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Archive-name: Couples/old-fr4.txt

Archive-author: DarkNites

Archive-title: Old Friends 4

		   Darknites: Old Friends (Part IV)

			Denver - March 29, 1993

	Strains of music floated through Andy's house.  Everywhere, men and 

women talked animatedly or danced elegantly under the glowing chandeliers.  

Garett was at his social best tonight, mingling effortlessly perfectly 

disguising the fact that he was here solely for one person.  His gaze casually

wandered in the direction of the doorway while making small talk with 

a small, cheery grandfatherly figure who also happened to be one of the most

ruthless men in the Fortune 500.  He stifled a quick stab of irritation.  The 

party was practically over.  If he found out that she had suddenly caught the

flu or something, he would have to seriously throttle her...

	And then he saw her.  Not bothering to enter through the front door,

she came up via the garden, walking through the open glass doors like a 

goddess coming to her people.  Her dark hair was piled on top of her hair, a 

few renegade strands coming done to curl about her face.  The rest of her was 

encased in a simple burgundy sheath, her shoulders glowing bronze under the 

golden light of the chandeliers.  He couldn't take his eyes of her.  

The ruthless grandfather sent a meaningful glance towards his sweet-faced wife.

Without a work to anyone, Garett walked away, straight towards the woman 

poised at the other end of the room.  The sweet-faced wife sighed ecstatically 

and took her husband's hand.  

	"Adrienne."  She smiled at him, her eyes running appreciatively over

him.  He looked especially good tonight, civilized but with a hint of danger

showing through.  Like a restless panther.  The analogy pleased her.  She had

never been one for pussy cats..

	He took her hand in his and before she knew it, he had whirled her

onto the dance floor.  His hand rested on her lower back, not pressing down 

but guiding her closer towards him without her even noticing.  Adrienne

caught the subtle scent of him, and sighed quietly.  She wanted so much

to curl up against the curve of his neck and breathe that in for the rest of

the night.  Perhaps she should try to make some conversation...  

No, not tonight.  She closed her eyes instead and melted into his body.


	The party was over.  Soft laughter floated to their ears from the

hall.  The music went on though, for the last few couples slow-dancing under

the dimmed lights.  Adrienne and Garett were barely moving in the center of 

the dance floor.  Neither of them had said much during the night, preferring

to hold each other and feel.

	Garett drew away with a start, suddenly realizing how late it was.  

But he didn't want the night to end.  Neither did she.  Somehow, she didn't

know how, she had fallen under the same spell that he had thrown over her 

ten years before.  She felt like a teenager in the first throes of love.

Stop it!  said her cynical side irritably.  You're not a girl and you should

know better than to be seduced by a touch of romance.  But the part of her

that would always remain young and hopeful ignored that inner voice.  Take

happiness whenever it comes.  She would pay the consequences later if she had


	Garett drew her away towards the gardens.  She followed him into the

cool, softly scented air.  The half moon shed just enough light for her to see 

his face when he bent down to kiss her.  Soft, exploratory, beautiful kisses.

For one night, she allowed herself to be reckless.  She started kissing him

back with a depth of feeling he had never felt from her before.  Perhaps the

magic of the night had got to him too because it drove him crazy like no

striptease ever could..

	They were both breathing hard when their lips parted.  Garett gently

rubbed his cheek against hers.  His voice, when it came, was husky with 


	"Lets go for a swim."

	Adrienne came down to earth with a bump.  A swim.  She could feel a

frustrated growl building deep within her, and swiftly tamped it down.  She

sighed softly.  Maybe the game was still going on..


	Garett dove cleanly into Andy's pool.  The moment he saw it, he

knew that this was where he wanted make love to Adrienne for the first time.

The lights in the wall sconces were dim, while the moon shone clearly in

through the glass walls.  The pool was comfortably warm, quiet and very

private.  Garett smiled and stroked for the opposite side.

	A splash behind him announced Adrienne's arrival.  He turned just in

time to see her rise from the pool, water cascading all over her, back arched

to let the weight of the water pull her hair away from her face.  Something

twisted in him even as her eyes opened and stared directly into his.  Her

torso was clear of the water, showing him her breasts encased in a simple

white top.  And then she sank beneath the surface of the water to reappear

by his side.  

	The pleasure on her face was contagious as she treaded water beside


	"I'm glad you suggested this", she sighed happily as she glided

backwards, feeling the freedom and the sheer sensuality of the water flowing 

over her skin.  Another lazy kick and she was heading away from him.  

A soft laugh and then she drove deep to skim along the bottom of the pool.  He 

followed, entranced by her mood.  

	He met her there at the bottom of the pool, slipping his arm around

her bare waist, her long hair billowing around them.  Together they shot to

the surface.  A quick breath then their lips met and the water closed over

their heads again.  

	Is this what divers feel, wondered Adrienne dimly.  This exhilaration, 

the need to scream?  Their bodies strained to get closer, movements slowed by 

the water, their lips demanding.  Magic, he thought as they twisted around

each other.  He wished they could stay down there for ever.  His hands slid

down over her hips to clasp her buttocks, to pull her hard against his body,

against the hardness of his arousal.  His Proposition.

	She broke away from him, heading for the surface.  Taken unaware,

more than a little apprehensive he followed.  At the surface, she cast a

challenging look over her shoulder before she shot away, down into the

depths.  Catch me if you can..

	She was all speed and tricks, slipping easily out of his hands when

he thought he had her, zigging when he thought she would zag.  Throwing 

gentleness and style to the winds, he went after her like a torpedo.  And

she let herself be caught.


	When they surfaced at the shallow end, he dragged her hard against

him, lips finding hers, all heat and demand.  Backing her up until the wall

pressed against her shoulders, hands flowing over her body.  Beneath the 

surface, her legs came up to wind around his waist in silent invitation.

His lips travelled down to her neck, nipping the sensitive skin there until

she was shuddering against him.  The bikini top came off and floated away 

unnoticed.  The siren in her came alive, as she arched her back over the edge 

of the pool, lifting those beautiful mounds up to meet his mouth.  

	He took one taut nipple into his mouth, stroking it with his tongue.

With each rasp, she groaned, tightening her legs around his waist reflexively.

Slowly her hips started grinding as instinct took over.  Garett groaned.  He

wanted to take it slow, to please her, to watch her climax, but her hypnotizing 

movements were awaking the basic need to thrust deep and hard into her warm 

body.  His hands found her hips and stilled them.  Such lushness under his 

hands..  he needed to touch her, all of her.

	Adrienne was so turned on, she could barely believe her itself.  The 

magic of the night and then the thrill of the chase and taken its toll on

her body.  She too had wanted to take it slow but the hot grinding need pulsing

through her needed it now.  Hard and rough.  But first she would have to make 

him feel exactly the way she was.  Totally out of control..

	Her tongue found the delicate shell of his ear.  He froze against her.

Slowly, teasingly she traced the curves with the tip, occasionally flicking

it just to feel him tremble against her.  His hands left her hips to cup her

breasts, squeezing and flicking his thumbs across her nipples.  She groaned

huskily against his ear, loving the pressure of his hands.  And then her 

tongue was thrusting roughly into his ear, snapping his control.  With a deep

growl, he yanked down her briefs.  Her legs came off his waist to let him

pull them off and then she was helping him get rid of his.  

	Then he was fumbling in the pocket his dress pants, left conveniently 

by the side of the pool.  Something snapped in her when she saw the blue plastic

packet between his fingers.  Some of the magic died.

	"You knew you would be making love to me tonight.", she stated trying 

to ignore the hard lump in her throat.  His lips met hers for a hard, sexy 

kiss.  "I hoped.  I've been dreaming of this for so long.."

	He lifted himself out of the pool to perch on the side, the water 

pouring off his broad shoulders.  Her eyes widened to take him all in.  

Beautiful.  She reached to touch him then, running her hands over his chest, 

down over his stomach to wrap her hands around the hardness of his penis

pointing straight at her.  Beautiful.  She moved in between his thighs and

leant forward to slide her lips over the head of his cock in an intimate

kiss.  He groaned, his hands coming up to her shoulders.  She backed

away with a soft, sensual smile to let him slip on the condom.  Then he was 

back in the pool, the full length of his body flush against hers and his hand 

between her legs, seeking the source of her sensuality.  

	Adrienne felt his fingers sink deep into the wet heat of her body, 

widening her for him.  She arched back gasping, telling him better that any 

words could, that she needed him buried deep in her.  A fierce wave of pride 

and desire washed through him.  He started thrusting his fingers, carefully 

rubbing against the sensitive entrance of her vagina.  She started groaning 

incoherently, her head thrown back and her nails digging into his shoulders.  

Then he found her clitoris with his thumb..

	She came alive with a cry, grinding herself wildly against him.  

"Please Garett!  I can't stand anymore."  He removed his hand and thrust

deep into her with a growl.  "Oh yes, Garett!"  The satisfaction was intense.

The throbbing length of him buried intimately within her.  And then he was

thrusting, full and hard.  

	She urged him on, murmuring his name, the motion of their bodies 

sending the water lapping against the sides of the pool.  Her legs came up to 

wrap themselves around his waist against, allowing him greater penetration.  

They both began to tremble as the smooth, powerful strokes wound them up 

tighter and tighter, until the quiet room echoed with their helpless sounds.

	She was so beautiful to him.  Her eyes closed, droplets of water 

clinging to her lashes, the look of pure female sensuality on her face

better than any wine..  On instinct, his strokes began shorter and faster 

until he was constantly rubbing against the entrance of her vagina.  She

was so excited now, this was exactly what she needed.  "Yes, yes, darling",

she groaned into his ear driving him over the edge.  Still he hung on, 

needing to feel her climax.  Higher, higher, Now!  She convulsed with a high

cry, her muscles jerking and throbbing around him.  That was his undoing.  

The hot pulsing of his cock sent him spurting his release high up within her.



	They were still wrapped in each other's arms a while later.  The

water seemed to have sapped their strength so they were content to hold

each together and let the magic of the night take them again.

	"You planned this whole thing, didn't you.", she said lazily, a

soft, contented smile on her lips.

	"Of course not.", he lied blatantly.  Perhaps in a few years, he

would tell her the truth...

	"I had sworn never to let you seduce me into your bed.  You've made 

a liar of me."  She sounded amused.

	"Not really.  We're not in my bed.  And from now on, we can make love

in YOUR bed."

	She laughed then, a full-bodied enchanting laugh.

	"Technicalities, my dear Rate.  But one I'm willing to live with."

She pushed him beneath the water. 

	Choking, he came back to the surface with a vindictive look on his


	"You do realize that I'm going to have to make you pay for that.

Over and over again..."

	"I wouldn't have it any other way.", she purred.



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