traffic stopping legs

most of us would kill for.  But she's jealous of my boobs, so I guess we're


    The break ended before the dice game and Rick went back to the piano and

played all our favorites and I discovered Ted has a great voice.  During the

next break Janice beat Rick fair and square in dice and I could see her

thinking about the upcoming events.  I was getting very drunk on the music and

the bourbon and when Rick was through playing she suggested we all go to her


    Ted drove me in his car and Janice took Rick in hers.  She is a great

hostess and managed to fix up some munchies very quickly as well as fix new

drinks.  We were soon dancing to some soft music and Ted was holding me very

tight.  Not only could he sing but he danced beautifully.  And Rick and Janice

seemed to be getting along quite well also.  I seem to remember her saying

they would see us in the morning and showing Ted where the guest room was.  He

was very considerate and helped me remove my clothes, cause by this point I

needed help.  And the next thing I knew he was kissing me leaving little doubt

about what the night would bring.

     He massaged my temples and kissed my forehead and worked his way down my

eyelids.  Then he kissed my nose and my lips and my chin and my ears and my

neck.  I've never been worshipped quite like that before.  I discovered his

fondness for boobs and was very thankful God gave me an ample pair.  He licked

and sucked and nibbled and caressed them until I thought I would cum right

there.  I tried to run my fingers on his strong body but he pressed me back on

the bed and said, "later, love.  For now I want you to lie back and just enjoy

my making love to you".  That sounded so inviting, so I followed instructions.

    He kissed his way down my chest to my tummy and made me giggle.  Then he

ran his hands down my sides and gently brushed my pubic hair as his lips

kissed a straight line down to the same area.  I felt him separate my thighs

just enough for him to tease me with his tongue on my clit.  That caused a

reaction he must have liked cause he kept it up until I was moaning and seeing

fireworks in my head.  His strong fingers wound their way down my thighs and

one of them slowly pressed into the wetness and caused more moans from my

lips.  He gently used two fingers to open me further and followed that with a

great tongue session that gave me several more climaxes.  Then I felt his

fingers exploring inside me again and it was wonderful.  He whispered that he

wanted me to be very ready for him and I responded that I was.  I soon learned

why he was so concerned.  He had the longest cock I've ever encountered and it

was thick as well.  As he pressed into me I tried to press back but it was

almost like being a virgin again.  It was incredible and bordered on being

painful at the same time.  Very slowly he pushed deeper and then he would stop

momentarily and let me adjust to the feeling of this penetration.  Again he

moved deeper inside my pussy and when I was certain there couldn't be any more

he continued to fill me up.  He commented on how tight I was and I mumbled

something about his going where no man had gone before.

    I'm generally of the opinion that size isn't usually the determining

factor in how pleasurable sex can be but frankly when you're hung like Ted you

don't have to worry about how you use it!  But he was very accomplished and he

didn't just move in and out, he moved from side to side and that too drove me

wild.  As he began a rhythmic action I began to cum constantly and there was

no let up until he decided I needed a breather.  He was totally in control of

himself and of me as well.  As my ragged breathing returned to a more normal

state he moved his hands under my back and pulled me upright.  He lifted one

leg at a time and we ended up forming a see-saw of sorts.  Then he pressed

deep into me again and I knew nothing but pure ecstasy.  He kept up the slow

loving movement until I thought I'd just give in and pass out.  Sensing my

condition he stopped and held me close, rubbing my back and kissing me.  I

loved this feeling of being truly treasured.  We untangled our legs and he

rolled me over to my knees and spread my legs enough to gain entrance doggy

fashion.  One thrust was enough to know this was going to be the best yet.  He

never rammed me, he just pressed and retreated and pushed in again.  His hands

were touching my hanging breasts and his cock was doing all the talking for

both of us.  I know I yelled out but I don't know how loud it was.  I only

know he kept taking me to Heaven and back again.  Thrusting deep, and pulling

back, pushing in and wiggling to the left and right.  This was pure physical

sensation.  I was at his mercy and couldn't stop cumming over and over.  My

knees were getting weak, hell, my whole body was getting weak.  I begged him

to cum with me and he calmly told me he knew I could cum some more first.  It

may sound like a woman in this position isn't doing much work and perhaps I

only felt like I had run a marathon.  But he was right again, and I was

quickly on the brink and then over the edge once more. He gave the term

multiple orgasms a new dimension in my mind.  After a few more minutes that

seemed like hours to me he finally told me it was time.  And to feel him

quiver and shoot his hot sticky load so deep inside of me was wonderful too.

One last powerful thrust and he was still filling me with cum.  Ever in

control, Ted put his strong arms around me and together we rolled to our side

and cuddled in the spoon position.  I didn't want to ever move again.  Just

lie there in his arms and feel his chest up against my back, his lips nuzzling

my neck and his legs next to mine.

   I happened to notice the clock then and what had seemed like hours had in

fact been three hours since we left the bar.  I sometimes have trouble

sleeping in strange surroundings but not this night.  Ted held me close all

night and made love to me again in the morning.  Soon the sound of the coffee

grinder could be heard and we showered together and presented our clean and

very satisfied bodies, now clothed again.

    Janice was in the kitchen humming and Rick was pouring orange juice for

all of us.  She turned to me and smiled and asked how was feeling.  My look

must have told her volumes.  She laughed and suggested I sit down, I was

walking funny so she said.  At the breakfast table we chatted politely and

finally she said she thought she'd made a major mistake.  I asked what and she

replied "winning top position meant I had to do all the work"!  Rick grinned

and said he'd make it up to her as soon as the dishes were done.  Ted and I

volunteered to do KP and they slipped away to the bedroom again.  We cleaned

up and left them a note thanking them for the great time and left.  As I

dropped Ted off at his car he pulled me close and asked what my plans were for

diner that night.  I suggested that I would love for him to come to dinner at

my place.  He said he'd bring the wine and be there at 7:30.  I can hardly

wait for dinner!!!! 



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