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Archive-name: Couples/old-fr2.txt

Archive-author: DarkNites

Archive-title: Old Friends 2

		DarkNites: 	Old Friends (Part II)

	"Why?", she asked bluntly.  "Whats the good of it after so long?"

	"No good at all." he admitted.  "You're still a incredibly desirable

woman, Ade.  I don't what it is, but something about you reaches out to me and

hits all the right spots.  That and I've never really felt that what we had

was ended."  She looked incredulous.

	"It been TEN years, Garett."

	"I think you're misunderstanding me.  What I'm trying to say is..

I can't put it into words..  I'm the kind of person that needs to finish 

everything he starts.  We broke up so suddenly.  Its never really felt over.  

You've always been there, a loose end dangling in my past." 

	"And you want to wrap me up.."  She started laughing with genuine

amusement.  "I LIKE this.  Its so weird.  So me.."

	"Seriously though, I can't sleep with you.  There are only a few rules

I keep and one of them is not to hop into bed with a man I've just met.."

Garett smiled.  

	"You still know me, Ade.  I think you always have."  She became very

still in the corner of her couch.  He slid over to her and lifted a hand to 

stroke her jaw.  He looked into her eyes and what he saw, he didn't really 


	"Kiss me." he said.

	Her eyes darkened, something still so familiar to him.  She leant

towards him slowly, her eyes searching his face.  Not a single part of her

body was touching him when her lips met his.  Her tongue slid into his mouth,

quietly exploring.  Tasting, teasing him elegantly.  He moved his body over

hers, pressing her down into the couch as he met her tongue with his own.  

She gave way to his insistence, pulling him tight into her body and hooking

a slim leg over his hip.

	Garett felt her hips arch towards him, felt her groin press against

his stiff shaft.  Damn!  How could he have forgotten the effect she had on 

him?  Desire poured through him, intense and wildly exciting.  He pulled away 

from her lips, looking down at her flushed face.  Her lips parted gently and 

her tongue slipped out to moisten them.  And her eyes..  Oh God!  Her eyes..

	Her lashes fluttered down gently as she arched her back, her breasts

rising up in subtle invitation.  His mouth found an erect nipple through 

the thin fabric.  A small gasp escaped her as the friction of the cloth and 

the rasp of his tongue tantalized her sensitive tip.  The hands on his shoulders

started to kneed his muscles in rhythm with his stroking.  He transferred his

attention to her other peak already showing red through the thin fabric.  One

hand came up to caress her other breast.  A soft groan slipped from her as she 

arched again, feeling the delicious tension start coiling in her torso.

	He pulled back, breathing hard as heat spread through his veins.  She

immediately slipped out from under him and to her feet.  Garett closed his eyes

and groaned inwardly.  She was right.  This whole thing was stupid.  A 

ridiculous attempt to recapture some of the magic of youth.  He raised his

eyes to her, opened his mouth to apologize and froze.  She was standing in 

front of the antique burner, the glow from it shining though her clothes and

outlining her body clearly to him.  Her eyes were intense as her hands came up 

to her neck.  One by one the buttons on her nightshirt fell apart to expose 

her body to his view.  He never even noticed when the shirt slid to the floor

with a whisper.

	Something lodged in his throat as he sat there on the sofa, looking

at her.  The last time she had the freshness and purity of youth.  Now it

was the full-blown sensuality of a full grown woman.  She stood there, 

unrelentingly female, unashamably woman.  

	He came to his feet and then he was standing in front of her.  Without

a word, she started work on his buttons.  He placed his hands on her waist,

feeling its smallest, before sweeping them up to cup her breasts.  He took 

their weight in his hands, marvelling at the subtle changes time had wrought

on her.  Her breasts were fuller, yet softer and her nipples were larger and

infinitely more sensitive..

	He took a nipple between his fingers, driving it in small circles 

against her breast.  He heard a harsh gasp and looked up to see the flame

light in her eyes.  Her lips parted slowly and her tongue flicked out to

moisten her lower lip.  The subtle invitation started a delicious tightening

in his groin that eased only when she unzipped his slacks.  Immediately her 

hand slid under the warm fabric to feel and shape his rigid penis straining 

madly against the cotton of his briefs.

	Suddenly she dropped to a knee before him.  He laid his hands on her 

bare shoulders, lifting each foot as she deftly drew off his shoes and socks.

Then she took his outstretched hand, rising to her feet gracefully.  Her hands

travelled over his bare chest, stroking and kneading, then reaching around to 

cup and squeeze the firmness of his butt.  Then with a sensual smile, she 

hooked her fingers in the belt loops of his slacks and pushed down slowly, 

the material sliding off easily to pool around his feet.  

	One final mission.  Garett held his breath as her deft fingers slipped 

under the waistband of his briefs and ever so slowly, peeled them off him.  

His erect penis leapt free of its confinement, pointing at her proudly.  

She took a long look at him then.  Her first lover.

	His stomach muscles tightened involuntarily as he felt her gaze travel 

over his body in an invisible caress.  The appreciation in her eyes suddenly 

brought him a realization of his own beauty.   With a sense of wonder he felt 

every nerve ending in his body come alive, tingling slightly as they awaited 

her touch.  New.  He felt young and alive again...

	Adrienne could hear her own heart pounding in her ears.  He still

looked wonderful, lean and subtly muscled.  Simply begging to be touched.

But she didn't.  Instead, she caught his heated gaze with her own, sinking

down to her knees in front of him.  

	The throbbing in his cock intensified as soon as he read the intent in 

her eyes.  His hands found her shoulders, tightening his grip as part of his 

self-control slipped.  Her gaze dropped to his straining penis, and he 

shuddered as though she had touched him.  Slowly, she lifted both hands to 

stroke his hard shaft, examining it as if for the first time.  

Velvet and steel.  Beautiful.

	Her hands slid off his cock then, slipping around to clasp his butt.

Garett's breathing shallowed as he watched her mouth draw closer to his cock.

He saw her tongue dart out and gently lick the drop of moisture that had 

gathered at its tip.  The hands on her shoulders gripped convulsively as he

watched her lips approach, part to take him in.  Oh God!  How many times had

he fantasized about a woman on her knees before him, pleasuring him like 

he had never been pleasured before.  The anticipation was unbearable..

	And then he felt the pressure of her mouth.  Oh God!  No fantasy could 

even come close to the reality.  Groaning, he couldn't take his eyes off the 

sight of his shaft disappearing between her lips.

	Adrienne took her time.  She let her tongue trace the sensitive ring 

around his cock-head, flicking, teasing it unbearably until she suddenly 

sank his entire shaft into her throat.  Garett stiffened and threw back his 

head with a strangled moan, clutching her as the incredible pleasure of the 

sudden heat and tightness shot through his body.  She didn't wait for him to 

recover but started bobbing her head, her tongue swirling madly against the 

sensitive underside of his dick.  

	Instinct took over.  Garett's hips started thrusting involuntarily,

trying to force as much as possible of himself down her throat.  But she 

wasn't having any of that!  She took hold of his hips firmly and held him 

still.  She was going to do this her own way..

	Adrienne pulled back and plunged down again and again, her lips 

squeezing with just the right amount of pressure.  Her hands crept around to 

pull his hips towards her, taking more and more of him in until his entire

length slid easily down her throat.  His hips found the rhythm, moving

with her towards his climax.  He threw back his head, his body arching like 

a taut bow, gasping little moans of pleasure as he concentrated on the 

pleasure she was giving him.  Faster and faster the tension built, layers of

it, taking him to the edge of heaven.  A grimace etched itself on his face as 

he began to fight it, wanting the incredible sensations to go on forever..


	"Adrienne!  Oh God!  No!  Not like this!", he moaned as an even more 

deeply rooted instinct took over.  He pulled away from her, his mind filled 

with hot, lusty images of his cock sinking into her body.  He needed to thrust 

into her warm, tight hole, to feel her body squirm under his, to feel her 

muscles hold him when he came..  He dropped to his knees beside her.

	"Do you have a condom?", he asked urgently.  

	"Yes.", she answered in a level voice.

	"Where is it?"

	"It doesn't matter.  I'm not going to have sex with you." 

	It hit him like a bucket of very cold water.  He froze.  

	"What kind of twisted game are you playing?", he growled.

	"Nothing.", she smiled softly.  "I told you I don't sleep with men 

I don't know.  I meant it."

	Garett felt the fury start to boil within him.  He wanted to ..

And then he realised.

	"This is some sort of revenge for that last time, isn't it." he said 


	"Of course not.", she scoffed.  "I don't hold grudges for that long.."

But the truth was in her eyes..

	Garett swore silently.  Rematch:  Adrienne 1, Garett 0.

	"This isn't over, you know..", he threatened softly. 

	She smiled.

	"I know."



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